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“Training” has begun!

26 Mar

I feel like I have waited all year to start “training!” Don’t get me wrong I have been training but I finally put together a 12 week build for Victoria 70.3. I incorporated my RNR Portland plan inside the Victoria plan.
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.30.05 PM

Since I am not using a coach this year, because this is my “fun” year, I developed a 12 week plan to Victoria.
I spent all Sunday afternoon working on this. I figured I would get a job as soon as I finished the plan. I know I know I should just input it into Training peaks so I can see the green boxes but I like to do things old school and cross them out as they are completed! 🙂

I have a few different plans from some Triathlete magazine articles that I went off of! I have done this long enough I how what I “should” be doing and what I “shouldn’t” be doing!! 🙂

I decided to stop running for about 3 weeks. Good timing with training starting right?! My foot has been good but I wanted to rest my IT Band and hope for the best!! I consulted with Taylor who had some problems with her ITB. I have been stretching and strengthening my glutes and hips! I got a massage today and she did a number on my ITB. Holy shit! I mean my massages regularly hurt but she really got in there!!

Other than that my biking has been good. Swimming has been great. I did another swimming TT test on Tuesday and nailed my 200s today!

I also got a job yesterday. (I jinxed myself) I don’t think that my plan will change much but I will be biking much further than I did to my last job. Not sure how that will affect my training! I will most likely be more hungry and tired!

The weather was awesome today! Tiffany and I went for a walk around the Laurelhurst neighborhood. Not in the training plan(wink-wink) but it was a fun to get outside other than to bike and run!!

Laurelhurst Park

Laurelhurst Park

Last but not least Nuun has finally got sweat bands. One of my favorite running accessories. You can get one too!! For a few more days you can go shop at Nuun and with every order until 3/30 you can get a wristband! Holla!! #nuunlove
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.43.55 PM

How is your training going?

The LAST of Ragnar Training!

16 Feb

I am taking on my 4th Ultra relay this coming weekend! I have prepared for each of them a little different. The first one I definitely trained the hardest. I think because I was the most nervous!!! The 2nd/3rd ones were in between triathlon season/recovering from a marathon. This one I was a little more nervous about my foot.
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.59.25 AM

Once I figured out the foot thing I felt better about running more miles. I can’t believe next weekend is happening next weekend. We signed up for this when we were still in our–finished–Ironman–endorphin–phase. I think most of the team just wanted to put a race on the schedule! I have been wanting to do Del Sol for a while. The weather should be great. I think that it will be a little hot while we are running but shorts and tanks here we come!!

Here is the extended forecast! It was supposed to be in the 70s but now in the 80s! WE.ARE.IN.TROUBLE!

I have been doing a few doubles the last couple of weeks but I wanted to get in a triple before last weekend: To seal up the training so I can “taper”!!

The plan was to do my split run Thursday morning; hilly run Thursday night; long run Friday morning.

Thursday morning: 3.5 miles to the gym. 1 hour strength work out (including a mile run within). 3.5 miles home. Felt pretty good. My average home was faster than my run there! Booyah!

Thursday night we were already to go for a run. Literally in our clothes and all of our reflective stuff outside doing our dynamic stretching and Bam I got this side ache. Not like a regular side ache but a weird one. After 10 minutes I decided we couldn’t go. Every step hurt. We scrapped the run and I was pissed!! Dan kept reminding me that I had already worked out, it was no biggie!!

I decided I would do the long run Friday morning as planned. I did 11 miles. It started a little rough. But ended good. The sun was out and “warm.” I wanted to wear a short sleeve shirt but decided on a long sleeve because it was going to be hot when I am running next weekend! Suns out guns out!!
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 9.37.46 AM

{Very quick side note: Love Channing! Just saw the preview for Magic Mike XL! Holy smokes!}

Friday night we did the hilly run we were supposed to do on Thursday. It was hard but good. I was pumped that I had finished 26 miles in 2 days. Or 34.5 miles in 4 days!!!

ARIZONA here we come!!!

Training as of Late!

18 Sep

I realized the other day that I have not really talked about my training for the New York City Marathon. About a month before Ironman I was thinking how I can not believe that I have to train for a marathon when I am done with the Ironman. After some recovering and easy runs I started “training” for the marathon. We decided that we would take the training conservative because I had beaten up my body enough with the Ironman. I had enough endurance for days. I would do 3 runs a week. Plus some biking and little swimming. I would work on tempo or hill repeats, longer “base” runs with speed built-in, and a long run.

Let me step away from the marathon and tell you about our bike ride around Crater Lake. A bunch of months ago we found out that Crater Lake would have 2 days of 24 miles of NO-CAR roads.
crater lake

AWESOME!! I have been wanting to ride the rim for a long time. The rim is 33 miles but it is not for the faint at heart. The elevation is about 6000ft and we climb 3000ft. Here is what the cycling brochure says:

We plan to take it super easy. Take lots of stops and enjoy the scenery. Take lots of snacks. Have fun. Take lots of pictures! Next weekend is the big adventure! I am a little nervous but we keep saying this is for fun and we are going to take it easy! 🙂

We have been on a couple of rides. I have been doing mostly inside stuff. Erica, Stephanie, and I took advantage of one of our last nice weekends of dry weather!

