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An Early Christmas Present!

20 Nov

You may be thinking an early Christmas present…Maybe from Dan! Ha! NO!

6 months ago:
Sherrie: What are you doing on November 17th?
Me: Are you kidding? I have no idea!
Sherrie: Put cupcakes on the calendar
Me: Gladly

Sherrie: Are you excited for Sunday?
Me: Ahhhhhh….(in my head—Think think think…What could we be excited for? I check my calendar—NOTHING…Could this be for cupcakes?)
Yes, super excited!
Sherrie: I’ll see you at 7 at 307 NW 10th Ave!

The PRESENT: Cupcake decorating at Cupcake Jones to benefit Our House!

Our House provides healthcare, housing, and other vital services to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS. They have a dinner series that raises funds.

Sherrie saw the Jonesin’ for Cupcakes and of course thought of me! This was the 6th year that Cupcake Jones participated.

Lisa Watson, the co-owner, talked to us about why she was involved with Our House and showed us a video. Shawn, the representative from Our House, thanked us for being there and gave us some facts on Our House.

There was about 18 of us. We made our way next door to the bakery and got to decorate 2 jumbos!

This is where the magic happens!!

Before we started and when we finished!

We got our decorate on!! I decorated a chocolate cupcake with vanilla fill and cream cheese frosting & Pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake with cookie dough fill and chocolate frosting.

Before my (bike) commute home and after I got home:
Don’t you worry! I still ate them and they were still delicious!!!

Sherrie and I with Lisa. I am “long time friends” with Lisa. You know you have a problem when the owner of the cupcake place knows you!! 🙂

Fun night!! Thanks again Sherrie!

Have you ever been to a “hands on” fundraiser?