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How this January is Different!

28 Jan

Every January like clock work I start tri training. I have always had Wildflower I was worried about or an Ironman. This year I wanted to focus a little more on running in the early months. With a sprinkle of swimming and biking speed(ish) work mixed in.

The real reason for this post is the biking. The Portland Tri Club teamed up with C-Velo Cycling. We were going to get a cheap 12 week pass. The problem is the class is at noon on Saturdays. (We did learn that we could make up classes during the week if we had to miss a Saturday) I like having my work out done early so I can get on with my day. Dan really wanted to do the class so I thought what the hell it is winter and I don’t have a lot going on anyway. It is a power based work out and I really wanted to work on my power this year.

Now cycling is my strength (obviously) and running is my weakness (obviously) but you have to have great cycling fitness to be able to run in triathlon. Right?!

I have decided to really just work on my power for January/February. March will begin my 16 week build toward Victoria 70.3.

Back to C-Velo. Our first class was a time trial. agh! But it had to be done! It was pretty much textbook. We did a warm up, some speed up drills, and a 5 minute hard effort. We had a nice recovery and then it was on. 20 minute time trial. Now I have done TT’s before so I knew what I was getting myself into. For most of the class, this was their first TT. (little did they know) 🙂

I was happy with my 195 watts since I had not been working on cycling at all!! After that first class, Rick, instructor & owner extraordinaire makes cards to put on the bikes for every class. So we know exactly what wattage we should be pushing during the intervals!

Some classes focus on climbing, some sprinting, a lot of threshold and above threshold work. We did some long intervals last week that were zone 4, zone 2, and back to zone 4. 7 minutes each interval. We did 5! Holy legs. He told us the first one would be “easy” not really but compared to the last one it was!! Today we worked on long descending intervals with high high cadence at threshold. We thought Saturday’s class was hard! But this is all good stuff!!

This is my nice little set up. I have learned that I need 2 bottles. One with Nuun and one with water.

We will do another TT at the end of the 12 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing what progress I have made! In addition to those classes I do a trainer ride at home and a spin class at the gym.

Running has been really great so far this year too. My foot seems to be cooperating. I have been working on strengthening my glutes and still hoping for the best on that front. I have Rangar Del Sol Ultra in 4 weeks. I have been running to the gym doing my strength work out and running home 2x a week. I have counted those as doubles. I have a couple back to back runs scheduled in the next couple of weeks to put my finishing touches on that training!

I am pumped for the medal this year!! They just revealed them!!
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.12.15 PM

They have also started something new this year. The more Ragnar’s you run the more bling you get.
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.02.32 PM
There are connector pieces to go in-between the medals. For every 2 you do there is another connector. It is super gimmicky but just like RNR races people do them for their medals. I think it is a great idea and maybe I will do a second one so I can get the double vision. (wink wink)

So needless to say I am not working off a plan. It has been nice not having structure. Even though I do kind of. I am definitely in my on-season I would say just not super structured as January “should” be. I am working hard and loving it. I am super excited for the year and what I can/will accomplish!

Also another fun tidbit I found today is: Lauren Fleshman is doing a workout of the week(WOW) over at Strava. I am going to do the power station tomorrow. I haven’t been working hills yet so this should be a good work out to start with!!

How is your January training going? Any early triathlons?

Relay Fever: Ultra Style

4 Apr

Well it is that time of the year when we are trying to decide what relay we want to do. Who we want on our team. What time of the year is going to be best. For some of us the decision is to do an ultra or regular team. If you decide on an ultra, are you going to do 3 long legs or 6 shorter legs?

Holly, Lauren and I are Ragnar ambassadors. We are here to talk about some of our relay experiences especially ULTRAS!!

I have done 3 ultras. All 3 with Ragnar. (Northwest Passage 2x and Las Vegas 1x) I have done 6 regular(12 person) teams.

I remember after my first ever relay in 2011. We had so much fun and thought the next year we should do it ultra style. We were obviously in that post-race bliss period and decided on something far more stupid than we thought could be possible. It was obvious that we would do 3 long legs. Legs and team name were picked in the van back to Portland the next day!! NWP ’12 Comin’ In Ultra Hot would be there!

