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#Nuunhtc Part 2: The Race

29 Aug


If you missed Part 1: Check it out here!

We made it to Mt. Hood! It was getting real NOW! I was going to run Hood To Coast for the 3rd time. Also my third relay of the year. I was running on the Nuun Lemonade Team. I could not be more excited! I spent the 2 days before getting to know my teammates and the other Nuun teams!

It was finally here. HOOD.TO.COAST!

We had a reunion with the Watermelon and Cherry Limeade van 1s, packet pick up, and pictures!

Here is Mallory(watermelon), Robyn(cherry limeade), and I representing the Nuun teams as runner 2!

Van 1 really is where it is at. You get to be at the start line and you get done first. Bam!!
A: Team Lemonade
B: Kara (Watermelon Runner 2) and I
C: Start line
D: Lauren(Lemonade) and Megan(Watermelon) starting us off!! Can you see them…in the middle of the pack with Nuun singlet’s on?

Leg 2: 2pm; 5.67 miles; Downhill; 48:16; 8:30s Averageleg2
I was a little nervous about this one because of all the downhill. Robyn was my roommate in Seattle so she gave me some tips. Just go for it. Do not try to slow down or you will hurt your quads more. Lean into it. She was wearing her Hokas because of the impact so I wore mine as well!

It went really well. I just “went for it”. My first mile was 8:30 and my watch stopped. No it did not die just stopped and would not do anything. I just kept running and had no idea how I was doing! πŸ™‚ Sometimes that is liberating!

The weather was great. Cloudy. Not too cold or hot. Perfect! Was not passed too many times but I do not think I passed anyone either. Came into the exchange strong! First leg DONE!

Finishing leg2!

Finishing leg2!

We just cruised down the mountain. Reuniting with the W and CL teams.

No HTC would be equipped without POWER ARCHES!

We met up with almost all of the vans at exchange 6.

Most of Lemonade with Julia(CL Runner5) & Mason

Most of Lemonade with Julia(CL Runner5) & Mason

We were all eager to go have dinner. We met up with W Van 1 at HUB.

We had a long wait and I was 3 hours out from running. I needed to eat but I tried to be careful with my choices.

We made it to exchange 12 without too many problems and van 2 was right on time. They changed this exchange this year. I thought it would be a logistical nightmare. It was good until the roller derby let out. The traffic picked up more but we luckily were just waiting for Holly to come in and ended up being ok! πŸ™‚

Lauren and I in our night gear. (not the best pic but you should have seen the one with the flash!!) πŸ™‚

Leg 14: 11:30pm; 6.08 miles; mostly flat and a few baby rollers; 58:07; 9:32s average

Now if you have been reading a while, you know that my night leg is typically my favorite leg. This one did not disappoint. I ride the dirty 30 all the time. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

I wanted to take the first mile as a warm up and quickly get into an uncomfortable pace. Tempo if you will. I felt great. It was lonely out there. I think only 3 guys passed me and I passed a woman. That is all I saw in the 58 minutes I was out there. By the end my quads were getting sore and I was happy the leg was almost over. I was already starting to get nervous about leg 3. Quads were shot. They aren’t joking about that downhill in leg 1!!


Exchange 17 was a lifesaver. They had pancakes and eggs. What else would you want at 4 in the morning. I knew I needed something or I was never going to get through my 3rd leg. We made it to exchange 18 and handed off to van 2! We headed to Mist to get a few winks before heading out on our 3rd leg. I fell right to sleep and slept for about 3 hours. Whoa…that is a long time in a relay.

Pre-(quick story). We thought Holly was going to arrive at 9:15. Lauren wanted to be out at the exchange at 9 and set her alarm for 8:15. In Mist there is no cell reception so you have to hope that van 2 is on time and not early/late because there is no way of knowing!!

(quick story) We are all passed out in the van. I wake up and look at my watch and quickly screamed: OH SHIT IT IS 9:10. Everyone shoots up and Lauren says no its only 7:10. FAIL! My watch accidently got switched to the dual mode screen(from when I was in San Antonio)! We of course all laughed and got a few more winks before getting up.

