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36 is the NEW 26?

11 Apr

Well I am another year older as of the 7th! I am just not sure when I got old. I know 36 is not old but with age there is more need to sleep. More need to recover. More need to watch what you eat! I am going to embrace my 36th year of living and not think about the number!!

For my birthday Dan bought me some Wicked Good Cupcakes. Straight from Boston!!
They were awesome!!! Don’t worry it took us a few days to get through them!

I had a great day at work. Dan and I met some friends out for dinner that night!

My cupcake headband I wear every year!!

My cupcake headband I wear every year!!

Dinner at Montage! They make your leftovers into different shapes and animals in foil. Mike got a sword! The rest of us ate our whole meal! 😉

I wrote a 35 for 35 bucket list last year for my birthday! Today I want to go through the items I have checked off so far!! Woot Woot!!

#1: Wow as of 2 Mondays ago. I started a new career. Bam checked that off. That was easy!
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 10.37.35 AM

#3: More recently than the career change is I bought a new tri bike. I am planning on a post but here is a sneak peak at the beauty!

#9: New York Marathon! ICYMI: The recap What an amazing day! Now if I can get in again some day!

What a race!!

What a race!!

#16: Now this one is not totally complete but I have a one mark on it. 5 more passport stamps before my passport expires in 2017! I went to Costa Rica!!
4 more stamps to go!

#24: I learned to “can” and can’t wait until this summer to make more salsa!!
I was super sad when we ate our last jar of salsa. We do still have a jar of pickles left! 🙂

#26: Learn to stand up paddle board. Dan and I took a lesson. I went a few other times but really want to get into it this summer!

#32: Kayak with orcas in the San Juan Islands. We unknowingly did!! It was amazing! We had already seen the orcas the day before on a whale watching trip. So when we started our kayaking adventure we had no expectations that we would see them again!!


The new plan is to finish this bucket list before my 40th birthday so I can do a new bucket list April 2019!!

Have you marked anything off your bucket list lately? Or in the last year??

10 Days Until GO TIME!

24 Oct

Well I survived my 3rd Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon and I am still writing the post!  I know that you are on the edge of your seat waiting for that recap! 🙂 It will come soon I promise!!

I have been collecting some great links I have found regarding the New York City Marathon.

This link is from Runners World —> 10 Tips on how to run the best NYC marathon!

This link is everything you need to know condensed into one post! It was very informative. This guy, Runar, has run the last 35 NYC marathons. I guess he knows a few things about the race! —> NYC marathon advice

This link is for spectators from Runar —> Watching NYC marathon

This is an awesome link. I found it weeks ago and really got me pumped up for the race. She covers everything. —> Tips, Strategy, and Info!

Bart Yasso takes you through a tour of the marathon on Google maps —> Bart’s video!
**This got me especially excited**

Kara used to live in the New York area and has run the marathon twice. —> Her tips!

This is just a NYC post! The gal just happens to be running the race this year. She is talking about things to do instead of the regular “tourist” things to do! —> Not to do in NYC!

This is a fun Buzzfeed article —> 37 things that will inspire you!

I have read lots of race reports. I am truly excited for this race. It is hard to believe that my first application for the lottery was in 2010! I will be in NYC at this time next week! Can.Not.Wait!!

I am still not sure about goals and a race plan but I will have it figured out before I step onto the plane Thursday night!

Do you have any other tips or links for the NYC marathon I should know about?!

Training as of Late!

18 Sep

I realized the other day that I have not really talked about my training for the New York City Marathon. About a month before Ironman I was thinking how I can not believe that I have to train for a marathon when I am done with the Ironman. After some recovering and easy runs I started “training” for the marathon. We decided that we would take the training conservative because I had beaten up my body enough with the Ironman. I had enough endurance for days. I would do 3 runs a week. Plus some biking and little swimming. I would work on tempo or hill repeats, longer “base” runs with speed built-in, and a long run.

Let me step away from the marathon and tell you about our bike ride around Crater Lake. A bunch of months ago we found out that Crater Lake would have 2 days of 24 miles of NO-CAR roads.
crater lake

AWESOME!! I have been wanting to ride the rim for a long time. The rim is 33 miles but it is not for the faint at heart. The elevation is about 6000ft and we climb 3000ft. Here is what the cycling brochure says:

We plan to take it super easy. Take lots of stops and enjoy the scenery. Take lots of snacks. Have fun. Take lots of pictures! Next weekend is the big adventure! I am a little nervous but we keep saying this is for fun and we are going to take it easy! 🙂

We have been on a couple of rides. I have been doing mostly inside stuff. Erica, Stephanie, and I took advantage of one of our last nice weekends of dry weather!

I swam a couple of times but nothing serious on that front. I usually like to take a long hiatus away from swimming after the big race. I guess to let my shoulders have a break for a while. Once I am done with the big ride I think I will go back to the pool more. When I went the other day I thought I might die so maybe it is time to go back at least once a week.

Back to the marathon. My running has been good. I am very excited. I am going into my last block of “big” training before I go into taper. I am trying to keep the momentum alive!! I am really enjoying my runs these days as well. It helps that I am not training hard for 3 sports. I am not tired all the time nor hungry. What a good feeling!

44 day countdown to having dessert again NYC Marathon.

How is your training?!

NYC Marathon 2013

2 Apr

I have been waiting to get into the New York City Marathon since 2010!! I applied for the lottery for the first time in 2010.
At this point, I had no idea how hard it was to get into the marathon. I did know that if you were denied in the lottery, 3 consecutive years, than you are guaranteed the 4th year. I even told a patient, who was getting into marathons, to apply. I got DENIED. My patient got in. NOT FAIR!

Registration for the 2011 lottery opened. The problem with the lottery is you do not find out until April if you get in or not. If you do not get in than you are screwed if you want to do another big marathon because they are sold out by April. I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon(MCM) knowing I could defer that registration if I happened to get into NYC.

DENIED AGAIN! I ran MCM and had an epic-mentally-tough-hard-day but had an AWESOME race.

My last year, 2012, applying I would not be able to do the race and would have to defer if I ACTUALLY got in!
As much as I wanted to get in, I was doing Ironman Arizona 2 weeks after the running of the 2012 NYC Marathon. I was DENIED! It did not matter!! I was guaranteed for 2013!! YES FINALLY!!!


They have been very slow in handling the resolution for the 2012 runners, so everyone wanting to run in 2013 has to WAIT. Well I have very little patience in general but for something like this…I can not wait around to finalize my race schedule for 2013!! They were either going to let us, the people, who were guaranteed into the 2013 race or they were going to make us wait until 2014 or 2015. In January, we had no idea what was going to happen. I decided I would plan that I was NOT going to get in this year and signed up for Chicago Marathon and Ragnar Las Vegas. Then I decided if I did get in I would defer to 2014 because Bird Legs will be guaranteed in 2014. It will be more awesome to be there with her anyway.



Well it is offical…I GOT IN! I can’t believe it. I thought there was no way I would get in this year after all of what happened! Oh well…I will defer until 2014. I am just glad it will happen at some point in my life! 🙂

Have you run NYC Marathon? Did you get in through lottery or guaranteed somehow?