“Training” has begun!

26 Mar

I feel like I have waited all year to start “training!” Don’t get me wrong I have been training but I finally put together a 12 week build for Victoria 70.3. I incorporated my RNR Portland plan inside the Victoria plan.
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.30.05 PM

Since I am not using a coach this year, because this is my “fun” year, I developed a 12 week plan to Victoria.
I spent all Sunday afternoon working on this. I figured I would get a job as soon as I finished the plan. I know I know I should just input it into Training peaks so I can see the green boxes but I like to do things old school and cross them out as they are completed! :)

I have a few different plans from some Triathlete magazine articles that I went off of! I have done this long enough I how what I “should” be doing and what I “shouldn’t” be doing!! :)

I decided to stop running for about 3 weeks. Good timing with training starting right?! My foot has been good but I wanted to rest my IT Band and hope for the best!! I consulted with Taylor who had some problems with her ITB. I have been stretching and strengthening my glutes and hips! I got a massage today and she did a number on my ITB. Holy shit! I mean my massages regularly hurt but she really got in there!!

Other than that my biking has been good. Swimming has been great. I did another swimming TT test on Tuesday and nailed my 200s today!

I also got a job yesterday. (I jinxed myself) I don’t think that my plan will change much but I will be biking much further than I did to my last job. Not sure how that will affect my training! I will most likely be more hungry and tired!

The weather was awesome today! Tiffany and I went for a walk around the Laurelhurst neighborhood. Not in the training plan(wink-wink) but it was a fun to get outside other than to bike and run!!

Laurelhurst Park

Laurelhurst Park

Last but not least Nuun has finally got sweat bands. One of my favorite running accessories. You can get one too!! For a few more days you can go shop at Nuun and with every order until 3/30 you can get a wristband! Holla!! #nuunlove
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.43.55 PM

How is your training going?

Hour OF Power!

21 Mar

In light of the new year, Jeremy decided to challenge all his clients to 10 sessions of “hour of power (HOP).” Now he has had HOP work outs on the board for a long time. I thought that maybe this was just to get more people to do the work-outs! It turns out it was just a challenge!!

The challenge was set at the beginning of the year! 10 HOP work-outs before April 1st and you would get a prize!

I decided that I would do one HOP and one strength/core work out a week. It kind of went along with I am going to do whatever I want until I start “training” again.

They were really hard and a few of them were longer than an hour. What I thought was really great was he had alternatives to some of the harder exercises. (For instance: almost always there was a 5 minute run at the beginning —> someone could do the bike or the elliptical.) He made it “do-able” for ALL abilities!!

Here is how we tracked it:
He just added sheets as people started the challenge. I think there was 5 sheets going. Which is pretty cool. Everyone seemed to “enjoy” the challenge. I use the word enjoy very loosely!! Ha!

The standard lay-out was:
A quick run
Strength set
Core set
2nd cardio set
Strength set
Core set
3rd cardio set

Every week was totally different!! Sometimes the strength and core sets were mixed but there was usually 4 sets of 4 sets!! I always looked at the board and thought there is no way I will be able to do this in an hour! There was always lots of lunges and push-ups! One week we did a ton of jump roping. He mixed the exercises up with TRX, Bosu, Stability Ball, Med balls. It was always a good work-out! You are guaranteed to be tired and sweaty after the hour!

I did my 11th work out this week! It was a doozy too! I also got my prize. I was betting on a shirt that said “I did 10XHOP and all I got was this lousy shirt.”

But it was cuter than that!
Image 3-20-15 at 9.41 PM

I think that I will continue to do the HOP work-outs through training for Victoria.

Do you strength train?

Hump Day Happenings!!

18 Mar

First off, who has seen these commercials:

They are so funny!! I don’t even like watching commercials! But these are good!!

I had a great ride this morning. I was the only lady riding!! We are knee deep into our build. We are working endurance right now. That may be harder than doing speed/climbing intervals. We have long sets and instead of getting a rest—> we just keep it going! #whatdoesntkillyouonlymakesyoustronger

I came home and instead of taking a nap…I had things to do! I make pancakes just about every Wednesday morning after class. It has become, if we get up and go to class, we can have pancakes for breakfast!!

Wheat pancakes and veggie sausage

Wheat pancakes and veggie sausage

We are going to dinner at some friends house tonight so I decided to go healthy and unhealthy!!
I made a kale salad:

I made these peanut butter candy bars:
Image 3-18-15 at 3.10 PM

I had a great swim too!
Good for 2900 yards!
Warm-up: 300 swim; 6×50 (25 drill/25 swim)
Main set: 3x (2100)
300-Moderate pull + paddles :20 Rest
3×100- (on 1:55; 1:50; 1:45 by each set)
100–Kick :30 Rest (before starting the next set)
Cool-down: 200

I have been getting my work-outs from old Triathlete magazines or Sara McLarty had a blog of Master’s work outs. They are great. If you ever need a work out or ideas! She has 3 tiers of work-outs for each day! It is a great resource!

