Bike TT + Serial + Foot Problems

4 Mar

Where have I been? I was going to do this post last Wednesday after my bike TT. It obviously never happened! Looking for a job takes a lot out of me!! ;) Plus my mom was in town for 4 days and we kept busy!!

Last Wednesday, I had another bike time trial. I was definitely worried about my legs still being tired after running 34 miles in Arizona! I took Sunday/Monday off. I did a very easy/light spin on my trainer Tuesday. Wednesday it was go time!

We had a long warm up. We did some spin-ups. My last TT was 195 watts. My original goal was: 200-205 watts a few weeks ago. I was definitely feeling more confident at the end of our build. I guess on a whim Wednesday morning Brad was asking what our goals were and I said 205-210 watts which I thought was high but do-able. I thought my build went really well and I could strive for a little higher than I thought I could do. In the end I think it had more to do with my dead legs than anything!

Here is how it went down: I started conservative. I thought I started “slow” enough but I was dead way faster than last time!

Right at 5 minutes I was at 185 watts. Perfect!
At 13 minutes I was at 195 watts. Perfect!
At 15 minutes I was at 197 watts. I wanted to barf. I mean there was still 5 minutes to go. 300 seconds. Could I make it? Would I make it?

At this point all I wanted to do was maintain. I got up to 198 at about 17. Brad came by and said keep it right around 205-210, your goal. I was. The average never moved. I thought shit. You have got this! You have to at least get to 200. I barely squeaked out 201 watts. We were done and I almost barfed. I couldn’t even look at Dan. I just kept thinking don’t barf. don’t barf!!!

I was happy for a 6 watt improvement but I was disappointed that I wasn’t closer to 205. I am pretty sure I can get there and maybe even 210. I signed up for one last 8 week build. We will see what I can do this time around!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.41.52 PM
It is so funny how you hear things now a days. Everything is social media this and twitter that. What is trending today? Unlike most of the United States I didn’t even know what Serial was about. “Everyone” was talking about it but I had no idea just what it was!

When we were in Arizona, Anne was going to start listening to it while she ran. Stephanie and Kat had already listened to it and said it was the greatest podcast ever. (maybe not ever but close)

I asked what the premise was and of course it sounded interesting!

Last Monday I had dinner with some friends and it was super nice out so I walked. I knew it would take about an hour so I thought maybe I will listen to Serial. I downloaded it and had a listen.

OMG.SO.GOOD. I proceeded to listen to episodes 2-7 on Tuesday and 8-finish on Wednesday. I have to say it was awesome. It kept my attention. I was engaged. I think that my feelings are probably the same as everyone else’s. He may or may not be guilty but there definitely wasn’t enough evidence to convict him!! Well that may not be what everyone else is thinking but those are my thoughts! :)

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.46.15 PM
Last but not least. My foot had been good. I have been doing all my glute exercies. My running has been good. Ragnar went great. But my foot was sore for more days then I would like to admit! I would have loved to have gone to see my original sports doc but since I lost my job I have new insurance! wah!! wah!! After thinking Victoria is going to be no-going my foot has been better.

I am going to take a few more days off and test out the water. Wish me luck!!

Have you listened to Serial? Did you binge like me or listen to it week by week??

Ragnar Del Sol 2015

25 Feb

Another Ragnar in the books! We accomplished 210 miles in 34 hours and change in the wide open desert! This was almost the same team as Vegas Ragnar but Kara had to work so Kat took her place.

We were taking on the challenge of doing it ultra style. 6 women —> double the legs! When I first suggested this relay months and months ago I noticed the 13.5 mile leg. Well if we were doing double legs that meant that person would have to run 13.5 + the next leg (which I think was 6-7 miles). No one wanted to do 20 miles in one leg so I suggested we do a 4 legs instead of 3 or 6 legs. I came up with a plan that we would run 2 long legs and then 2 shorter legs. We all ran between 33-38 miles.

We arrived in Phoenix: Retrieved our van, had dinner, headed to the pre-party at Roadrunner to get checked in and decorate the van.
Image 2-24-15 at 4.39 PM

The start line in Wickenburg, AZ:

Stephanie: Runner 3; Anne: Runner 1; Laura: Runner 2; Kat: Runner 4; Erica: Runner 6; Me: Runner 5

Stephanie: Runner 3; Anne: Runner 1; Laura: Runner 2; Kat: Runner 4; Erica: Runner 6; Me: Runner 5

We quickly got running. Anne was off:

When you are runner 5 on an ultra it is a looooonnng wait until you get to run. I of course was super nervous because it was hot or at least much warmer then I would have liked it to have been!

