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16 for ’16

8 Jan

Well I had a great 2016. Here are 16 highlights.  

I started the year with hiring a 1-on-1 triathlon coach.  There was pros and cons.  Training was awesome.  I was never brunt out. I had a solid season but I also never saw any (triathlon) PRs.

Our Annual trip to Phoenix.  Also fun to see friends and run the RNR 1/2 marathon.


Shamrock 15K.  It was pouring. My calf was somewhat injured.  BUT I managed a very very small PR. I also beat Dan for the very first time in a foot race! Bam!!


In April, The Pancakes celebrated their 1st anniversary


Another 70.3 in the books. Coeur d’Alene was a tough race mentally.  I’ve worked a ton on mental strength but CDA always gets the best of me.


Bend for July 4th was amazing.  It was very relaxing.  Sun. A few short work outs.  It was a nice reset before I really started to hit the Ironman training hard!!


The ride of the year: I rode 100 miles to the coast.  Everything about the day was perfect (except the 5 miles of gravel we rode through).  I felt great, positive, confident and although this was a Portland Tri Club ride I rode mostly solo.  It was my fastest century EVER!


6th Hood To Coast: It is hard to believe I haven’t missed a year since I started but next year we will be in Europe so I will miss it.  #sadnotsad


I started working from home.  I got a stand up desk.  It was AWESOME!! THEN 4 months later I got a new job.  Same company but I had to move to the downtown office.  Which was nice because it is closer but it’s NOT working from home! (this picture was taken the night we set it up, it was never this clean again!)


Ironman #5: Wisconsin!!  Not a PR.  Very few goals met.  But I had an amazing run and that definitely counts for something!


Kona with Dan.  We had so much fun watching IM World Championship, running, walking, swimming with the turtles and relaxing.


I was sad to see Dan leave the island but when the girls got there we had so much fun!! We had  a crazy adventure running the inaugural Ragnar Hawaii as an ultra team.


We not only won the open ultra women’s  division.  We were fastest among ALL of the ultra women’s teams! Bam!!


We went to Vegas a few times.  We met our 3rd niece.  (first on my side)  She is super precious.  Totally in love with her.


See my favorite threesome grow up!  It is hard to believe the twins just turned 3 and Seth is about to turn 6.  Crazy!!  We had lots of fun times this year especially baking and playing at the park.


In November, I decided to hire a new coach, as of December 1st.  So far so good.  I am feeling really good and loving the work outs.

We decided to staying in Portland for Christmas.  My mom was coming to visit.  Although Dan and I were kicking ourselves for deciding to stay(and looking for last-minute plane tickets to somewhere, anywhere but here), we had a fun time.  Bonus I got in every.single.one of my work outs!! 🙂


Here is to an even BETTER 2017.  What are some of your 2016 highlights?






Victoria 70.3 2015 Race Report

26 Jun

I bet you never thought I was going to write this! Every night I think about writing it! I had to binge watch Orange Is The New Black first and foremost. It was amazing.

On to Victoria! June 14, 2015.

3:20am. YES! You read that right! With a 6am start time you have to get up early! It was early! But worth it to be done by noon!

Regular pre-race. Breakfast. Shuttle. Body-marking. We got to transition way too early. But the time went fast.
Swim: (goal <36mins; actual 35:38) I had a quick warm up before they called everyone out of the water. The water was the perfect temperature. It was warmer in the water than the air temp.

My wave got swimming at 6:15. Pretty good start. The course was 1 loop rectangle. The buoys came quick. I was sighting pretty well. Once we started back toward the beach the sun was in our eyes. It definitely wasn’t as bad as Blue Lake but it was not easy. I got off track between the 2/3 buoys. Not sure what had happened. I felt relatively good. I didn’t think it was that fast but I got out of the water in 34:xx. I was pumped. The mat was up by transition instead of by the lake so the run to transition was “apart of” the swim instead of transition.
Overall I was happy with my swim and faster than I thought!

T1: (1:59) Quick and painless!

Bike: (goal 3:10; actual 2:58) The bike was rolling. Super fun. Mostly shady. I loved this bike. It is definitely my type of ride. No big climbs. You are either going up or you are going down for the most part. There was 4 aid stations which was a bonus. (There are usually 3 on 56 miles.) My only complaint was there were a couple of stretches of crap road. IMG_4552
The new bike drafting rules are ludicrous! On a looped bike course there is inevitable drafting and I don’t mean on purpose drafting. I didn’t see much of that. I don’t think that there were as many marshals out as usually because there were no pros at this race.
I went out harder than I wanted to but I really wanted a good bike split. I pushed it early and after the first loop I thought I was probably in trouble with a 1:28 split. I kept pushing though and had a fun second loop too with only a 2 minute difference.
Overall ecstatic about my bike split!

T2: (1:29) Quick and easy. I did stop for sunscreen. I usually have my own spray but I thought it was going to be more overcast. I left transition in ~3:37. I was like really….I couldn’t really believe it. I honestly thought there was zero chance of a PR until I got to this point. I had 2:22 to PR…BUT I had not started to run yet! 🙂

Run: (goal <2:20; actual 2:17) I wouldn’t say this was flat. Not super hard either. It was 2 loops. It was a nice trail. Aid stations were pretty good. A lot of shade. This was huge!! I started out conservatively. I had plenty of time. I was smiling and positive! People were blowing past me and I didn’t care. (I usually don’t) I thought we will see how the first loop goes!!
This was after the first loop. I had run a 1:08. I could see the PR now. All I could keep saying in my head was “keep it together for 6.5 more miles…keep it together for 6.5 more miles…don’t f*ck it up”…over and over! I steadily ran. The kilometers were going by much faster this loop than they did on the first loop. I was passing people now. All the fast people were gone and finished! It was hot in the sun. I felt like I was going faster but in reality wasn’t!!

