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WF Taper & Recovery Stats

14 May

This is the last that you will hear of Wildflower! I will shortly start obsessing talking about Pac Crest.

Taper week was pretty low on miles. I just tried to keep everything loose and ready to go for the race.

WF Training Week #15 (+WF race)β€”Taper Stats

Swim: 2200 meters (+2000) =4200 meters
Bike: 35 miles (21 road miles and 14 commuting miles) (+56 miles) = 91 miles
Run: 4 miles (+13.1 miles) = 17.1 miles

Recovery Week #16 (+training camp)

Swim: 3600 meters
Bike: 36 miles (all commuting) + (143 miles) = 179 miles
Run: 0 miles (9.5 miles) = 9.5 miles

1 Pilates class

I was just trying to take it easy last week leading into training camp. I knew it would be a hard weekend especially because of the fatigue from the race.

I am taking this week easy as well. Just recovering from camp and getting ready for the RNR Portland Β½ marathon on Sunday!

How do you feel about taper? I used to HATE it but now I EMBRACE it! πŸ™‚

FOUR thing Friday!

10 May

I have had a nice relaxing recovering week from Wildflower. It has been super nice here in the Pacific NW unlike the rest of the United States! I am leaving again this weekend but staying in Oregon. Which brings me to my first “thing:

1. My coach is having a training camp in Bend this weekend. You ask what a training camp entails? Lots and lots of biking and running!! We are leaving at noon today. We run tonight. We go for either an 80 or 100 miler tomorrow. We run again. Sunday we do another LONG ride with a transition run. What you really need to know is: I will be drinking lots of chocolate milk and wearing lots of compression. Wish me luck!

2. I was one of 10 to receive a free entry to the Deschutes Dash Olympic race. I am not one to turn down “free”. I signed up promptly! It is in July 2 weeks after Pac Crest long course and a week before my first Relay of the season. I was supposed to go on vacay that week but I do not think we are going now. I am excited because I did it a long time ago and want to do it again. They have changed the run course which I am not particularly excited about because it is harder. BOO!!

3. When I set my goals for IMAZ, my BIGGEST goal, I wanted to do a sub 13 hour. I told myself If I did the race in less than 12:59 I would buy myself a new IPod. I also told my mom that if I did a sub 13 hour I wanted to her to buy me the new Garmin 910x. Well I exceeded my goal by a lot but I never did buy the IPod or get the Garmin. When I set my goals for Wildflower I thought if I made my sub 7 happen then I would buy this necklace that I have been eyeing for a while. I finally rewarded myself and bought it yesterday! So excited!!

We also got a DQ blizzard on our drive back from WF:

Peanut Butter Chocolate chunk with brownie pieces! Good Stuff!!

Peanut Butter Chocolate chunk with brownie pieces! Good Stuff!!

This is usually my reward after races!

4. We got our leg assignments for Hood To Coast this week. I am on Team Lemonade as runner #2.

What are you doing this weekend?
Have you ever rewarded yourself after a good race?

55 Mile Sufferfest

20 Apr

I would consider myself a pretty strong cyclist. Definitely my strength in a triathlon. Today was not a good day. I am not exactly certain at what happened. Multiple things maybe?

1-I do not think I ate enough the last couple days with the hard work outs I did.
2-It was cold. It did not rain though! Score!
3-My back was killing me. It used to hurt a lot. I started taking Pilates and strengthening it. I got multiple bike fits! I did have a hard week at work and sometimes that affects my back!
4-I do not think it was my nutrition. That was about the same as usual!
5-It was a hard ride in general!

Our Ride was called “The 4 Bitches”. That should tell you this was not going to be an easy route!
We were going up and down 4 of the hard climbs(aka bitches) from the dirty 30(Hwy 30) up to Skyline.