It ended up being ok. Jay was reading the spreadsheet wrong and we needed to be ready earlier anyway. πŸ™‚

Leg 26: 9:30am; 5.77 miles; some rollers with a long uphill and downhill to finish; 56:02; 9:43s average

I had used my tiger tail a ton. My quads were barking! I had to just get through this! πŸ™‚ It was go time!!

Again I wanted to just warm up and get to an uncomfortable place. I kept positive. It was a great morning. I felt pretty good except my legs were tired. Hello! That is what happens in relays. πŸ™‚ I saw the van 2 peeps as they were driving to exchange 30. I saw my van multiple times. There was a couple vans playing music. There was a ton of people on this leg…mostly passing me. The downhill was definitely harder than the uphill!! I wore my Hokas because I thought it would help with the impact and it did! πŸ™‚

I was excited to be done!!

Exchanging with Lisa for the last time

Exchanging with Lisa for the last time


Nuun Lemonade Team Van 1: DONE!! We were headed to the beach!

Lastly the finish line….

#NuunHTC Part 1: Seattle

27 Aug

I left Portland on the Bolt Bus Wednesday morning. I was headed to Seattle to meet my Nuun hood To Coast teammates for the first time!! SO EXCITING!! First off–the Bolt Bus was awesome! It was a direct ride from Portland downtown to Seattle downtown. There was Wi-Fi and power outlets. It was only a $10 fare. Hello people…I am NEVER driving to Seattle again!

I arrived in Seattle at 11:30am and meet up with some bloggers. We headed down to Pikes Place for lunch and checked out the Puget Sound.

Me, Meghan B, Mallory, Kristen, and Catey

Me, Meghan B, Mallory, Kristen, and Catey

Meghan B has a friend that works for Moving Comfort so Daanniieell came and picked us up. He took us to the Brooks/Moving Comfort HQ. They are in a temporary space right now but building a new office as we speak.

He gave us a tour. Showed us where all the magic happens! It was so fun especially because I wear Brooks shoes and Moving Comfort bras!!

We went back to Nuun HQ to catch a ride to the Garage where our first ice breaker activity was. Bowling, pool, and food. It was so fun meeting all the other bloggers and Nuun employees.

I looked around the room and it was like I KNEW everyone but in reality I really did not. We have been read each others blogs and following them on Twitter for months now. It was fun to finally get to meet them all IRL(in real life). I quickly got to know all of the awesome bloggers.

Lauren, Jesica, Kristen, Me, Kara, and Sarah

Lauren, Jesica, Kristen, Me, Kara, and Sarah

Thursday was quite a day also.

We headed to Green Lake for a quick shake out run and a tour of the Oiselle HQ.
A: me, Catey, Lindsay, Jesica, Mallory, Andrea, Kristen, Holly, and Lisa
B: Bird Legs and I
C: Sarah(Oiselle staff), me, Devon: We are all going for PR’s in Chicago! Go hard or go home!
D: EVERYONE! Plus the Oiselle staff.

After cleaning up and eating lunch we headed out to the Seattle Duck Tour. OMG!! So.Much.Fun! Our Captain was Captain Chaos. He was hysterical. It was a great way to see Seattle on land and on Lake Union!!

We headed to Nuun HQ for dinner, Van decorating, and SWAG!!
A: Riding the Nuun Tricycle: Surprise it is beer inside!!
B: Mason(Nuun CEO) and Casey(Nuun CFO) gave us a great welcome speech! What awesome guys!!
C: Sweaty Emily: I have been reading her blog for a long time. She was one of the ones that got me to want to get on this team!!
D: SWAG!! Mason talked about how he likes to partner with local companies! More on this later!

