Waco 70.3 + Magnolia

12 Nov

I had planned to do Austin 70.3.  Then they changed it to Waco 70.3.  Waco of all places.  I also thought it might be a little too close to IM Arizona. Dan and Abbey were trying to decide where they would do their beast Spartan race.  We ultimately decided this would be perfect because our races were the same weekend but different days.  I had already talked to Liz about doing it so I was in the clear when I finally signed up in May.

We arrived Friday.  Met up with Ashley and Abbey. Built my bike. Shake out run. Had dinner.  It was going to be a fun weekend!

Saturday: Dan and Abbey left early for their race. Ashley and I met up with Becky(a friend from Portland) for breakfast, race check in, and a bike shake out.

waco sign with match

I was disappointed that the swim had been cancelled but there was nothing that I could do about it!  We biked the run course and there was a section of the run that was crazy hard.  Ashley and I had a nice little day while Abbey and Dan suffered through their beast race.

Dan and Abbey killed their race.  They lived to tell their race stories.

abbey and dan spartan

Sunday: Race day!  Ashley dropped me off at transition.  I was there way too early but I had a real low bib number and they told us we would go in a time trial by bib number.  I did pre-race stuff. Becky and I went for a shake out run.

The bike: The time trial was interesting.  The pros went off 1 at a time every 30 seconds.  Age groupers went 2 at a time every 5 seconds.  It felt like a long line going no where.

I paced myself. I was trying to be patient for the first 30 minutes. So many people paced me.  It is so hard not to go hard. But I feel like I did good “holding” back. I ate and drank like a champ. I pee’d on the bike. I really felt hydrated. I took in the salt. Just practiced everything I want to do in AZ.  I had messed up my watch early so I didn’t know exactly where I was and my power meter stopped working. (They are Garmin Vector pedals, and they are shity…don’t ever buy them..that is another story)

I was cruising right along. By the time I got to mile 35-40 I was feeling really good.  I was passing lots of the girls that had passed me those first 10 miles.  I was pretty pleased with myself, having a ton of fun, feeling awesome!

I had no clue what my bike time was! I was just rolling with it.  It was a long run into transition and not exactly easy.  Got in and out and was ready to run.

The run: do I dare say it was pretty awesome.  I don’t mean the temperature or the course.  I mean my attitude and mentally strength.  It was HOT.  So hot.  The hills were definitely harder on foot then on 2 wheels.

7 mile run

I tried to run as far up the steep hills as I could get and then power walked. I couldn’t believe people were just walking like they were out for a sunday walk. Anyways that is just me. The downhills were just as hard going down as they were going up. I took in my nutrition. I kept hydrated. Lots of Base Salts…again just practicing what I will do in AZ. 2nd loop was just as hard and even more hot.  But I was all smiles passing the crew at mile 7! I really felt like I had a great race and happy with how it went.

finish chute

group shot at finish

Now the fun could start!

Twisted Root for dinner.  Lots of racers from my race and the Spartan race.  Great atmosphere, food, and milkshakes! (and it was open!)

twisted root

twisted root shake

We walked Becky back to her hotel and walked over by the Silos.  It was a super nice night out for a walk.

dan and i silos

my greatest find4

We decided to stay in Waco until Tuesday so we could do some touristy stuff.  I thought when will I ever be in Waco again!! We were all glad we stayed the extra day!

We stopped at Magnolia Table for breakfast.  We were a little afraid it was going to be a long wait but we got a table right away!  It is super cute and the food was awesome!

magnolia table donuts

Then we headed over to the Silos and Magnolia.

magnolia silos sign

miles to magnolia

magnolia at nightmagnolia sign with silos

relax at magnolia parkmagnolia truck with dan

We went to the Silos Baking Co too.  I did not take one pic of what we got. But I will tell you I got a Silo cookie, a chocolate chip cookie, lemon-lavender cupcake, and a chocolate croissant. (I was super jealous of Dan’s cinnamon roll) Everything was delicious.  (Don’t worry didn’t eat it all in one setting) 🙂silo baking

We headed over to the Dr. Pepper museum.  Who knew Dr. Pepper was founded in Waco.    So many fun things you learn!  We took the self tour and got a Dr. Pepper float. (because #yolo) I’m not much of a soda person but it was delicious!

Dr Pepper museum

All fun things come to an end.  Super fun weekend!  It was 20 days until IMAZ when we left and it is now 6 days away!!


4 Responses to “Waco 70.3 + Magnolia”

  1. Laurie November 13, 2018 at 8:00 AM #

    Leslie. It looks like you and Dan had quite an adventure in Texas. You guys lucked out with the hurricane not hurrying that part of Texas.

  2. MoM November 13, 2018 at 6:35 PM #

    WOW. So exciting and so proud of you, Dan and Abbey ❤️ Waco looks like a fun place to visit!

  3. Kecia November 23, 2018 at 12:59 PM #

    So much fun crammed in to such a short weekend!! Congrats to Dan on his race and to you on yours!! I’m always concerned about a cancelled swim…I don’t think I’d like the time trial start on the bike. Too many people in the area on their bikes…I would think it would encourage drafting. I’m so glad you were mentally strong on the run with the heat + hills!! Congratulations on a great race!!

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats November 26, 2018 at 7:48 PM #

      Thanks Kecia! It was an awesome weekend! The time trial was interesting. I thought there would be more drafting but I don’t think there was any more than there usually is!! 😉

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