We started out on the dirty 30. I should have known when Z-Dog asked if I was feeling strong and I said “ahhh I guess” that should have been my first clue this was not going to be a good day! 😦 I typically ride in the lead pack but I was quickly passed by I think everyone! That was fine. I did not want to go out too hard! Someone got a flat and a bunch of people waited with her. I caught up to the lead pack and headed off with them. We re-grouped at the bottom and top of each climb. I was the last each time! 😦

Remember when I went up Rocky Point a couple of weeks ago. I did not get any pictures. Well today I stopped! More for a break then to get a picture!! πŸ™‚
Look at those CLOUDS!! It was a way nicer day the last time!


After I got up Newberry, Logies, and Rocky Point I had no desire to:
1-Descend Logies because there are super steep hairpin turns
2-Ascend MacNamme because I did not want to do another hard climb (which if you look at the elevation it is not as bad as the others) I have never been up it and today was the first time I went down it.
3-Descend Newberry because when we were Ascending it, there was gravel all over the road. 2 miles of it. I already do not like descending big climbs so that did not seem like a good idea.

I really wanted to just do some rollers which is what Skyline is instead of another climb. I made the executive decision in just riding down Skyline and descending Thompson. I told the group when I arrived last at the top of Logies that I would be fine on my own! πŸ™‚

Here is what I really did:
Not a huge difference so I will take it!

I finally got home! SLOOOOWWWW!!!!

I am not even going to tell you my average. It is so sad!

I did a transition run. I laced up my Hokas for the first time. I liked them. They are totally different but comfortable. They are ugly too.

I feel like whatever does not kill me is only going to make me stronger! Bring it on Wildflower. I should be done by this time in 2 weeks!!!

How was your work out today? Any fun plans for the weekend?

Week 9 & 10 wrap up

1 Apr

Week 9 of my Wildflower training was a goodie. I had a couple good swims, runs, and rides. More importantly the weather was dry for all my festivities! I am getting anxious to get some longer rides in. 37 miles on the bike just is not long enough! But I am feeling good and I trust my coach. That being said we will see how I feel in the next couple of weeks!

Week 9 WF Training Stats
Swim: 6400 meters
Bike: 112 miles (77 road and 35 commuting)
Run: 21 miles
1 Pilates session
1 strength session

Week 10 of Wildflower training was relatively good. All of my rides were good. Both swims I was tired. I guess it shows because Chris asked if I was tired. 😦 My first 2 runs were good. My long run was not as good. Running is my weakness I think that is why I hate having a bad run. I love to run and do not have a bad run very often so when I have one it is no fun!! I am super pumped for week 11. I am excited to run a half marathon at the end of it!

Week 10 WF Training Stats
Swim: 6550 meters
Bike: 131 miles (100 road and 31 commuting)
Run 22 miles
1 Pilates session
1 strength session

Week 11 here we come! Ready or not!?!?

In other news, my Nuun Application has been submitted!

I will post the video after the deadline so if you want to see you can!!

Happy Fools Day!! Did anyone pull a good prank on anyone? Or get a prank pulled on them?

Fantastic Four Thing FRIDAY!!

29 Mar

It is Friday again. How did that happen. It seems to come quicker and quicker every week.

1-Yesterday, a friend sent an email to a group of us that are doing Wildflower. Countdown: 35 days until go time! The title of the email was: Oh Crap! The thread was pretty funny. There was about 8 of us on it. It will be the first time for all of them. 4th time for me. I assured them they will be well-trained up, ready to hit the Nasty Grade and all other “fun” stuff pertaining to the Woodstock of Triathlon!

I accidentally found this, this morning.
I promptly sent this to the group.

2-I went to Starbucks to get a breakfast sandwich because I had a coupon. They always have the daily horoscopes out.
I am pretty sure they are talking about my Nuun application. Dang it!!

3-I was dying to make sugar cookies this weekend. I did not get to make any at Christmas. (I blame you…TT Lee!!) πŸ™‚ I thought it would be fun to make them for Easter. I thought it would be too much work. THEN I came across this recipe. Sugar Cookie Bars! HELLO!!
It is a GIANT sugar cookie!!

