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Swimming Lately + Todays 50s

21 Jan

Well I have been feeling really good in the water lately.  I’ve already had a gain in my threshold since starting with my new coach.  I’m pretty excited.  We do one threshold work out a week. Let me tell you that it is the only work out I dread all week.  It is super hard.    The main set is 1800-2000 yards.  It is typically broken up in 300s/200s. Sometimes 400s/100s.  But after everyone of those works out I have left the pool in a better mood.  More and more excited about this year.

I have also started an 8 week swim clinic.  I haven’t actually started it yet because it started last week when we were out of town.  So tomorrow will be my first practice.

I signed up because I really want to improve my swim stroke/kick.  Molly did send us a work out with a lot of the exercises they did at the last practice so we could swim on our own.  I did it once in addition to my regular swimming.  We will see.  It couldn’t hurt to try and improve in the early season.

Today was our annual 117(100+the year) x 50s on the 1 minute.  Last year was my first year. I really felt amazing today.  I had a great swim.  Not once did I think I wish I wasn’t doing this or mentally having a hard time.  I learned a lot last year to be able to exceed my expectations this year.  To think I was secretly wishing they had done this work out at last weeks practice, when I was out of town, so I wouldn’t have to do it. 🙂


Todays practice by the numbers:

117 x 50s

234 lengths

5850 yards//3.32 miles

Led every 4th 50//led 64 lengths (this is approximate because I did a few extras)

Drafted 170 lengths

Drank 2 bottles of Skratch: about 1/2 bottle every 30 minutes.

Here is to swimming a shit-ton and seeing what happens this summer!! Any one do any crazy swims for the new year?

Why every TRIATHLETE should swim with Masters!

21 Jun

I really wanted to get faster in the water. I met Amy at the track last April. We got to talking and she was the one that told me that Chris was the coach of the Masters “team” at Duniway! I told her I was interested in checking it out!

I did! It was hard but I loved it! I have been swimming there every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30am to 7am for the last 14 months. (for the most part)! When I signed up last April I knew I was only going to do this until Pac Crest this year. I am focusing on running for the 2nd half of the year. Why is it we have to have our schedules planned out a year in advance?! Crazy talk!

For the most part it is all triathletes. There are a few “swimmers” in the A lane. It was a sad day in April when Chris sent us an email saying he was going to quit coaching us. He gave us a months worth of work-outs until they found a new coach. There is a serious problem with Duniway’s management and we JUST got a new coach yesterday! We recycled Chris’ work-outs more than once. I guess it was better than nothing!

Our new coach, Jill’s, first work-out for us: (I was just glad it was not a threshold test) 🙂

I have been counting down the last 8 swim practices. Mostly because I am tired of getting up at 4:50 on Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday was my last practice and I am actually more sad than I thought I would be.

I plan on swimming once a week through the summer at an outdoor pool. I might do a for fun tri at the end of the summer plus I want to work on my tan. (or getting rid of my farmers tan) Grant Pool just opened for the season. I thought I would go today and check it out but it is not sunny!! 😦



Here are my reasons you will LOVE Masters swimming:
1-You will BECOME STRONGER and FASTER! Just by going 2x a week!
2-IT IS MUCH MORE FUN SWIMMING WITH A GROUP. Who wants to do 3000-4000 meters by them self multiple times a week.
3-YOUR LANE PUSHES YOU HARDER. When I swim by myself it is hard to push myself.
4-YOU FIND TRAINING PARTNERS FOR OTHER DAYS. I swam with Greg, on a 3rd day, for about 3 months leading up to IMAZ.
5-YOU WILL ENJOY SWIMMING MORE. Just because you will be better at it.
6-YOU HAVE A COACH TO GIVE YOU TIPS. If you are doing something wrong they can work with you on it. You will be more efficient=faster=better swim times.

The reasons you will HATE masters swimming:
1-YOU ARE MORE HUNGRY. Especially after threshold work outs!!
2-THESOLD WORK OUTS SUCK!!! But you have to do them anyway!!

The good out weigh the bad! If you are thinking about joining a team…DO IT! If you do not like to swim…DO IT!! If you are bad at swimming…DO IT!! Do not think about it…Just DO IT!!

Lane C: Christy, Erica, Cami, and Me with Lane A's Richard "the flirt"

Lane C: Christy, Erica, Cami, and Me with Lane A’s Richard “the flirt”

Yesterday may have been my final Masters swim for the season but I will be back for more when I start Ironman training in December! You better believe it.

Can anyone think of other good reasons?

Do you participate in a Masters Swim?