With a 3 second negative split run I had kept it together for an epic 70.3 race.
I was leaving Canada with a 4 minute PR! What? What?

Final time: 5:55:12

The second best part of the entire day was the ice cream cookie sandwich that I got post-race. It was so delicious. It was gigantic. I even shared with Dan. Which almost never happens. 😉 The saddest part of the day was I couldn’t even finish it!!!

NYC Marathon ’14 Recap!

5 Nov

Dan and I arrived in NYC early early Friday morning. Looking back not sure that was the best idea. I think that it turned out to be fine but I thought I would sleep on the plane and I did not! I did sleep really well at week and felt like I was fighting a cold off. Definitely didn’t go into the weekend at 100% but by Sunday I was feeling pretty good. We got in and took the air train and subway to the upper west side where we were staying.

Kara, Dan, and I made it to the Nuun Ambassadors shake out run at 9! We had a nice run through Central Park and got coffee and bagels afterwards. I felt really good. Those 3 miles were faster than I wanted them to be but they felt good!

Melissa, Kevin, Kara, Stephan, Me

Melissa, Kevin, Kara, Stephan, Me

We hit up the expo at lunch time which was a HUGE mistake because every New Yorker that was doing the race was picking up their bib on their lunch hour. We waited a half hour in line just to get into the convention center. We got our bibs and shirts. Took a quick tour of the merchandise (which I wasn’t too impressed with nor did I want to stand in yet another huge line to buy anything!), hit up the Nuun booth (and got yet another water bottle), and was out of there rather quickly. We were in need of lunch way!!

Nuun Goodie Bag!!

Nuun Goodie Bag!!

Saturday: We had an awesome night sleep. Went to brunch and just hung out and watched football most of the day. It was raining pretty good. I do think it was a blessing in disguise because had the weather been nice we would have wanted to do/see more! We had an amazing Italian dinner at Otto. Dan and I shared a pasta/eggplant dish and a pizza. It was so delicious!!! We watched the Oregon/Stanford football game and got ready for the early morning! Slept really well again.

Race Day:
We were up at 5:45 (the next 4 hours would go by in a flash) 1st breakfast(bagel and chocolate/coconut pb spread and Nuun)
Out the door at 6:30 to grab coffee (small vanilla latte)
In the subway terminal at 6:50 (the 1 taking us to the south ferry terminal kept being delayed) so when the first train got there and the marathoners were getting on. We decided to ask a group of the women for some help and ended up talking to them for quite a while)
Staten Island Ferry terminal at 7:40 (We had missed our 7:30 time but nobody seemed to care)

Hanging with 50,000 of our closest friends!

Hanging with 50,000 of our closest friends!

Staten Island Ferry at 7:45
Not a bad view from the ferry!

Not a bad view from the ferry!

Got off the ferry and used the portie potties there, stood in line for the shuttles, and were on the shuttles until about 9:30 (ate Skout bar)
Finally made it to Fort Wadsworth for the staging of the NYC marathon. There are 3 color waves all in which had their own village. Got in the portie potty line again and off we went to find our corrals. Gu at about 10:15
We were in the 3rd blue wave in the B corral.

This is where it got interesting. We were told to wait. Wave 2 was going off and then we would be able to get into our corrals. We were told the race had started late and we would all be backed up a bit. No biggie. Finally wave 3 was allowed into their corrals. But literally the entire wave 3 in our area was trying to get into corral F (we were in B) because we were told we had to go through that area. After about a half hour of literally waiting. The woman says if you are in A-E you can go through this is only F. Now this group of hundreds of people need to get to A-E. We made it to B and almost didn’t let us in. The guard gave Kara the worst stink eye possible and said we were late. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT!!! By the time we got into our corral we were mixed up with the E/F corrals which was fine. We literally didn’t know what was happening and we thought we better take off all our warm clothes (as we were walking). Kara was like there is the start line. SHIT!! No time to think about it. I didn’t even have my watch on yet.

10:34: All of a sudden we were starting the New York City Marathon!!! Holy Shit this was happening!!!! It was go time!!! In retrospect I think it all worked out great because we weren’t standing in our corrals getting nervous we literally walked up and started walking to the start line.

Miles 1-2: Up and over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. It was WINDY. So windy. I imagine that this bridge is always windy but because of the high wind warning we were having it was even worse. We were trying to keep it slow. You really don’t feel the uphill. The wind was so nerve-wrecking we couldn’t really focus on anything else anyway! The downhill was nice!!

3-13.1: Brooklyn. Pretty flat. Some incline from mile 8-9 or so. I think this was my favorite part. The crowd was amazing. The aid stations/volunteers were amazing. This was a really fun section. I had my name on my shirt and everyone was screaming for me like I was winning the race! We took it easy. We took in our nutrition. There was an aid station every single mile. This is the only marathon(outside an Ironman) that I have seen an aid station every mile. They are usually every 2 mile. We always welcomed a quick break.