We were doing great. Anne, Laura, Steph, and Kat had battled their first legs like rock stars. Enjoying the cactus and desert!

It was finally time for me to run.

Leg 9: 4:30pm: 13.5 miles: 2:23: Average mile 10:28. Here is the profile:
Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 5.09.09 PM
As you can see it is ALL uphill. Since it was my first leg, I was still fresh. It was more of an incline then an uphill. I think the gain was only 400 ft. But still. It was warm at the beginning. But I was going to stay positive and happy. Just a little half marathon. NBD!!! I also was starving all of a sudden at mile 2. Shit! Only 2 gus on me. Shit! (it ended up being fine)

The miles clicked by pretty fast. There were 4 aid stations because this was a NO support leg. There was a girl in a purple tank top that I thought I could MAYBE catch up too. Sometimes I thought I was getting closer to her and sometimes I thought I was getting further away. I finally caught up to her at the mile 9 aid station. I thought maybe we could talk. She didn’t seem to want to. I literally ran her pace but about 5 feet behind her. At the mile 11 aid station we ran side-by-side for a good mile. In the meantime we passed a guy that was run/walking.

At about mile 12 we caught up to another girl. She said we were looking good. At that point it was almost dark. I lost both the new girl and purple tank girl. I had a mile and a half to keep it together. I passed 4 GUYS walking between mile 12.5 and 13. I was feeling really good but ready to be done!!!

I got a medal. Everyone got a medal who did this leg. It is the longest leg in Ragnar history! FUN!
Erica ran the anchor position and we started all over again. I felt like once I ran once it went FAST. We tried to get Subway but it was already closed. We were all really sad. I think I took 2 naps! It was already time for me to run again.

Legs 20/21: 4:48am; 10.2 miles; 1:46; Avg mile 10:23; Rolling hills through some farmland.

This leg started a bit rough. Laura and I got out of the van to use the portie potty before I was up. We thought we had lots of time but we couldn’t find the portie potty. They had dropped them off in the wrong spot(wrong parking lot across the school campus). By the time we figured out where they were we had wasted at least 20 minutes. I had decided that I wanted to wear a long sleeve(I had a short sleeve on underneath my jacket). I went back to the van and Kat was already at the exchange. My watch wasn’t on. I finally started to run. I realize my shirt was on backwards. I loose my pony tail holder right off the bat. I couldn’t get my iPod on. I think I hope this run gets better! I also think it is nice and cool how could it be bad!

Well it was good but my knee started to hurt. My foot was hurting. I just kept pushing through! I passed a couple of girls which is always fun! I finished and the sun was going to come up in minute!

This happened while Erica was running:

We all survived our 2nd legs! Anne was off again just like that! But now the legs were shorter. (except Kat who had a 9 mile no-support leg). The suns out guns out!!!

Sometime in the early morning:

Leg 28: 11:51am: 4.3 miles; 44:16: average mile 10:19: rolling hills

It was HOT! I was going to stay positive. I felt pretty good but the sun was out and intense. This was a very mentally tough leg. I was fighting. It was hot. I passed 3 girls. Right before I passed each one I thought I am going to chat with them for a minute. Just as I was going for the pass each one of them started to walk. I thought dang it! I also didn’t want to walk just so I could talk to them. Even though I thought about it! :)

I was glad that it was a relatively short leg. I had a cold Mt. Dew waiting for me in the cooler! I also had lunch and 3 smallish cookies. Well the cookies didn’t sit well in my stomach. As the hours went by until my next leg I got more and more nervous.

I did get in a nap. Not sure how my sunglasses got that way!

Leg 35: 4:48pm; 1:01; 5.75 miles: Average mile 10:44; mostly flat; few little rollers

Pretty uneventful. I just wanted to keep running even if it was really slow!! My knee was bothering me and I think that slowed me. The temperature had definitely dropped. It felt pretty good. I was pumped that it wasn’t super hot!!

It was hard to believe we were at the finish line!!
Finish line festival:
Erica, mom-to-be, rock-star runner, finishing what we started only 34 hours before:


Paleta’s Betty’s popsicles!! Delicous!! Do we look tired or WHAT?


Super fun time in the desert!!

#RNRPDX Kick Off Party!

18 Feb

As you know I do a lot of Rock N Roll races. I have done Portland the last 3 years it turns out. (I was thinking it was only 2 years) I am excited for the 4th installment of the race in May!!

I got an email on Monday for an invitation to the kick off party. I thought awesome I am sure I will be able to go because I am planning on being in town for the next couple of months(with the exception of this weekend). I kept scrolling down and found the date. February 17th! What when is the 17th? It is really hard to keep track of the day when you aren’t going to work everyday! #unemploymentproblems

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.04.21 AM
Awesome night for a quickie ride and run.

