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Survival Mode!

19 Sep

I had my last LONG LONG SUPER LONG run before I go into taper mode this morning. I was ready. I was extra excited. I think because I knew this was it. 23 miles. 4 hours or BUST! This run should really be setting me up for a good race…if I could survive.

I got a little extra fuel under my fire from my friend Eva (who I am going to visit as we speak!)

It was going to be an early morning. Dan was going to do the first 10 miles with me…early in the dark. I needed to start at 5:15ish to ensure I get done with the run with enough time to take an ice bath before my massage. Life is rough right. Run 23 miles. Get a massage.

At 9:45 last night I realized I did not have a sports bra with me. F***! Epic fail #1

Again I was going to eat a breakfast cookie in bed at 4am. I have brought Dan to the dark side and he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in bed.

I got up at the second alarm. I think I was more anxious than I was last week so I was happy to get up and get going.

We were off and running at 5:20. In the dark. NO headlamp. NO reflective vest. What is wrong with us?

Do you remember when I told you I should never run in the dark, when I am tired, in my Hokas?? Well it happened 1.8 miles I tripped and fell! If someone had been watching from the street it would have looked like I was sliding into first base. NO JOKE! Epic fail #2

Dan was like OMG! Lets just stop and walk for a minute. I collected myself and gave myself a pep talk. This run has to happen RIGHT NOW. There was no turning back. Dan asked if I was ok. I said don’t ask cause I will start crying. He said ok. I proceeded to start crying just for a minute! We started running and he told me some stories about him falling off his bike. I think they were suppose to cheer me up. THEY DID!

About mile 5 a cyclist goes by us and says: You should really get some lights on…its dark out here! I almost screamed NO SHIT! I was just glad I didn’t fall in front of her! 🙂

We saw Ilana at mile 8.6 and she asked if I fell. Oh please do not remind me! She texted me later in the day and said why were you running 23 miles on a Thursday morning? Ha!!

We got back to his place at mile 10. I cleaned off my elbows. Refilled my water and Nuun. Grabbed some more gu’s. I had planned on not taking my music but decided I would use it on this special occasion. I was off to run a half marathon. The sun was out. It was nice and crisp outside.

The miles clicked off. I remembered to look at my watch at 11.5. 2:01:xx. My 2 goals at this point were to negative split this run and still feel like running when I got to mile 23! When I hit the 13.1 mark I was at 2:18:xx <—Same as last week.

I was right on target with my gu and hydration. It always gets hard at 16. I just kept telling myself I could do this. Keep pushing through. I stopped and got water at mile 17. That was my last stop.

6 miles I could do 6 more miles. I was running into a headwind. MISERABLE. I knew when I got to the turn around it would be better because 1) I would be headed back. 2) I would be out of the headwind. I got to 19 to turn around and remember that I felt a lot worse at this point last week. I got to 21. 3:40:xx. Same time as last week. I was right on track. Still feeling relatively good. I still had 2 miles. 20 minutes.


I was almost back. They were shooting an episode of Portlandia in the area. I wanted to go snoop but I was too tired and did not have enough time!! Sad day!

I was done! I ran 23 miles in 4:01:01. NEGATIVE SPLIT. I barely negative split it but none the less I did it. I think we started off a tad slower today than I did last week. It makes a huge difference! 🙂

I got a cute note on the bag of ice again. Took my ice bath and off to my massage I went!

I arrived in Reno and Eva had made Billionaire Bars! HELLO!! Thanks Eva!!! Delicious!!
If you are lucky enough to see me in Tahoe. You will probably definitely get one!!

Who is doing a long run this weekend?

Anyone baking anything good?

Thirsty Thursday!

12 Sep

I drank a lot of water and Nuun this morning. A LOT!! I had a big morning! I banked 21 miles of running in 3 hours and 40 minutes.

I got all of my water bottles full of Nuun, gus, and hydration belt all ready last night. I put out my clothes. I did not want to do anything that I did not have to do this morning! 🙂

It all started at 5am. I woke up to Hunger Strike by Pearl Jam. I ate an Erin Baker breakfast cookie and drank a glass of water in bed. I thought Dan was going to have a stroke last night when I told him my plan.

Me: Try not to be to type A about this but I am going to eat a breakfast cookie in bed at 5am
Dan: WHAT?
Me: You heard me!
Dan: NO!
Me: I will be very very careful!
Dan: There are a lot of crumbs in cookies.
Me: Ha!


I do this so I can go back to sleep for an hour. Also so it can digest before I hit the road.

At 6am Madness by Muse woke me up. 10 more minutes I just needed 10 more minutes!

At 6:10 Hemorrage by Fuel blasted and woke us both up! I was awake and ready to take on 21 miles. I drank a glass of coconut water and ate an orange. I lathered myself in body glide.

6:40 GO TIME! It was supposed to be hot today so I really wanted to get a move on before that happened. It was perfect weather! I could only hope that it would be this nice in Chicago!

I was positive! I was excited! I was nervous! I was going alone! I was going without music! 21 miles!

