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16 for ’16

8 Jan

Well I had a great 2016. Here are 16 highlights.  

I started the year with hiring a 1-on-1 triathlon coach.  There was pros and cons.  Training was awesome.  I was never brunt out. I had a solid season but I also never saw any (triathlon) PRs.

Our Annual trip to Phoenix.  Also fun to see friends and run the RNR 1/2 marathon.


Shamrock 15K.  It was pouring. My calf was somewhat injured.  BUT I managed a very very small PR. I also beat Dan for the very first time in a foot race! Bam!!


In April, The Pancakes celebrated their 1st anniversary


Another 70.3 in the books. Coeur d’Alene was a tough race mentally.  I’ve worked a ton on mental strength but CDA always gets the best of me.


Bend for July 4th was amazing.  It was very relaxing.  Sun. A few short work outs.  It was a nice reset before I really started to hit the Ironman training hard!!


The ride of the year: I rode 100 miles to the coast.  Everything about the day was perfect (except the 5 miles of gravel we rode through).  I felt great, positive, confident and although this was a Portland Tri Club ride I rode mostly solo.  It was my fastest century EVER!


6th Hood To Coast: It is hard to believe I haven’t missed a year since I started but next year we will be in Europe so I will miss it.  #sadnotsad


I started working from home.  I got a stand up desk.  It was AWESOME!! THEN 4 months later I got a new job.  Same company but I had to move to the downtown office.  Which was nice because it is closer but it’s NOT working from home! (this picture was taken the night we set it up, it was never this clean again!)


Ironman #5: Wisconsin!!  Not a PR.  Very few goals met.  But I had an amazing run and that definitely counts for something!


Kona with Dan.  We had so much fun watching IM World Championship, running, walking, swimming with the turtles and relaxing.


I was sad to see Dan leave the island but when the girls got there we had so much fun!! We had  a crazy adventure running the inaugural Ragnar Hawaii as an ultra team.


We not only won the open ultra women’s  division.  We were fastest among ALL of the ultra women’s teams! Bam!!


We went to Vegas a few times.  We met our 3rd niece.  (first on my side)  She is super precious.  Totally in love with her.


See my favorite threesome grow up!  It is hard to believe the twins just turned 3 and Seth is about to turn 6.  Crazy!!  We had lots of fun times this year especially baking and playing at the park.


In November, I decided to hire a new coach, as of December 1st.  So far so good.  I am feeling really good and loving the work outs.

We decided to staying in Portland for Christmas.  My mom was coming to visit.  Although Dan and I were kicking ourselves for deciding to stay(and looking for last-minute plane tickets to somewhere, anywhere but here), we had a fun time.  Bonus I got in every.single.one of my work outs!! 🙂


Here is to an even BETTER 2017.  What are some of your 2016 highlights?






My 6th: Hood to Coast 2016

30 Aug

The last full weekend of August you can usually find me and 11 of my friends running Hood To Coast. No exception this year.  I had applied for a team before I decided to do Ironman Wisconsin. I thought well we got a team last year there is no way we will get in again this year. I was wrong. We got in. That wasn’t my favorite conversation with my coach but he “allowed” me to take part!!

I decided to run leg 12 this year. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with work so I thought the later the better!! We had a late start time this year. BUT it probably benefited me the MOST because it got into the high 90s on Friday!

IMG_5664Van 1: Shawn(2), Dan(4), Christa(3), Kat(5), Alana(1), and Doug (6)

Team Fanny Pack was off and running at 10:15 Friday morning.

Van 2: was a little anxious to get on the road because of traffic but we managed to get to the first major exchange early enough to stop and get coffee. I decorated the suburban a bit.  We sat in the shade and waited for van 2’s arrival.

IMG_5654Van 2: Rollin(10), Stephanie (7), Me(12), Laura(11), Erica(8), and Nik(9)

Erica and I were the only ones with duplicate fanny packs.  Everyone was pretty creative with them.  They definitely come in handy!! Phone, gum, credit card, chapstick!! Hello!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.44.17 PM

We met up with van 1 and all of a sudden we were off and running!!! It was HOT!!! Everyone did awesome in the heat!! I couldn’t have been happier being leg 12. I didn’t run until about 7:30.  By that time the sun had gone done. It had cooled off but still a bit humid!

