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Track + Cycling + Catching Fire

21 Nov

1. I have not been to the track since the week of Chicago. Maybe 6 weeks ago? There has definitely been a decline in my speed. Yes I have been recovering but I need to get back to it! Today was that day. I have 8 weeks until RNR Arizona Marathon. There is definite work to be done. I did 8×400. It was ok. It was cold, headwind, and ice on about 20% of the track. It probably could have gone worse! 🙂

2. I am back to riding my bike to work. The temperature has dropped considerably this week. Miserable. I have gone through 3 or 4 pairs of good cycling gloves in the past year. I had a MT Hard Wear pair forever that I loved and forgot them somewhere. Bought a new pair and started to love them and forgot them somewhere. It is a vicious cycle! The last pair I lost was right before summer so I did not bother to buy another pair.

Now that it is “winter” again and my hands were numb for 15 minutes last night when I got home after just wearing my running gloves…I have decided to buy a new pair! Like tomorrow!

Cold winter cycling tip: wear a pair of latex gloves under your gloves. I did that on my way home from the office this afternoon. Worked like a charm!

3. Who is excited for Catching Fire to start tomorrow??!! I rented Hunger Games this afternoon to prepare to see Catching Fire in the next couple of weeks!

Catching Fire trailer (if you do not know what I am talking about)

What was the last track work out you did?
Are you going to see Catching Fire this weekend??

First of 2 Experiments this week!

28 Sep

I feel like I am pretty realistic with my goals. I have been wavering what pace group I should join in Chicago. I would love to do a 4:30. I would be happy with a 4:40. After my last 23 miler, I decided that a 4:35 would be in my range. I thought I would start with the 4:40 group and at the half mark I would try to make up the 5 minutes.

I got a tip from a past competitor: You should get with your pace group and stay there. The race is too crowded to just “speed” up. Now I have this dilemma of starting with the 4:40 and having too much juice at the end. OR I could start with the 4:30 and risk the burn up at the end. OR Just starting in the middle of the 2 groups and trying to stay on pace for a 4:35.

I read Kristen’s post the other day and she mentioned the Yasso 800s. She asked if anyone used them to predict their marathon time? I thought well I do 800s and of course I have heard of Bart Yasso but a marathon prediction?

I did some research and found a couple good articles:
McMillian Running–>had 3 great marathon predictors. (which include the 800s)
Bart Yasso–>talked about the Yasso 800s.
I also found a race predictor calculator.

With that information I decided to conduct an experiment. Dan and I hit the track for 10x800s. I was NERVOUS! The last time I did 800s they were not as fast as I would have liked. I thought oh man what if these are slow!??

My only real goal was to do 10 at 4:25 pace because all the research I did the prediction was always +5 minutes. I knew if I would do them all in 4:25 +5 minutes —> 4:30 would probably be pretty realistic! Right where I would LOVE to finish Chicago!

The experiment commenced at 5:45 Thursday night. Dan and I ran to the track for a 1 mile warm up. I did some dynamic stretching while he did some strides. I wanted to start out conservatively but I hit a 4:16. Good but too fast.

I hit a 4:11, 4:10, 4:10, 4:09 to round out the first 5. WTF???? I could not believe it. I thought well I will just keep going hard until I can’t anymore. My second half was even better: 4:08, 4:08, 4:08, 4:11, and 4:08. My average was 4:09:9. WHAT????????

Now lets be realistic here. There is no way I will be able to run a 4:15 marathon(4:10 + 5minutes). I will be shocked but by this information I have decided to go with the 4:30 pace group.

Two more tiny pieces of information here: 1) I wanted chocolate/peanut butter malt balls a snack at about 2 but one of my co-workers wanted a coffee. I went with a black and white mocha. The caffeine. It is a saint!! 2) My normal track day is on Tuesday after I have done a spin class Monday night. My rest day is Wednesday. So I had 2 things going for me!! 🙂

My other predictors:
Based on my 10K: 4:30:06
Based on my half marathon: 4:23:30

This is why the marathon is so MENTAL!! My body can run a (maybe) 4:15 but my mind says hell no!


