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WF Training weeks 2&3; Rest week coming up

11 Feb

I can’t believe I am already at a rest week. I am actually excited about it. I usually like more hard work but I am feeling a little under the weather. I hope it passes soon. Especially since I actually found a date for Wednesday night so that is good news.

I went to talk to the gals running the Tri-Cal tent at the Surf City expo. They wanted to give me a coupon code for Wildflower. I said I love coupons but I am already signed up. They said “Do you want a shirt?” I of course would never decline a free tech shirt! Z-Dog who actually did the race last year was actually sportn’ his shirt that day. He was pissed they just GAVE ME a participant shirt! He said “You didn’t even do the RACE!” It is not like I have NEVER done the race before! 🙂

Stats for WF week 2
Swim: 6800 meters
Bike: 79 miles (55 road miles; 24 commuting miles)
Run: 17.4 miles
1 strength session
1 Pilates class

Stats for WF week 3
Swim: 6700 meters
Bike: 88 miles (65 road miles; 23(ish) commuting miles
Run: 14 miles
1 strength session
2 Pilates classes
I had planned on a yoga class yesterday but I was tired.

The tri club motivational challenge was over last week. I did not commute as many miles as I should of this week. Dang it!

Hard to believe in just 80 days I will be down at Lake San Antonio again!!

Rest week coming up! I am excited for the extra rest but I have a run and bike test at the end of the week that I am not so excited about.

Happy Valentine’s Day week! I usually make something red velvet but I am not sure what I will do this year.

Do you have big plans for V-day? Are you baking anything fun??

Surf City is FINALLY here…

2 Feb

Last March when Bird Legs and I were knee deep into our “becoming Rock Legends” phase of races**. We decided that it would be a good idea to start the Beach Cities Challenge. At that point the challenge was going to end at Surf City 2013. That is why we started it in OC.
For the challenge you have to do all 3: Surf City, Orange County, and Long Beach races in that order, but you can start at which ever race you want, to receive the coveted Surf board medal. You can do all marathons or all half marathons or a combo.
Right before we did Long Beach, they announced they were going to change the end date to Surf City 2014. WHAT??!! We did not actually have to start it in 2012? Needless to say we were mad but we had already started so we had to finish. THEN they say there is going to be a new medal. WHAT?? We are only doing this because we are medal junkies and want the big surfboard!

The new medal:
Not exactly what we signed up for but we talked to some of the race organizers and the surfboard will probably still be available at Surf City. If it is NOT Kara may kill someone be mad!

I had a great race at the O.C 1/2. I killed my PR that I had since Jan 2008! I had a great race. Perfectly paced. Right on with enough nutrition. It was the first race that I beat Kara. That was as exciting as the PR! 🙂 A very memorable race!

Long Beach 1/2 was fun. It was hot. I was deep into my IMAZ training by then and had not tapered I had also done a 100 mile ride 2 days before. Needless to say not a PR but a good time!

Dana, me, Sherrie, and Kara at the early start at Long Beach

Dana, me, Sherrie, and Kara at the early start at Long Beach

I was super excited for Surf City because we had heard that it was the BEST of all 3 races. I am of course somewhat injured but racing back to health! I am going to do a walk/run and see how it goes. I do not want to compromise any of the improvement I have had so I will go nice and easy and not get too cray-cray!!

**If you were interested in becoming a Rock Legend: Kara did a kick ass post about it here!

Anyone else racing Surf City? Or another race this weekend??