I ran a pretty flat leg of 6.4 miles and averaged 9:45s.  I didn’t want to get crazy. I was running on tired legs anyway since I was getting ready to start to taper for Wisconsin! Not ideal but it decent! No pressure.  🙂

Van 1 took back over and we headed for food, showers, and a few hours of sleep!

We took back over the running at about 3am.  We all felt relatively good and ran good!!

My second leg started about 7 so the sun was up. It was a nice crisp morning. It was a treat since I have been trying to run in the heat of the day for the last couple of weeks preparing for WI! As you all know the night leg is always my favorite leg. This was no exception except it wasn’t nighttime. It wasn’t even early morning!! My second run was awesome. Felt awesome!! I averaged 9:31s for 4.87 miles. Flat-ish.

After sitting in traffic for about 2 hours(that is the problem with van 2) we finally got to the next major exchange to sleep for a bit.  I always feel like it’s the hardest to sleep at this exchange because we don’t really know how the other van is doing because there is no cell service.  We were about 20 minutes ahead of the spreadsheet when van 1 took over for the 3rd legs.  But we didn’t know if they would keep it about 20 minutes or if it would be faster or slower you never really know!

About 40 minutes before we were due next (about 20 minutes ahead of the 20 minute ahead of schedule) Erica and I went to use the port-a-potty. While we were standing in line, Erica was like oh no is that Doug(at the exchange point).  It was! Erica ran to get Stephanie and I ran to tell Doug she was on her way. Luckily enough he had just gotten there and Steph was ready to roll!! So now we were about 30 minutes ahead of schedule!! 🙂

We ran back to the van and we were off again!!

This was exchange 32 and Erica was getting ready to run!! We look so delirious!!


The last legs were good. Everyone was still feeling strong and right on pace.

I was the caboose.  I was finally going to finish this relay off.  I had a 5.2 mile run into Seaside. I averaged 9:51s. A few rollers to start and then flat.  There was some headwind and it was cool.

It was fun to run into the finish line.  It is a little anticlimactic at HTC because they make you wait for your whole team.  We get our finish time but once everyone is there we can run through the actual finish line.

First a selfie:


We still didn’t get everyone in when the volunteer took the picture!!


We had an awesome time!! Fantastic team!! We came in 30hours  and 52 minutes.  We were 30th out of 107 in the mixed submasters(everyone had to be 30) division.  Until next year!






Hood To Coast: 2014 edition

28 Aug

The last weekend of August has come and gone. Hood to Coast 2014 has come and gone. Just another blur to this summer. Besides the shitshow traffic back up at exchange 24 and the anti-climatic finish line. #HTC14 was another great one!!

I was in van 2 this year. Runner 10. I like van 1 better but I was a good sport when I was assigned to van 2 this year.
Pros for being in van 2 —>
Sleeping in on Friday
Not having to drive all the way to Hood.
Not being at the coast to early.
There is always more traffic for van 2.
It takes longer to get to Jewel(next major exchange after Mist(which is also very hard to get to)

Van 1 starting us out at 9am.

Van 2 heading to Sandy.

We got to Sandy and waited for the rest of 8 Ducks, 3 Bearcats, & 1 Lumberjack to show up.

Leg 10. Hot. Very little shade. Flat. 5.12 miles. Average 9:59s.
I was actually really nervous to start. I knew there was no shade and it was already hot out. I forgot my salt tab. I always try to run the first leg conservatively.

Well executed hand-off!
Amato handed off to me and I was moving!

I felt relatively good. I just wanted to cruise along. A few people passed me at the beginning. I passed a few people who were walking and moving slow. I talked to a gal who said she had been trying to catch up to me. That was nice for a few minutes but she stopped to walk and I kept moving.

I was just moving steadily forward and enjoying every second that there was a speck of shade. I stayed hydrated with Nuun. Every mile clipped by just a few seconds faster than the last and all of a sudden I could see J-Lee waiting.

Rough first hand-off but I took a Mulligan and tried again!

First leg was done. I knew it would be the hardest because of the sun!

Leg 1 exchanges!!

Leg 1 exchanges!!

J-Lee and I dropped off Dan, Amato, and Kat at our place to shower/eat while we went to pick up J-Dub. Found Van 1:

Showered, ate, and relaxed until it was midnight when we would be off to run our 2nd legs!

Leg 22. Perfect temp. Uphill to downhill. 6.81 miles. 9:40s.

My second leg is almost always my favorite leg. It is cool. I try to pick a runner (position) that the 2nd leg is the longest because it is my favorite. I like running in the dark too.