Here is to the 14 day countdown. I got my participant handbook in the mail. I read it from cover to cover and if you could not already tell: I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!!

My second experiment is happening on tomorrow..Stay tuned!

Who has done the Chicago Marathon? What was your perspective in the way of pace groups or running a negative split?

Threshold Efforts!

23 Apr

I do not drink coffee very often. On a typically week Tuesday is the only day I drink a coffee. I am beginning to really understand why people drink coffee. I get so tired at work, maybe because my job is so boring, I feel like I could fall asleep sitting up. Those are the days that I wish I drank coffee. There is no real reason why I do not drink it. I never got in the habit of it so I will drink one once in a while!


Here is my usual Tuesday schedule:
4:45–alarm goes off, up, dressed, Clif bar eaten
5:00–barely awake get on my bike to ride to swim
5:30-7:00–swim…usually FAST
7:00-7:30–catch up with Erica and Laura about life, training, and other fun things
7:30-9:15–eat bagel, drink a mocha, and blog
9:30-11–run around a big circle, a lot of times, and FAST
11:30–work the rest of the day and try not to fall asleep while sharp instruments are in my patients mouths!


If you read my week 13 recap then you will know that my regular pool had no hot water last Thursday and still has no hot water which means I did not have to get up early to swim!! YES!!! BUT NO COFFEE!!

First let me tell you about my swim. Threshold day! You know that I hate those days! Especially by myself! After a long warm up of swimming, pulling, kicking, and some fast/slow stuff I got into the actual work. I was pleasantly surprised that I held the pace on all 8x200s! I was super excited! I swam by myself for most of the work out. I had a guy get into my lane after the 1st 200. He said: You look like you have a pretty good pace. I said: I am trying! That put a bit of fuel in the fire. We never talked again. I only had a 20 second break after every 200 and I think he only lasted maybe 6 or 800! If he had been cute maybe I would have talked longer. 🙂

After this was done I only had an hour to re-fuel for the track work-out. Really I could have maybe had a coffee but was not sure how my stomach would be. Instead I had a granola bar and a cherry limeade gu.

I got to the track and Amy had planned out 1200 and 800s. She split the group into the newbies and the veterans. We the veterans had a doozy. 4 FULL MILES OF SPEED! The thing I really like about Amy’s “class” is she only tells us part by part what we are doing. We typically do 3 miles of speed. No not today!! Dang it. Here is how it went:
1600 warm up
1200(6:25); maybe 90 seconds rest 1200(6:29) 2-3 minutes rest while getting our next instruction
800(4:19); jog a lap; 800(4:17); 2-3 minutes while getting our next instruction
800(4:15); 90ish seconds rest; 400(2:01) Which I thought was going to be the last of the last! a couple of minutes rest
Progressive 400s (meaning breaking the lap into swift, swifter, swiftest, and fast) We were not supposed to watch the clock but since I am neurotic I did: 2:07, 2:05, 2:02
Now if that was not a enough we did 2×100 sprints.
800 cool down
total: 6ish miles

Now to give you some idea of how I did. I did pretty good especially for such a long work out. I was off on my paces just a touch. I felt relatively good but I think the coffee definitely HELPS OUT A TON!!! I guess the experiment could be doing this exact work-out but having coffee between the swim and the run and see how I hold up! Do I want to try…NO!! I will just go back to having a coffee between! 🙂

These were my last threshold efforts for swimming and running. My last biking threshold will be on Thursday. Wildflower is coming…READY OR NOT!!

When you do a track work out, how many miles of speed do you do?

2 pieces of EXCITING NEWS

17 Apr

I got an email from my coach with my updated threshold numbers based on my Race for the Roses 5K. I looked at the numbers:
400s: 2:04
800s: 4:13
1200s: 6:25
1600s: 8:41

Now that I know the numbers I feel like the pressure is really on!

