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3 for Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

1!! I am not much of a Thanksgiving person. I am not super into cooking all day, eating, and cleaning up the rest of the night! I do like spending time with my family and thinking about all the things I am thankful for!

I made a couple of pies for the feast. Since I am not a big traditional Thanksgiving person. I am also not a pie person but if you remember I made my first pie crust last year. The coconut cream pie was delicious. We still talk about it at family dinners. They requested it again this year.

I just had a slight problem—> I burned the first batch of coconut I was toasting!
I was focused on rolling out the pie crust and forgot to set the timer!

2nd time was a charm and the cooked pie crust:

Finally product—> looks like last years. (Hopefully it will taste the same) 🙂

I also decided after “the win” at the pie-off I would make the crack pie again. Again I had a bit of trouble with the oven and timing on this one. I think that it all worked out and still looks good.

2!! I had averaged more than 10,000 yards of swimming every week leading up to Ironman Canada this year. I have literally averaged 4000 yards a MONTH since Whistler! But in light of Thanksgiving I thought I would bang out a 4K this morning. I got the idea from my old swim coach. He does a 10k swim every year before Thanksgiving. He added a 7k/4k this year and posted the work-outs.

That gave me a little inspiration to get in a LONNGGGG swim today. If you are interested here are all 3 work-outs.

This is what I did today:

We got in the pool at 10:25 and I told Dan that my goal was to be out of the pool by noon!! It actually wasn’t awful. It went by really fast but my arms felt like jello just before starting the threshold set! I finished at 11:55 and I was starving!

I think this is just what I needed to jump back into the pool regularly!

3!! GONE GIRL! Who has read it or watched the movie?! I finished the book in Costa Rica. I loved the book until literally the last page!! I couldn’t wait to see the movie! I saw the movie last night. What a crazy story! We left the theater and Dan was still saying oh my god…oh my god an hour later!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! What did you make for the feast? Who wants to go to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving next year? 😉

Ironman Canada: Pre-Race & Swim

30 Jul

The time came! Ironman Canada was here! I couldn’t believe we were leaving Portland!!

Arrival Thursday: Check in to condo, get settled in, race registration, grabbed a pizza from Misty Mountain Pizza that was amazing! Bed early!

Friday: We met for a quick ride/run “brick.”
Athlete Briefing. He basically read us the athlete guide!

My mom and aunt arrived in the afternoon. We met up with them and checked out the expo again to show them where everything was happening! Sugoi had a poster center at their booth. My mom and I made signs for Dan and I!
Man had it only been this cloudy and cool on race day!!

Saturday: We took our bikes to transition and dropped our bags at T1/T2.
The group was going for a quick swim. I opted out because we weren’t really swimming, it was choppy, and I didn’t want to wash my hair again. 

Everything was set. We met up with my family and Dan’s family was arriving in the afternoon. We hung out in the shade for a few hours in the afternoon chatting.
Lululemon had a big window sticker of all the Ironman participants! We finally cracked the code and figured out how they were listed! (by age group/alphabetical)


They gave us well wishes and sent us off to make dinner and get in bed early!

Sunday: Go time!! We walked down to T2 to drop our special needs bags. We got on the shuttle to head over to the lake. We got set up, pumped tires, went to the bathroom, talked to some peeps and then it was time to get in the water (about 6:45).
The sun was out in full force!

The calm before the storm!!

The calm before the storm!!


Swim: (goal 1:08-1:10; actual: 1:13) The swim is 2 laps. (unlike IMCdA and I think IMLP—we did not have to get out of the water between laps) Quickie warm up. I got to where I wanted to be. In the front 3 or 4 feet from the buoy. We waded and waded. No countdown. Nothing. The gun went off and we were swimming. It was a total battlefield from the beginning. The entire first stretch was miserable. I was beat up pretty good. A few times I almost got pushed under but I fought back. We got to the first turn buoy and the sun was directly in our eyes. You couldn’t see anything and there was no sighting but trying to keep up. Just hoping everyone around me was “sighting” ok. Finally got to turn again. I finally had some space. I thought great I can finally just swim!! Just like that I was in a huge crowd of people again. I had guys that were literally swimming in a diagonal in front of me. I couldn’t get away from anyone! The first lap went by in what I thought was a fast lap. I didn’t check my watch because it was under my wetsuit!

