Hood TO Coast like NO other year!

31 Aug

I ran Hood To Coast for my 5th year in a row this weekend. It was super fun as usual! BUT very different from any other year!

We had a very early start time. Much earlier than any other year!! 6:15AM! I was in a slight predicament. I didn’t have the day off of work. I thought we would start at 9, 10 or 11. I was runner #11 so I figured I wouldn’t run until the evening anyway! We received our start times and I came to the realization that I would be running at about 3! Long long story short I got off work at 2. Took an Uber to exchange 10 right before Bird Legs was going to hand off to me!
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.31.47 PM
Just like that I’m with Stupid was on leg 11 and I was off running!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.55.42 PM
Leg 11: 2:45pm. 4.51 Miles. 9:46 avg/miles. It was hot-ish and humid. It was sunny one minute and cloudy another. It was flat and boring. I talked to a few people which was fun. There was one particular guy who I ran with that I talked to for a bit but stayed with for quite a while. I was just trying to keep his pace. At the exchange he said thanks for pacing me. I thought he was pacing me! I just think he didn’t want me to pass him! :)

We headed to the Hawthrone bridge to pick up Tiffany and exchange with van 1!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.58.35 PM
Meeting up with Van 1 at exchange 12!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.31.52 PM

Saw David and had to get a picture!!!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.56.00 PM

Went back to Jeff’s place for pizza, lounging, and game shows before it was time to head out again!!

We were back on the road and ready for the rain. Maybe!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.56.36 PM

Leg 23: 1:50am. 4.2 miles. 9:28 avg/miles. NIGHT leg! Favorite leg. It was rolling hills. It was fun. I kept a good pace. It started to sprinkle the last couple of minutes and then really started to come down for a few, just as I was handing off to Tiffany!

The traffic is usually pretty heavy during these legs. In past years the runner would have to run up the exchange as the van was still sitting in traffic.
This year we had a lot of smooth sailing. The next test was getting to Jewel once we handing off to van 1 again.

I fell asleep almost immediately but we proceeding to get to Jewel faster than any other year. With time to catch a few winks before it was time to leave again!

It was raining but didn’t seem to be too bad. The lightening was crazy. I could see it with my eyes closed! It died off while we were asleep.

Just like that it was 8ish and we were off and running again. It started to rain right before Ashley(runner 7) and Jeff(8) exchanged. The clouds were moving FAST! It was pouring and felt bad for Jeff. It was super crazy. I was driving and the wind shield wipers were not moving fast enough!!

Dan went out for a long haul. This leg is always so awful because it is so HOT! Well not so much this year. It poured for the first couple of miles but then it was just windy!! Kara went out for a short but very windy run.

SHIT!!! It was my turn again and I was nervous!!!
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 8.44.26 PM
This was my longest leg. I felt good but I was waiting for Kara and the wind was absolutely bonkers!!

Leg 35. 11:30am. 6.9miles. 10:39 avg/miles. Rolling uphill/flat. I went off and I was immediately in a head wind. I am not talking a faint at heart little headwind. I am talking a headwind that is literally making you feel like you are on a treadmill with nowhere to go.

A gal had gone off a few minutes before me. I started off and thought maybe I will try to catch up to her. She was definitely right at my pace because I was not gaining on her at all. It was so hard. We eventually were on gravel which is not easy either. She stopped to a walk a few times and I gained just a bit those times.

I finally caught her about 2.5 miles to go. We chatted and she had music playing out loud. I secretly wished it was something I liked better!! :) It was a nice distraction though.

It could easily be the hardest leg I have ever run. EVER! I have no idea how fast the wind was blowing but somewhere between 29mph (when I checked hours later) to 80mph (what the news was saying). I felt like I was going nowhere. It was miserable! I am pretty sure I could have done that leg faster in the heat!!  I finished with my new friend who said lets “sprint” to the exchange with I don’t know 100 meters to go. WTF?! She gave me a hug afterwards and said thanks!! I was finished!! That is all that I cared about!!