I got up the 1.6 mile steep climb that was hard but do-able. Started cruising down which was way more enjoyable. Passed a ton of people. There were a few baby rollers on this downhill stretch. This leg was fun!! So fun!! I saw a few sub 9s and thought I better slow my ass down but I went for it!! Finished strong and it was hard to believe it was 4 in the morning!

Exchange 24 happened. It happens every.single.year! Back up. Traffic back up that you can not even believe! There is no cell service out there so there is no talking to the other van! Period! Until you see there shining faces. This year was a little different. The back up started miles before the exchange and we weren’t even moving at a crawl. We were literally at a dead stop for 10-15-20 minutes at a time.

This is where I fell asleep for over an hour. I didn’t wake up the multiple times J-Lee opened the door and got in and out. I finally woke up at 7:30 as J-Lee and J-Dub were getting back in the van. I couldn’t believe it was so late. Hettie was right on time handing off from J-Dub but she was stuck standing there for an hour waiting for us to pull up. There was a massive amount of runners waiting for their van 1s to get there. It was a total shitshow and an even bigger one than usual!

We headed to Jewel for showers and food. Took us a long time to get there and than back on the road to the last major exchange. We took another hour or so nap and back on the road!!

Leg 34. Hot. No shade. Rolling hills. 3.4 miles. 10:02s.

This is my perfect leg of rolling hills except that it was hot. I didn’t want to carry any water with me but I did. I was happy to have it and continually poured water over my head. It made a huge difference. Again I passed lots of people on the death march.

I just wanted another steady run. I would have liked it to have been faster but it was good.

I am happy to report that a girl who looked much more like a runner then me passed me about 1/2 mile after the exchange. I didn’t let her out of my eye sight. She would walk up the hills and I would get that much closer. I finally passed her with a mile or so to go and never looked back! 🙂

We finally made it to Seaside!

Waiting for van 1 to show up and J-Dub to cross the finish line!

Waiting for van 1 to show up and J-Dub to cross the finish line!

The finish line was again an even bigger shitshow than normal. We don’t know if it was from all the back up from exchange 24 that caused more teams to finish in our time frame or if it was just not organized! We finally “finished” and got our medals!!

Until next year. Hood To Coast 2014 in the books.

I like the colors this year.  This medal is the best of the 4 I have!

I like the colors this year. This medal is the best of the 4 I have!

Last chance at the Pints to Pasta 10K giveaway!

#NuunHTC Part 3: Finish/Thank yous

30 Aug

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2

We arrived in Seaside sometime Saturday afternoon. We showered, put our legs up(literally) and had lunch while we waited for Van #2.

WE had big dreams of taking an ice bath in the ocean but it never happened. WE did go and put our toes in it. Jolene had never been to the Pacific ocean before!! What?! The best coast!! It was freezing. I am not sure how I did an ice bath last year!

We met up with some of the CL gals down at the water!

Nuun Lemonade Team crossed the line right at 6pm in a respectable 28hours and 45 minutes!

We met up with the Watermelon and Cherry Limeade teams for dinner. We shared war stories and did a lot of laughing!!

After we did some socializing we headed down to the beach! Hit Machine was playing. A great cover band that I think is PNW local. I have seen them a few times!
A: Our medal. They are totally weak but let’s be honest you don’t do HTC for the medal!
B: Hit Machine
C: L1 getting some much deserved ice cream(cheat #2)!

#htchangover: The morning after!!

We were getting ready to say good-bye! But not forever!! If I have to be the ring leader on a Race-cation then I will!!

I want to take the time to give a big THANKS AND SHOUT OUT to Nuun! I have always loved the product! I love them even more now!!! I love the company and what it stands for! Special thanks to Megan for organizing this entire event from start to finish. YOU.ARE.AMAZING! Also to Mason. It was so awesome to finally meet you!!!

Team Lemonade: Van 1: THANK YOU Lauren, Kristen, Dre, Lisa, and Jolene for being the BEST vanmates ever. Who knew you could put 6 women that barely KNEW each other in a van for 28 hours and have an epic adventure! You guys were the BEST! I am so glad I could share this experience with you!! All my favorite memories were when we were laughing!! Is it possible that we were laughing the entire time? Amazing women that I am happy to call friends!!