Second lap: here we go. I thought for sure I would get a little more room. I was wrong. The entire stretch was just like the first. Why couldn’t I get any space? Why wasn’t it thinning out at all?!

I am not sure if I have expressed this to you all my readers but I decided a while ago I was done with IM races. Too much training. Too much work. Dan and I joked this was my retire-man.

Back to the swim. I thought I am never doing an Ironman again but if I decided too (wink-wink) I am NEVER EVER MARK MY WORDS doing a mass start again!! I think that it is such bull shit that some of the races are now self seeded and by age group. I know that it is part of the experience but you can’t just change some of the races and not all of them! Stupid!

I got to the stretch that the sun was in our eyes. It was even worse than the first time around. I couldn’t see anything. It was insane. I am sure I lost time there. Still with the battle field until the last bouy. We were on our way home. It really thinned out there because there was a huge stretch of water. Of course you could barely see the Subaru arch! I got through exited the water and realized my watch was never started. Wah Wah! Didn’t know what my time was. I run through the wetsuit strippers and no one is available. I thought well I don’t have time to wait so I just took it off almost as quick as they could have got it off!

I felt like it was a FAST swim. I didn’t get my swim split until I finished. I did look at the “real” time while on the run at some point and had kind of figured it out! I was a little disappointed with the time because I did that distance 6 weeks ago 4 minutes faster but obviously not with 1900 of my best friends! It does not really matter. The swim is such a fraction of the race!

T1: (goal <6:00; actual: 3:35) I knew this would be a fast transition because there was no room at the park to make us run all of the place. (like my other 3 IM races) I grabbed my bag. Headed to the change tent. A volunteer dumped out my bag. I put sunscreen, my sunglasses, helmet, sweat(wrist)band, my socks, and shoes on. The volunteer put my wetsuit in the bag and took it away from me. I ran out quick and down the long stretch of bikes. My bike was pretty much in the most prime spot in transition. Right next to the bike out.
This was how close I was! This was Saturday when I dropped my bike off!!
This was how close I was!! This was Saturday at bike drop off!

I grabbed my bike and I was off! Another long run out of transition to the mount line. You are basically starting on a hill so you better be in a low gear!!

I was off to a great start! I was smiling and happy the swim was done!!

End of the Pre-Season #s + Swim Work-Out

31 Jan

This is long overdue.

Pre-season week 3:taper/race week:
Swim: 4100 yards
Bike: 27 miles (mostly commuting miles–also a flat tire–or there would have been more miles too)
Run: 33.1 miles (including RNRAZ)
1 core session
0 strength session

Felt good going into the race. I had 2 runs pre-race. I did a short track work-out to start firing the fast twitch muscles. 1 shake out run in AZ. Swimming was good–still working on getting faster. Biking was mainly commuting because that is my form of transportation these days. Plus since I was not doing my regular biking/running that at least kept my legs moving! Unfortunately it was my brain and not my legs on Sunday that gave up!

Pre-season week 4:recovery week:
Swim: 4500 yards
Bike: 41 miles (again mostly commuting)
Run: 0
0 core
0 strength

The plan was to relax!! That I did! Those yards/miles were 2 days Thursday/Friday only. I did not even bike to work Monday through Wednesday. I went to Eugene for the weekend, relaxed, saw friends, ate good food, and too many treats!

That is it for the pre-season. It is time to get down to business and really focus my efforts on IMC.

