Another Attempt! RNR Portland Re-Cap

19 May

Sunday was the 4th running of RNR Portland! At the beginning of the year I was pumped to train hard and PR this race. My PR is from the 2013 race.  The unexpected break in training due to my IT Band did not help!  I got in some quality runs and track work outs in the last couple of weeks but I still fell short of a PR by about a minute. That has been my racing life for the 3rd race in a row!!

I didn’t really have a plan or any goals.  I was hoping for a sub 2:10. The course has always been hilly. They did change the course this year. Not sure why. There were still hills and a few big ones. I “think” they have had problems with traffic and trains so they wanted it to accommodate everyone.

I did want to negative split it as best as I could.  That is always the goal, right?! ;)

The new course, in my opinion, was harder than the last course.  I haven’t talked to anyone that raced Sunday who has also done the other course. This course does go through a lot of neighborhoods. The weather was nice and a lot of people were out cheering! That was definitely a highlight.

I don’t really have much to report. My race was good. I ran pretty steadily the entire time.  I felt really good and that is what I cared about!! I did have fun!! I never wanted to quit. I kept up the mental toughness. It wasn’t pouring rain! It was a great day!

I was looking at my watch a little at the beginning and middle.  I got to mile 10 at 1:37(faster than I thought it would be). I thought I had about 29 minutes to hit the PR. I thought it was definitely do-able. I went for it and I was close: 2:07:30. My PR was 2:06:23.  I finished and found Dan waiting for me.

I finished with a 13.36 miles on my Garmin. I usually go over the 13.1 by a little but by a quarter of a mile?  The talk over the twitterspere was the course was long! Bam! I would have PR’d! Not every race is perfect or a PR! I will try again in the fall!!
Obviously was not going for a sub 2! Sad I know!!

Portugal The Man
We hung out listen to some music and stretched!

I am eyeing RNR Vancouver in October! Who wants to join me?

Victoria Training Weeks 6&7

11 May

Well the last 2 weeks have flown by, just as all the weeks have!!
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.38.40 PM

Just a quick re-cap!

Swimming: Just chugging away as I swim yard after yard. Feeling good but not sure that I am improving much. I will probably start open water swimming week after next. I am looking forward to that!

Biking: I have had some good bike sessions!! Dan and I went for an easy ride for my first ride outside on my new bike.

It was good. But my arms got real tired. real fast. I went in for a second-fit and the aerobars had moved! No wonder I was so uncomfortable. She put me on a new saddle as well. I am feeling much better since then!!

Running: More track work outs. The 10 mile death mill run. A few tempo runs and a hilly run. We finally decided to run some hills. RNR Portland is this weekend and it is not exactly flat.

Wondering how fast I really will be able to “race” Victoria. I am training and feeling pretty good overall. Just not overly confident on how well it will go. I am not throwing in the towel by any means but feeling like I need to lower my expectations a little. We will see. If we can get some cool weather with not a lot of wind I might surprise myself!! Positive attitude right! :)

How’s your training lately?

Vegas, Kentucky Derby, & The Deathmill

3 May

Well I have just spent the last 24 hours in Vegas. We booked these tickets forever ago before the big fight was announced! We thought it was going to be a shitshow. We stayed clear of MGM! It ended up be really fun!!

In short, Friday night, we went to the Ghost Bar on the 54th floor of The Palms. We danced and had a fabulous time. We finally went to bed at 5am Saturday morning!!

Saturday we headed to the Venetian sports book to bet on and watch the Kentucky Derby. The sports book was buzzing with the Derby, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, and NBA finals happening! WE watched the 90 seconds of action. 2 of the girls bet on the winner! They collected their money and we headed over to Rockhouse.

Rockhouse was super fun. Beer pong, flip cup, giant sized Jenga, and Connect 4 boards. WE were there for 6 hours. YES I said 6 hours! ;)
An intense Jenga Game!!
I needed to run this morning so I set me alarm to get up and run! I was going 10 miles.