Another BIG THANKS to Jay! He drove us from Seattle to Mt. Hood and 200 miles to Seaside. He did everything in his power to make sure we had everything we needed at all times!! We could not have asked for a better driver!

He was planning on doing push-ups at every exchange.  I think it only lasted 3 exchanges! :)

He was planning on doing push-ups at every exchange. I think it only lasted 3 exchanges! 🙂

I also wanted to take the time to say THANKS TO OUR OTHER SPONSORS:
Oiselle! Love the shirts!! The women behind this brand are amazing!
Sparkle Skirt! Super cute! It was perfect for seeing our runners!
Amphipod! I am going to try my hydration system this weekend. I will let you know what I think! They also provided us with reflective vests and reflectors.
Naawk! The best smelling sunscreen I have ever smelled!
Endorphin Warrior! Love them! I am doing a giveaway tomorrow! Stay tuned!
Tiger Tail! I am not sure how I have lived this long with out one!
Swiftwick Socks! Amazing.

#NuunHTC will go down in my books as one of the BEST relays/races/experiences of a LIFETIME! Thanks NUUN!

REMINDER: You can still use the coupon code: hydrateHTC for 15% at Nuun until the end of September! You can also pick up a 4-pack for $20(This offer is just good for 1 week!!) Do not delay!

#Nuunhtc Part 2: The Race

29 Aug


If you missed Part 1: Check it out here!

We made it to Mt. Hood! It was getting real NOW! I was going to run Hood To Coast for the 3rd time. Also my third relay of the year. I was running on the Nuun Lemonade Team. I could not be more excited! I spent the 2 days before getting to know my teammates and the other Nuun teams!

It was finally here. HOOD.TO.COAST!

We had a reunion with the Watermelon and Cherry Limeade van 1s, packet pick up, and pictures!

Here is Mallory(watermelon), Robyn(cherry limeade), and I representing the Nuun teams as runner 2!

Van 1 really is where it is at. You get to be at the start line and you get done first. Bam!!
A: Team Lemonade
B: Kara (Watermelon Runner 2) and I
C: Start line
D: Lauren(Lemonade) and Megan(Watermelon) starting us off!! Can you see them…in the middle of the pack with Nuun singlet’s on?

Leg 2: 2pm; 5.67 miles; Downhill; 48:16; 8:30s Averageleg2
I was a little nervous about this one because of all the downhill. Robyn was my roommate in Seattle so she gave me some tips. Just go for it. Do not try to slow down or you will hurt your quads more. Lean into it. She was wearing her Hokas because of the impact so I wore mine as well!

It went really well. I just “went for it”. My first mile was 8:30 and my watch stopped. No it did not die just stopped and would not do anything. I just kept running and had no idea how I was doing! 🙂 Sometimes that is liberating!

The weather was great. Cloudy. Not too cold or hot. Perfect! Was not passed too many times but I do not think I passed anyone either. Came into the exchange strong! First leg DONE!

Finishing leg2!

Finishing leg2!

We just cruised down the mountain. Reuniting with the W and CL teams.

No HTC would be equipped without POWER ARCHES!

We met up with almost all of the vans at exchange 6.

Most of Lemonade with Julia(CL Runner5) & Mason

Most of Lemonade with Julia(CL Runner5) & Mason

We were all eager to go have dinner. We met up with W Van 1 at HUB.

We had a long wait and I was 3 hours out from running. I needed to eat but I tried to be careful with my choices.

We made it to exchange 12 without too many problems and van 2 was right on time. They changed this exchange this year. I thought it would be a logistical nightmare. It was good until the roller derby let out. The traffic picked up more but we luckily were just waiting for Holly to come in and ended up being ok! 🙂

Lauren and I in our night gear. (not the best pic but you should have seen the one with the flash!!) 🙂

Leg 14: 11:30pm; 6.08 miles; mostly flat and a few baby rollers; 58:07; 9:32s average

Now if you have been reading a while, you know that my night leg is typically my favorite leg. This one did not disappoint. I ride the dirty 30 all the time. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

I wanted to take the first mile as a warm up and quickly get into an uncomfortable pace. Tempo if you will. I felt great. It was lonely out there. I think only 3 guys passed me and I passed a woman. That is all I saw in the 58 minutes I was out there. By the end my quads were getting sore and I was happy the leg was almost over. I was already starting to get nervous about leg 3. Quads were shot. They aren’t joking about that downhill in leg 1!!