I am not sure how we ever decided on 3 legs instead of 6. I think that the biggest reason was the wardrobe. I like to take 3 sets of clothes to wear one on each leg. If we were doing 6 legs that is 6 sets of clothes. That is personally more than I want to pack. Another reason is you run long and then you get a long break. You can actually have a “meal” instead of just a snack going into your 2nd and 3rd runs. You have more down time to take naps because people are running longer so you are not having to stop at every exchange like you normally would.

I remember training really hard for that first ultra. I would run long Thursday night and then long Friday morning. Then I added in a few Friday night runs when it got closer to the race. I remember being nervous too. Just like you would be nervous for your first half marathon or marathon.

The FINISH of my first ultra!

The FINISH of my first ultra!

I think that one was the most prepared for in the 3 I have done! We were all happy that we had done 3 long legs. I will say after doing an ultra team I didn’t really want to do a 12 person team again. I liked how the entire team was in the van. Way less logistics than a 12 person team. We were always on the go. But we had big breaks the way the legs played out with who was running them.

I felt like the 2nd one(NWP ’13) would be better just because I had already done one. Ultra Dicey was a smorgasbord of runners. 2 of us had returned from the year before. We were the “veterans” that “knew” how to do an ultra relay! HA! I did not train like I did the year before. But I was fresh off half-ironman training so I thought I could wing it. I will say it is much harder when you are not totally prepared for it! 🙂 Early on we decided to do 3 long legs as well. I remember being super sore too!!

Rollin' the dice!

Rollin’ the dice!

When I got Ultra Dragging Aces together(Las Vegas ’13) we had a big discussion on the 3 vs 6 legs. It was quickly decided that we would go with 3 legs. The clothes were always the issue!! Secondly the time between legs was greater. More time for our legs to “recover”!!

I have been super sore after all of them. Now neither that is because I have run 30+ miles inside 30ish hours or being cooped up in a van having run all of those miles or being sleep deprived. Who knows really?!

I think that one of the biggest factors in running a relay is fueling. You need to make sure that you are eating enough to fuel your body for your next run. But you run the risk of stomach problems. With an ultra it is even MORE IMPORTANT to fuel right. You are always on the go and need to be prepared!!

Now you can check out the relay maniacs stories and then you can decide for yourself how many legs you would like to run!

Holly has done 2 of the hardest Ragnar’s (Wasatch Back and Colorado) as a 6 leg ultra. She is taking on Las Vegas this year and I had to be the one to tell her she doesn’t run anywhere near the strip!! She swears by 6 legs. She believes that you can run faster in 6 legs than 3. Go find out what her take on the whole clothes situation is or not!!

Lauren did her first ultra relay last year. We actually met at exchange 26 at NWP! Yeahyaaa! Her and her team decided that there were a couple of legs that were too long and have constructed a 4 leg plan for this year. She might be on to something here and may never go back to a 12 person team.

I am more of an endurance runner. I think that is why the 3 legs appeals to me. Long and slow. Someone who runs every day and fast may like the 6 legs that are shorter that can be faster. How many legs would you want to do? If and when you complete an ultra relay you will feel like a BAD-ASS! ESPECIALLY if you do 3 legs and get to run through your first exchange screaming ULTRA…just passing through!!!

I think that doing a 6 leg ultra would be interesting. I would pack double the clothes and see what happens!

Ragnar NWP Part 2

24 Jul

If you missed Part 1 go see it here!!

I was Runner 2 and I was tackling legs 3 and 4. A good mix of flat and hills. Well maybe more hills than flats!! I will let you be the judge of that!

I was projected to run at about 10am. The sun was out! It was already getting warm out. This was much different from last year. I was runner 1 and it was pouring rain on my first leg.
It was GO TIME!!!

I just wanted to start off slow and steady! I knew this was going to be a hard start to my weekend. It was warm and getting warmer. I had decided to wear music. I had a hand held water bottle with Nuun in it and 2 gus to get me through the next 12.1 miles. I quickly found out there was a headwind. We were running on a “kind of” highway for the first 4 miles or so. With lots of big trucks. So with the headwind, there was always the “back” wind (I am sure you cyclists know what I am talking about) when the trucks passed. I did not lose my visor ONCE BUT TWICE. After the first time, I was trying to hold onto it when the trucks passed. I was just steadily run up the hills and down the hills.