Here is the temp:IMG_4449

Would I be too hot? I didn’t really have a route. I was worried about stopping at lights for long periods of time! I forgot my iPod too. I haven’t really been running with music but when I decided I should probably run on the death mill…I definitely needed music!

I grabbed my phone, borrowed some earbuds, filled my bottle with Nuun, and was out the door before I could talk myself out of this idea!! I was a little nervous. I barely ate anything yesterday. What I did eat wasn’t great!! I did drink a lot of water and only had one cookie!

I set the death mill on a much conservative pace than I probably would have run outside but I just wanted to get through it in one piece!! The food network was on the TV. I kind of watched that (Rachel Ray, Barefoot Contessa, a farm-to-table show). The beginning miles were rough but it turned into a great run! I am glad that I stuck it out. Mental toughness!!

Last but not least a trip to Vegas would not be a trip without going to Luv it!!
Hello! I ran 10 miles this morning!

How was your weekend? Did you watch the Kentucky Derby or the Fight?

Victoria Training Week 5

30 Apr

Again the week has gotten away from me. I am exhausted as usual. But I am seeing the light. My job training is over tomorrow! Next week I will only be physically tired not so much mentally tired!

I was on recovery week last week so that was good. It was kind of a funny recovery week. I am used to cutting down the volume. Which I did but this plan that I am loosely following has me doing long runs or harder runs during the recovery weeks! This is a more “bike” focused plan and that is probably why! No biggie!!

Sunday: Day after the wedding. Rest day! We went to Multnomah Falls with my family!

The newlyweds!

The newlyweds!

If you look close enough you can see my dad, bro, and SIL on the left side of the bridge above us!

Monday: am: 2000 easy swim…I did some 100s that weren’t as fast as they should have been. I thought it is recovery week. Who cares!?

pm: spin class + 25 minute core/glute strength/stretches

15 mile bike commute

Tuesday: Slept in!

pm: 7 mile tempo run! It was windy. I was in a 20mph headwind on my bike commute home so I strategically mapped out our run so the majority of the headwind was at the beginning of the run! :)

15 mile bike commute

Wednesday: am: 1600 easy swim…Again not awesome. I was swimming next to a guy that was swimming my same speed and taking almost no breaks. It was so annoying. I would work hard to pass him. I would take a break and he would get in front of me again. It.was.annoying! Not that I am making excuses but just not feeling it again today!

15 mile bike commute

Thursday: Slept in again!

pm: 5 mile run. Track work out. 3 x 1 mile repeats. The weather was cool. I think that it started to rain but not bad! I am excited to make some improvements in my speed now that I am doing speed work again.

15 mile bike commute

Friday: REST DAY!!

Saturday: 2:20 trainer ride/4 mile run BRICK

I am having a hard time getting used to being in aero all the time. I know that it is going to take some time but it is hard!! I also still don’t have my power tap wheels on the new bike. I have nothing to go off. This wasn’t a super hard work out but more keeping in aero and staying positive!
This week my hair isn’t as out of control because it was really dirty! ;)

The run was great!

I have been doing all my glute/hip stretches/strength exercises every day but I have gotten out of habit of doing strength work outs. I blame it on work! Hoping to get back into it next week!!

How did you get used to your tri/TT bike?
How is your training going?

A #secretwedding

26 Apr

When I had an extra ticket to a show and asked Dan to go with me….I never would have dreamt that I would marry him almost 2 years later!!

Let me back up a minute. I have never been one to dream about a big wedding. I have never wanted a big wedding. I have never even wanted to have a wedding. I have always wanted to just go off and get married. Dan knew that and he was perfectly fine with it. I think big weddings are a waste of money. No disrespect to anyone who has had a big one or wants to have a big one. It is just not for me!

Back in January. We started thinking about getting married. We went and looked at rings a few times. I found exactly what I wanted. I was very excited!! The problem was I did not want to be engaged either. Once you say you are engaged people start asking questions. I didn’t want the questions! I thought we would figure out a date and I would get the rings there!

