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4 FOR Thursday!

24 Apr

Do you know who I love? Kara Goucher! But really who doesn’t?! She is so inspiring! Such an amazing athlete! She lived in P-town for so long and there was always an occasionally sighting of her and Shalane running!

I got to meet her at RNR Vegas in 2011:

And again at RNR Portland in 2012:

She has joined forces with 2 of my favorite companies!! Which is perfect because I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while. Here is 4 of my favorite companies and they all happen to be in Seattle!

First up: Nuun!!

Everyone knows I love Nuun!! Kara Goucher has joined forces on the electrolyte movement!?!? It is very exciting NEWS!

Has everyone gotten to try the NEW Nuun Energy?! Nuun energy is all about the electrolytes(for optimal hydration), B-Vitamins (for energy), and Caffeine(for mental clarity and focus) It is awesome! I love it! All the ambassadors got samples and a trucker hat! I have been sporting it around town and the jury is still out on whether I actually look good in it or not!

I got a tube of each flavor before we got our samples and almost need to buy some more already!!

Do you think I have a problem?
If you think this is bad…you should see the rest of the shelf of bottles. Out.Of.Control!

If you need any Nuun there is free shipping this weekend! Order some of the Nuun energy…you can thank me later!!

Secondly: Moving Comfort

I had no idea they were based in Seattle but they are. During NuunHTC weekend, Meghan has a friend, Daniel, that works there. He was gracious enough to come pick us up downtown and take us to the Brooks HQ. (You may remember me(us) going there during NuunHTC)

I have been wearing MC for a long time. I bought a Fiona bra and really liked it. I was afraid of changing it up so I just continued to buy Fiona’s!!

Daniel hooked us up with a new bra. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and get an endurance racer.

I.LOVED.IT. There was only one problem. I could not buckle it. For a long time I only wore it if I could have Dan buckle it for me. I had to wake my mom up before the Chicago Marathon to buckle it for me! Stupid!! Then I finally figured out how to do it myself! I knew there had to be a way. I just had to figure it out! 🙂

Third: Oiselle!
Another awesome company! They make running apparel and have been around since 2007! On a whim, I bought some Lesley Knickers last spring. I loved them! They make my ass look great. (and who doesn’t want their ass to look good while working out!!)

Then Oiselle was one of our sponsors for NuunHTC!!

Lux layer, scoop neck, and Flyer jacket

Lux layer, scoop neck, and Flyer jacket

Since then I have bought a bunch of lux layers(my fave) and Lesley knickers. I bought some race layers last weekend and got them last night. I am pretty excited to try some different shirts!

Here is a great article by Kara on Why she picked Oiselle!!

Lastly: Tiger Tail

This is just a quick shout-out! I like the tiger tail because it is portable! You can use it everywhere and anywhere! I like using it on my feet mostly. I use the foam roller regularly but this is my secondary. I have had a bit of a cranky hamstring and I can use it deeper than the foam roller!

Who knew they were out of Seattle either?!

Who are your running idols?

Do you use any of these products?

Disclaimer: All these opinions are my OWN!!