I had 4 sections planned out.
0-5.3 mile flat on the waterfront.
5.3-11.5 hilly
11.5-17 flat south waterfront loop
17-21 flat north waterfront loop(most of the first section)

I thought it would be easier to wrap my head around this if I broke it up into sections.

I just wanted to start at an easy pace. Ease myself into this madness! 10:30-10:40s?
Mile 3-the slowest “flat mile” 10:42
Mile 4–went over the Hawthorne bridge (where the bike counter is) at 7:20ish 710 bikes had already gone into downtown
Mile 5.3–start of hilly section
Mile 7–the slowest “hilly mile” 11:02 (obviously uphill)
Mile 8–started talking to a lady named Jo. We started talking about Hood To Coast and asked what team I was on. I said I was very fortunate to have been picked by the Nuun squad to represent. I gave her 2 sample packs that I had with me.
Mile 9.6–I could start to feel a start of a blister.
Mile 9.69–Jo peeled off right as I was approaching my office. I put band-aids on my new blister, changed my socks, filled up water bottles, and yaked with Judy and Jana for a few minutes.
Mile 10–the fastest “hilly mile” 10:06 (obviously downhill)
Mile 10.5–forgot to check the time to see if I ended up negative splitting.
Mile 11.5–YES!! Hilly section is over!
Mile 13.1–I was at mile 2:18. I was at 2:16 at mile 13 last 20 miler.
Mile 13-16.5–LONELY. On the Springwater Corridor. There was some cyclists but no runners.
Mile 15–it was starting to get tough. 6 miles! You can do this!
Mile 17–filled up water bottles again. Quick mental break. Start of section 4!
Mile 18.24–saw Gary from Athletes Lounge. He was on his bike and rode with me for a few minutes.
Mile 18.5–I was started to get hungry. I wished I would have asked Gary if he had a candy bar on him! 🙂
Mile 19–back to the Hawthorne Bridge and now 26xx bikes had gone across. Almost 2000 since I went over the bridge a couple of hours before!
Mile 19–the fastest “flat mile” 10:14
Mile 19-21–I really wanted to step it up a notch and I could feel it. 10:14, 10:17, 10:17
Mile 21–OMG! I was really done! I was so excited!! 3:40:30 (average 10:29s)
Mile 21.1–I walked into the coffee shop and ordered an iced coconut mocha and the girls said how far did you run? I said 21 miles and I have been dreaming of this drink for 3 and 1/2 hours! All 3 of their jaws dropped! So funny!
Mile 21.2–Ice bath and cute note from Dan on the bag of ice.

Really the only thing that I would have done differently is have another gu with me. I really could have used one more(or at least a 1/2). Lesson learned!!

30 days!!!! Another 22-23 miler next Thursday and then it is taper time!!

What kind of long run are you doing this weekend?

Who is doing a fall marathon? Which one?

Music or NO Music?

30 May

When I started running years ago, I always had a partner. I did not really use music. Sometimes of course but not usually. As I transitioned into more of a “serious” runner. (I use the word serious…loosely) I used music more often if I was not running with someone else.

When I was just a runner and not a triathlete it did not matter if I used music or not. Most races do not care if you are jamming out to the latest tunes.

Once I started training more on my own I used it more. I have gone through many running/training partners as the years have gone on. Mainly because I have kept the madness up and they have decided to unfortunately get injured, stop training, get pregnant, or move out of town. The music always depended on if I was training with someone.

During triathlon season I try to not use music as much because I can not use it on the race so why use it while training?! It is just that much better during a road race when I turn it on.

I had this crazy idea to do 3 marathons in 3 months. Marine Corps October ’11, RNR LV “11, and RNR AZ “12. I was pretty much training on my own and but using my fair share of music.

After RNRAZ I put a FULL hiatus on the music listening. I needed to focus on my mental strength and toughness. No more music and I was pretty much training all on my own. I PR’d the half marathon distance in May ’12. Finally after having that PR forever! I took my music but only started listening to it at about mile 7(ish). It was such a treat to listen to it for the 2nd half of the race.

I used almost NO MUSIC for my Ragnar/HTC/Black Diamond/IMAZ training (2012). The only race that allowed music was Ragnar but I really wanted to “look” hardcore. Please. I was already hardcore doing it ultra style. I could at least give myself a break and allow myself to listen to music. That backfired because my IPod stopped working! Hence why I was going to buy a new one if I did a sub 13 at IMAZ! I can honestly say that I had a huge break through with my mental toughness. Whether that was because I was not listening to music or not. It still happened! I have continued to work on it this year.

I tell you this because I just found out a weird/awesome tidbit on my A-race (Pac Crest long course tri) this year.

They are allowing iPods on the run. WHAT?! I could not believe my eyes. As you can see I have a dilemma here. Do I start using music while I run? or Keep it the same way I have been training.

I will probably continue to training without music. It will just be that MUCH BETTER come race time!!!

Do you use music while you train? or while you race?