Turns out it was the next day which as yesterday. I couldn’t believe they were sending it out with only a days notice! I wanted to go and needed to do a short run anyway.

So Dan and I rode our bikes there!

Got a look at the new course!
I am not super excited for the change. I think that it will be harder. Essentially they flipped the route. I liked the old course better!! Of course I still want to PR but it is different now that it is a different course.

We did a 3 miler which was good. When we got back to the store there was food, Gatorade, and plenty of Michelob Ultra. People acted like we had just come back from a 10 miler! Funny!!

Sara(I think), from RNR, talked about the new course in a little more detail. She said that the change was to alleviate the train/traffic stops. We are also starting a little later than we have the last couple of years due to a train. I have my doubts that the traffic stops will be totally eliminated but we will see!!!
She also gave out Refuel (chocolate milk) visors/hats. I was pumped cause they are headsweats!

It was fun but definitely not as many people as past kick off parties!!

Anyone doing any RNR races this year? I want to do the new Vancouver race in October and possibly Vegas in November. Anyone with me?!!

The LAST of Ragnar Training!

16 Feb

I am taking on my 4th Ultra relay this coming weekend! I have prepared for each of them a little different. The first one I definitely trained the hardest. I think because I was the most nervous!!! The 2nd/3rd ones were in between triathlon season/recovering from a marathon. This one I was a little more nervous about my foot.
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.59.25 AM

Once I figured out the foot thing I felt better about running more miles. I can’t believe next weekend is happening next weekend. We signed up for this when we were still in our–finished–Ironman–endorphin–phase. I think most of the team just wanted to put a race on the schedule! I have been wanting to do Del Sol for a while. The weather should be great. I think that it will be a little hot while we are running but shorts and tanks here we come!!

Here is the extended forecast! It was supposed to be in the 70s but now in the 80s! WE.ARE.IN.TROUBLE!

I have been doing a few doubles the last couple of weeks but I wanted to get in a triple before last weekend: To seal up the training so I can “taper”!!

The plan was to do my split run Thursday morning; hilly run Thursday night; long run Friday morning.

Thursday morning: 3.5 miles to the gym. 1 hour strength work out (including a mile run within). 3.5 miles home. Felt pretty good. My average home was faster than my run there! Booyah!

Thursday night we were already to go for a run. Literally in our clothes and all of our reflective stuff outside doing our dynamic stretching and Bam I got this side ache. Not like a regular side ache but a weird one. After 10 minutes I decided we couldn’t go. Every step hurt. We scrapped the run and I was pissed!! Dan kept reminding me that I had already worked out, it was no biggie!!

I decided I would do the long run Friday morning as planned. I did 11 miles. It started a little rough. But ended good. The sun was out and “warm.” I wanted to wear a short sleeve shirt but decided on a long sleeve because it was going to be hot when I am running next weekend! Suns out guns out!!
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 9.37.46 AM

{Very quick side note: Love Channing! Just saw the preview for Magic Mike XL! Holy smokes!}

Friday night we did the hilly run we were supposed to do on Thursday. It was hard but good. I was pumped that I had finished 26 miles in 2 days. Or 34.5 miles in 4 days!!!

ARIZONA here we come!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

14 Feb

Happy February 14th! It has come around again! The holiday full of flowers, candy, chocolate, cards, and Cupid! Dan and I like to keep it to a minimum. Dinner and dessert is perfect for us. Last year he made dinner and I made dessert but since I am not working I figured I would do both!!

We actually celebrated last night because I have a friend in town up North so after our work outs we are heading to Olympia.

Dan came home from work last night and slyly put this on the fridge:
It is a total inside joke but I thought it was super cute and wanted to share it!!

I had everything all prepped and ready to go so when we got back from our run I could just cook!! I made some vegetable lo mein. It was easy and delicious!

I even sat the table so we could eat like grown ups!

For the main course dessert I made red velvet oreo truffle brownies. I always like to do red velvet for Valentines day. I looked through a ton of recipes but this one looked the best!! My main concern was it was a box recipe. I would rather make the red velvet from scratch but my budget efforts just went with the $1 Betty Crocker box cake! (I didn’t even splurge for the Duncan Hines which is what the recipe calls for) :)

I also went with the limited edition red velvet Oreos!

The recipe was pretty easy. Make and bake the brownies. Layer on the oreo truffle. Melt some chocolate and put chocolate chips on the top! Pretty easy!
Image 2-14-15 at 10.14 AM

I used my bakers edge pan which was brilliant. Love it!!!!

Here is a peak at the inside:

We had some mint chocolate chip ice cream to go with it.