I will leave you with this crazy swim I did the other night. I am not a sprinter but we do a sprint work-out the last Wednesday of the month. It was fun in its own way. 🙂

Sprint Swim: 2650 yards! Try it!!

Warm-up: 600 Swim (with every 3rd 50 doing a different stroke or drill)
Set 1:
6×75 Kick/Drill/Swim 25 kick(any)/25drill(any)/swim(any stroke) on 1:40 (the interval and rest)
6×50 1-3; 4-6 descending on 1:00

Main set 2:
25 easy
50 fast
75 fast
All on the same interval!! On the 25 you will have a ton of rest; on the 50 you will have some rest; on the 75 you should only have a few seconds rest. The majority of us did 1:15; the guys did 1:00 You pick what will work for you!!

Set 3: 300 easy
100 Time Trial!!! Get your time so you can compare next month! 🙂

Cool-down: 300 easy swim

Like I said before I am not much of a sprinter but I held up pretty good with the “swimmers” in the group. I was also pleased with my 100 TT. If you have a questions on this work-out let me know and I can describe it a little bit better!!

Happy Friday!!

Week 13 Done!

22 Apr

Week 12 was a nice rest week ending with a stellar 5K. My first week of 3 swims. I felt rested and ready to train hard in week 13.

Monday: Spin class + core work + 14 miles commuting

Tuesday: 3400 meter swim. Aerobic. Long warm-up. Lots of builds and easy. Nothing too fancy + Sweet 5 Mile track work out. 1 mile warm up. 3x1mile repeats. 8:24, 8:25, 8:31. FAST!! I am getting faster. 1 mile cool down. So exciting! + I had a flat tire so I drove today. 😦

Wednesday: Rest Day + 14 miles commuting (but on my road bike because I still had a flat on the commuter)

Thursday: 3100 yard swim. Our regular pool had no heat! We were told it was too cold to swim in?! I found out in the parking lot so I do not really know. I went over to my other gym. Of course I had no towel because at Duniway they have towels. I begged the guy to let me have a towel. I told him the story and why I did not have a credit card with me. He gave me one. If it had been a girl I would have been screwed! We were supposed to have drafting/racing practice today. (That would be the work-out when we had to swim alone) Dang it! Again long warm up. Drills. Lots of fast and slow. + 1:15 hour trainer ride. + 7 miles commuting

Do you want to know how I get through a 1:15 hour trainer ride? I will tell you!
Make a rad playlist! Put your computer on a table next to your bike! Nuun + Water = much-needed hydration for a sweaty spin.

1:15 is really not that big of a deal. Abby from Change of Pace did a 4 hour trainer ride the other day. She is training for IMCDA. She lives up in Canada where it still snows! 😦 Now that is hard-core mental toughness!

Friday: 1 hour pilates class + 7.11 Mile run. Hill repeats. This was supposed to be a tempo run but I thought I would do hill repeats instead since I missed them last time. I feel like they will help me more with what is going to happen in 2 weeks! Wildflower! (Nobody tell Chris!!) 🙂
I thought a lot about Boston! This was the day they captured the bombers!

Saturday: 55 Mile Sufferfest bike ride + 1.8 Mile transition run. The best part of today was seeing a deer while descending MacNamme! It was so awesome! I was wiped out today. Erica had a bad day as well. I told her we must be ready to RACE! She said a bad workout 1-2 weeks before the race is normal! I am totally going with that! 🙂

Sunday: 12.4 Mile run. AWESOME! I was a little nervous because of yesterdays sufferfest. This run was exactly what I needed!! I hit the trails again. I wanted to do more trail running before Wildflower but I guess I will take what I can get. The WF run is half on trail and half on road. I did a 6 mile out and back. The first half in 1:02:18 and got to the trailhead mile 12 at 2:01:45. Negative split. Felt really good. Kept mentally strong. Ran back to my car to rack up the .4 mile to end with a 2:05:xx. Average pace 10:06. I.WILL.TAKE.IT!