Another cap bites the dust! At least it was at the end of my work out!

I am still looking for jobs! It is an endless job on its own! One day I will work again! ;)

How was your hump day?

If it’s NOT Raining it’s NOT Shamrock!!

15 Mar

Well I jinxed the entire city of Portland with my last post! It has been epic weather here the last few months! This weekend not so much. Today, the Portland Shamrock Run, NOT.SO.MUCH!

I worked the Nuun booth at the expo on Friday and Saturday which is always fun. Spreading the #nuunlove!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.31.49 PM

I bought a few goodies too!!
Oofos for 1/2 off! Boom!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.18 PM
Roo Sport! Awesome product! Our booth was behind their booth. I didn’t even realize that they were there until Tiffany told me she bought one!! (thanks a lot Tiff) ;)
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.38 PM

BTW —>
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.09.56 PM

Go to Nuun by the 17th and get a free pint glass!

ALSO—> Because it is your lucky day here is a coupon code to use before 3/26: LuckyNuunFriends for 20% off!

My foot has been good but my right outer knee was bothering me while running downhill. I put some KT Tape on it. (I won a giveaway last year. I can finally use it!!) I am thinking it is IT Band issues. It is definitely feeling better! I am staying off the hills for a while!! If it is not one thing it is another!

One of my favorite races of the year was today! The Shamrock Run!! We woke at 6am to the sound of pouring rain.

Me: It is pouring!
Dan: Right!!
Me: Lets just skip Shamrock this year.
Dan: Really? (as he was getting back in bed)
Me: No! Lets just go!! :)

We rode our bikes to the gym to drop our bags. Walked down to the start. It was raining and it was dark!!

The 15K was the first race of 4 to start. I was happy we were the first! I heard later that the other starts times were delayed and there was lots of craziness! We started (I think) right on time.
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.41.22 PM

I decided right off the bat that I was not going to check my clock. I was going to run and hope for the best. I was not really going for a PR. I just didn’t think it would happen. My endurance is there but my speed was not. I had done some hill repeats for Ragnar training but I took a break after I got back. There just wasn’t time! I would run hard and see what happened! I didn’t want to push my knee either! The rain didn’t make it any better!!

There was a ton of puddles. Everyone dodging them and splashing. I avoided a few. After about a mile my feet were soaked and there was nothing I could do about it!

Just like last year: I had passed the first train crossing and I could hear the horns coming so I sprinted ran hard for at least a quarter of a mile but it was worth it because I didn’t get stopped! I was literally running over the tracks as the gates were coming down!

I settled back into my pace. It felt more comfortable at least!! :) The flat section was over. Onto Broadway which was good. Hard. The first section of Terwilliger is the hardest but I got through it. I caught up to Dan at about mile 5.5 or so. That was fun!

We ended up running together the rest of the race. The downhill was good. My knee did pretty good. It was sore just a little as we were passing the 7 mile sign. But surpassed the soreness pretty quick. I had told Dan that I wasn’t looking at my clock and I didn’t want to know the time. As we got to the end he was pushing me. I knew he knew what my PR was so I figured it would be close!!

….and it was! Not close enough! I was :50 seconds over my PR! 1:31:16! Good for 9:48 average miles and not on a flat course! #soclosebutsofaraway

It was a fun race! I am glad that Dan and I could run a bunch of miles together!

Cute medals…as usual! Ugly shirts…as usual! Until next year!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.52 PM

I met some Oiselle ladies for brunch afterwards!! I was starving! It was delicious!!

Oiselle Birdies!

Oiselle Birdies!

Anyone else doing a Shamrock run?

Lots of Vitamin D in the PNW!

10 Mar

All I can say is I am sorry for all of you that live on the east coast and all the cold parts of the country!!!


We have had absolutely unbelievable weather here in P-town. I am not sure how we got so lucky!!

My BFF’s birthday was last week. We surprised her by taking her on a picnic with an unbelievable view!

Tracy and Erica

Tracy and Erica

Henry and Barley -- BFF's

Henry and Barley — BFF’s

Lower Lewis Waterfall

Lower Lewis Waterfall

We continued on the with the fun on Saturday with a brew-cycle.
The weather was awesome. It was sunny and warm-ish!!

