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Shamrock 15k 2017

3 Apr

This was my 10th year running the Portland Shamrock 15k.  One of my favorites every year.  It is usually raining, windy, and miserable but this year….it was clear and sunny.  BUT this year they changed the course!  What?!  I was really mad…how dare them change the course.  They said it was flatter and faster than before.  I don’t think so.  It used to be flat, up, up, up, and then down, down, flat.  This year it was up, flat, down, up, up, down, down, up, down, flat.  Different.  I think I could like this course but I think that it will take a few years.


I didn’t really know what to expect.  I have been consistent with my heart rate training.  I feel like it is hard to gauge if it is “working” or not.  Every weekend since RNR AZ I have run parts of the course.  Up and down Terwilliger.  Sometimes hill repeats…sometimes steady zone 2…and if I was lucky I would get to run in zone 3…which actually happened more and more as the weeks went on.  Ilana ran with me most of those weeks.  Each week got “easier” and “easier.”  Just more comfortable running uphill staying in the right zone!!

Sunday came upon us quick.  It was time for Shamrock this year.  I had a very welcomed recovery week leading up to the race.  I felt relatively good.  I was excited.

The loose plan was to stay under control and steady for the first 5k.  The middle 5k I could speed up but not get crazy.  The last 5k let it rip!  I didn’t have to look at heart rate or pace.  Liz wanted me running on feel.  Ilana and I “joked” about trying to average about 9:45s.  I thought there was zero chance of that….but you never know!


Sunday morning we had a “leisurely” morning.  Our race didn’t start until 8:50 and we live close so I was meeting Ilana at 8:30.  The race usually starts at 7 or so.  It was really late in comparison to past years.

We ran into Sherrie on the way down there.


We found Ilana and said good luck to Scott (who was running the half—starting 30 minutes later).


We positioned ourselves in a great spot.  We got into the corral in a different area this year and we ended up being real close to the front on accident.  It took us about a minute to get through the start line.  It was nice not having to fight the crowd.

Now we all know the The Pancakes aka Dan and Leslie have a loving and friendly competition.  (Just keep that in mind)

We started off and not as conservatively as I would have liked but it turned out just fine.  Dan was running with us which was fun.  He was in and out of our conversation.  We were on a steady incline for the first 3ish miles.  Dan got in front of us at the aid station and Ilana asked if I thought Dan would be able to keep up.  I said I think that he might slow down once we start going up Capital which was pretty soon, about a quarter mile away.  I didn’t really know.  He seemed to be doing good.

We get up the hardest part of the course.  It was hard but we got through it.  Sure enough Dan was out a bit in front of us as we crested the hill.  We heard the bagpipers playing at the top.  Something that didn’t change this year.  The course was just opposite how we usually ran it.

We started cruising down Terwilliger at a pretty fast clip.  I was feeling pretty good.  Ilana was keeping track of the time.  I looked at my watch when the mile split came up.  It didn’t mean too much to me as I wasn’t really trying to focus on a pace.  She said we were doing good and the pace was “fast.”  We got back in front of Dan but he passed us at the bottom of the hill.  I pointed to Dan and said he was going to take off.  🙂 He didn’t though.

We must be close to mile 7 now.  AND we were about to go back uphill.  I was definitely starting to feel it.  We weren’t slowing down so it was getting harder and harder.

We finally got to mile 8.  We had some downhill at this point, which was awesome.  I took a quick glance at my watch.  We were at 1:17 and some change.  WHAT? I was definitely in PR territory.  I just had to keep it together for less than 15 minutes.  Ilana said we can definitely get to 9:45s.  BUT we were already busting a move.  We were running fast.  Definitely out of my comfort zone.  Hallelujah that Ilana and Dan were by my side…it was a race to the finish and I definitely would not have done it without them!