I really thought it would be hard to run with 50,000+ runners (especially in the first few miles) but these miles were great. No weaving in and out of people. Everyone had their own space. Even when we merged with the orange and then eventually with the green waves it didn’t seem to make a difference.

(sidenote: there was 4 waves this year for the first time ever so maybe that had something to do with not having a congestion problem!!)

13.1-15: Queens. We hit the half way mark at 2:18:xx. I thought it was good but I was nervous we were a little too fast. We hit it on the Pulaski bridge. I was running on feel and Kara seemed to be doing fine. We will see how the 2nd half plays out.

We went through a couple of neighborhoods not huge crowds but there were some people cheering. I knew we would get to the Queensboro bridge pretty quickly.

Up and over the Queensboro bridge was not bad. We just took it easy but ran the entire way. It was a little packed on the bridge and there seemed to be way too many people walking. It was not that hard!

16-19: Getting into Manhattan. 1st Avenue. You can hear the crowd as you start to make your way to the 16 mile mark which is close to the bottom of the bridge. You make a sharp left off the bridge and the crowd is 5 deep cheering!! It was truly amazing! Everyone screaming, yelling, and cheering for everyone!!

We saw Dan and friends at about 16.5 for the first time. It was really fun to finally seem them after 2.5 hours of running. Here was there sign:

Dan also told me later that I didn’t look so good and Kara looked great. In retrospect I felt great and Kara felt like shit. I just think I was trying to save energy and not get too excited. We still had 10 more miles to run. The crowds were amazing up until 18ish. You get into Harlem and it is a little ghost town-ish with a few crowds. The aid station was good going through. We took a little longer at the 18th mile aid station messing around with salt pills/Advil/Gu getting something to water it down with while dealing with our gloves!

1st ave is a long stretch with somewhat of an incline. I have yet to talk about the wind. It was windy and it was cold. The wind was coming from the north and almost the entire marathon heads north. At times it was not bad and at times it was awful.

They told us in a pre-race meeting to wear a beanie instead of a hat because of the wind. I did not even bring a beanie but was contemplating not wearing my visor because I didn’t want to lose it in the wind!! I ended up buying one from CVS last minute to wear. I am glad that I had it. At mile 18 I told Kara that I could not believe I still had it on. I thought for sure it would come off in the first couple of miles!

I also had not looked at my watch since the half way mark. I just didn’t want to know. I felt like we were still at a good pace. I still felt good. I didn’t really want to jinx myself. I told Kara that at about 18. (Dang a lot was happening at mile 18) We decided we would check the time at mile 20.

20-21: Bronx: We got up and over a small bridge into the Bronx. They gave us a warm welcome. There was a big crowd out. A couple DJ’s playing Michael Jackson.

We hit the mile 20 mark at about 3:33. At this point I felt good but I still wanted to finish strong and not leave anything out on the course! This was a much different feeling than I had in Chicago! 10K left I just had to keep it together for 6.2 miles. Just over an hour. Keep it together!!! It was on. We got over the Madison St bridge and headed to 5th Ave.

21-23: Back to Manhattan. 5th Ave: Again the crowds were unbelievable. What a day for New York City. Everyone comes out and has a party! The crowd is lining the course. At this point in the race. I was feeling good and I was ready to finish this strong! Here was the problem! Remember those runners that I thought would be congesting up the first few miles here they were walking the last miles. We were weaving in and out of people. Up and over curbs. Trying not to sideswipe them. There is a hill that is quite long.. It was hard but we were staying strong. Digging deep.

23-26.2- Central Park: Again the entire park is lined with spectators. I was literally smiling the entire course. I felt really good. I was positive and confident. I never looked at my watch again. I didn’t want to know. I was so excited that the race had gone so well. I was soaking in every bit of the crowd and the cheering. The park has some rollers which felt like mountains but we got through it. (and much better than I thought we would!) 🙂

We saw Dan and friends at about mile 25.8ish and that gave us our last boost of energy. We were so close but so far away. Lets just get this done!!

The beanie still on!

The beanie still on!

There is yet another “tricky” mountain hill (as Bart Yasso calls it) right before the finish line. All we could do was push forward and there was the finish line. After 4:38:13 we had finished together. Kara and I didn’t know if we would run the entire way together or not but we did and it was an amazing experience!!!!!

I had walked away with literally the BEST marathon of my life. I PR’d by 5 minutes. I dug deep and finished strong. I had a smile on my face the entire race! It was one of the greatest days of my life! WE didn’t negative split but we were close to even. We had a few slower miles at the beginning of the second half but the last couple of miles were the fastest of the race!!

Thanks Kara for an awesome day and race!! Thanks Dan, Todd, Breslin, and Jess for coming out and cheering.

Monday: Dan and I did a lot of walking. My legs felt pretty good. My feet were sore and are still sore. We took a water taxi around the Hudson and East Rivers. We saw the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty.

We picked up a NY Times to find my name in the finisher section!! WE learned that the millionth finisher was a 40 year old gal from Brooklyn and her time was 4:43. WHAT?! They were just a little off when projecting when that person would come in!! It was probably the WIND! 🙂

We checked out the High Line and Chelsea’s Market too. I got an epic ice cream sandwich to celebrate.



