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Another Attempt! RNR Portland Re-Cap

19 May

Sunday was the 4th running of RNR Portland! At the beginning of the year I was pumped to train hard and PR this race. My PR is from the 2013 race.  The unexpected break in training due to my IT Band did not help!  I got in some quality runs and track work outs in the last couple of weeks but I still fell short of a PR by about a minute. That has been my racing life for the 3rd race in a row!!

I didn’t really have a plan or any goals.  I was hoping for a sub 2:10. The course has always been hilly. They did change the course this year. Not sure why. There were still hills and a few big ones. I “think” they have had problems with traffic and trains so they wanted it to accommodate everyone.

I did want to negative split it as best as I could.  That is always the goal, right?! 😉

The new course, in my opinion, was harder than the last course.  I haven’t talked to anyone that raced Sunday who has also done the other course. This course does go through a lot of neighborhoods. The weather was nice and a lot of people were out cheering! That was definitely a highlight.

I don’t really have much to report. My race was good. I ran pretty steadily the entire time.  I felt really good and that is what I cared about!! I did have fun!! I never wanted to quit. I kept up the mental toughness. It wasn’t pouring rain! It was a great day!

I was looking at my watch a little at the beginning and middle.  I got to mile 10 at 1:37(faster than I thought it would be). I thought I had about 29 minutes to hit the PR. I thought it was definitely do-able. I went for it and I was close: 2:07:30. My PR was 2:06:23.  I finished and found Dan waiting for me.

I finished with a 13.36 miles on my Garmin. I usually go over the 13.1 by a little but by a quarter of a mile?  The talk over the twitterspere was the course was long! Bam! I would have PR’d! Not every race is perfect or a PR! I will try again in the fall!!
Obviously was not going for a sub 2! Sad I know!!

Portugal The Man
We hung out listen to some music and stretched!

I am eyeing RNR Vancouver in October! Who wants to join me?

Pints To Pasta 2014 Re-Cap

7 Sep

I did my 8th running of Pints to Pasta 10K this morning!

A couple morning logistics:
Packet-pick up: 6:15-7:15
Shuttles: 6:30-7:30—You are urged to park at the finish line and take the shuttle to the start.
Start time: 8:00

BEFORE THE RACE: We live right by the finish line (Old Spaghetti Factory). We walked down to packet pick up at 6:30. Took our shirts/swag home. Got on the shuttle at 7:10ish. Arrived at the start line about 7:20ish. Used the porta potty. Went out for a 10 minute “yog” to warm up. Did some dynamic stretching. Then it was GO TIME!



GOALS: No real goals. I am knee deep into my marathon training. I have been doing tempo stuff but no speed work. I love this race. It is always fun. I thought what the hell! This “race” was taking the place of my tempo run for the week. I had already done 8 miles of hill repeats and a 16 mile long run. I will see what I can do. 🙂

The start line! (the green balloons behind us)

The start line! (the green balloons behind us)

THE RACE: Here is the long and short of it.
The first mile is downhill: 8:51 (this is about what I usually do)
2nd mile is flat uphill to downhill back up: 9:13 (I wanted to work hard but not sure how hard I was working. I knew I would get a little relief)
3rd mile is short downhill to uphill over the Broadway bridge: 9:32 (I didn’t know if and when I should work harder??)
4th mile was downhill to flat: 8:51 (well that was definitely fast. Could I maintain that the 2.2 miles I had left??)
(The course remained the same but instead of running on the waterfront path we were running on the street. I actually liked it better!)
Mile 5 was flat: 8:53 (WOW! Still fast. I was working hard.)
6th and final mile was flat: 9:00 (It was hard. I was working hard. I was going as fast as I could. I thought I better let it rip. I was sure I would run out of gas before the end of the mile. I was on home turf I knew every curve and turn. I just needed to keep it together. Run hard. Run fast!)
Last .2 miles was flat: 8:19 (I had no idea where I was time wise but I did not want to regret slowing because it was hard.) 😉

56:28!! PR!!! I THOUGHT my PR was 57:20ish. I thought great about 45 seconds. I.would.take.it!! Well turns out my PR was actually 58:27. Hello 2 minute PR. I was super excited!

POST-RACE: I found Dan and some other friends!

We went over to get something to eat: chocolate milk and Clif Bars. The pasta/salad/bread compliments of the Old Spaghetti Factory. 2 Beers from Widmer. I was pleasantly surprised that they had root beer too. I am not a drinker and definitely not a soda drinker but a few sips of root beer was delicious!

This was the first year they gave out medals. Pretty nice too!

Thanks for a great race Better Series! Already planning on next year!! 🙂

After the race I came home to watch/track Erin and Kecia rock their races at Ironman Wisconsin! Congrats Ladies! Awesome job today!!