We took our bikes out for the first time on Sunday!! We were good for a 36 miler!

I didn't get the memo we were supposed to wear IMC gear! :)

I didn’t get the memo we were supposed to wear IMC gear! :)

Great ride! I was thinking about how much I liked training for an Ironman. But am happy as ever just to be training for a half-iron this year!! It was nice to be home before noon!

Dan and I went for a long walk in the afternoon with all the other pale people in town trying to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible!

Hows the weather in your part of the world??!!

Bike TT + Serial + Foot Problems

4 Mar

Where have I been? I was going to do this post last Wednesday after my bike TT. It obviously never happened! Looking for a job takes a lot out of me!! ;) Plus my mom was in town for 4 days and we kept busy!!

Last Wednesday, I had another bike time trial. I was definitely worried about my legs still being tired after running 34 miles in Arizona! I took Sunday/Monday off. I did a very easy/light spin on my trainer Tuesday. Wednesday it was go time!

We had a long warm up. We did some spin-ups. My last TT was 195 watts. My original goal was: 200-205 watts a few weeks ago. I was definitely feeling more confident at the end of our build. I guess on a whim Wednesday morning Brad was asking what our goals were and I said 205-210 watts which I thought was high but do-able. I thought my build went really well and I could strive for a little higher than I thought I could do. In the end I think it had more to do with my dead legs than anything!

Here is how it went down: I started conservative. I thought I started “slow” enough but I was dead way faster than last time!

Right at 5 minutes I was at 185 watts. Perfect!
At 13 minutes I was at 195 watts. Perfect!
At 15 minutes I was at 197 watts. I wanted to barf. I mean there was still 5 minutes to go. 300 seconds. Could I make it? Would I make it?

At this point all I wanted to do was maintain. I got up to 198 at about 17. Brad came by and said keep it right around 205-210, your goal. I was. The average never moved. I thought shit. You have got this! You have to at least get to 200. I barely squeaked out 201 watts. We were done and I almost barfed. I couldn’t even look at Dan. I just kept thinking don’t barf. don’t barf!!!

I was happy for a 6 watt improvement but I was disappointed that I wasn’t closer to 205. I am pretty sure I can get there and maybe even 210. I signed up for one last 8 week build. We will see what I can do this time around!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.41.52 PM
It is so funny how you hear things now a days. Everything is social media this and twitter that. What is trending today? Unlike most of the United States I didn’t even know what Serial was about. “Everyone” was talking about it but I had no idea just what it was!

When we were in Arizona, Anne was going to start listening to it while she ran. Stephanie and Kat had already listened to it and said it was the greatest podcast ever. (maybe not ever but close)

I asked what the premise was and of course it sounded interesting!

Last Monday I had dinner with some friends and it was super nice out so I walked. I knew it would take about an hour so I thought maybe I will listen to Serial. I downloaded it and had a listen.

OMG.SO.GOOD. I proceeded to listen to episodes 2-7 on Tuesday and 8-finish on Wednesday. I have to say it was awesome. It kept my attention. I was engaged. I think that my feelings are probably the same as everyone else’s. He may or may not be guilty but there definitely wasn’t enough evidence to convict him!! Well that may not be what everyone else is thinking but those are my thoughts! :)

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.46.15 PM
Last but not least. My foot had been good. I have been doing all my glute exercies. My running has been good. Ragnar went great. But my foot was sore for more days then I would like to admit! I would have loved to have gone to see my original sports doc but since I lost my job I have new insurance! wah!! wah!! After thinking Victoria is going to be no-going my foot has been better.

I am going to take a few more days off and test out the water. Wish me luck!!

Have you listened to Serial? Did you binge like me or listen to it week by week??

Ragnar Del Sol 2015

25 Feb

Another Ragnar in the books! We accomplished 210 miles in 34 hours and change in the wide open desert! This was almost the same team as Vegas Ragnar but Kara had to work so Kat took her place.

We were taking on the challenge of doing it ultra style. 6 women —> double the legs! When I first suggested this relay months and months ago I noticed the 13.5 mile leg. Well if we were doing double legs that meant that person would have to run 13.5 + the next leg (which I think was 6-7 miles). No one wanted to do 20 miles in one leg so I suggested we do a 4 legs instead of 3 or 6 legs. I came up with a plan that we would run 2 long legs and then 2 shorter legs. We all ran between 33-38 miles.