I think that Dan liked it!!
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.37.19 AM

Happy Valentines Day Friends!!!!! Anyone have big plans? Baking anything?? Anyone seeing 50 Shades of Grey?

Swim progress!

3 Feb

I have always loved swimming. Especially because I spent most of my summers in the pool growing up. Of course I wasn’t swimming laps but lounging around while soaking up the rays! Since learning to swim “laps” when I started triathlon back in 2008, I have loved the water. I like going to swim practice. I like working hard. I even like the sets where I am literally sweating in the water.

It is unfortunate that the swim leg of triathlon is such a small piece of the race. You really have to work extra hard for extra days to improve by even a little bit. I have slowly but surely improved as the years have gone on. My biggest improvement happened when I started going to Master’s practices. What a difference that made!!

Then Chris left that gym. The gym closed. I changed gyms (to MW) while the rest of those gym members went to the “designated” gym(we will call that RP) that they could go to. There was a 1x/week Masters MW. I started going there (the first 6 months of Whistler training). I was actually ok swimming once with Masters and 2x on my own. I felt like I had made some improvements (of course they didn’t show in the race) but then that gym was closing to resurface the pool. We then change to RP. I was excited to see all of my old Master’s friends.

I swam with them until Whistler and then I was over it. I liked the coach but not really the work outs. As you all know I went on a swimming hiatus from August through most of the fall. I finally started to swim regularly after NYC. It turned out I was doing a lot of the Master’s work outs (because they were left on the board) but I didn’t have to get up at the break of dawn to do them. I did them because I needed a work out.

Anyways long story longer: I found this article. 4 weeks to a 1500 PR. I had it cut out from a Triathlete Magazine from December 2013. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was doing this program but I finished it!!

I did my first TT on January 1st. I had written a how to swim a 1000 TT about a year ago and went back and read it before I swam. I think that it helped get me through. 1500 yards is a long way to go in the pool! :)

I did my 2nd time trial yesterday and swam 37 seconds faster than I did on the 1st time trial. YES!!

Here are the 2 TT results:
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.22.31 PM

I really just wanted something different to do. I am glad it was only 4 weeks. I liked that the first work out of the week was building up long endurance (200,300,400,500s) but the 2nd and the 3rd day were all 100s. I thought it was a perfect program to work on right before I settle into training for Victoria.

I did every work out (but 1) to the tee. The work-out calls for about a 1000 warm up, main set was 1500-2000, and 500 cool down but I didn’t want to swim that much. I usually did a 600 warm up; the main set; usually a 200 cool down. The one work-out that I just wasn’t feeling it on was the 3rd week–3rd work-out. I did 1 of the 3 sets. I just wasn’t into it and cooled down. I went home and really wasn’t upset about not doing the entire work-out. Life goes on!

I thought about maybe doing one more cycle of this 4 week program just to get me through February but I am kind of tired of this routine. I might try to find a different program or just look back at old work outs!!

If you are in a rut or need some motivation this is a great 4 week program. I was excited to see the progress!!

Baking Some New Treats!!

2 Feb

I have had some time on my hands lately. Not a ton because I like to sleep in. (wink wink) But I am looking for a new job. I have seen a few recipes that I wanted to try and thought now would be a good time!!!

I made some crispy bits chocolate chip cookies!! These were seriously epic. You make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Cook only half of them. Make sure they cool.
IMG_3486Break them into pieces.
IMG_3487Put them back in the dough.
IMG_3488Bake them.
IMG_3490They are almost like a twice baked potato but WAY better!!

We had a potluck to go to last weekend. I made some homemade Samoas. (like the Girl Scout cookies) I made these a long time ago but I thought I would make them again!!

Roasted coconut!
IMG_3495Shortbread base!
IMG_3496Coconut caramel topping!
IMG_3497The finally product. The bars were dipped in chocolate and drizzled with a little chocolate on top.

I made some mocha granola for breakfast.
IMG_3494Well January 24th was National Peanut Butter Day. I didn’t know until the 23rd and I was already planning on making the samoas!! Buzzfeed put out a list of 23 Mouth-Watering Peanut Butter recipes.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I actually made something from the list! No Bake Peanut Butter Bars.
IMG_3527 I thought they were ok. Dan thought they were great and would eat them again.

I had a friend send me this recipe for caramel brownies with a pretzel bottom. I really wanted to make these but this whole baking thing was getting out of control. I thought perfect…Super Bowl!!! I made these yesterday to take to the Super Bowl party we went to.
Pretzel crust.
IMG_3529Finished product.
IMG_3532These were a BIG hit!! Delicious!!!

What did you make for Super Bowl?


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