We got word that the finish line was shut down at about leg 31. We heard it was crazy. These pictures don’t even do it justice!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.57.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.57.46 PM

It certainly was different from any other years. BUT this “off the cuff” finish was so much easier. All the teams were just running through the finish with their runner. It was perfect. In years past we would have to stand around in corrals and wait to be called up to the finish line.

Van 1 decided to head back to Portland early! It was sad not to get a team picture. But I wouldn’t have wanted to wait around either!

Tiffany finished us off with a smile on her face and her first relay under her belt!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.57.58 PM
We finished in 31 hours 10 minutes!! Another adventure in the books!!!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.58.17 PM

Tired and delirious!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.57.02 PM
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.58.51 PM
Until next year!!

August is in FULL Swing!

22 Aug

Some how it has gotten to be August 22. It has been a fun summer and I am definitely not happy to see the days dwindling down. Since my last post I have not been to the pool once. I have hung my swim suit, pull buoy, and paddles out to dry. I haven’t been on my Cervelo lately. I don’t have any real desire to go for a ride when I spending 60ish miles in the saddle commuting to work every week. But my run shoes have seen a ton of miles!

I have been gearing up for Hood To Coast which is next weekend. I am excited for my 5th installment of running this race. I have steadily been prepping for it for the last month. I am finally feeling “decent” when running in the heat. I have done quite a few doubles.

This is what I have been dealing with on my “evening” runs:

In fact I ran to work and home twice this week. I have to say that it was a nice break from the bike commuting. There was a fair bit of prep to be done though. I took clothes/lunches the day before so I would only have to run with my phone/keys. I actually wish I would have started doing this a while ago. I have been running than biking to work and home then dreading going for another run. It is much more time efficient to just run to work!! :)

I’ve had some great long runs with Ilana!!
I did an awesome long run on my own today. It was hilly and hard. My average pace was faster than any of my other runs this week! #gofigure

I met up with some Oiselle ladies for an easy run a few weeks ago. Of course their easy pace is my tempo pace. I actually wish we would get together more often. I know I would get faster just by doing that every week. Liz hosted a pancake breakfast afterwards which was super fun!

Dan hurt his back a few weeks ago so we have done a bunch of walking! We walked to Target the other night (and stopped at Ben & Jerry’s on the way)!
Totally ridiculous. My cone was as big as my head and it was melting like crazy!! #icecreamaddictproblems
But what really matters is that walking is almost harder than running. I guess because you are on your feet longer?!?!

The Tilikum Crossing is opening September 12th. #20daycountdown I can’t wait because that will cut about 2 miles off my commute!!! Can.NOT.Wait!!

They had a “preview” opening a couple of weekends ago. Everyone could ride their bike or walk across it. It was super fun and hot that day!!! It is a transit bridge only. Public transit, peds, and bikes. NO cars!!

Another August highlight is we canned last weekend!
We made 56 jars of salsa. (3 types) We made 18 jars of marinara sauce that we are going to freeze. Jamie didn’t have a good experience canning marinara sauce last year. I couldn’t find a recipe that didn’t have sugar. We had tomatoes for days so we decided to cook up a ton of sauce and forget the “canning” process. So much easier and faster but annoying to have to put in the freezer!

How’s your August shaping up?

Rolf Prima OLY Race Report

6 Aug

Well since I am the worst blogger on earth. Here is my race report from my race that was 12 days ago. :)
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.25.28 PM

Dan and I headed down to Cottage Groove (~100miles south of Portland) Friday evening and set up camp at about 9:30. We hit the sleeping bags pretty quick after that for an early morning wake up call.

Saturday morning. All the regular before race stuff. Dan was doing the sprint and it started at 8. I did the olympic and it didn’t start until 8:30 or so.
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.11.39 PM
Gotta love small races. Check in was easy. Set up was easy! Short portie potty line!
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.13.05 PM

I have a problem pumping up my tires because of my wheels. It is kind of a problem but I thought there would be a mechanic there and they can always fix it. Well there wasn’t one so I was going to suffer with low pressure. I don’t think it was awful but what if the pressure had been better! Who knows! Really the only bad thing about a small race!