We finally got to make that right turn off the highway. Less traffic which was nice but more hills. Dang it. I made 2 kills at this point. WHAT? If you are not familiar with “a kill” it is when you pass someone. I have passed 2 people. WHAT??!! Cruising right along! There was almost NO shade! I made another kill right before the exchange. I knew once I got to exchange #3 there would be way more downhills than uphills.

Here I am coming into exchange 3 with a smile on my face but screaming that was F***ing brutal!

LEG 4: 3.9 MILES; EASYleg4

I knew I just had to get through leg 3 and leg 4 would be “easier”! I was still feeling really good. I felt like I was “on”. Maybe the recovery time and the time off between Pac Crest, really worked some wonders! I was just steadily hitting every mile. It was much more shady. I really wanted to take this whole leg(3 and 4) conservatively because if I did not it was going to be a long 30 hours! I felt like my pace was good considering the hills. I finished and was happy to be done with leg 1!!

12.1 miles; 2:03; Pace average: 10:08 min/miles

I drank a chocolate milk and took a “wet wipe shower”. I was feeling pretty good. I used the “stick” multiple times in the next 8 hours. I wanted some real food but we never really had a chance to get any. I snacked on peanut butter pretzels and Gatorade. At about 4 I was beginning to think I was not going to get any real food so I had a half a bag of salt & vinegar chips and an uncrustable. I drank coconut water and Nuun to stay hydrated.

I was projected to go again at about 8. I had a gu at about 7:30ish. I had my handheld water bottle with Gatorade and Nuun. With one more gu to take.
LEG 15: 6.7 MILES; HARDleg15

Getting ready to hit the road AGAIN. I had a tank top on but decided to change it last minute. It was cooling down. I was happy about that!!

I started off at what I thought was a conservative pace. I started off running into the sunset which sucked a little because I opted not to run with my sunglasses. My first mile was 10:03. I never saw a 10 again. Whoa. WAY.TOO.FAST. I still had another 10+ miler in 8 hours! I was hitting miles between 9:52-9:58. What?! I was feeling good. I killed 2 people on this leg. My “night” leg is always the best (in my relay experience). It was the perfect running temperature! I thought I should probably slow down but I never really did. My pace was very steady. My breath was steady. I cruised into exchange 15 with a smile on my face. I saw Abbey and Alana! I screamed I was going to fast. They screamed…SLOW DOWN!!


I kept up the pace for the entire leg. I felt really strong and happy. I had just read Kristen’s post on positive thinking. I thought about that and how I have become mentally stronger in the last 18 months. Being positive has a huge impact on my mental strength!! I was so happy that I had read that before I went out. I had been positive all day but it just gave me just a little bit more for the road!!

I had another kill. Here was the dialog:
Me: Looking good, keep it up!
The guy: (looks miserable) thanks, I wish this was over
Me: We are almost done!
The guy: (looks happier) REALLY??
Me: Well about 1/2 way done. (I really wanted to say I was on mile 8.5 with 2 to go, you are on 2 with 2 to go, suck.it.up) 🙂

It had gotten dark right before I exchanged with Abbey for the 2nd time!

Leg 2 DONE! 10.7 miles; 1:46; Average pace: 9:56 min/miles

Again. Chocolate milk and “wet wipe” shower. I could not wait to get to exchange 18 because there was a pasta feed. Real food finally!!!! We barely made it. They were getting ready to close down shop at midnight. Just spaghetti and red sauce and brownies. HELLO! PERFECT!

I was resting my eyes a little in between stops. I totally missed Deception Pass. (Which is gorgeous–but I saw it last year.) Sleep was way more important! 🙂 At about 3 I was hungry again. We stopped to get gas. Alana wanted a soda so I thought that would be a good idea. Give me a little bit of caffeine. I got a root beer and another bag of chips. I NEVER EVER drink soda and rarely eat chips but they were delicious. It was probably more the lack of sleep and hunger that did it! I had another cat nap after that snack. Woke again hungry and now it was time to start thinking about a “pre-race” meal. Another uncrustable and the other 1/2 of the first bag of chips.

I was projected to go right before 8. Somehow we lost Ellen or Ellen just got lost.

Long story long….we did not see her in route to exchange 25…she never showed to exchange 25 so we thought she was just faster than projected so we headed to exchange 26…we got a random call from a guy that said she was lost and about 1.5 miles from exchange 26…perfect…we get there I quickly use the restroom, apply body glide, take a gu, and I was ready.

