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Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K 2014

6 Mar

Saturday, Dan and I headed to Seattle for the Hot Chocolate 15K. You might remember I headed up there with Erica and Laura last year. Here is last years recap. We had such a great time last year I talked Dan into doing it this year.

We hit up the expo first thing.

Hot Chocolate samples and chocolate dipped marshmallows:



Here is the goodie bag:
Cute hoodie and a travel mug (that came in super handy for a pre-race-being-under-the-weather-but-feeling-pretty-good cup of tea)

Pre-race: It was freezing!!  I had no goals.  I knew the course.  I just wanted to have a strong run.  See what I could do on the mountains hills of Seattle!!



We started in the second corral: O! Dan left pretty quick after we started. I put on some tunes.

Really not too eventful of a race. I felt like I ran strong. I felt good. I saw Dan a couple of times on the out and backs. I never really thought: I should not be doing this or I really want it to be over or I wish it was over. Like I said last year: I love the 15K. It is the perfect distance!

The last 1/2 mile(ish) was a little different this year. I think because of the construction! We rounded the opposite corner of last year and had to run a down and up + the uphill finish from last year. That was no fun but my averages were pretty consistent!!

It will be interesting to see what happens at Shamrock this year!! 🙂

Dan saw me finish and then we headed over to get our finishers mugs. It was cold and getting colder as I “cooled” down. We drank our hot chocolate and took our goodies back to the car. It started to rain and I was happy it was over.

I am hoping that Portland will get a Hot Chocolate race next year but if not I will be back in Seattle the first week of March for my favorite distance race!!!

Have you ever done a Hot Chocolate race?


3 Mar

If you have ever been to Seattle…You know that it is hilly. If you have ever done a race in Seattle…It is inevitable that there are hills on the course. The Hot Chocolate 15K was no exception. A good and different course then I have ever done in Seattle!

Wake up call was 6AM!
A mocha cappuccino breakfast cookie, an orange, and coconut water was for breakfast.
Clothes and body glide on.
Out the door at 7:10.
To say it was cold was an understatement:
Those numbers were certainly not with the WIND CHILL!

We got to the start line. Everything was VERY organized. They had lots of honey buckets(porty potties). They had water. Too bad it was not hot! 🙂 We hit the start line for a fast pic.
We said our good byes and wished each other luck! Erica and Laura started up near the elite corral! 🙂 I started further back in P.
It was way different then a RNR race. They actually checked your bib to see what corral you were in. There was NO cheating! Again very organized!

The first corral went off right on time at 7:40. My corral went off at 7:52. It was go time. We started off on a downhill. The course was pretty much up and down. There was very little flat.

I stuck to my plan pretty good. It really ended up being:
FIRST 5K: WARM-UP. Started on a downhill. Saw Erica, Laura, and Scott! I was going down…they were going up!
SECOND 5K: Started on a uphill…tried to keep the pace…a touch faster than I was going! Saw Erica, Laura, and Scott! Again they were going up…and I was going down! Mile 6 I was at 58:55. Wow…was not expecting that!
THIRD 5K: I still felt really good at the 10K mark. I thought another touch faster and I could be close to a PR. At this point, I am not exactly sure what my PR is but I think it is around 1:34. We had just made the turn to go back. I knew what I was in for. A huge downhill…then uphill…then another downhill…and uphill to finish! This is where the wind started to take effect. It was gorgeous out. Sun was shinning. But a headwind! Dang it! Just kept powering through it! I HATE LOVE UPHILL FINISHES!! That is the only thing that all the races I have done in Seattle have in common. All uphill finishes. WHY? At Mile 9 I did not want to look at my watch but I did anyway: 1:27:XX! WHAT? I am so close but so far away. Fast finish and I knew it was a PR!!

Met up with Erica and Laura! They both PR’d also and it was unanimous that this was harder than Shamrock. Which means: pressure will be on to PR again at Shamrock in 2 weeks!

We got our finishers mug: full of hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, marshmallows, pretzels, rice crispy treats, and a banana. It did not disappoint!

What a fun race. I am pretty sure 15K is where it is at. This is my new favorite distance. If only I could find more of them around. The race was organized. Good Swag. I would definitely do it again.

What is your favorite distance run? Do you like hills or flat?

Seattle Bound

2 Mar

Today Erica, Laura, and I set off for Seattle. Tomorrow we are going to take on the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K. We signed up for this race months ago. Finally the big weekend is here!

We were in multiple traffic jams. Starting in Tacoma, no surprise there. Downtown Traffic was miserable too. Where is everyone going?! By the time we got to Seattle we were hungry. We hit up a sushi place which was perfect. Sodium, Carbs, not too heavy so we could still eat dinner.

We made our way to the expo.

We got some good swag. We got a sweatshirt, a headband, some chocolate, and a bag.

We also got to sample the hot chocolate. It was good! Erica is on a crazy cleanse so she did not try any. She is going to wait until tomorrow and go ALL OUT! Laura or I may have to drive home because Erica is in the back seat in a sugar coma!

There was not much to the expo. We picked up our goodie bags, they had some merch you could purchase, the samples, and a few local race booths.

We walked around the Seattle Center for a while. It was pretty cold so we headed back to the hotel to relax.

Goals for TOMORROW: Gauge where I am at and what needs to happen before racing the Shamrock 15K. I do not necessarily want to PR tomorrow but if it happens accidentaly…I will take it!

My plan has me warming up for 20 mins. Then 3 x 20 mins decending. Each 20 minutes faster then the last. Then give it all I have left and finish STRONG! Time will tell. It may or may not be raining tomorrow also which sometimes is a factor!

We are off to carb-load!

Anyone racing this weekend?