Dan went down to the start. I finished up getting my wetsuit on and chatted with Heather.
We cruised down to the water and the first sprint guys were coming out of the water. Who stops right next to me…Jesse Thomas…and asked if he was going to win. (I thought he was supposed to be racing) We chatted for a bit and Lauren (Fleshman) and their son came over and we chatted for a bit longer then it was time to go swim.

Swim! (28:08) It was a little chopping. It wasn’t as big of a deal as it “looked!” but all in all it was a pretty good swim. I tried to do some drafting and pushing hard at the end. I came out of the water about 27:30 but you have to run up the ramp to transition so that added time.

T1! (1:24) Fast! Another benefit of a small race!

Bike! (1:15) I wanted to push hard and that is what I did. Heather passed me at about 3.5miles and we leap frogged and talked for the bulk of the ride. It was fun. Flat to mild rollers. I loved the course. The weather was perfect. It was cool and cloudy exactly how I like it on race day!! I had just gotten a new Garmin and had not set it up! #rookiemistake #stupid I really had no idea how to gauge how I was doing on the ride. But I thought this is just for fun!! Again a little slower than I would have liked but felt good.

T2! (:56) I saw Dan cause he had already finished! Fast!! It would have been faster but I couldn’t find my place in transition. Not sure what I was doing! ;)

Run! (59:39) It was still cool outside. I was pushing it from the beginning. It was hard. It was flat. I was using up a lot of mental strength on that one! Maybe I had biked too hard or was running too hard right off the bat.
I was cheering on everyone in front of me and then everyone in back of me after the turn around. I had a really fun time but it was hard!! Right about mile 4 I got a side stitch and i slowed down. I walked for about 10 seconds and then I walked through the aid station at mile 4.5. It felt better after that! At about 5.5 maybe you can see the finish line. Maybe closer than that because I think I saw 56 mins on my watch and really wanted to come in sub 1hr! I pushed and made it!!!

Another reason to do small races. The race director says everyone names as they come across the finish! They had lots of food, massage and a raffle.

I found Dan and Heather. We went to check results and Heather had placed 2nd in her AG and I had placed 3rd. WHOA!! Gotta love small races.

I won a Blue Seventy transition bag!! I am wondering how much it is worth and what I can sell it for!! ;) It is nice!!

We stayed for the awards! It was fun!!!

Another race bites the dust!! I will definitely be back!! I am just afraid that it will probably be hot the next time!! Blair and the Best In The West Crew does an awesome job of putting on a great race!

We went into Eugene for lunch and dessert!! We made a big fire when we got back to camp. We ate dinner, played cards, and made s’mores!

Have you every camped before a race?

The Summer of not training for anything BIG!

18 Jul

Well I am not sure how July has come and almost gone. Where does the time go!!

I had almost nothing on the schedule after Victoria. I have Hood To Coast at the end of August and RNR Vancouver 1/2 marathon. I really wanted to do another 70.3 but I didn’t really know if I wanted to keep training. This was my “fun” year after all. I also liked the idea of doing a short race. Maybe doing some speed work?!

After some thought I picked an olympic race that also had a sprint race because Dan wanted to train for a short race. So I had 6 weeks to recover and get some speed training in to “race” an olympic.

Well it was good thinking. I haven’t really trained like I wanted to. Don’t get me wrong but I have been training but I pictured it going a little bit different!!

We have one more “big” training day tomorrow, we will taper this week and race next weekend! I am excited we are going to camp for the weekend. I have heard it is an awesome smallish race. Excited!

It has also been crazy wedding season. We went to 3 wedding 3 weekends in a row.
We found Young & Hungry to watch on Netflix. We watched the first 2 seasons. It was awesome. It was like an old school sit-com with a laugh-track. Kind of like Three’s Company. I probably liked it more than Dan but he tolerated it!! :)
Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.36.03 PM

What else do you when you don’t have to spend the entire weekend working out?!