We headed out to decorate the vans. Team Lemonade in the house!!
Van 1: R3: Lisa, R2: Me, Van 1 Driver: Jay, R6: Kristen, R1: Lauren, R4: Jolene, R5: Andrea
Van 2: R8: Karen, R10: Jesica, R9: Zoey, R7: Kimberly, R12: Holly R, R11: Holly B, Van 2 driver: Jeff

Meghan who was not on the Nuun team but a different HTC team but a fellow Nuun ambassador. She made us all respective team cupcakes!

Hello–are these the cutest things you have ever seen!!! I only had a lemonade one…obviously…but it was delicious…Cheat #1…it tasted like a lemon girl scout cookie…I told Jay I was off desserts and he took a BIG BITE! Really technically it wasn’t a whole cheat!! πŸ™‚

Andrea, Kristen, Me, and Lisa

Andrea, Kristen, Me, and Lisa

Friday morning…Mt Hood or Bust…

Have you ever been on a duck tour? Did you love it?

Have you ever had a lemon girl scout cookie?

I’ve Got My Running MoJo BACK!

31 Jul

If you remember my after vacation posts, I was not running very well or very happy. It may have been a combination of recovery from Pac Crest or getting back from vacation or adapting to the warmness of the summer weather. Whatever it was, it finally subsided just as I was starting my first leg of Ragnar 2 weekends ago. I ran strong, positive, and happy. We had a great team and a great time!!

About 48 hours after my last leg, I has some sort of soreness in my left foot. I thought…OHHH NO…PLEASE NO!!!!! I did not know what it was but I thought I would give it a few days. I did lots of spinning and swimming in the meantime. I skipped track practice. I skipped my tempo run. By Friday it was better but I thought I better see if I can run on it so if need be Bird Legs could get a replacement for me for Cascade Lakes Relay(CLR) this coming weekend.

I want to talk about CLR real quick. We run from Diamond Lake to Bend. 216 miles in the heat and elevation. Everyone says it is such a great relay BUT it is hot and hard!! That being said here is the forecast:

On Friday: Dan and I set out for a 6 mile “easy” run, flat, and hot. I am starting to feel better about running in the heat. My foot did not bother at all and it actually felt better when we were done! Well in that case it was probably just something funky not sure what but there was no time to worry about it!!!

Run #2: I needed to do a long run. 13 miles was on my Chicago training schedule. I decided to wait until the afternoon (not really on purpose but that’s what happened)! The clouds burned off and it was warm and getting warmer! I was surprisingly very positive about doing a half-marathon in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday. (What is wrong with me?) I set off to do a shamrock training run because I loosely knew what the mileage was. It was hilly. Some shade but definitely some direct sun hits!

I went off with my Nuun, gus, and music. I was mentally prepared for 13 miles. It went very well. Everything felt good. I was just cruising through the miles. I got to my office, 7 miles, from home but did not have my key to get cold water. The water from the drinking fountain was cold enough! πŸ™‚


I knew I was going to hit the Steel Bridge instead of the Broadway Bridge on the way home. I thought that was going to cut that mile off. At mile 11, I knew there was no way I was only 2 miles away from home. I was getting tired but still feeling good and positive! Mile 12 hit and I was still cruising along. I knew I still had the ramp and hill up and around the Rose Garden to finish up the hills. I would then be at about 13 and home free. Flat to the end!!

I hit 14 miles just as I got home. I felt great! I had a great pace and average! I am actually happy that I had the bonus mile because my next long run is 16 miles. I feel like it will be easier to digest with only an increase of 2 miles instead of 3! LONG RUN DONE!

My last run before CLR was track practice yesterday. Track practice was cancelled but I was going anyway. I had planned to do 6×800. I was kind of excited. I use the word “excited” loosely because track practice is my least favorite workout of the week!

I got there and decided that I better just do 4×800. I am running another 18 miles this weekend. I better save a little bit of juice! I do the first 3 at 4:18, 4:16, 4:15. If I have learned anything from Amy it is to do one last hard one and follow it up by another one 10-15 seconds slower so you can use the adrenaline from your fast one.

I did a 4:08 and 4:14. Not bad. I really wanted to do a 6th one but was kind of glad I didn’t have to. Psych!!