Pints To Pasta 2014 Re-Cap

7 Sep

I did my 8th running of Pints to Pasta 10K this morning!

A couple morning logistics:
Packet-pick up: 6:15-7:15
Shuttles: 6:30-7:30—You are urged to park at the finish line and take the shuttle to the start.
Start time: 8:00

BEFORE THE RACE: We live right by the finish line (Old Spaghetti Factory). We walked down to packet pick up at 6:30. Took our shirts/swag home. Got on the shuttle at 7:10ish. Arrived at the start line about 7:20ish. Used the porta potty. Went out for a 10 minute “yog” to warm up. Did some dynamic stretching. Then it was GO TIME!



GOALS: No real goals. I am knee deep into my marathon training. I have been doing tempo stuff but no speed work. I love this race. It is always fun. I thought what the hell! This “race” was taking the place of my tempo run for the week. I had already done 8 miles of hill repeats and a 16 mile long run. I will see what I can do. 🙂

The start line! (the green balloons behind us)

The start line! (the green balloons behind us)

THE RACE: Here is the long and short of it.
The first mile is downhill: 8:51 (this is about what I usually do)
2nd mile is flat uphill to downhill back up: 9:13 (I wanted to work hard but not sure how hard I was working. I knew I would get a little relief)
3rd mile is short downhill to uphill over the Broadway bridge: 9:32 (I didn’t know if and when I should work harder??)
4th mile was downhill to flat: 8:51 (well that was definitely fast. Could I maintain that the 2.2 miles I had left??)
(The course remained the same but instead of running on the waterfront path we were running on the street. I actually liked it better!)
Mile 5 was flat: 8:53 (WOW! Still fast. I was working hard.)
6th and final mile was flat: 9:00 (It was hard. I was working hard. I was going as fast as I could. I thought I better let it rip. I was sure I would run out of gas before the end of the mile. I was on home turf I knew every curve and turn. I just needed to keep it together. Run hard. Run fast!)
Last .2 miles was flat: 8:19 (I had no idea where I was time wise but I did not want to regret slowing because it was hard.) 😉

56:28!! PR!!! I THOUGHT my PR was 57:20ish. I thought great about 45 seconds. I.would.take.it!! Well turns out my PR was actually 58:27. Hello 2 minute PR. I was super excited!

POST-RACE: I found Dan and some other friends!

We went over to get something to eat: chocolate milk and Clif Bars. The pasta/salad/bread compliments of the Old Spaghetti Factory. 2 Beers from Widmer. I was pleasantly surprised that they had root beer too. I am not a drinker and definitely not a soda drinker but a few sips of root beer was delicious!

This was the first year they gave out medals. Pretty nice too!

Thanks for a great race Better Series! Already planning on next year!! 🙂

After the race I came home to watch/track Erin and Kecia rock their races at Ironman Wisconsin! Congrats Ladies! Awesome job today!!

2013 Totals…PRs…Favorites!

1 Jan

I spent a lot of time on my feet this year.

I swam 199,300 meters.
I biked 2,837 miles. (this was all road miles + commuting miles from Jan-June)
I ran 1,052 miles. Including 1 marathon, 5 1/2 marathons, 2 15K, 1 10K, and 1 5K.
I did 4 running relays.
I did 4 triathlons. Including 2 1/2 Ironman, 1 Olympic, and 1 Sprint.
I did 35 pilates and core classes.
I made countless new and old treat recipes.

Last but not Least:
I made it through a 1-month NO TREATS challenge.

You wonder how I calculated all these numbers?
Really all of these numbers are just an approximation from my “hand-written” work out log. Maybe one day I will get with the times and have an electronic log that calculates the numbers for me! 🙂

I accomplished a lot!

I PR’d both Wildflower and Pac Crest by 17 minutes over the past years!
I PR’d the Olympic distance tri by 10 minutes!
I did my first sprint tri in 4 years and I had a 4 minute PR.

I PR’d the marathon, half marathon, and 5K by 2 minutes.
I PR’d the 15K distance by 6 minutes and declared that my favorite running distance.

My blog turned 1 on December 29th. I wanted to do a post but vacation got in the way. 🙂

More favorites:

My favorite triathlon: Blue Lake Olympic. I had such a great race from start to finish. It is so fun to do a local race with so many PDX tri club members competing.
My favorite bike ride: My last 54 mile ride before Pac Crest. I did it by myself and felt really solid. I had done some climbs I had not done in a while. Perfect weather and felt really good!
My favorite run: When Dan and I went to do the 10×800 track work-out to predict my marathon. Even though it did not really predict my marathon the work out was so awesome.
My favorite experience: Getting picked to be on the Nuun Hood To Coast team. It was such an awesome weekend. I loved every minute!
My favorite dessert: Rolo brownies–hands down! I made them 3x! I never do that!
My favorite day: (this is especially hard because I have so many!) Dan and I went tubing in Bend after Cascade Lakes Relay. Dan is a “planner” to say the least:
Me: (Before the relay) Lets go tubing after the relay.
Dan: oohhh I don’t know.
Me: (after the relay) Lets go tubing today.
Dan: How would that work exactly?
Me: We go, rent tubes, and we float down the river.
Dan: I am not exactly sure how that would work. We haven’t rented the tubes. Where are we going to park? How do we get back?
Me: We can totally wing it.
Dan: (very reluctant) I guess we could do that.