My mom was coming for a visit at the end of February. We would tell her and Dan’s family(who live here) that we were planning on getting married!

February 25th: I was cooking dinner….
Dan: Where is your Road ID?
Me: I didn’t wear it today. I don’t know…probably in the bathroom
Dan: Put this on

WDUT=What do you think?

WDUT=What do you think?

Me: OMG….OMG…OMG…. (Dan disappears…)
Dan: Will you marry me? (with my rings in hand)

It was very exciting. I just wanted to get married that weekend!! Dan said NO because my dad, bro, and SIL wouldn’t be there. We had a fun dinner telling them the story. We had a hard time picking a date but I won’t bore you with those details!!

We finally had a date!! April 18th! We told everyone this was a BIG SECRET and they were not to say a word to anyone! I started looking for places to have a lunch after our quiet ceremony. It was harder than I thought. Why are places not open for lunch on Saturday? We finally picked a peruvian place with a room to rent.

After we had finalized those plans, Dan thought we should have some sort of party. I didn’t really want to do anything. I wanted a quiet ceremony and nice lunch with just our families. We ended up compromising on a “birthday party/Dan getting into grad school party.” We rented out a room at a brew pub. We had some snacks and got cookies. (I didn’t want a cake either. Too much work. Plates, forks…) We invited local peeps and took bets on who we thought would think the party was a hoax.

It was really hard keeping the secret. Much harder than I thought it would be!!

The weekend was finally here!! Our #secretwedding was finally here.

Friday: Dan and I went to breakfast together: the calm before the storm!

My mom and SIL(Stevie) arrived at noon. We met Dan’s mom(Laurie) and had a bridal shower. Consisting of manis/pedis and getting tea/pastries. I joke that we had my bachelorette party afterwards at a lingerie shop with my new SIL, Annie!! The rehearsal dinner was Friday night. Everyone met who had never met. We all had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Saturday: Wedding day! I slept at home but when I left at 7am I didn’t see Dan again until the ceremony.
7am-buy some flowers
9:00-pick up cookies
9:30-blow out with my hairdresser that was on her way to the coast!
10:30-Put on dress and a little make-up(what-what)
11:15-ceremony/pictures at the park
12:30-arrive at lunch
4:00-nap/relax time
6:00-head over to “birthday” actually wedding party
6:30-watch people’s reactions as they walked into the party! Priceless!!

Zero Stress!! I wouldn’t have done it any other way!

We sent out 110 cards:
The news hit Facebook Monday night and it was out out of control from there!

Sunday: Brunch and Multnomah Falls
Image 4-25-15 at 9.19 PM

It was a super fun weekend but Dan and I often used this hashtag: #letselope (isn’t that what we were doing anyway) ;) along with the countdown!!

What kind of wedding did you have or what kind of wedding do you want?

Victoria Training Week 4

22 Apr

This week went well. I would have liked to have gotten in a longer ride on one end but life will go on. It is hard to believe this was week 4. Didn’t the season just start?! :)

Sunday: 37 mile ride/3.1 mile run BRICK

We did a hilly ride and a flat run. The weather was great!

Bike fit! My old fitter “retired” so he recommended me to a new gal in town. Anna was great. She did some assessments and asked about my habits. I told her that I have been stretching and strengthen my glutes and hips. She says everything is looking good. She gave me 2 other stretches to do. She gave me a new saddle to try out. Excited to try out the new ride! (I rode 8 miles while at the fit.) WTF?!

Monday: 1st ride on my new ride!! It was on the trainer. I still have a real trainer tire on it. I need to put my other wheels on it with my power tap!

Garth Brooks concert:
I am in ZERO way a country fan. I actually loath it. BUT Dan wanted to go and I had a friend with 2 extra tickets. I gave him the tickets for his birthday! Garth puts on an amazing show!