No Ellen, No Ellen. Bob got another call from her and she was back at exchange 24….needless to say I didn’t start until after 9. She felt super bad!! What can you do…shit happens! We weren’t trying to set any records! 🙂

In the meantime Alana and I hung at exchange 26.

I met Lauren who was also doing an ultra with Six Pack with Racks. We had been tweeting. They were behind us but caught up. :). She is also doing Hood To Coast with Nuun! We later figured out she is in my van! Go Team Lemonade!

Back to exchange 26. Bob and the girls were back and Ellen was minutes away from coming in. I was all of a sudden starving. Well that’s great! There was nothing to do but run. I had another bottle of Gatorade/Nuun and a gu to go.

I told them I would exchange a bottle of Nuun and a handful of twizzlers at about mile 4ish. I front loaded with the Gatorade. My stomach sloshed a bit but quickly got over.


I had no idea what my legs had in store for me. They felt good. Up and down some hills. Cruising right along. Exchange 27 came and went fast. I killed one. I was eyeing a couple gals but the leg was too short!!


Now the real work started! I started with a very hard leg and I was ending with a very hard leg. Second kill. Talked to her for a minute. I wished I would have talked a little longer. I got to Alana and Abbey. They had a bottle and twizzlers for me. I asked if the girl in white was right behind me. They said yes and there was no time to chat. I was off again!

I had a flat section. We were right on the water. It was cool. Again perfect temperature! Saw the van again right before the first “mountain”! I got another handful of twizzlers and eyed the 3 people walking up the mountain. I was doing a walk/run. Killed the first girl. And the second girl. It took me a while to get to the third girl. She was run/walking too. This was my slowest mile of the relay: 11:43. I think it was mile 6. Finally caught Jennifer and we had a good stretch of running and talking.

I finally killed her! Onto the second “mountain.” I was walking but could feel someone right behind me. I naturally started to run and he says are we running this. I said I guess. Michael and I ran a good mile together.

I was still feeling relatively good. I was at mile 8ish and thought I could probably go without the gu but decided the sugar and caffeine would probably be good. Took a half there and the other half at 9ish. I felt strong. Abbey was barely ready for me to come in cause I am SO FAST. Ha!

LEG 3 Done-zo! 10.5 miles; 1:47; Average pace: 10:16 minute/miles

I was so happy to be done!! Had another chocolate milk and changed my shirt. I was dreaming of a shower and real food! I had to wait until exchange 30. Not too far away!!

We had a rolling party while cheering Alana on. We did not have one stick last year and everyone but me had one this year. (Key: to have for a relay) Everyone had a different sort of one which was fun!

The sun finally made an appearance and it was all of a sudden hot. Our first POWER ARCH was not until exchange 33. What were we waiting for!

Our last POWER ARCH for Amy at exchange 35 (and another friend from the ultra stupid team)

We were DONE! FINISHED!! 33:xx hours! So much fun!

As a team, we racked up 121 kills. I was obviously not the leader in that category with only 11 but I felt good about my 11. 🙂

Another Ragnar in the books! What an adventure!!

Ragnar Northwest Passage Part 1

23 Jul

I want to introduce you to my 2013 Ultra Dicey Ragnar Northwest Passage team.

Runner 1: ELLEN

Finished her first leg!

Finished her first leg!

I have known Ellen for 2 years. We have done Ragnar the last 2 years together. She is the only one who wanted to tackle the “ultra” division again. She is very quiet. But sometimes we can get her to talk. She is an amazing runner! She is going for a BQ in Chicago this year!

Runner 2: ME

Getting pumped up to start!

Getting pumped up to start!

Well you all know me. This will be my 5th relay. 2nd Ultra relay.

Runner 3: ABBEY

Waiting to start her first leg

Waiting to start her first leg

Abbey is an ultra runner and Ironman. I have known her for many years. She has been super busy with life and has not been able to train as much as she would have liked BUT she still killed the 36 miles she ran this weekend.

Runner 4: SHAWN

FINISHED 38.5 MILES and still smiling!

FINISHED 38.5 MILES and still smiling!

I have only known Shawn for 10 days. I had a great time getting to know her this weekend. She was our last minute sub. She went out there and did the toughest and longest leg. She has done 13 half marathons this year alone. Totally amazing runner.