Exchange 17 was a lifesaver. They had pancakes and eggs. What else would you want at 4 in the morning. I knew I needed something or I was never going to get through my 3rd leg. We made it to exchange 18 and handed off to van 2! We headed to Mist to get a few winks before heading out on our 3rd leg. I fell right to sleep and slept for about 3 hours. Whoa…that is a long time in a relay.

Pre-(quick story). We thought Holly was going to arrive at 9:15. Lauren wanted to be out at the exchange at 9 and set her alarm for 8:15. In Mist there is no cell reception so you have to hope that van 2 is on time and not early/late because there is no way of knowing!!

(quick story) We are all passed out in the van. I wake up and look at my watch and quickly screamed: OH SHIT IT IS 9:10. Everyone shoots up and Lauren says no its only 7:10. FAIL! My watch accidently got switched to the dual mode screen(from when I was in San Antonio)! We of course all laughed and got a few more winks before getting up.

It ended up being ok. Jay was reading the spreadsheet wrong and we needed to be ready earlier anyway. 🙂

Leg 26: 9:30am; 5.77 miles; some rollers with a long uphill and downhill to finish; 56:02; 9:43s average

I had used my tiger tail a ton. My quads were barking! I had to just get through this! 🙂 It was go time!!

Again I wanted to just warm up and get to an uncomfortable place. I kept positive. It was a great morning. I felt pretty good except my legs were tired. Hello! That is what happens in relays. 🙂 I saw the van 2 peeps as they were driving to exchange 30. I saw my van multiple times. There was a couple vans playing music. There was a ton of people on this leg…mostly passing me. The downhill was definitely harder than the uphill!! I wore my Hokas because I thought it would help with the impact and it did! 🙂

I was excited to be done!!

Exchanging with Lisa for the last time

Exchanging with Lisa for the last time


Nuun Lemonade Team Van 1: DONE!! We were headed to the beach!

Lastly the finish line….

#NuunHTC Part 1: Seattle

27 Aug

I left Portland on the Bolt Bus Wednesday morning. I was headed to Seattle to meet my Nuun hood To Coast teammates for the first time!! SO EXCITING!! First off–the Bolt Bus was awesome! It was a direct ride from Portland downtown to Seattle downtown. There was Wi-Fi and power outlets. It was only a $10 fare. Hello people…I am NEVER driving to Seattle again!

I arrived in Seattle at 11:30am and meet up with some bloggers. We headed down to Pikes Place for lunch and checked out the Puget Sound.

Me, Meghan B, Mallory, Kristen, and Catey

Me, Meghan B, Mallory, Kristen, and Catey

Meghan B has a friend that works for Moving Comfort so Daanniieell came and picked us up. He took us to the Brooks/Moving Comfort HQ. They are in a temporary space right now but building a new office as we speak.

He gave us a tour. Showed us where all the magic happens! It was so fun especially because I wear Brooks shoes and Moving Comfort bras!!

We went back to Nuun HQ to catch a ride to the Garage where our first ice breaker activity was. Bowling, pool, and food. It was so fun meeting all the other bloggers and Nuun employees.

I looked around the room and it was like I KNEW everyone but in reality I really did not. We have been read each others blogs and following them on Twitter for months now. It was fun to finally get to meet them all IRL(in real life). I quickly got to know all of the awesome bloggers.

Lauren, Jesica, Kristen, Me, Kara, and Sarah

Lauren, Jesica, Kristen, Me, Kara, and Sarah

Thursday was quite a day also.

We headed to Green Lake for a quick shake out run and a tour of the Oiselle HQ.
A: me, Catey, Lindsay, Jesica, Mallory, Andrea, Kristen, Holly, and Lisa
B: Bird Legs and I
C: Sarah(Oiselle staff), me, Devon: We are all going for PR’s in Chicago! Go hard or go home!
D: EVERYONE! Plus the Oiselle staff.

After cleaning up and eating lunch we headed out to the Seattle Duck Tour. OMG!! So.Much.Fun! Our Captain was Captain Chaos. He was hysterical. It was a great way to see Seattle on land and on Lake Union!!

We headed to Nuun HQ for dinner, Van decorating, and SWAG!!
A: Riding the Nuun Tricycle: Surprise it is beer inside!!
B: Mason(Nuun CEO) and Casey(Nuun CFO) gave us a great welcome speech! What awesome guys!!
C: Sweaty Emily: I have been reading her blog for a long time. She was one of the ones that got me to want to get on this team!!
D: SWAG!! Mason talked about how he likes to partner with local companies! More on this later!