Tuesday: am: 1800 yard swim. I was exhausted from the night before. I pressed the snooze button twice and ran out of time swimming. Warmed up. I did some pulling and 100s. It was good enough!!

pm: 4.1 mile run. Easy. Again I was exhausted!! I was miserable but I pushed through and finished!

15 mile bike commute

Wednesday: am: 21 mile bike ride at C-Velo. We did 64 sprints. Holy shit!! They were all 5, 10, 15 second sprints. The first set had long rests, second set had shorter rests, and the third set had very little rest. It was so hard but awesome!

pm: strength, core, and glutes

9 mile bike commute

Thursday: am: 2600 yard swim. This was much better than Tuesday! I warmed up and did 4×500 intervals. Again tough tough work-out and had to stay mental tough!

pm: 5 mile track work out. We did 6×800. It felt good to fun fast”ish”!! Each one was faster than the last. The weather was warm. I finally got to wear my new Nuun sweatband.

15 mile bike commute

Friday: 25 mile ride/3 mile run BRICK (another trainer ride)
This is what happens when you can’t put your hair in a pony tail!

Saturday: 2400 yard swim. Warmed up. 150s and 100s of pulling and swimming on different intervals! Another good swim.

Another week in the books! Has anyone seen Garth Brooks in concert?

Victoria Training Week 3

17 Apr

Well I wanted to do this re-cap days ago but having a new job is no joke! I am exhausted every day. Here is a quick update!! :)

Easter Sunday: Instead of hunting for Easter eggs we went for a bike ride. 37 miles! The sun was out! We did an out and back. I pushed hard with the tailwind but going toward the headwind was miserable. It was a great ride!!
All smiles until the headwind!!

am: 2500 yard swim: warm up with drills and builds. main set: 3{4×100) with 200 pull and paddles in between. cool down
pm: 4.25 mile run. Met up with the Portland Luna Chix group. We were supposed to do a track work out but we ended up doing hill repeats. It was the first practice and Jennifer was a little frazzled with things but everyone was laid back and had fun!!
{photo cred: Jennnifer H}

+15 mile bike commute (this better help me in some way)

15 mile bike commute

am: 17 mile C-Velo bike session. We worked on short, mid, and long climbs. The work out was tough. I remembered doing this work-out in December. I compared my power numbers from today and last time. I was super pumped for big improvements!!

pm: 40 minute: strength, glute, core work out

+9 mile bike commute (lucky for me C-velo is down the street from work so Dan took me and my bike to class and I rode to work from there!! ;)

am: 2300 yard swim: warm up with some builds; Main set 4×400. I was a little sad because I did this work out in January and I thought my times were faster then todays. I didn’t let it get me down. I pushed through the sad thoughts and still had a really great work-out. cool down. {They were actually faster today–that made me smile}

pm: 5.4 mile run. Dan and I went out. It was faster than I thought it would be but felt really good. I thought I will just go with it!!

Dirty dozen core/glutes/hips

+15 mile commute (if this doesn’t kill me it SHOULD make me stronger!!)

15 mile bike commute

pm: strength: lateral balance with glutes and hips

am: 2200 yard swim; warm up and drills. main was mostly kicking and pulling. The work out had me do a 500 TT at the END of the work out. I was pleasantly surprised with my time especially after all the work before!

mid-day: 32 mile ride (with a 32 minute crit simulation). We worked on our normalized power instead of our average watts. There were also prizes. 10 of us. He didn’t tell us but he was “paying” 5 deep! The person who had the highest percentage over their threshold would win! This work out was TOUGH AS NAILS! Who knew there was strategy in a crit race! I ended up 5th with 5.5% higher than threshold (which was into my zone 4). Holy shit! I won some Honey Stringer chews!! It was worth it!

Week 3 went well. I got in all of my work outs. I am pleased with my progress. I am trying not to let my job “get in the way” of my training!! <—who says that!!

Hows your training going?


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