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#RNRPDX Kick Off Party!

18 Feb

As you know I do a lot of Rock N Roll races. I have done Portland the last 3 years it turns out. (I was thinking it was only 2 years) I am excited for the 4th installment of the race in May!!

I got an email on Monday for an invitation to the kick off party. I thought awesome I am sure I will be able to go because I am planning on being in town for the next couple of months(with the exception of this weekend). I kept scrolling down and found the date. February 17th! What when is the 17th? It is really hard to keep track of the day when you aren’t going to work everyday! #unemploymentproblems

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.04.21 AM
Awesome night for a quickie ride and run.

Turns out it was the next day which as yesterday. I couldn’t believe they were sending it out with only a days notice! I wanted to go and needed to do a short run anyway.

So Dan and I rode our bikes there!

Got a look at the new course!
I am not super excited for the change. I think that it will be harder. Essentially they flipped the route. I liked the old course better!! Of course I still want to PR but it is different now that it is a different course.

We did a 3 miler which was good. When we got back to the store there was food, Gatorade, and plenty of Michelob Ultra. People acted like we had just come back from a 10 miler! Funny!!

Sara(I think), from RNR, talked about the new course in a little more detail. She said that the change was to alleviate the train/traffic stops. We are also starting a little later than we have the last couple of years due to a train. I have my doubts that the traffic stops will be totally eliminated but we will see!!!
She also gave out Refuel (chocolate milk) visors/hats. I was pumped cause they are headsweats!

It was fun but definitely not as many people as past kick off parties!!

Anyone doing any RNR races this year? I want to do the new Vancouver race in October and possibly Vegas in November. Anyone with me?!!

RNR Portland Take 3

18 May

This was the third running of Rock N Roll Portland 1/2 marathon. This is one of my favorite races in Portland. It is different from all of the rest. It goes over the river to the east side. There are lots of hills. I forgot how hard it was! 🙂

I got up at 6. Even though I went to bed at 8:30 (fell asleep about 9:30) it did not feel like enough!! My legs felt good. I was not sure what would happen. I needed to stay positive. I ate breakfast. Taped up my toes. Foam rolled. I was out the door by 7:30. I was going to meet some friends.

I “yogged” down to the start. 1.5 miles. Easy! It was raining. It was going to be a long morning. I cut it a little close. I needed some water but couldn’t find any. I was trying to find my friends. I decided to just walk down to the water fountain. Which was farther than I thought. By the time I could get into the corrals, it was a total shitshow! I finally got into a corral. Not sure which one. Somewhere between my corral and the corral my friends were in!

It started off late because they were waiting for a train. Luckily enough it had stopped raining.

Started off not too fast. I thought I would just start off and see where my pace was. It was decent. The first couple of miles are flat.

Going over the Hawthorne Bridge

Going over the Hawthorne Bridge

A few rollers from 5-7. A big hill and more rollers from 7-11. I was staying steady. My legs were doing better than I thought. I was staying mentally positive. I just didn’t want to walk (except through the aid stations).

There was finally some downhill from 11-12. Which is always welcomed! 🙂 By the time I got to mile 12. I was right at the time I had finished last year. Dang it. I knew going into it, even with fresh legs, I would not have done as good as last year.

I saw Stephanie at the bottom of the Steel bridge. She got a good action shot!! That gave me a little boost to get to the finish!!

I finished in 2:17. Definitely my slowest of all the 3 Portland races. It was still fun. I got my medal and some Gatorade. I still had to “yog” back home. I was sad that I didn’t get the chocolate milk or snacks but I wasn’t going to run with a bunch of stuff. I finally got to meet up with Ilana and Sara.


Dan was finishing his work out and met me down by the finish. We ran home together which was nice!!

16 miles down. We went to brunch. Grocery shopped. A nap. A swim! Now we start all over again tomorrow!! 70 days until the BIG day!!

Have a great week!!!

Todays Ride + Tomorrows Goals

17 May

I am sitting here trying to think of a good way to write a re-cap of the 81 mile sufferfest bike ride I went on today. I am so tired. I need a nap. We climbed 4500 ft. Looking back on the ride. It was fine. My legs felt pretty good. My back was not happy.

The ride looked like this: We started out flat. We did a 3 mile climb. Lots of rollers. A descent that is a 4.5 mile rollers/descent. More flat. Another 2 mile climb. Rollers to bring it home!

Here we are setting up to go up the first climb!

The first couple of hours felt pretty good.

Once we started the flat section at about mile 35, my back was sore. I was not happy. We started off. I was off. I was trying to calculate my calorie intake to this point. It was not good. I quickly took in a Picky Bar. I felt better but the wind was getting to me.

We had planned to stop at the store to get some snacks/drinks at about mile 47.

It was nice to stretch out my back. I tried to calculate my calories again. I had a plan. I really wanted a coke. I don’t even drink soda but it sounded good. I bought a Dr. Pepper and we all had a few swigs. I felt better for the majority of the 2nd loop. We started up the climb and it was tough. I haven’t been up Newberry since last year. My back was super sore. I got to the top. I was out of liquids. (stupid) I tried to eat my second rice cake. I had nothing to wash it down so it was hard. I felt a little better when I got through it. When I finally got back to the waterfront I was pumped to get to the water fountain!