We headed out to decorate the vans. Team Lemonade in the house!!
Van 1: R3: Lisa, R2: Me, Van 1 Driver: Jay, R6: Kristen, R1: Lauren, R4: Jolene, R5: Andrea
Van 2: R8: Karen, R10: Jesica, R9: Zoey, R7: Kimberly, R12: Holly R, R11: Holly B, Van 2 driver: Jeff

Meghan who was not on the Nuun team but a different HTC team but a fellow Nuun ambassador. She made us all respective team cupcakes!

Hello–are these the cutest things you have ever seen!!! I only had a lemonade one…obviously…but it was delicious…Cheat #1…it tasted like a lemon girl scout cookie…I told Jay I was off desserts and he took a BIG BITE! Really technically it wasn’t a whole cheat!! 🙂

Andrea, Kristen, Me, and Lisa

Andrea, Kristen, Me, and Lisa

Friday morning…Mt Hood or Bust…

Have you ever been on a duck tour? Did you love it?

Have you ever had a lemon girl scout cookie?

What is in Store 4 the The Next 5 Months!

12 Jul

The first 6 months of 2013 I was focused on triathlon training. The next 6 months will be focused on running.

I have finished my A triathlon race of the year. My 6th season of this madness is done. Well maybe! I told you I was going to do the Deschutes Dash Oly in a few weeks but I have decided against it. Honestly I did not really want to do it after PC. It is a fun race but I am over racing in the heat and elevation!!

I may do another one in September. I am still speculating that one. The triathlete in me says YES absolutely do it. The runner in me says NO just focus on your Chicago training. Oh decisions decisions! We will talk more about this later.

I cannot believe that it is July already. How is half the year done already? I have a lot in store for the next 5 months. I am running 4 relays: 2 regular (12 person teams) and 2 ultra (6 person teams) style and doing the Chicago marathon.

First up is Ragnar Northwest Passage.

I did this ultra-style last year. Definitely the way to run it! My “relay” training has not been great. We keep getting together and it seems that none of us are ready. At least I am not the only one! :)I am runner 2(which is actually legs 3 and 4).
We are a very laid back team. We have been a solid 5: Ellen, Alana, Abbey, Amy, and I. We have had a couple of drop-outs. We finally landed Shawn. Who we met last night. All I can say is hallelujah! I was getting nervous because we were having no luck trying to find a replacement 3 weeks out for a relay. An ultra relay at that!!

Shortly after that I head back to Bend for the Cascade Lakes Relay with my old HTC team.

Another fun team! I am more excited about floating down the river when it is all said in done! It is going to be hot and hard!! I am running leg 6 here but I get an extra bonus leg. They split up leg 2 into a and b because it is so hard. Since my total mileage is lowest, Kara is making me letting me run 2a.

The relay I am MOST EXCITED about is: HTC with Nuun!! I still cannot believe I was picked. It is going to be a fun time. I am running leg 2 here.

Will either be a triathlon or a 10k.

Chicago marathon.

I am really excited to do this. This will be marathon #7. I really feel that I have been running better and faster since my last marathon (RNRAZ ’12). I have really worked on my mental toughness. I cannot wait to see what happens here. I can just hope it is not a thousand degrees. I am going with some girlfriends but my mom, bro, and sis-in-law are meeting me there as well!

Last and final relay will be Ragnar Las Vegas ultra style.

We just met and picked legs. I am running leg 4(which is 7 and 8). This is going to be an awesome team too: Erica, Laura, Stephanie, Kara, Anne and I.

As you can see there will be lots of running in my near future. I am excited and nervous at the same time! Here is to relay season!!

Are you doing any relays this summer?

FOUR thing Friday!

10 May

I have had a nice relaxing recovering week from Wildflower. It has been super nice here in the Pacific NW unlike the rest of the United States! I am leaving again this weekend but staying in Oregon. Which brings me to my first “thing:

1. My coach is having a training camp in Bend this weekend. You ask what a training camp entails? Lots and lots of biking and running!! We are leaving at noon today. We run tonight. We go for either an 80 or 100 miler tomorrow. We run again. Sunday we do another LONG ride with a transition run. What you really need to know is: I will be drinking lots of chocolate milk and wearing lots of compression. Wish me luck!