Go to brunch!
Go to the farmers market!!
Go to the movies! Train wreck!! Funny!!
Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.49.52 PM
Cooking and Baking!
broccolini pasta
coconut chocolate chip cookies
peanut butter chocolate overnight oats

If anyone is in need of NUUN use: NuunSummer15 for 20% off most items at Nuun!

What have you been up to this summer? Has anyone seen Young & Hungry?

Victoria 70.3 2015 Race Report

26 Jun

I bet you never thought I was going to write this! Every night I think about writing it! I had to binge watch Orange Is The New Black first and foremost. It was amazing.

On to Victoria! June 14, 2015.

3:20am. YES! You read that right! With a 6am start time you have to get up early! It was early! But worth it to be done by noon!

Regular pre-race. Breakfast. Shuttle. Body-marking. We got to transition way too early. But the time went fast.
Swim: (goal <36mins; actual 35:38) I had a quick warm up before they called everyone out of the water. The water was the perfect temperature. It was warmer in the water than the air temp.

My wave got swimming at 6:15. Pretty good start. The course was 1 loop rectangle. The buoys came quick. I was sighting pretty well. Once we started back toward the beach the sun was in our eyes. It definitely wasn’t as bad as Blue Lake but it was not easy. I got off track between the 2/3 buoys. Not sure what had happened. I felt relatively good. I didn’t think it was that fast but I got out of the water in 34:xx. I was pumped. The mat was up by transition instead of by the lake so the run to transition was “apart of” the swim instead of transition.
Overall I was happy with my swim and faster than I thought!

T1: (1:59) Quick and painless!

Bike: (goal 3:10; actual 2:58) The bike was rolling. Super fun. Mostly shady. I loved this bike. It is definitely my type of ride. No big climbs. You are either going up or you are going down for the most part. There was 4 aid stations which was a bonus. (There are usually 3 on 56 miles.) My only complaint was there were a couple of stretches of crap road. IMG_4552
The new bike drafting rules are ludicrous! On a looped bike course there is inevitable drafting and I don’t mean on purpose drafting. I didn’t see much of that. I don’t think that there were as many marshals out as usually because there were no pros at this race.
I went out harder than I wanted to but I really wanted a good bike split. I pushed it early and after the first loop I thought I was probably in trouble with a 1:28 split. I kept pushing though and had a fun second loop too with only a 2 minute difference.
Overall ecstatic about my bike split!

T2: (1:29) Quick and easy. I did stop for sunscreen. I usually have my own spray but I thought it was going to be more overcast. I left transition in ~3:37. I was like really….I couldn’t really believe it. I honestly thought there was zero chance of a PR until I got to this point. I had 2:22 to PR…BUT I had not started to run yet! :)

Run: (goal <2:20; actual 2:17) I wouldn’t say this was flat. Not super hard either. It was 2 loops. It was a nice trail. Aid stations were pretty good. A lot of shade. This was huge!! I started out conservatively. I had plenty of time. I was smiling and positive! People were blowing past me and I didn’t care. (I usually don’t) I thought we will see how the first loop goes!!
This was after the first loop. I had run a 1:08. I could see the PR now. All I could keep saying in my head was “keep it together for 6.5 more miles…keep it together for 6.5 more miles…don’t f*ck it up”…over and over! I steadily ran. The kilometers were going by much faster this loop than they did on the first loop. I was passing people now. All the fast people were gone and finished! It was hot in the sun. I felt like I was going faster but in reality wasn’t!!

With a 3 second negative split run I had kept it together for an epic 70.3 race.
I was leaving Canada with a 4 minute PR! What? What?

Final time: 5:55:12

The second best part of the entire day was the ice cream cookie sandwich that I got post-race. It was so delicious. It was gigantic. I even shared with Dan. Which almost never happens. ;) The saddest part of the day was I couldn’t even finish it!!!

Victoria IS HERE!!

13 Jun

Well the time has come. Ironman Victoria 70.3 is here. Or should I say I made it to Victoria!
Ironman Victoria Coverage —-> Click here to go to the athlete tracker.

Goals! No huge goals except to have a good race. Feel good. No regrets!