Runner 5: ALANA

Killing her third leg and our friend from the ultra stupid team

Killing her third leg and our friend from the ultra stupid team

Alana is a good friend for a long time. She is an amazing runner and Ironman. She also has an 8 month year old. She said she didn’t train as much as she wanted but she was pushing Emilia in a stroller on her runs so that has to account for something!! Her longest leg was her third and it was a half-marathon.

Runner 6: AMY

Going out on a VERY HOT first leg

Going out on a VERY HOT first leg

I met Amy when I was promoting Ragnar at the Racecenter expo in February. Talk about an amazing runner. She lost 85 pounds, looks great, loves her coffee, and runs like an animal. She still has a flip phone with no data package. We gave her shit all weekend long!

Driver: BOB

He likes wine but didn't have a beer until we were all done!

He likes wine but didn’t have a beer until we were all done!

Bob is Ellen’s hubby. He has drove us through Washington the last 2 years. He is a total rock star. I am pretty sure we would not have survived without him! In addition to the almost 800 miles he drove us this weekend, he also did our timing. At EVERY exchange he got out and clocked us. Even from the hours of 2-5 in the early am on Saturday when the rest of us “could not” get out of the van because we were sleeping or too cold or too tired, he got out for us!!

This all started Thursday at noon. We drove up to Blaine from Portland. After a few stops in Portland, Vancouver, and SeaTac we had our whole team and this adventure was going to start. We arrived in Bellingham at about 5. We ended up going to the same restaurant as last year (by accident), D’Anna’s Café Italiano. We sat in the exact same table too.

We hit up Fred Meyer for a few last minute things. We decorated the van. To bed we went for an early 6am wake up call.

We had to be at the start line at about 7 to get checked in.

We have to go through a safety briefing. Just keeping us safe out there.

Start Line:

Rolling the dice! Under the start arch!

Rolling the dice! Under the start arch!

We quickly got a picture at the Peace Arch.

Peace Arch State Park

Peace Arch State Park

All of a sudden it was GO TIME!!! Ellen was off and running….

Ragnar Packing List

18 Jul


As I was preparing for Ragnar NWP this weekend I quickly found out I did not have a packing list. Like triathlon packing I have a file in my head of what I need and how to pack. This will be my 5th running relay. I guess I have another file for what to pack in my head as well. It is a little more fuzzy than my triathlon one so I thought I would get it on paper.

Before I even start this list I have to tell you that I am a minimalist. I do not bring a lot of extra “stuff”. I bring the necessities and that is it!

SET OUT: 3 sets of clothes. PUT THEM IN: 3 separate plastic baggies. This alleviates having to dig through your bag for all the different parts of each clothing change.

**In my opinion, this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of packing for a relay. ANY RELAY!**

In each baggie:
visor (or hat)
sports bra
compression socks

2 pairs of running shoes–I have always taken only 1 pair but I am getting crazy this year and taking 2.


2 pairs of shorts
a couple tank tops/shirts
1 sweatshirt
sweat pants
Pjs (for hotel rooms)

**Another tip: This is just what I do but it works pretty well. After each leg I take a “relay shower” which consists of going into the porty potty or van and wiping down with a wet wipe. Then proceeding to put on the next legs outfit. You are “half-way” clean, less sweaty, stinky and you are all set for your next leg. This eliminates bringing “hang out” clothes.**

Reflexive vest
Hand-held water bottle or fuel belt (more for ultras…but if it is going to be hot it could be a good idea also)
Racebelt (or just pin your bib on your shirt)
Body glide
Road ID
Gu, gels, bars, nutrition


Chargers for everything!

Towel–You will want to take a real shower at some point
Sleeping bag–If you are able to sleep a bit

Chocolate milk

Coconut water
Nuun hydration kit
Peanut butter pretzels
Big box of wet wipes/baby wipes

Van decorations/blue tape/window markers
Now supposedly these are the BEST window markers. We had a team swear by them last year. I will do a full review if they are that good or bad. 🙂

Here is our shirt. Ellen designed it for us. Our team name is “Ultra Dicey” She got us our shirts through Custom Ink. They did a great job. They are women’s specific and cute.

I am packed and already to go. I hope I have everything!!

UPDATE ON yesterdays TIPS post: My friend, Sherrie, who was a part of my Comin’ In Ultra Hot team from last year brought to my attention that I failed to mention: RUNNING!!
Tip #10: This is an ultra. You will most likely be going your half marathon pace instead of 10K pace. Slow it down a bit. Especially for your first leg. Just getting through the first leg at a little slower pace will guarantee you have a good 2nd/3rd leg! If you go all out and kill yourself the first leg you will not have anything in the tank for your 2nd/3rd.