Dan finally relaxed about the situation and we had so much fun! We had pizza for lunch. I got him a cherry limeade for the first time ever. It was love at first sight. After that day I knew Dan was a keeper!

Do you use an electronic log? OR crunch numbers like me?
Any favorites stick out in your mind OR big/little PRs?

Chicago Marathon Re-Cap

16 Oct

I arrived Friday with Sherrie, MJ, and Ellen. but Met up and stayed with my mom, bro(Jordan), and sister in law(Stevie). We had a nice Mexican dinner with my dads cousin.

Saturday morning: My mom, Stevie, and I headed to the expo.

Everyone said that this is the BEST EXPO ever. I thought it was a regular type expo but you know what made it the BEST. The space. It was in a huge room so everything was spread out. There was plenty of room to walk around. I got my bib and my shirt. Got a new Nuun bottle. Checked out the other booths.

My mom bought me a new jacket. I do not buy merch very often but I really wanted to get something. Thanks Ma!!

The other couple of fun things that the expo had to offer was they had a huge board of magnets. They gave you a sharpie to take a magnet and then sign your name! Super fun.

Then at the Nike booth, you could scan your bib and your name would pop up with a saying. I owned Chicago. YEAHYAAA!

After we left the expo we went up with my brother at Lou Malnati’s had an early carb loading lunch. Pizza and salad. Delicious!!

We checked out the race venue. We headed to “the bean” through the parks. I did not want to walk too much and I already felt like I had!! 😦

We went back to the room to relax then headed out to an architectural boat river/lake tour. It was so much fun. It was a perfect way to see and learn about the city!!
We had a nice Italian dinner. Finally back to the room to relax and watch the winners WIN Kona!!

Sunday morning: 6am: I had a good night sleep. I had everything set out so I would be ready to roll in the am! I was actually glad the race was not starting until 8. It was nice “sleeping in.”

I felt pretty good. I ate breakfast. I got dressed and I was out the door to go meet Sherrie, MJ, and Ellen.

It was going to be an awesome day!!

It was going to be an awesome day!!

It was well organized. They said there was tighter security but it seemed to flow good. Got into our corrals and it was go time. We got into the corral late and tried to get up to the 4:30 pace group. Could not quite make it but thought that was fine I was going to have a great day.

Started out: nice pace. Not to fast. Not to slow. Perfect. Like I trained. There was spectators everywhere!! I.MEAN.EVERYWHERE. It was so awesome. I saw my fam at mile 1.5/3. It was so fun. They had a huge neon green sign so I could see them.

It was crowded but I never felt like I did not have enough room. A couple of the aid stations were a little shotty but overall I thought I had plenty of room. There were so many funny signs:

The classics:
This is the worst parade ever.
If marathons were easy it would be your mom/momma/mommy.
Toenails are for sissies.
Keep going, keep going, that is what she said.

New ones:
Do Epic Shit (I saw this one more than once)!!
Should I be afraid of what all you runners are running from?
The suns out the guns are out.

I saw a couple Punch/push this for power/warp speed/lightening speed.
Lots of government signs. funny!!

The first 10 miles were great. Downtown, Lincoln Park, Boystown, Old Town. The spectators were amazing. I felt good. The temperature was PERFECT.

I saw the fam again about mile 12.

I guess I was excited to see them!

I guess I was excited to see them!

I got to the half way mark at 2:17. Perfect. West loop was pretty good. I was right on track for a 4:30-4:35. I saw MJ right after the half. We exchanged a few words. I don’t think either of us wanted to talk much.

So many spectators. Literally lining the course. I am not quite sure when it happened. I think it started at about mile 16.

Something was off.

I stopped looking at my watch. I didn’t even want to know. I was right on with my nutrition. I had been taking in liquids/electrolytes. I had my gels. It was not hot. I still had my arm warmers on because we would get these gusts of wind and they were cold! I was still thinking positive. It was time for the music. That would make me feel better for sure!!

Not a chance!!

Between 16 and 17 "on the run" Sears Tower (now known as Willis Tower)

Between 16 and 17 “on the run” Sears Tower (now known as Willis Tower)

Mile 18. It was getting worse. My legs were getting really sore really fast. I was still thinking positive. I couldn’t hit “the wall” until mile 23(my longest run) I still had 5 miles to go until then.

Pilsen came up. Lots of spectators there. Mile 21 was hard. I was not going to let myself walk. I could walk a little longer at aid stations but I slowed the pace. My legs hurt so bad. WHY?! They never hurt in training until at least 21.

I saw my fam again right between 21/22. That uplifted me a bit. I wanted to die. Chinatown was great. I had 5 miles. Mile 23 came and I checked my watch. 4:06. (6 minutes slower than my 23 miler). I was sad. I was trying to smile. I was trying to get uplifted by the spectators. I knew at this point there was no way I could hit 4:35 let alone a 4:30. I was trying to stay positive.

At 24 I was trying to speed up a bit and then it happened! The 4:40 pace group passed me. F*** mY lIFE!!

I saw the fam for the last time at 25. I couldn’t even go over and say hi. I just blew kisses from the middle of the road. I just wanted this day to be over!!! Finally finished. 4:43:00! It was done. I wanted to cry. But it was a PR and that has to say something. RIGHT?!

It was such a fun race. It was a perfect day temperature wise. I guess my legs just did not want to cooperate. 😦

I met up with the fam. They headed to lunch and I headed for the ice bath to cry it out!!