I will tell you what I like about it:
1-It has the consistency of a sugar cookie.
2-It tastes like a sugar cookie.
3-It has cream cheese in it, but you can not taste it.
4-I did not have to chill it or cut shapes out of it.
5-Super easy!

I will tell you what I do not like about it:
1-The almond extract (It is ok but I will delete it the next time I make it because this recipe is going in my permanent collection.

If you are lucky enough to be helping me with my “project” tomorrow you will get one!!

4-San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit. There are so many things to do. Good food and restaurants. Awesome ice cream places!! I will be there one week from TODAY to celebrate my 34th birthday and to run the Rock in Roll inaugural San Francisco 1/2 marathon. Watch out San Fran…Leslie is coming to visit!

The route is going to be awesome! We get to run over the Golden Gate Bridge. I cannot express to you how excited I am to be running this on my birthday!

How was your Friday?

Hill Repeats + Friday Favorites

22 Mar

Hill repeats were on the schedule today. I actually like doing them because I feel so much stronger when I am finished. Now that the Shamrock 15K is done and over with I do not have to make the “trek” over to Terwilliger anymore. I am excited to note that I had another successful change of scenery run today. I still have not done much exploring in the way of running in my new ‘hood so I set out for a new hill today.

I took my 20 minute warm up to scope out some hills. I knew I would need to run more east because there were plenty of hills over there. I just needed one that would take me 90 seconds to get up! I found a perfect one but it had a stop sign in the middle so I bagged that idea. I ended up using the top half of the hill instead. It was nice because there was a curve in the middle so I could not see what was coming!! I did 6×90 second repeats. It was a good hill. I was happy with my performance. But I will definitely look for a new hill next week.

1- NEW Nuun flavors are out and I am happy to report I bought all 3 new flavors today. I only tried the watermelon. It was good. I love the flavor of watermelon because it reminds me of summer. I am super excited for this summer. It will be here in a couple of months!! I am looking more forward to the lemonade and cherry limeade. I will report on those once I try them.

Nuun has made the announcement that their application process is open for their HTC teams. I am nervous because I really want to get on the team but I need to submit a “creative” application. I have no idea what I am going to do nor do I know how to make a video. I barely know how to use YouTube let alone make a video and put it on YouTube!! 😦 WISH ME LUCK!!

2- Breyer’s Reese’s Peanut Butter cup Blasts Ice Cream

I am not sure why I am obsessed with this ice cream right now. It is freezing outside. It is an icebox in my house. I just love it! I originally bought it because it was on sale at Fred Meyer. I left it over at PS’ house. I thought it was probably best if I leave it over there. I am actually very proud of myself at how I moderated it. I still have some too. True Statement!!!

Bad news: I saw it was on an even bigger sale at Safeway today. I bought some. We will see how long I can make it last!

3- Triathlon Season! It is here! I am knee-deep into my training and loving life. I think it is a good thing I took last year off from Wildflower because I am super excited to do it again this year. Maybe I have forgotten how hard it really is. We will see how I excited I am the week before! πŸ™‚
— picture source–

What are you excited about RIGHT NOW? What is one of your friday favorites?

2nd Building Block Wrap UP

12 Mar

Sunday was the final day in my 2nd building block in my Wildflower training. I had an awesome week.

Instead of just giving you the mileage stats I thought I would tell you what my week actually looked like.

Monday: Spin class and core/strength work out + 14 commuting miles

Tuesday: approximate: 2600 meter swim with relays + Killer 6 Mile track work out that included 6 x 800 meter repeats. #1-3 were suppose to be not super fast 4:20; 4:24; 4:22 Pretty consistent. #4 was supposed to be just a tad faster: 4:19. #5 was supposed to be the fastest (Amy told us this was going to the be the fastest of the day…not to hold back): 4:18. #6 a touch slower than #4-5 but not as slow as #1-3: I killed it: 4:13. There is something about the last repeat that just lights a fire underneath me! + 14 commuting miles

Wednesday: REST DAY!!