The swim: I had a great swim at Hagg Lake. My swim at Blue Lake was less than Ideal. I think I am capable of a 36 minute swim. “They” say it all depends on the winds on race day. I swam for about 10 minutes this morning. The water is perfect temp. It is super clear. I saw a school of fish too!!

If I can be on my bike within 40 minutes I will be happy. Transition is bigger than I thought it would be, given the small area. I have a shitty spot in transition. I will have to run with my bike almost the entire length of transition.

The bike: I have not seen the course. My biking hills was not super awesome in the last 12 weeks so if I break 3:10 I would be ecstatic! I guess it all depends on the wind again and how big these so called “rollers” really are!!

The bike course is a lolli-pop. So an out to the loop. Ride the loop 2x and then come back. We rode the out and back today. It was better than I thought it would be. The road is kind of crappy but not bad.

The run: It it is cool and I have had a good race up until this point I think I could potentially have a good run. If I am having a good race than I will be in a good mood and positive about the rest of the day!

After our shake out run I am feeling good about the run. It is mostly shaded on a trail. What more could I ask for?! ;) I would love to run a 2:15. I am not sure that I have ever run under a 2:20 in a half marathon of a half ironman before. They have all been hot and hilly! Maybe tomorrow will be different!
Molly and I had a nice quick and easy swim, bike, and run shake out this morning! I have been hydrating all day. I am off to dinner and then an EARLY bedtime!

If anything I am going to smile and have fun!

Blue Lake Tri 2015: Race Recap

10 Jun

I am going to try to make this short and sweet. Blue Lake is one of my favorite triathlon races. I like to “race” it every year. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it this year because Victoria is only 7 days after. But I figured I had to do a brick anyway so I mine as well get another OW swim in!!

We got out to Blue Lake at about 7. Picked up my packet and put my stickers on. Body marked. Set up my transition. Made my way down to the lake at about 7:40. The water was perfect temp. One of the rare days I wish I had a short sleeve wetsuit. I waded in the water a bit and got in a short warm up.


8:12:Swim: (goal: 25-26min; actual 27:08)my wave was off. There couldn’t have been more than 20 of us and it was women 35-44. The swim was most difficult because a huge chunk of it was directly into the sun! It was difficult to sight. Usually we don’t have to worry about the sun in our eyes. I am not sure that any of the Blue Lake races I have done the sun has ever come out!! ;) I got out of the water about a minute slower than I thought was possible. Well Shit!

T1:(goal 2:30; actual 2:39) was decent. I didn’t have the good spot that I had last year. It was pretty quick though.

Bike: (goal 1:10-1:12min; actual 1:14) The bike was good. I didn’t want to get crazy. I needed to be cautious about 2 things: 1) I want to actually be able to “race” next weekend. 2) I knew it was going to be HOT on the run. I really wanted to have a good run. I knew I had to save my legs!! I basically went on feel for the entire ride. I never went into my big ring which I usually do. I kept my cadence higher than I usually do. My nutrition was right on. I could have used another half a bottle of something. Water, Nuun, something cold!! I am pretty sure that did not hurt my race.

T2: (goal 1:30; actual 1:20) my only goal met! :)

Run: (goal 58:00; actual 1:00) The run was mentally tough. I stayed positive and happy. I smiled and waved to friends. I saw Devin, Jon, and Nik (they were at about 5 miles) and looked miserable! I thought I am in trouble. I was only at probably 1.5 miles. It was a different course than last year. There was ZERO shade. It was rolling hills unlike the flat course it used to be. It was hot and they needed more aid stations. I envied all of the competitors that had carried water bottles. I stayed in the moment and just prayed it is not this hot in Victoria!! Finished with a smile on my face and happy to be done!

Overall it was a good race! It was fun! Good tune up for next weekend! I ended up 3rd in my age group. I joked all the fast people stayed home! It is funny because I was about 5 minutes slower than last year and about 7 minutes slower than my PR. It is all about who shows up I guess!!

I had a a bunch of friends place. Jon placed 3rd and Sue place 2nd in their division.


Victoria is T minus 4 days! The forecast is looking good! Now to pack!!


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