I swam a couple of times but nothing serious on that front. I usually like to take a long hiatus away from swimming after the big race. I guess to let my shoulders have a break for a while. Once I am done with the big ride I think I will go back to the pool more. When I went the other day I thought I might die so maybe it is time to go back at least once a week.

Back to the marathon. My running has been good. I am very excited. I am going into my last block of “big” training before I go into taper. I am trying to keep the momentum alive!! I am really enjoying my runs these days as well. It helps that I am not training hard for 3 sports. I am not tired all the time nor hungry. What a good feeling!

44 day countdown to having dessert again NYC Marathon.

How is your training?!

Ironman Canada Training Week #14

12 May

With 11 weeks until Ironman. It is only going to get tougher from here. We have 2 big training camps coming up. To say I am scared shitless is an understatement. I am ready to get stronger and more fit as we continue to build. I just hope we can continue with some good weather. 🙂


Here is how Week 14 looked!

Sunday: The ride from hell. 54 miles with 3500 feet elevation gain.
Here was the weather forecast:
Lets talk first about the 50% chance of precipitation. It turned into 100% as soon as our wheels were down! It was off/on and super annoying. What was even worse was the wind! As you can see it only got worse as the morning went on.
Kat had 2 flat tires and I had got a flat. It was just one thing after another!
Moral of the story: What does not kill us is only going to make us stronger!

We were a long way from home!!

We were a long way from home!!

Monday: Spin class—> hard class. Not sure if it was dead legs from yesterdays ride or if it was just hard in general! 🙂

11 mile bike commute

Tuesday: 3000 yard swim. It was all about 50s this week. Holy smokes.
Warm up; drills/kicks; 30 x 50: decreasing the time of the interval by after 10 and 20; some 100s of varying speed within the 100.

Run: 1st run post Big Sur: 6.25 miles. I was sorta nervous. It went really well and I felt great! I ran the big hill that is on the RNR Portland course that is next week!! + Core work out.

7 mile bike commute

Wednesday: strength work out: different kind of squats, KB swings, push-ups.
The girls went out for a ride and I was stuck on the trainer because I didn’t have enough time. It was tough too. Single leg drills. Lots of sprinting. Max power. Standing sprints.

Swim: 2700 yards: warm up: drills, fast/slow, builds: 6×100 descending 1-3; ascending 4-6—> almost threshold; MORE 50s—>threshold big time.

Thursday: 7.4 mile run; hill repeats; 2 minutes hard up and walk 1 minute down. (2 mile hill)

Swim 3200 yards: warm up: 3x {300-200-100} (as an endurance set, tempo set, and threshold set) with more hard 50s in between set. This was the swim I nearly had a costume malfunction. I was wearing an old suit that is a little big(or worn out) and I thought it would be ok. It.Was.Not! If that was not bad enough. I was sharing a lane with a woman and we hit hands. For the whole rest of the 50 I literally thought I broke my hand. Not sure whose fault it was but it ended up being ok.

Pi-Yo class: A different teacher. We did more pilates and barely any yoga. At the end she said she is usually a yoga instructor. Interesting. It was a good class though!

We went out with some friends for dinner. We ended up at Salt & Straw with a lot of ice cream.

Friday: Coach’s core work out: Low planks/high planks; cable oblique work; swiss ball crunches/leg lifts/tucks

I was planning on a ride outside since I didn’t get to go out on Wednesday but it was raining. BOOOOOO!

Saturday: Rest day —-> The best day! I worked hard at the mock tri though!! 🙂

Felt great this week! Looking forward to this week and the great weather we are supposed to have!!

Happy training! Anyone have any memorable moments from the weekend?

Ironman Canada Training Week 10

8 Apr

Another great week. Just another re-cap post!!

Sunday: Bonus swim: 3600 yard. Long warm up with some drills. 4 x 500. 2 time trials and some buoy/paddle work. I was pleased with my TT times (and they were about the same)! 5×100 Fast on 2:00. Cool down.

Monday: 1 hour spin class + 10 minute of core

7 mile bike commute

Tuesday: 3300 yard swim. This was killer. Today was all about the 100s. 100s on 2:00; more 100s on 1:50; and to make it worse 100s on 1:45. With 10x 25s in between those sets; builds, hypoxic, and FAST ones!! Tough day to be in the pool!

Run: 5.22 mile: rolling hills + Dozen core routine. Felt decent! This run was part of an experiment I have been working on. I will disclose those results (probably) tomorrow.