We arrived in Phoenix: Retrieved our van, had dinner, headed to the pre-party at Roadrunner to get checked in and decorate the van.
Image 2-24-15 at 4.39 PM

The start line in Wickenburg, AZ:

Stephanie: Runner 3; Anne: Runner 1; Laura: Runner 2; Kat: Runner 4; Erica: Runner 6; Me: Runner 5

Stephanie: Runner 3; Anne: Runner 1; Laura: Runner 2; Kat: Runner 4; Erica: Runner 6; Me: Runner 5

We quickly got running. Anne was off:

When you are runner 5 on an ultra it is a looooonnng wait until you get to run. I of course was super nervous because it was hot or at least much warmer then I would have liked it to have been!

We were doing great. Anne, Laura, Steph, and Kat had battled their first legs like rock stars. Enjoying the cactus and desert!

It was finally time for me to run.

Leg 9: 4:30pm: 13.5 miles: 2:23: Average mile 10:28. Here is the profile:
Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 5.09.09 PM
As you can see it is ALL uphill. Since it was my first leg, I was still fresh. It was more of an incline then an uphill. I think the gain was only 400 ft. But still. It was warm at the beginning. But I was going to stay positive and happy. Just a little half marathon. NBD!!! I also was starving all of a sudden at mile 2. Shit! Only 2 gus on me. Shit! (it ended up being fine)

The miles clicked by pretty fast. There were 4 aid stations because this was a NO support leg. There was a girl in a purple tank top that I thought I could MAYBE catch up too. Sometimes I thought I was getting closer to her and sometimes I thought I was getting further away. I finally caught up to her at the mile 9 aid station. I thought maybe we could talk. She didn’t seem to want to. I literally ran her pace but about 5 feet behind her. At the mile 11 aid station we ran side-by-side for a good mile. In the meantime we passed a guy that was run/walking.

At about mile 12 we caught up to another girl. She said we were looking good. At that point it was almost dark. I lost both the new girl and purple tank girl. I had a mile and a half to keep it together. I passed 4 GUYS walking between mile 12.5 and 13. I was feeling really good but ready to be done!!!

I got a medal. Everyone got a medal who did this leg. It is the longest leg in Ragnar history! FUN!
Erica ran the anchor position and we started all over again. I felt like once I ran once it went FAST. We tried to get Subway but it was already closed. We were all really sad. I think I took 2 naps! It was already time for me to run again.

Legs 20/21: 4:48am; 10.2 miles; 1:46; Avg mile 10:23; Rolling hills through some farmland.

This leg started a bit rough. Laura and I got out of the van to use the portie potty before I was up. We thought we had lots of time but we couldn’t find the portie potty. They had dropped them off in the wrong spot(wrong parking lot across the school campus). By the time we figured out where they were we had wasted at least 20 minutes. I had decided that I wanted to wear a long sleeve(I had a short sleeve on underneath my jacket). I went back to the van and Kat was already at the exchange. My watch wasn’t on. I finally started to run. I realize my shirt was on backwards. I loose my pony tail holder right off the bat. I couldn’t get my iPod on. I think I hope this run gets better! I also think it is nice and cool how could it be bad!

Well it was good but my knee started to hurt. My foot was hurting. I just kept pushing through! I passed a couple of girls which is always fun! I finished and the sun was going to come up in minute!

This happened while Erica was running:

We all survived our 2nd legs! Anne was off again just like that! But now the legs were shorter. (except Kat who had a 9 mile no-support leg). The suns out guns out!!!

Sometime in the early morning:

Leg 28: 11:51am: 4.3 miles; 44:16: average mile 10:19: rolling hills

It was HOT! I was going to stay positive. I felt pretty good but the sun was out and intense. This was a very mentally tough leg. I was fighting. It was hot. I passed 3 girls. Right before I passed each one I thought I am going to chat with them for a minute. Just as I was going for the pass each one of them started to walk. I thought dang it! I also didn’t want to walk just so I could talk to them. Even though I thought about it! :)

I was glad that it was a relatively short leg. I had a cold Mt. Dew waiting for me in the cooler! I also had lunch and 3 smallish cookies. Well the cookies didn’t sit well in my stomach. As the hours went by until my next leg I got more and more nervous.

I did get in a nap. Not sure how my sunglasses got that way!

Leg 35: 4:48pm; 1:01; 5.75 miles: Average mile 10:44; mostly flat; few little rollers

Pretty uneventful. I just wanted to keep running even if it was really slow!! My knee was bothering me and I think that slowed me. The temperature had definitely dropped. It felt pretty good. I was pumped that it wasn’t super hot!!

It was hard to believe we were at the finish line!!
Finish line festival:
Erica, mom-to-be, rock-star runner, finishing what we started only 34 hours before:


Paleta’s Betty’s popsicles!! Delicous!! Do we look tired or WHAT?


Super fun time in the desert!!


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