That was the ride in a nutshell! I need to work on my nutrition. That is a FACT! There is nothing I can do about my back. I do core work, pilates, yoga. Nothing helps. I have had this problem since I started ride for long periods of time. I definitely blame it on my job. I try to have good posture at work. I try to keep the core tight while cycling.

I got home and immediately texted Dan:

I usually have a couple of these “bad” rides before I have some really good rides. I got home and my averages were not as bad I thought they would be. I was happy about that! 🙂

I am running Rock N Roll Portland 1/2 marathon. I hit up the expo yesterday.

I got my bib and shirt. I signed up for next years race and got a free tee. Just another RNR expo!

I am excited. I love this course. I don’t have any real goals. I am taking this as a training run with aid stations. We have a 16 mile run on the schedule for tomorrow. I plan on “yogging” down to the start and then if I feel like it “yogging” home. I will call it good after that!! 🙂

The weather says rain. 70% chance. I was just happy it stayed dry today.

Any exciting news from your weekend?!

Racing AGAIN This Weekend!

18 May

Watch out Portland! Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon is here this weekend. Last year was the inaugural year for this race. I had some friends come from out of town to do a “reunion” race. We all got together but only a few of us did the race.

Here we are with Kara Goucher at last years expo:

Abbey, Ashley, Mandi, Kara, Me, & Kara

Abbey, Ashley, Mandi, Kara, Me, & Kara

Sherrie and I cruised around the expo pretty quick. Same ol same ol.

Corral 6! My projected time was: 2:00. I guess I was overly optimistic when I signed up! 🙂

The good thing about Rock N Roll races are if you sign up at the expo they are WAY CHEAPER. You just have to know that you are going to do it the following year. I paid $60 for this years race at last years expo. Today the bibs are going for $150! INSANE! I ended up signing up for Portland 2014 for $65 today! I also do RNR AZ in January most years. I missed this year so I signed up for the 1/2 in 2014. I got this rad water bottle too!

This is definitely worth something. A 24-oz INSULATED water bottle. SCORE!

Hit up the Nuun booth. I wanted some cherry limeade but they are totally out and I am super sad. I got some lemonade and of course a new water bottle. They have changed the design of the water bottle again.

Here is a map of the course:

I like this course because it is different from all the other courses in the Rose City. It hits the eastside. The course was harder last year but they changed it because there were too many traffic problems.

Goals for this race:
1. Have FUN!
2. Going crazy isn’t really what I want to do tomorrow. I have had 2 hard weekends in a row. I have taken it easy this week. I have not done a whole lot of running since Wildflower so I think I will be able to put in a good effort but really just a good long run effort.
3. Enjoy the aid stations and not having to carry my own water for 13 miles. 🙂
4. I do not even really have a time goal. Maybe sub 2:12 or so!

The weather is always the other factor. It was supposed to be dry than it changed to rain and now it is back to sun/clouds. 20% chance of rain. The temperature should be perfect!

Who else is racing this weekend?

Have you done a RNR race? Where?

FIVE Friday FUNday!!

8 Feb

1) The Rock n Roll Portland 1/2 marathon kick off party was last night. I met Tiffany and Jaime at Fit Right NW running store for the big unveiling of the 2013 medal and t-shirt. We also did a 3 mile “fun” run. IN THE RAIN.
There was no rain forecasted yesterday. It was pretty gorgeous all day and as soon as everyone got out of work. BAM. RAIN. LOTS OF IT!

Just made it before we had to wait for the train! SCORE!

Just made it before we had to wait for the train! SCORE!

The course has been changed this year. Not hugely but a few of the hillier miles have been changed to flat. They had some traffic/public transit problems last year so they changed it to accommodate the runners and the drivers. I liked the course last year but the new course will give us more time to warm up on the flat miles before we hit the hills. YEAH!

They had a raffle and food for us when we got back from our “fun” run. They gave away water bottles, socks, shirts, a few pairs of shoes, a couple of race entries…but they also gave away $10 gift cards to the Fit Right. Guess who scored one of those babies? ME!! SO EXCITED!! There was an Irish I Was Faster shirt that I was eyeing.

2) I unfortunately was not successful in finding a date last night. I will be working on that all weekend long. In between biking and running miles + baking goods for a Portlandia party that I will be attending + sleeping because I have stayed up late every night this week! WOW it is gonna be a tough weekend! 😦

3) I put it an application to be a Nuun Ambassador. I love Nuun products. Nuun has been keeping me hydrated since 2009!! Have you heard the news? They are making a cherry limeade flavor. HELLO!!

4) I had an awesome run with Ilana this morning. We have not run together since we did track work outs leading into IMCDA ’10!
As you can see we hit the road early this morning! Ilana is in med school and all of her exercise is done before the sun comes out. Or in our case when the clouds come out!

5) I was at Trader Joes today picking up supplies for the treats I will be making and sharing tomorrow. I came across these:
Anyone had either of these? I am stoked to try these. I need them like I need a hole in the head but I might keep them for a rainy day. I guess that means I will be able to eat them soon! 🙂

Are you doing a Rock N Roll event this year? Which one?
I am doing the inaugural San Fransisco and Portland.
Do you use Nuun products? What is your favorite flavor?
Absolutely! Fruit punch for the time being