I saw the Oiselle cowbell corner and they were cheering for me.  I could barely wave but had a huge smile on my face.  The last .4 was hard.  SO HARD!!  We went for it.  Dan went ahead,  Ilana and I followed.  I left EVERY.THING.ON.THE.COURSE!  I PR’d (only 40 seconds but it was so awesome) and went sub 90 minutes for the first time.  I was so excited.  I thought I might puke just for a second when I went over the finish line.  I had PR’d and I wasn’t even trying for it.  I told Liz I would be happy with 92-95 minutes!!  Totally pumped! Shamrock 15K 2017 1:29:43 (9:37 pace)

Dan won the Pancake trophy yet again but it was a fun race!  BUT I took home the PR.  The weather couldn’t have been better either!  Until next year! #livelucky


16 for ’16

8 Jan

Well I had a great 2016. Here are 16 highlights.  

I started the year with hiring a 1-on-1 triathlon coach.  There was pros and cons.  Training was awesome.  I was never brunt out. I had a solid season but I also never saw any (triathlon) PRs.

Our Annual trip to Phoenix.  Also fun to see friends and run the RNR 1/2 marathon.


Shamrock 15K.  It was pouring. My calf was somewhat injured.  BUT I managed a very very small PR. I also beat Dan for the very first time in a foot race! Bam!!


In April, The Pancakes celebrated their 1st anniversary


Another 70.3 in the books. Coeur d’Alene was a tough race mentally.  I’ve worked a ton on mental strength but CDA always gets the best of me.


Bend for July 4th was amazing.  It was very relaxing.  Sun. A few short work outs.  It was a nice reset before I really started to hit the Ironman training hard!!


The ride of the year: I rode 100 miles to the coast.  Everything about the day was perfect (except the 5 miles of gravel we rode through).  I felt great, positive, confident and although this was a Portland Tri Club ride I rode mostly solo.  It was my fastest century EVER!


6th Hood To Coast: It is hard to believe I haven’t missed a year since I started but next year we will be in Europe so I will miss it.  #sadnotsad


I started working from home.  I got a stand up desk.  It was AWESOME!! THEN 4 months later I got a new job.  Same company but I had to move to the downtown office.  Which was nice because it is closer but it’s NOT working from home! (this picture was taken the night we set it up, it was never this clean again!)


Ironman #5: Wisconsin!!  Not a PR.  Very few goals met.  But I had an amazing run and that definitely counts for something!


Kona with Dan.  We had so much fun watching IM World Championship, running, walking, swimming with the turtles and relaxing.


I was sad to see Dan leave the island but when the girls got there we had so much fun!! We had  a crazy adventure running the inaugural Ragnar Hawaii as an ultra team.


We not only won the open ultra women’s  division.  We were fastest among ALL of the ultra women’s teams! Bam!!


We went to Vegas a few times.  We met our 3rd niece.  (first on my side)  She is super precious.  Totally in love with her.


See my favorite threesome grow up!  It is hard to believe the twins just turned 3 and Seth is about to turn 6.  Crazy!!  We had lots of fun times this year especially baking and playing at the park.


In November, I decided to hire a new coach, as of December 1st.  So far so good.  I am feeling really good and loving the work outs.

We decided to staying in Portland for Christmas.  My mom was coming to visit.  Although Dan and I were kicking ourselves for deciding to stay(and looking for last-minute plane tickets to somewhere, anywhere but here), we had a fun time.  Bonus I got in every.single.one of my work outs!! 🙂


Here is to an even BETTER 2017.  What are some of your 2016 highlights?






Shamrock 2016

22 Mar

I ran my 9th Shamrock…(8th 15k) last Sunday.  It was a rainy one this year….to say the least!!

Let me first tell you a little bit about my calf “problem.”  I thought it was a fluke. I wasn’t doing anything stupid. I wasn’t running faster than I should have been. I wasn’t running more or over training. If anything I am training less now that I have a coach telling me what to do!

It was sore. I rested. It was better. I started running again. It was sore again. I debated bagging Shamrock. I really wanted to do it but I didn’t want to compromise my calf anymore. The weather was supposed to be shitty!! Like way more shitty than usual. Rainy, windy, no fun!!! But it wouldn’t be the Shamrock run if it wasn’t at least a little rainy.