1st bit of EXCITING news:
Track Work-out. Practice. Class. commenced at 9:30 yesterday morning. The sun was out but it was COLD! Amy told us we were going to do mile repeats! DANG!

I can not even remember when the last time I did mile repeats. Maybe in IMAZ training?! Of course I had to go through my log and find them! Now most type A people use Training Peaks or some sort of log. Sarah made up a spreadsheet training log that is pretty bad-ass. It probably works good too.

I on the other hand just write notes about my workouts in a notebook. It is hell trying to find something but I like writing it out old school. That being said. I found (what I think) is the last time I did mile repeats. May 29, 2012. 9:13. 9:08. 9.10. Almost a year ago. I can not believe it has been that long. –OR– I just missed one, which is quite possible!

Back to yesterdays workout. I was nervous to do miles. Obviously it has been a while. We were going to do 3. Hard as you can but keep up the pace for all 3. I knew if I needed to do a 8:41 mile I would need to average 2:10 per lap. I pretty much hit on the dot the first lap, a tense faster the second lap, wanted to try for a little more the third, and take it home for the fourth.

Remember when I did that 8:33 mile?

I totally crushed it!! 8:24. 8:25. 8.31. So Amazing! Not sure how I pulled it off but I did! I guess I am getting faster. Who knew that would be possible. 🙂 That was my BIG GOAL for the year.

I was chosen for the Nuun Hood To Coast Team!!! This is how I found out:

I promptly checked my email and the nuun blog. Sure enough I was chosen. They had almost 100 applications. I guess the 12 days of Running was a success. Do you think my teammates will want to sing that in the van?! Kara and I both got selected. So Exciting!!!

Thanks NUUN for this opportunity for such an epic adventure!!

Did anyone else have a good Wednesday?!?

Just another threshold test!

26 Feb

Threshold testing!! In the pool this morning!! So glad it is OVER!


My schedule had strength on the schedule for today and testing on Thursday. I was already getting super anxious for testing. Like I said last week I just feel like I have not made any swim gains. I would be happy to just stay where I am. Perfectly HAPPY!!

Chris, our coach, has been at his own training camp for the last 3 weeks in Tucson. He sent us the work out, Kristy was happy enough to put it on the board for us, and we would proceed to do the swim. He is back and the pressure is on!

I got to the pool this morning and started warming up, not even looking at the work out. We did a typically 1200 warm up and then it happened…I noticed we were doing TESTING…OH SHIT! It was not bad enough that Chris was back but he was super tan and we were doing testing today! 😦

I did not really have time to get anxious about it. I actually thought this is better to be doing it today anyway. I have a hot date wednesday night which entails going to bed late possibly not having a good enough dinner and having to get up early! I thought PERFECT. I had a good nights sleep and a good dinner. Lets just get it over with! It was go time!

We did another 600 of building and fast 25s, 50s, and 75s to prep us for our 400 and 200 TT(time trial).

I did ok. I got lapped in the 400 so that was a few seconds extra and my time was just over my last 400 TT. I took off about 10 seconds in the 200 which made up for it!!

I am just happy it is done. Now I can focus on my track work out. It is another gorgeous day in The Rip City. That always makes running around in circles better when it is not raining! 🙂

I also scored this bagel after swim to refuel for the run:

Happy Tuesday! Anyone have a good or bad work out this morning??

Track + Chicago Marathon

20 Feb

I survived! I survived! I went to track and survived!

Like I said yesterday I was nervous. I really wanted to go out, have a decent run, and run pain-free! SUCCESS! I get to the track and see Amy. She had to do a double take because she was not sure it was me setting foot on the track. She said the work out today was very approachable just starting back. I am pretty sure she always says that but cool! I am just happy to be here!

