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Ironman Recovery + What Is Next

19 Aug

Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted! I would have to blame Orange Is The New Black. I have been dying to watch it for a long time. Thank goodness we didn’t start to watch it until after Ironman. We stayed up too late too many times in the last 3 weeks. We finished both seasons and it was soooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooood!! I am already counting down the days until season 3 comes out!

Other fun stuff since the race:
Dan, my mom, and aunt hung out in Whistler on Monday after the race. We rode the gondola up to Whistler summit to catch the Peak To Peak gondola.


When we got to the Whistler summit we actually had not gotten to the top yet. We took a little hike down to a lift that took us all the way to the top!



We rode the Peak to Peak gondola.

We had the entire cabin to ourselves!

We had the entire cabin to ourselves!

We made our way over to the summit of Blackcomb Mountain.


We joked about seeing bears all day. “Where’s the bears?” It was mainly me saying it but it became quite the joke. I am pretty sure this is what I looked like when I saw that bear back in June!! 🙂

Dan and I headed to San Juan Island for vacation the next day. We had so much fun!! A couple highlights:

Found the “locals” hang out: Eagle Cove!


We went on a whale watching tour.

These are from the boat photographer. They were better than mine. 🙂 I would totally recommend San Juan Excursions. They took a ton of pictures for us. Gave them to us for free too! Hello!


We kayaked!
Dialog with our tour guide right off the bat:
Me: Do you think we will see whales?
Chris: Probably not. They are up north right now.
Me: That is ok because we saw some yesterday!

(hour later)
Chris (points up north): See all the boats. That is where all the whales are. (As we head south.)
Me: OOOOhhhhh man!

(another hour or 2 later)
Chris: I am pretty sure we are going to see some whales soon. Look behind you!
Everyone: (whips their heads around) Holy SHIT!!!!

All the boats are right behind us.
Chris: lets pull into this cove and watch them go by!

It was so amazing and fun! This guy was about 30 yards from us:
This was the BEST picture I got. Not great but ok. We had so much fun. It was a 5 hour tour. I thought it was a little long and Dan thought we should do the 3 hour tour. I thought we would get more bang for our buck going with the 5 hour tour. WE sure did!!
We also saw a bunch of wildlife:
Moon Jelly
Harbor Seal–We saw lots of these guys!

We had a super awesome time up north and then we had to come home. Back to reality. But we are no longer on a structured schedule. 🙂


What is next up for me:
My 4th Hood To Coast —> This weekend!

New York City Marathon —> November 2nd!! I am really excited about this. I have been waiting a really long time to do this.

Are you watching Orange is The New Black?

What do you like to do after recovering from a big race?