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CHEERED FOR ME. All of the great comments/tweets from all of my friends, supporters, and readers!

Have you seen any funny signs while racing?

(un) Lucky #7

14 Oct

I ran my 7th marathon yesterday! I had big plans for this race. I was going to have a huge PR. A perfect day. I was ready and excited.

I finished in 4:43:00. No where near my goal or what I thought I was capable of. I PR’d by 2 minutes to reach my “C” goal but was very sad about my performance. I will give you all of the dirty details soon. To add to my luck this weekend my phone made its way into the bath with me this morning so I am “rice-ing” it as we speak and I will give you a full re-cap (hopefully) with lots of pictures in the next couple of days!

Here is a finisher pic taken by Mary Jane:

Anyone race this weekend?? How did you do??

Race Weekend!!!

9 Sep

Double race weekend! Here is how it went down!!

Dan was doing his first half-iron man on Saturday. I was going to go spectate! There was also a sprint that day. I thought well maybe I will do the sprint. Maybe it will be fun?

I have not “raced” a sprint triathlon since 2009!! 4 years ago!! I don’t like sprints because you have to go FAST and HARD…and I am more slow and steady!! 🙂

That being said I have not been training. I have been running lots, riding my bike to work, spin classes, and swimming a bit. Definitely taking it easy in my off season and livin the dream! But surely I could pull off a 500m swim, 12 mile bike, and a 5K(3.1mile) run.

Dan, Kat, and I headed down to Sweet Home, OR Friday night in traffic to get to packet pickup by 7. We checked out the water. I was still trying to decide if I wanted to wear a wetsuit.


The water was perfect but I had never swam in open water without a wetsuit. I thought for 500m I would be in the water less than 10 minutes so would it really be worth the hassle of taking it off?

We thought there would be slim pickins for 2 vegetarians(Dan & I) and 1 gluten-free(Kat) in a small town. I just made us dinner and packed it up cause we knew there was a microwave at the place we were staying. It worked out real well!

Carb loading!!

Carb loading!!

Saturday morning! Good night sleep. We got down to the lake. It was going to be a great day of racing. We all set up our transitions. I talked to some of the other sprinters and some people were wearing a wetsuit and some were not. The decision was made. I would not wear one!

We cruised down to the water and they got in and said I said wear my wetsuit. Their race started at 8 and I pondered the wetsuit for a little longer!!

It was go time!! Last minute I ended up wearing my wetsuit! The entire race was so FAST!! We started to swim. The water was perfect! I started in the front and there was not too much shoving. I got into a good draft line. The buoys were 100m apart. Really it was great. I sighted well and drafted. I passed a bunch of guys (they started 5 minutes before us)! The swim was done <10minutes! So fast!!

T1 was quick. Onto the bike. We rode out and back 6 miles! Rolling hills. The temperature was great. All of a sudden I was at the turn around. I pretty much rode the same speed the entire time. Fast! I drank a bottle of Gatorade. I cruised into T2 in <40minutes.

5K to go. I could do this. I had a gu and I was off! The entire run was either up or down hill! I wanted to keep strong and go for it. I did a 9:55, a 9:24, and a 9:08. I was pretty pleased with my negative split run! Before I knew it was running through the finish line!

Wow!! 1:22:52! I did not know what my PR was but I was pretty sure I beat it. (I ended up PRing by 4 minutes!) They had a sweet BBQ afterwards. Burgers, fruit, and cookies! I had lunch and then checked the results. Holy shit!! I was 3rd in my age group(AG). I was floored but super excited! It was actually fun and maybe I will do another one before 4 more years go by! 🙂

Kat won 3rd in her AG group too (but for the half-iron):

In the meantime I hung out with some PDX peeps and rang the cowbell a lot while waiting for Dan and Kat to finish!

Dan finished with a smile on his face. He had paced perfectly and had a great first half-ironman! The course was no joke. It was not easy!! So proud of him!! To celebrate we stopped at Sonic on the way home to get cherry limeades. Hello!! Delicious!!!

Sunday was my favorite 10K of the year: Pints 2 Pasta.
We pass by Widmer at around Mile 2 and finish at the Old Spaghetti Factory!

It is really the only 10K I ever do. It is fun and cheap. This was my 7th year running it! I thought I would have a PR in the bag but I was mistaken!! I headed to the start line with Sheryl and Steve.

We hung out. It was a perfect morning. I feel like the start line is usually jammed way up with people. It didn’t seem too bad this year though. Maybe there was just a lot of people behind us! I felt positive from the start! I meant to check my PR and did not. I knew it was 58:xx.

You start out on a downhill but it is pretty crowded. (8:50)

The 2nd and 3rd miles are rolling hills. (9:31, 9:40) I felt pretty good. I just wanted to stay in front of the 9:30 pace group. Right at mile 3 I could see them right behind me but they never passed me!

We made our way down the Broadway Bridge, through Chinatown and made our way to the waterfront. (9:17) I was just trying to stay uncomfortable. It was only 6 miles. Really wanted to just try to stay around 9:30’s.

2 more flat miles. I could do this. I was tired. I was trying really hard to keep the pace up. I hit 9:33 and 9:29 for 5 and 6. I had not looked at my overall time at all so I wasn’t sure what it was looking like! I passed Dan(spectating) at about mile 6. I kicked it up a notch and finished in 58:43.