Thursday: 3400 meter swim; strength work out and lots of band use! 😦 + 5.5 mile run with hill repeats 6 x 120 minute repeats. That was not exactly what I was supposed to do. I did not have my phone to look up the work out and I was just doing it on memory! I was super excited that those were done. Last hill repeats to prep for Shamrock! + 7 commuting miles

Friday: Core/Strength work out + 1:15 trainer ride that included multiple sprints + 2 commuting miles

Saturday: 43 mile Ride including a different route to Hwy 30–flat; Climb Logie Trail–HARD; Skyline rolling hills–awesome; descend Newberry (laugh at all the suckas that were climbing it); flat home! + 1.5 mile transition run–FAST because I was just trying to keep up with Jenny! + 2 commuting miles

Sunday: 12.13 run –flat and rollers–AWESOME run! Felt really solid!

There you have it. My 7th week of Wildflower training.

Swim: 6000 meters
Bike: 117 miles (77 road miles; 39 commuting miles)
Run: 25 miles
0 pilates –Sleep!!! I needed sleep!!
2 strength work-outs

Did you have a good long run? Does anyone use the Band in the pool? Do you love it or hate it?

Week 5 & 6 WF Training

6 Mar

How is it Wednesday already? I wanted to get my Wildflower weeks 5 and 6 up on Monday. Did not happen!

Here you have it:

Week 5 Stats:
Swim: 6900 Meters
Bike: 95 miles (60 road and 35 commuting)
Run: 21 miles

1 pilates class
0 strength (I had one on my schedule and I did not do it! First work out missed! 😦 Life Happens!)

Felt like I had a solid week. Lots of trainer miles. This was the first week I did 3 runs (including my first track work out…post injury). I could have done the strength work out but choose not to. I was tired that day and had shit to do. Next week I promised myself!!

Week 6 Stats:
Swim: 6100 meters
Bike: 100 miles (75 road and 25 commuting)
Run: 20 miles

1 pilates class
1 strength session (YES!! Got it done this week)

Another solid week. Swim miles were a little low due to the threshold test. Made it to 100 miles biking which was awesome and I did not even commute one of my days to work! Ending with my epic PR 15K Hot Chocolate race!

I can not believe I am already on week 7 of my training plan. TIME FLIES!!

BIG GOAL THIS WEEK: Long bike ride OUTSIDE! I am ready to get outside and tackle some west hills. I feel like the trainer is a great tool while building my base but it is BORING! πŸ™‚

GOOD NEWS: Forecast looks amazing!

How is your training week going? OR Just your week in general??

WF Training weeks 2&3; Rest week coming up

11 Feb

I can’t believe I am already at a rest week. I am actually excited about it. I usually like more hard work but I am feeling a little under the weather. I hope it passes soon. Especially since I actually found a date for Wednesday night so that is good news.

I went to talk to the gals running the Tri-Cal tent at the Surf City expo. They wanted to give me a coupon code for Wildflower. I said I love coupons but I am already signed up. They said “Do you want a shirt?” I of course would never decline a free tech shirt! Z-Dog who actually did the race last year was actually sportn’ his shirt that day. He was pissed they just GAVE ME a participant shirt! He said “You didn’t even do the RACE!” It is not like I have NEVER done the race before! πŸ™‚

Stats for WF week 2
Swim: 6800 meters
Bike: 79 miles (55 road miles; 24 commuting miles)
Run: 17.4 miles
1 strength session
1 Pilates class

Stats for WF week 3
Swim: 6700 meters
Bike: 88 miles (65 road miles; 23(ish) commuting miles
Run: 14 miles
1 strength session
2 Pilates classes
I had planned on a yoga class yesterday but I was tired.

The tri club motivational challenge was over last week. I did not commute as many miles as I should of this week. Dang it!

Hard to believe in just 80 days I will be down at Lake San Antonio again!!

Rest week coming up! I am excited for the extra rest but I have a run and bike test at the end of the week that I am not so excited about.

Happy Valentine’s Day week! I usually make something red velvet but I am not sure what I will do this year.

Do you have big plans for V-day? Are you baking anything fun??