2000 yard swim–continuous. There was no way I was going to be able to count 80 lengths so I broke it up into 2×500(swim and pull) and 1×1000(fast and slow by 100). It actually was not that bad. 🙂 + 1 Pilates class

Good Effort in Week 13. Week 14 will be about the same but a little less volume for the weekend.

Happy Monday!! It is sunny in P-Town. Anyone else having good weather this week?

Week 9 & 10 wrap up

1 Apr

Week 9 of my Wildflower training was a goodie. I had a couple good swims, runs, and rides. More importantly the weather was dry for all my festivities! I am getting anxious to get some longer rides in. 37 miles on the bike just is not long enough! But I am feeling good and I trust my coach. That being said we will see how I feel in the next couple of weeks!

Week 9 WF Training Stats
Swim: 6400 meters
Bike: 112 miles (77 road and 35 commuting)
Run: 21 miles
1 Pilates session
1 strength session

Week 10 of Wildflower training was relatively good. All of my rides were good. Both swims I was tired. I guess it shows because Chris asked if I was tired. 😦 My first 2 runs were good. My long run was not as good. Running is my weakness I think that is why I hate having a bad run. I love to run and do not have a bad run very often so when I have one it is no fun!! I am super pumped for week 11. I am excited to run a half marathon at the end of it!

Week 10 WF Training Stats
Swim: 6550 meters
Bike: 131 miles (100 road and 31 commuting)
Run 22 miles
1 Pilates session
1 strength session

Week 11 here we come! Ready or not!?!?

In other news, my Nuun Application has been submitted!

I will post the video after the deadline so if you want to see you can!!

Happy Fools Day!! Did anyone pull a good prank on anyone? Or get a prank pulled on them?

2 work outs and a CHALLENGE

7 Feb

I started my thursday per the usual swim. 3400 meters of pure HELL BLISS. More threshold work. My coach is out of town at a training camp. I am pretty sure that he is having a rough time. (I guess that is what happens when you are a pro triathlete.) Which translates into him sending us work-outs that are way worse than the normal hard work-outs!

It was just Mark and I in our lane today. We did a normal warm up and then we pulled out 6 sets of 200 HARD-Thresold Pace(TP) on 3:30 with :20Rest; 100 HARD-TP on 1:45 :10Rest; 100 easy :60Rest. I always know it is a hard work out when I can feel myself sweating in the water!! I remember when those sets used to be 3:50 and 1:55…The good ‘ol days!

Came home to re-fuel and wait for Jim Carrey The Cable Guy. Tried to use my time wisely before I had to go do my spin. It is crazy how I can spend the entire day doing what seems like a lot but nothing really gets done! 😦

My spin went good. Lots of fast spinning. It was hard though!

I really just wanted to tell you I did that so I could give you the very last, I promise, update on the shower. I took one today. It was not bad. The pressure is better than the last place! It got warmer faster too! I will probably continue to take showers at the gym but it is nice to have it here…just in case!!

As you can see it is very fancy-shmancy!

Here is the real news of the day:

Sheryl and I are both single and looking. We decided about a month ago that we were going to see Mortified Portland. It is a Valentines Doomed Show. What is Mortified you asked? In short, it is story tellers sharing their mortified memories!

The only PROBLEM with that is we decided on a CHALLENGE. We have to find dates.

I really wanted to try to be pro-active THIS YEAR on finding a guy. I guess that is why I took the challenge. I am not a shy person by any means but when it comes to guys I get nervous. Maybe that is why I am still single! 😦

I am telling you this because we are 1 week out from the event. 7 days! A LOT of hours!! I have 3 prospects. I am not sure if any of them are single but I guess I better find out soon!

The other problem is that it is the night before Valentines Day. Which is a total buzzkill! Wish me luck I am going to a running event tonight maybe I can find someone there! 🙂

How was your work out today? Do you think it is ok to ask out a guy?