I didn’t want to go out there and have a crap race, in crap weather, and hinder my run training anymore. I was almost praying that it would be shitty when we woke up Sunday morning and I would have an excuse to say lets just sleep in, instead.

Well it wasn’t even raining when we woke up Sunday morning. We got up. I iced my calf, put some KT tape on it, ate breakfast, and got dressed. We rode our bikes down there with just enough time to walk to the start.


Dan hasn’t been training too much, so we ran together, took it easy the first couple of miles. There was a huge puddle taking up the entire street we all had to get around about 1/2 mile after the start. (guessing we lost ~15 seconds) It is so funny how people try to avoid puddles. Yes this one was huge and non-avoidable. I get it I don’t want my shoes to be wet either but its raining and suppose to get more rainy and wet as the race goes on!!

My calf was ok. I could feel it a bit but not bad. We started cruising up Broadway at a pretty comfortable pace. (which I think is usually about where I am at but because I am running a little faster these days it was better than years past). 🙂 It was raining pretty good and it was cold. That probably helped my calf.

I lost Dan for a bit. I didn’t really take off but he wasn’t next to me all of a sudden. I hit an aid station and he caught up. We ran together for a short while and that was the last I saw of him.

I really felt pretty good. For not training much on hills, having a solid week of training, the pouring down rain, and this minor calf problem. I was feeling pretty good.

I was at 1:01 at the top of Terwilliger which is the end of the hills. If I remember correctly the last couple of years I have been at about :59 minutes at that point.

I knew it wouldn’t be a PR but I thought we will see how it goes. The downhill was fast. My calf actually felt really good and I was cruising fast!!! It was pouring but still fun!  I didn’t look at my watch until the finish and what do you know I PR’d by 5 seconds!

It was fun as always. One of these years I will break 1:30. Maybe next year!

Anyone else do a Shamrock run?

If it’s NOT Raining it’s NOT Shamrock!!

15 Mar

Well I jinxed the entire city of Portland with my last post! It has been epic weather here the last few months! This weekend not so much. Today, the Portland Shamrock Run, NOT.SO.MUCH!

I worked the Nuun booth at the expo on Friday and Saturday which is always fun. Spreading the #nuunlove!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.31.49 PM

I bought a few goodies too!!
Oofos for 1/2 off! Boom!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.18 PM
Roo Sport! Awesome product! Our booth was behind their booth. I didn’t even realize that they were there until Tiffany told me she bought one!! (thanks a lot Tiff) 😉
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.38 PM

BTW —>
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.09.56 PM

Go to Nuun by the 17th and get a free pint glass!

ALSO—> Because it is your lucky day here is a coupon code to use before 3/26: LuckyNuunFriends for 20% off!

My foot has been good but my right outer knee was bothering me while running downhill. I put some KT Tape on it. (I won a giveaway last year. I can finally use it!!) I am thinking it is IT Band issues. It is definitely feeling better! I am staying off the hills for a while!! If it is not one thing it is another!

One of my favorite races of the year was today! The Shamrock Run!! We woke at 6am to the sound of pouring rain.

Me: It is pouring!
Dan: Right!!
Me: Lets just skip Shamrock this year.
Dan: Really? (as he was getting back in bed)
Me: No! Lets just go!! 🙂

We rode our bikes to the gym to drop our bags. Walked down to the start. It was raining and it was dark!!

The 15K was the first race of 4 to start. I was happy we were the first! I heard later that the other starts times were delayed and there was lots of craziness! We started (I think) right on time.
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.41.22 PM

I decided right off the bat that I was not going to check my clock. I was going to run and hope for the best. I was not really going for a PR. I just didn’t think it would happen. My endurance is there but my speed was not. I had done some hill repeats for Ragnar training but I took a break after I got back. There just wasn’t time! I would run hard and see what happened! I didn’t want to push my knee either! The rain didn’t make it any better!!

There was a ton of puddles. Everyone dodging them and splashing. I avoided a few. After about a mile my feet were soaked and there was nothing I could do about it!

Just like last year: I had passed the first train crossing and I could hear the horns coming so I sprinted ran hard for at least a quarter of a mile but it was worth it because I didn’t get stopped! I was literally running over the tracks as the gates were coming down!