2. I was one of 10 to receive a free entry to the Deschutes Dash Olympic race. I am not one to turn down “free”. I signed up promptly! It is in July 2 weeks after Pac Crest long course and a week before my first Relay of the season. I was supposed to go on vacay that week but I do not think we are going now. I am excited because I did it a long time ago and want to do it again. They have changed the run course which I am not particularly excited about because it is harder. BOO!!

3. When I set my goals for IMAZ, my BIGGEST goal, I wanted to do a sub 13 hour. I told myself If I did the race in less than 12:59 I would buy myself a new IPod. I also told my mom that if I did a sub 13 hour I wanted to her to buy me the new Garmin 910x. Well I exceeded my goal by a lot but I never did buy the IPod or get the Garmin. When I set my goals for Wildflower I thought if I made my sub 7 happen then I would buy this necklace that I have been eyeing for a while. I finally rewarded myself and bought it yesterday! So excited!!

We also got a DQ blizzard on our drive back from WF:

Peanut Butter Chocolate chunk with brownie pieces! Good Stuff!!

Peanut Butter Chocolate chunk with brownie pieces! Good Stuff!!

This is usually my reward after races!

4. We got our leg assignments for Hood To Coast this week. I am on Team Lemonade as runner #2.

What are you doing this weekend?
Have you ever rewarded yourself after a good race?

2 pieces of EXCITING NEWS

17 Apr

I got an email from my coach with my updated threshold numbers based on my Race for the Roses 5K. I looked at the numbers:
400s: 2:04
800s: 4:13
1200s: 6:25
1600s: 8:41

Now that I know the numbers I feel like the pressure is really on!

1st bit of EXCITING news:
Track Work-out. Practice. Class. commenced at 9:30 yesterday morning. The sun was out but it was COLD! Amy told us we were going to do mile repeats! DANG!

I can not even remember when the last time I did mile repeats. Maybe in IMAZ training?! Of course I had to go through my log and find them! Now most type A people use Training Peaks or some sort of log. Sarah made up a spreadsheet training log that is pretty bad-ass. It probably works good too.

I on the other hand just write notes about my workouts in a notebook. It is hell trying to find something but I like writing it out old school. That being said. I found (what I think) is the last time I did mile repeats. May 29, 2012. 9:13. 9:08. 9.10. Almost a year ago. I can not believe it has been that long. –OR– I just missed one, which is quite possible!

Back to yesterdays workout. I was nervous to do miles. Obviously it has been a while. We were going to do 3. Hard as you can but keep up the pace for all 3. I knew if I needed to do a 8:41 mile I would need to average 2:10 per lap. I pretty much hit on the dot the first lap, a tense faster the second lap, wanted to try for a little more the third, and take it home for the fourth.

Remember when I did that 8:33 mile?

I totally crushed it!! 8:24. 8:25. 8.31. So Amazing! Not sure how I pulled it off but I did! I guess I am getting faster. Who knew that would be possible. 🙂 That was my BIG GOAL for the year.

I was chosen for the Nuun Hood To Coast Team!!! This is how I found out:

I promptly checked my email and the nuun blog. Sure enough I was chosen. They had almost 100 applications. I guess the 12 days of Running was a success. Do you think my teammates will want to sing that in the van?! Kara and I both got selected. So Exciting!!!

Thanks NUUN for this opportunity for such an epic adventure!!

Did anyone else have a good Wednesday?!?

Nuun Application is Revealed…

8 Apr

I have been stalking following Sarah and Emily’s blogs for a long time. They were picked to be on the Nuun Hood to Coast teams last year. I got to see what an EPIC WEEKEND they had. I decided that wouldn’t it be cool to become a blogger and get picked to be on the Nuun HTC team. HELLO!

Well here I am. I have only been blogging for a short while but I am having so much fun!! The time finally came when they announced the application process was open. I had been thinking about what I would do for this since I started the blog. We, my family, were singing 12 days of Christmas at Christmas…and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to sing The 12 days of Running, or The 12 days of August or The 12 days leading into HTC. The problem was what were the 12 “things” going to be?!?

After hours and hours of planning, executing, and editing my Nuun application…it was finished. I sent it in last week. The deadline was last night so I thought I would share it with you! ENJOY!!

If you are NUUN reading this…PICK ME!! 🙂

I will have my San Fran 1/2 marathon recap up TOMORROW!

What did you guys thing? Have you ever had to do a “creative video application” before?