I was happy to be done and I knew it was close but did not think I pulled off the PR!

It was all smiles until I looked up my time and I was 16 seconds off!! OHH MAN!! Definitely next year!! We had some pints, pasta, and enjoyed the gorgeous day!

Did anyone else race this weekend?

Any PR’s??

Blue Lake Olympic Tri Race Report

12 Jun

Before thoughts: I wanted to take this race a bit more aggressive than I have in the past. This is typically the only Olympic I do each season. It is sort of the kick off to tri-season even though most years I have done Wildflower before this!

You are supposed to “HURT” while racing an Olympic. There is nothing comfortable about this race. You go out there and do it and it is over!

My PR was from REV3 Portland 2012 (2:47:xx) which is the same course as Blue Lake. I had taken 2 minutes off of my time from BL 2011 but mostly just transition times. The swim was a little longer, bike was the same, and the run was a tad shorter. I have been chipping away at this PR for many years but just by a few minutes each year.

Darcie, my friend, the club presidents wife, is a killer photographer! She took over 200 photos of everyone in the club! Total rock star!

That being said: Blue Lake 2013 Race Report

Up at 5:30:
Breakfast: oatmeal, peanut butter, and blueberries. coconut water; sipped Nuun the rest of the morning
Dressed: Lots of sunscreen (because I thought the sun was going to make an appearance) and lots of body glide.

6:30: Greg and I were out the door and on our way!

7:00: arrived; body marked; set up transitions; talked to some peeps; Big pic of the Portland Tri Club. We totally represented this year. It was awesome seeing so many kits out there! quick swim warm up; cloud cover and it was cool.

Rob, Jenny(who thinks it is 35 degrees out), Me, Sarah, and Joann

Rob, Jenny(who thinks it is 35 degrees out), Me, Sarah, and Joann

8:06: (Goal: 29:30; Actual: 26:40) Go time! Wave 3. There was still cloud cover and the water felt great. Started off decent. Did a little drafting to the first buoy and then I somehow lost everyone at the turn. I was sighting good. Buoy to Buoy! The big pack was more toward the shoreline. I could not figure out why they were so far away. I just kept pulling and doing some flutter kicking here and there. I caught up to some blue caps(wave 2). I was drafting a little as I would pass them. I was feeling good. Made it to the turn around buoy and it was on. I was passing lots of blue caps and drafting off of them. I thought multiple times…you need to be out of breath this is an Olympic race! I felt like I was pushing harder than I have before. I got to the end and the last 200 meters seem like it took forever! It always seems to take a long time to get out of the water. It is weird. Does anyone else think that? 🙂

Out of the swim!

Out of the swim!

Got out of the water and saw Nik, Sheryl & Julie, James & Sebastian, Z-Dog, Darc, and Wyatt, & Kellie. Made the run into transition. The swim start/finish and transition always seems to be in different spots every year. I did like this set up best. It was quick from the swim to transition.

T1: (Goal: 2:30; Actual: 2:38) I had a hard time getting my wetsuit off for whatever reason; Otherwise pretty uneventful! It was still cloudy. I put on my shades thinking that the sun would come out.

Bike: (Goal 1:12; Actual: 1:11(avg 20.4mph)) Again just wanted to go out and not hammer too hard but get it done faster than I have before! Still cloud covering. The weather was perfect! I felt like there was a head wind on the way out. There are signs that give you, your speed, for cars. I never noticed that they give the cycles their speed as well! SO FUN! I was cruising at 19mph. I did not want to look at my watch(because as you guessed it my bike computer is still on the fritz…it may never get fixed) 😦 I kept in aero. The entire time. I thought as soon as the turn around hits we will have a tailwind! I was sadly mistaken. I still did not know what my speed was. I was trying to kick it up a little more. I felt like I was not going into a headwind anymore but I did not feel like I was going much faster. Cruising right along. I finished the one bottle of nutrition I had and kind of wished I had a little more. Finished up the bike strong!

T2: (Goal: 1:00; Actual: 1:37) fast transition; It was still cloudy so I took the shades off; I did stop for water because I did not have any on the bike. I left transition with 1:44 elapsed on my watch. I had sub 63 minutes to a new PR.

Go me!!

Go me!!

Run: (Goal: 59:00; Actual: 56:43(avg 9:08)) Here goes nothing. I hoped I still had some left in the tank. I held Erica off until about 1/2 mile into the run. She blew passed me and looked great. The first mile was good but hard. 9:15. Ouch! Probably too fast. 2nd mile: 9:03 OH MAN! That was definitely too fast. At this point I do not even want to look at my watch again. I felt like those numbers were too fast. I always try to pace myself but not sure if that was actually happening today. Passed through the aid station and turn around. Still feeling relatively good. Probably best that I had not seen the 8:59 and 8:54 for miles 3 and 4. I had half a gu at mile 2ish and the other half at mile 4ish. Just over 2 miles left. I only had to keep it together for 2 more miles. Stephanie passed me at about this point. She looked great! Just kept running! I saw everyone on the run. A local race is so fun because there are so many people you know out there on the course! Mile 5 and 6 were slower splits but still decent. 9:13 and 9:14. The last 1/3-1/2 mile are in the park. These little rolling hills were tough. I just kept pushing through and knew I had a PR but did not know by how much!! Finished strong saw lots of peeps in that final stretch to and through the chute! 2:39:13! New PR!! YES!! Not only was this a fast run but it trumps my stand alone 10k PR by about 2 minutes. What has happened to me?!

