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#NuunHTC Part 3: Finish/Thank yous

30 Aug

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2

We arrived in Seaside sometime Saturday afternoon. We showered, put our legs up(literally) and had lunch while we waited for Van #2.

WE had big dreams of taking an ice bath in the ocean but it never happened. WE did go and put our toes in it. Jolene had never been to the Pacific ocean before!! What?! The best coast!! It was freezing. I am not sure how I did an ice bath last year!

We met up with some of the CL gals down at the water!

Nuun Lemonade Team crossed the line right at 6pm in a respectable 28hours and 45 minutes!

We met up with the Watermelon and Cherry Limeade teams for dinner. We shared war stories and did a lot of laughing!!

After we did some socializing we headed down to the beach! Hit Machine was playing. A great cover band that I think is PNW local. I have seen them a few times!
A: Our medal. They are totally weak but let’s be honest you don’t do HTC for the medal!
B: Hit Machine
C: L1 getting some much deserved ice cream(cheat #2)!

#htchangover: The morning after!!

We were getting ready to say good-bye! But not forever!! If I have to be the ring leader on a Race-cation then I will!!

I want to take the time to give a big THANKS AND SHOUT OUT to Nuun! I have always loved the product! I love them even more now!!! I love the company and what it stands for! Special thanks to Megan for organizing this entire event from start to finish. YOU.ARE.AMAZING! Also to Mason. It was so awesome to finally meet you!!!

Team Lemonade: Van 1: THANK YOU Lauren, Kristen, Dre, Lisa, and Jolene for being the BEST vanmates ever. Who knew you could put 6 women that barely KNEW each other in a van for 28 hours and have an epic adventure! You guys were the BEST! I am so glad I could share this experience with you!! All my favorite memories were when we were laughing!! Is it possible that we were laughing the entire time? Amazing women that I am happy to call friends!!

Another BIG THANKS to Jay! He drove us from Seattle to Mt. Hood and 200 miles to Seaside. He did everything in his power to make sure we had everything we needed at all times!! We could not have asked for a better driver!

He was planning on doing push-ups at every exchange.  I think it only lasted 3 exchanges! :)

He was planning on doing push-ups at every exchange. I think it only lasted 3 exchanges! 🙂

I also wanted to take the time to say THANKS TO OUR OTHER SPONSORS:
Oiselle! Love the shirts!! The women behind this brand are amazing!
Sparkle Skirt! Super cute! It was perfect for seeing our runners!
Amphipod! I am going to try my hydration system this weekend. I will let you know what I think! They also provided us with reflective vests and reflectors.
Naawk! The best smelling sunscreen I have ever smelled!
Endorphin Warrior! Love them! I am doing a giveaway tomorrow! Stay tuned!
Tiger Tail! I am not sure how I have lived this long with out one!
Swiftwick Socks! Amazing.

#NuunHTC will go down in my books as one of the BEST relays/races/experiences of a LIFETIME! Thanks NUUN!

REMINDER: You can still use the coupon code: hydrateHTC for 15% at Nuun until the end of September! You can also pick up a 4-pack for $20(This offer is just good for 1 week!!) Do not delay!