In my experience. My first leg is just a tad slower than I want it to be. My second leg is right on pace and every time my best leg. My third leg is much harder but still on pace. 🙂

Moral of the story: PACE YOURSELF!!! IT IS A LONG 30 HOURS!!

Do you have any other tips and/or items to add??

Tips on Running an Ultra Relay

18 Jul


I have run the Ragnar Northwest Passage(NWP) relay twice. My first ever relay was NWP 2011. We had a 12 person team. After that weekend on the ride home we decided that we would do an ultra relay(6 person team) in 2012. 5 of the 6 of us in our van were in. We were on a huge high from the weekend. We picked our legs, our new team name, costumes, and everything was set before we even got back to Portland!

Lets back up for a minute. A relay is when you get your 11 closest friends or 5 closest friends to run 200 miles with you, sit in a van sweaty for 30 hours, and have a great time at it!!

As the twelve months went by we ran and planned. Executed an awesome 1st for all of us ultra relay. We decided that it was hard and most of us did not want to do it again. But Ellen and I are back for round 2!! Suckas!!

At the start line in Blaine, WA at the Peace Arch 2012.

Tips on how to have a great race:

1–TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. Train like you are training for a half marathon. Lots of running. Duh! Do long runs on Saturday and Sunday. A month to go: do some double days. Run in the morning and run in the evening. That gets your body used to running twice in a day. Schedule a few runs (of the length that you will be running in your relay) for Saturday am, Saturday pm, and Sunday am to let you feel how it will feel come race weekend.

2–Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. The week before the race lots of water and electrolytes. Especially if it will be hot. In 2011 it was pretty hot but in 2012 it rained and it was cooler. My electrolyte of choice is Nuun. Nuun is partnering with Ragnar this year and I won a team hydration kit for us this year. Awesome! Thanks Nuun!!

3–Re-fuel, Re-fuel, Re-fuel. Make sure you are carbing up leading into the race! It is so important to refuel after you have run. My choice is chocolate milk. For ultras I drink a double and for regulars I drink a single. Make sure you are eating between your legs. Carbs and easy digestible foods. Uncrustables, peanut butter pretzels, fruit, licorice, Gatorade. Eat meals when you can depending on when you will be running.

4–Rest. As much as you can. Try and take little naps or just close your eyes for a few minutes. When doing an ultra the van is always on the move. There is no down time like a regular relay. You have to rest when you can. Bring a eye mask and ear plugs if you need them.

5–Get a 15 passenger van. You have more room to maneuver around. We designate the back bench for “sleeping.” It may cost a little extra but in the long run it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

6–Have a driver. Another important key for ultras. You are so tired, the last thing you want to do is have to drive. Bob was our driver last year and luckily enough he is Ellen’s hubby so he is driving us again this year. SCORE!

7–MOTIVATION. Getting 6 people together to run 200 miles is one thing. Executing is another. Cheering and leaping frogging your runners is part of the fun of a relay. Making sure your runner is doing ok. Cowbelling for them. Keeping them motivated to finish that leg and being ready to do it again hours later.

8–Recovery. Having a “stick” on hand. Ellen forgot ours last year so I had to make friends and borrow theirs. Compression socks, pants, sleeves will work wonders. If you have them wear them in between legs. Wearing them while running if that’s your thing.

10–PACE YOURSELF. This is an ultra. You will most likely be going your half marathon pace instead of 10K pace. Slow it down a bit. Especially for your first leg. Just getting through the first leg at a little slower pace will guarantee you have a good 2nd/3rd leg! If you go all out and kill yourself the first leg you will not have anything in the tank for your 2nd/3rd.

In my experience. My first leg is just a tad slower than I want it to be. My second leg is right on pace and every time my best leg. My third leg is much harder but still on pace. 🙂

Moral of the story: PACE YOURSELF!!! IT IS A LONG 30 HOURS!!

10–Have Fun. Do not think too hard about it. Keep your hydration, fueling, and motivation up, and you will have no problem having an epic relay!!

After 30 hours of running, eating, driving, and no sleeping we were done & still smiling 2012:

Who wants to do an ultra relay now??