7 mile bike commute

Wednesday: Strength; 2 sets with multiple rounds of walking lunges; squats or deadlifts; abs; push-ups!
40 minute trainer ride: warm up with some builds/climbs; 8 minute tempo; 8 minutes max (on and off); 8 minute threshold

2900 yard swim: We did our “sprint” last week of the month work out even though it was the first week of the month. warm up; lots of 50s building and descending; we did 3 sets of 100 easy with 4×25 (broken 100) with :10R. Interesting to compare those (1:22, 1:24, 1:21) to the 100 time trial (1:31). Some of us were faster in the broken 100s which I would expect. I feel like I was working much harder on those than I did on the time trial. But one girl was faster on the TT. (She is super fast too!!)

Thursday: 4 miler with Dan that was early enough that we had to wear our reflective stuff. I was not super excited to get up early but it was fun to run with him! + 30 minute core work out from coach. Lots of planks and hip movements!

10 mile bike commute

Friday: Rest day! BEST day!

5 mile bike commute

Saturday: 18.3 mile run flat with some big hills after mile 12. I started losing it mentally at 13-16ish. I was tired. It was raining. I was soaked. Did I not have enough breakfast? Did I need another GU? I was not sure! I did this without music. I really wanted it to go well and it was not great!! Bird Legs will be in town this weekend. Perfect timing because we can do our last 20 miler before Big Sur together!!

I will leave you with this!!

Ironman Canada Training Week #6 and #7

21 Mar


Week 6 Training:
Swim: 8000 yards
Bike: 59 miles
Run: 24.3 miles
Core: 2 + (2 short sets)
Strength: 1

This week started with the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K. This was a “recovery” week. About the same mileage just not the intensity of a “regular” week. A couple of great swims. The runs and trainer rides were easy for the exception of the power bike test on Saturday. I finished up being under the weather and felt relatively good! 🙂

Week 7 Training:
Swim: 8300 yards
Bike: 58 miles
Run: 9.1 miles
Core: 1 + (2 short sets)
Strength: 1

Swims were good. We did a “special” set at Masters this week. After warming up and doing some secondary warm up sets. We were doing 50s on the 1:01. But the kicker was we had to be back by the time the second hand was on the 60. They got shorter and harder as the intervals went on. I got through 16. I thought I would be able to do a few more than that but now I will have a baseline the next time we do the set.

We did lots of climbing on the bike this week! Plus we didn’t do our usual brick on Saturday because coach wanted us to be fresh for the Shamrock run!

Runs: my first track work out since before RNRAZ. 6 x 800’s. I was not sure what to aim for but I did better than I thought after not doing speed for the last 2 months! 🙂

Boring couple of weeks. But feeling good. The mileage is about to get real very very soon! We are outside riding in T minus 2 weeks and my bike mileage is going to double!

Ironman Canada Training Weeks 1-3

18 Feb

This is long overdue. I want to try to get better at putting up a weekly re-cap or at least a bi-monthly re-cap.

IMC Training Week 1
Swim: 7250 yards
Bike: 94 miles
Run: 7.4 miles
Core: 2
Strength: 1

3 solid swim days. I would have more miles on the bike but I had 2 flats that week. (I finally got a new tire!) I was still recovering from the marathon and not wanting to run a lot of miles. That 7.4 miles was tacked onto the end of a bike ride at our usual brick work out on Saturday. Welcome back to running with A LOT of elevation gain through the trails.

IMC Training Week 2
Swim: 4500 yards
Bike: 48 miles
Run: 23.2 miles
Core: 1
Strength: 1

This was Ragnar Keys week. Usual work outs at the beginning of the week before leaving for Florida.

IMC Training Week 3
Swim: 7450 yards
Bike: 45 miles
Run: 19
Core: 3
Strength: 1

Back to work. Base building until April!

A couple great swims with a 1000 time trial in one session. I had never done a 1000TT before. I was not sure how to pace it or how it would go. I put a time on it but had no idea if I could hit that number or not. I did with time to spare. I was super excited. I tried not to go out too fast so I could pick it up a little at the end. I probably could have done it a little faster but I was more than happy with my time!! 🙂

Solid trainer rides. I have been having a problem with my power meter so I still have little data on that front but should be all fixed tomorrow. (crossing my fingers). It is so different riding the trainer with friends than on my own. So.Much.Better!!

No commuting miles with lots of snow and slush on the ground! 😦

Tuesday/Thursday runs were great. My 9 miler (part of the brick) was tough. It was pouring rain. I had low energy. On the trails again. I was happy to have survived! What does not kill us only makes us stronger. (I just keep telling myself that!)

I did 2 pi-yo classes and the core session from my coach (which included 9.5 minutes of planks–broken up). What I don’t count on the core sessions: is a core routine from my old Friday morning class and The Dozen routine. I usually do those 1-2x a week depending on how much time I have! 🙂

How has your training been lately??
Has anyone tried “The Dozen” routine?