I settled back into my pace. It felt more comfortable at least!! 🙂 The flat section was over. Onto Broadway which was good. Hard. The first section of Terwilliger is the hardest but I got through it. I caught up to Dan at about mile 5.5 or so. That was fun!

We ended up running together the rest of the race. The downhill was good. My knee did pretty good. It was sore just a little as we were passing the 7 mile sign. But surpassed the soreness pretty quick. I had told Dan that I wasn’t looking at my clock and I didn’t want to know the time. As we got to the end he was pushing me. I knew he knew what my PR was so I figured it would be close!!

….and it was! Not close enough! I was :50 seconds over my PR! 1:31:16! Good for 9:48 average miles and not on a flat course! #soclosebutsofaraway

It was a fun race! I am glad that Dan and I could run a bunch of miles together!

Cute medals…as usual! Ugly shirts…as usual! Until next year!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.52 PM

I met some Oiselle ladies for brunch afterwards!! I was starving! It was delicious!!

Oiselle Birdies!

Oiselle Birdies!

Anyone else doing a Shamrock run?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

It happened again!! A PR!! It was only a 20 second PR but untheless…a PR!

This is going to be short and sweet. I fell and bruised my knee last night. It hurt. I did not think it was going to affect me today but I was not sure. The whole I have been sick for the first part of the week weighed on my brain. The weather was actually favorable. The sun did make an appearance. It was dry and cold though!

First off the entire Portland Shamrock Race is a shitshow. There is 30,000 people plus all their spectators there. This year the races were pretty spread out. I thought that would make a difference but apparently it did not. There are no corrals. People just seed themselves. They have “small” signs of 5-6min pace, 7-8min pace, and so on…the problem is the signs are four feet apart! Everyone is just clustered together like a cattle call. You would think after 35 years of this race’s existence they could get it together!

Rode down to the waterfront got there just in time to take off my bike clothes. Put my visor and shamrock headband on. Off to the start line I went.

I think it took about 10 minutes to get through the start line. It was funny because in years past I think I was further back. I feel like it was pretty quick this year. I started off not too fast. Got into a groove pretty early. Felt pretty good. When we hit Broadway (the start of the 4 mile uphill) I was feeling good but just did not have the snap that I did at Hot Chocolate.

Lets real quick recap the elevation at Hot Chocolate:

This one has lots of ups and downs! You have time to be out of breath and then time to recover…repeat…repeat. When I was done I thought this was definitely harder than Shamrock but after thinking about it the last 2 weeks I thought maybe it was not?! They are just different.

Here is Shamrock:

This is flat for about 2 miles. Uphill for 4 miles. Downhill to flat the last 3 miles. Just different!

Anywho. Got up Terwilliger. Still feeling pretty good. Mile 6 hit and I was almost 3 minutes behind where I was at Hot Chocolate. I did not think I could make that up but it was downhill so we will see. Mile 7 was the last time I looked at my watch. I did not want to know how close or how far away I was. I was running hard and there was no way I was going to be able to pick it up. I was happy to see the mile 9 marker because my watch never beeped. I was close and dying to look at my watch. I could see the finish line. What?! 1:30:26!!
The medal is cute. A bottle opener as usual. It is really long too.

Yes! Another PR!! Next up RNR San Fran 1/2 marathon!!

How did you do at Shamrock today? or your race?

Final Shamrock Prep

11 Mar

I set out for a 12 miler today. A distance that I have not run in almost 4 months! I was not sure if I needed to take water? Did I need to take one Gu or 2? I totally forgot to put body glide on!

I did not set off for this run until 1:20 this afternoon. I got up late. I ate breakfast. I made some phone calls. I needed to clean a bit. Greg has been gone for 9 days. The house was not messy but just needed a little attention.

Finally I was off. I looked at my work out one last time.

Of course there was zero rain in the forecast but what do you know as soon as I thought about going outside it was raining. It was really just sprinkling but enough to get me wet. It was a constant drizzle/sprinkle for the entire run. I was glad I did my bike ride yesterday. I hope my peeps that I was going to ride with today did not get rained on!!