So happy to be finishing!

So happy to be finishing!

It was a great day. Perfect weather. Everyone had a great race. No flat tires! Lots of PR’s! I had a unbelieveable race. I am excited to see what happens at Pac Crest!

This is the first year AA sports has given out medals since ’08. People complain there are no medals. Then they complain they have to pay for them. The oly racers got lucky and got one for free because none of the sprint racers wanted to buy them. Suckas!! It is a pretty legit medal too. Not like the ones they used to give out!

Shout outs to my ladies: Erica was 3rd in our age group! I held her off until the run but she killed it all the way through with a strong finish! Laura barely missed the podium and came in 4th in her age group! Stephanie came in 7th in our age group! I finished a few minutes after Steph in 8th in our age group. It is going to be fun training for Ironman with you guys next year!!

You have seen these ladies before: Erica, Laura, Me, and Stephanie

You have seen these ladies before: Erica, Laura, Me, and Stephanie

Another PR in the books. Another Blue Lake Oly in the books. Pac Crest is in 17 days. Which means I am on day 14 of the challenge! It is June in Portland and it has started to rain when I have 2 big rides this weekend. Dang it?!

Who else raced this weekend? Tell me about it??!

RNR Portland 1/2 Race Report

20 May

6:30 Wake up call. Ate a breakfast cookie, orange, and coconut water. Got dressed and put what I thought was enough body glide on. The weather was still forecasted for cloudy with sun breaks in the 50s. 20% precipitation. PERFECT!

7:30 Met up with Holly who is on Nuun HTC Team Lemonade with me. So fun to finally connect. She lives down in Medford. She was running for fun and going to see what happens.

8:00 Met up with Sherrie. I usually take a gu before the race but I got into the corral and did not have any water so I thought I would just wait until the first aid station.

8:05 Go time! I just started to run. Not particularly hard or fast or slow. Just thought I would see how the first couple of miles go. My 5k was sub 30 mins. Which is never a good sign for my half marathon pace. Pretty flat for the first 3.5. Had a couple fast miles to start. I thought I am just going to go for it for as long as I can. I do not use music very often but on races I like to use it in the later miles. I got my phone out to a take a picture of a girls shirt but I was not fast enough. I guess I am better at taking pictures on my bike than when I run! 🙂 I ended up just putting my headphones on here.

I still felt relatively good. Had some short inclines and declines downtown and then we are going over the Hawthorne bridge. All of a sudden we were at mile 6 and at the 10K mark I was at sub 1 hr. I thought maybe I could PR today. I am feeling good. The temperature is just right. Things seem to be going well. Did not want to think about a PR for long. I just wanted to keep steady! We ran up Hawthorne which is definitely the hardest part of the course.

I had just heard Tell It To My Heart by Taylor Dayne when I was bowling Friday night. That prompted me to get out some old cds and put some old favorites on my RNR-PDX playlist.

It worked out perfectly that Taylor Dayne came on right at the bottom and then I listened to it again!! Got up and over Hawthorne. I was still running at sub 10min/miles. Mile 7 was the last split I looked at. I was still feeling good. I knew the hardest part was over. I was going to run on feel! Saw Holly and said Hi.

It flattens out a bit here. Got through the Team In Training aid station at about 7.5 and saw Stephanie! A few more inclines and declines that takes us over by Laurelhurst Park. I was sad that I decided not to look at my watch when I hit mile 8. I got over it pretty quickly. More ups and downs. I felt robbed that we did not have a long downhill. Just kept running. Mile 9 came. I still felt ok but I felt like my pace was slipping. Even when we went downhill. I was all of a sudden glad I was not looking at my watch. 🙂

Miles 10 and 11 were good. Finally a downhill BUT at the bottom the runners were stopped for traffic. I wanted to get down there by the time they let the runners through again but did not want to get down there too early to sit and wait! Then it happened….I looked at my watch on accident. SHIT! I was at 1:54:xx. I did not know where the 12 mile marker was but if it was close I could be close to a PR. WHAT?!!

I only sat there for 8 seconds. As soon as we started to run I could see the mile 12 sign. I could really be close to a PR. Could I do it? Did I have it mentally? I was trying to do calculations in my brain. I would not look at my watch until I finished!! HERE.WE.GO!!

After an up and down over the Steel bridge, it flattens out for the remainder of the mile. I could feel the bile in my throat. I was working hard. I knew it would be close!! I was leaving it all on the course!!

HOLY SMOKES BATMAN….2:06:23!! PR BABY!! I was so excited!! What a day!! Another accidental PR!

My nutrition was a little different. That may have helped out. I took my first gu at mile 2 and 4. 2nd gu at mile 6 and 8. 3rd at 10 and 11.5. I take a half and keep the other half for the next station. I have learned for me the gu works better when I take it in stages.

My feet are a wreck. I have a blister on my right foot and I think I am going to lose a toenail(I think it has been hanging on for a while) on my left foot. I got in the shower and definitely had not put enough body glide on. BUT who really cares because I have a new PR!! Overall feeling pretty good.

I had a scoop of Salt and Straw to CELEBRATE!

Who else raced this weekend? How did it go?