We do a mile warm-up. She only tells us what is happening next in the work-out. So we do not know what is coming. Probably a good thing!

First up: 1200(3 laps) Progressively faster each lap. After this is when I remembered how much I hated track work-outs. My lungs were on fire! Good time: 6:33. Seemed fast. I hoped that I did not go out too fast!

Secondly: 2×600 with 200 recovery. AGAIN. HARD. Still faster than I remember doing them pre-injury. 3:10; 3:10. We were suppose to do the 2nd one a little “swifter” then the first. But I will take the same time over a slower second one.

Third: 4×400 with 400 recovery. SO HARD! I just kept running as fast as I could. I think it was the 3rd one that I thought my legs were finished. Just kept pushing. 2:07, 2:07, 2:06, 2:04 WHAT? I am still wondering how I pulled those off. I thought about quitting after this set. Then I decided just to finish. I felt good. The sun was shinning. What more could I ask for!

Fourth: 4×200 with 200 recovery. SPRINT! LIKE REALLY A SPRINT! I am not fast but these hurt. The third and fourth one I could feel the bile rising in my throat. GO HARD OR GO HOME! :56, :56, :57, :54

I cannot believe how well I did. I am BACK!!! PAIN-FREE!! I guess all of the hip flexor stretching and glute strengthening has worked. SUPER EXCITED!!

I checked all of my times to a similar work-out in Novemeber. All of my times were faster yesterday! WTF? I am sure REST does a body good. Maybe my body was just telling me to slow it down a bit!! 🙂

While I was sweating it out at the track. Sherrie was signing us up for the Chicago Marathon.

It took a long time to get signed up because of the overwhelming amount of people trying to sign up! Literally hours. But we are all signed up now! My goal was originally sub 4:40 but I might take it down to a sub 4:30. It is going to depend on how my running is going but after today I feel like it is POSSIBLE! THANKS SHERRIE!

What was the last race you signed up for? What is your next race?

Tuesday Track Day

19 Feb

I have been doing a track workout every Tuesday for as long as I can remember. Like 5 years! Wow! That is a long time. They started Tuesday nights with the Portland Tri Club. Paul would lead us in these crazy work-outs. I think my least favorite was 6×800 with a recovery lap but in the recovery lap we would do a steep hill repeat. This began my love/hate relationship with the track. I began to go earlier. I went through a series of training partners: Sheryl (for IMC), Ilana (IMCDA), and Kara (it started with P-town marathon and progressed into many more races). They were all awesome. It always made getting up at the crack of dawn, rain or shine, dark or light, to do the dreaded track work-out BETTER knowing I was meeting one of them.

About a year ago I was running on my own at an odd time because of my work schedule and I ran into Amy. She saw my M-dot tat and we started chatting. She asked if I wanted to join her run group. I said maybe next week. It was too late in the morning for me. I was usually there at 6 and her group did not meet until 930. But I gave it a try the next week and it was awesome! Then I met her husband-to-be, Chris and started doing his masters swim at 530. Great 2 hard workouts in a 5 hour span. Someone kill me PLEASE! I have vastly improved in my swim and run due to them so I have nothing to complain about! 🙂

I am telling you all of this because I am doing my FIRST track workout TODAY! POST-INJURY!! 14 weeks since my last track practice. I AM NERVOUS!!

I am nervous for 3 reasons:
The biggest one being: I will aggravate my newly healed soft tissue.
Secondly: I just do not like to run fast…it hurts too much!
Lastly: It has been way to long since I ran fast in circles(minus my run test last week.)

I am excited for only 1 reason:
I like getting faster and I know this is the ONLY way to get FASTER!

Here I am post-swim and pre-run praying to the running gods that I survive this work out. The sun is shinning so it could not be that bad! The last time I was at the track Shalene Flannagan was there, running crazy fast and gave me some motivation. I could only hope to see her today! I will run with caution and hope for the best!!

I will leave you with this:

Do you love the track or hate the track? Why??