I was a touch nervous but that is typical for a long run. I did not want to think about it. I just wanted to go out and get it done with. I had things to do and people to see!

I wanted to start out a little conservatively. That did not work out because my first 2 miles were 9:57 and 9:30. I think that was a touch too fast for this work out but ended up being ok! I tried to keep my breathing in check on the uphills and keep good form on the downhills (per Coach’s orders).

I got to the turn around point on Terwilliger(and the top point of the Shamrock 15K) in 59 minutes. Felt good. I only had downhill and flats for the majority of the last 6 miles.

I saw some friends on the water front as I approached the 9.97 mile mark. I chatted with them for a few and had a welcomed break!! I was off to finish the run. I finished strong. 12.13 miles in 2:00. Average pace: 9:54.


I am glad this week is over. Final hill repeats and final long run in preparation for the Shamrock 15K are finished!

Who is doing a Shamrock run? OR St Patrick’s Day run? What distance?

Shamrock preview + RAGNAR

24 Feb

I had a 90 minute run on the schedule. I had a late night and an early morning so I was pretty much dreading the 9 miler that was ahead of me. I thought I might die.

The sun was out! It was dry! Really what more could I ask for!! I decided that I would head downtown up Broadway and continue on Terwilliger. I was going to come back via the waterfront but decided just to make it an out and back. It was perfect because I am preparing for Portland’s Annual Shamrock 15K.

The course is flat, a lot of uphill, some downhill, and then ends on flat road.

The best thing about 3 weeks out from the race is: there are a ton of people running on Terwilliger. I am sure that it helped that it was dry and sunny! 🙂

I ended up having a great run. 9.45 mile run…check! I averaged 10:19’s which was perfect! This was my longest run post-IMAZ (besides Surf City–which was a run/walk). Another survival run!! YEAH!!

After my run I headed to the RaceCenter Expo to sign up for a few races and work the Ragnar booth.

I am a Ragnar Ambassador because I like to talk all things RAGNAR!!

Jaymi and I worked the 12-2 shift. Then Shelly and Mary took the last shift. We answered questions and talked Ragnar up. We gave lots of shirts and tats away. Had so much fun.

How was your run this weekend? AWESOME!!
Have done a Ragnar Relay before? YES!!
Which one? I have done NorthWest Passage 2x. I am doing NWP again and also LV this year. ULTRA style!

32 degrees…feels like 29

12 Jan

I was set to do my 3rd run outside this morning. It was 32 degrees outside but dry. The big challenge in the winter is what to wear. I had planned to wear my NEW Nike tights, long sleeve shirt, and gloves. I thought that would be enough. I don’t typically like to wear beanies unless its really…really…really cold! My head gets warm pretty quick. I toyed with the idea of a beanie but in the end went with a visor.

I'm about to embark on my 4 miler in my new outfit!!

I’m about to embark on my 4 miler in my new outfit!!

I have not worn my Garmin since IMAZ. I have been in full recovery. I have not wanted to wear my watch because I did not want to know my pace. I did not want to push my pace. It was nice just to run on feel. I thought today would be a good day to wear my Garmin. Just to check things out. I was still just going to go out and do a not too fast but steady run. I turn my watch on and it is dead. I guess today is not the day!! I must of never charged it after the race. Today was just going to be another run on feel and see how it goes day.

I got outside and it was definitely not as cold as I thought it would be. Hallelujah!!!!! My outfit was perfect. I was a little chilly at the beginning but warmed up quickly!

Terwilliger is one of my favorite runs in Portland. I’ve always lived near it but in 2 weeks I am moving 3 miles away from it! 😦 So I’m going to try and run it as much as possible. Its part of the Portland Shamrock 15K. This is the time of year I like to run it most to prepare for that race anyway.
The plan was to run 4 miles. I ran what I thought was 2 miles up and 2 miles down. Felt great. I was still just happy to be outside.

How was your run this morning? Are you training for a St. Patrick’s day race??