All in all a few good runs to keep my mojo alive. I am excited for this weekend. Watch out Central Oregon Team “Put a Bird on it” is coming to town!

If you have not entered my GIVEAWAY…there is still time!! Also if you want to just buy some Nuun here is a coupon code: hydrateHTC That is good for 15% off until September! Happy shopping!!

click here—You can also get this with an order through August 9th or while supplies last!!

How do you get your running mojo back??

Tips on Running an Ultra Relay

18 Jul


I have run the Ragnar Northwest Passage(NWP) relay twice. My first ever relay was NWP 2011. We had a 12 person team. After that weekend on the ride home we decided that we would do an ultra relay(6 person team) in 2012. 5 of the 6 of us in our van were in. We were on a huge high from the weekend. We picked our legs, our new team name, costumes, and everything was set before we even got back to Portland!

Lets back up for a minute. A relay is when you get your 11 closest friends or 5 closest friends to run 200 miles with you, sit in a van sweaty for 30 hours, and have a great time at it!!

As the twelve months went by we ran and planned. Executed an awesome 1st for all of us ultra relay. We decided that it was hard and most of us did not want to do it again. But Ellen and I are back for round 2!! Suckas!!

At the start line in Blaine, WA at the Peace Arch 2012.

Tips on how to have a great race:

1–TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. Train like you are training for a half marathon. Lots of running. Duh! Do long runs on Saturday and Sunday. A month to go: do some double days. Run in the morning and run in the evening. That gets your body used to running twice in a day. Schedule a few runs (of the length that you will be running in your relay) for Saturday am, Saturday pm, and Sunday am to let you feel how it will feel come race weekend.

2–Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. The week before the race lots of water and electrolytes. Especially if it will be hot. In 2011 it was pretty hot but in 2012 it rained and it was cooler. My electrolyte of choice is Nuun. Nuun is partnering with Ragnar this year and I won a team hydration kit for us this year. Awesome! Thanks Nuun!!

3–Re-fuel, Re-fuel, Re-fuel. Make sure you are carbing up leading into the race! It is so important to refuel after you have run. My choice is chocolate milk. For ultras I drink a double and for regulars I drink a single. Make sure you are eating between your legs. Carbs and easy digestible foods. Uncrustables, peanut butter pretzels, fruit, licorice, Gatorade. Eat meals when you can depending on when you will be running.

4–Rest. As much as you can. Try and take little naps or just close your eyes for a few minutes. When doing an ultra the van is always on the move. There is no down time like a regular relay. You have to rest when you can. Bring a eye mask and ear plugs if you need them.

5–Get a 15 passenger van. You have more room to maneuver around. We designate the back bench for “sleeping.” It may cost a little extra but in the long run it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

6–Have a driver. Another important key for ultras. You are so tired, the last thing you want to do is have to drive. Bob was our driver last year and luckily enough he is Ellen’s hubby so he is driving us again this year. SCORE!

7–MOTIVATION. Getting 6 people together to run 200 miles is one thing. Executing is another. Cheering and leaping frogging your runners is part of the fun of a relay. Making sure your runner is doing ok. Cowbelling for them. Keeping them motivated to finish that leg and being ready to do it again hours later.

8–Recovery. Having a “stick” on hand. Ellen forgot ours last year so I had to make friends and borrow theirs. Compression socks, pants, sleeves will work wonders. If you have them wear them in between legs. Wearing them while running if that’s your thing.

10–PACE YOURSELF. This is an ultra. You will most likely be going your half marathon pace instead of 10K pace. Slow it down a bit. Especially for your first leg. Just getting through the first leg at a little slower pace will guarantee you have a good 2nd/3rd leg! If you go all out and kill yourself the first leg you will not have anything in the tank for your 2nd/3rd.

In my experience. My first leg is just a tad slower than I want it to be. My second leg is right on pace and every time my best leg. My third leg is much harder but still on pace. πŸ™‚

Moral of the story: PACE YOURSELF!!! IT IS A LONG 30 HOURS!!

10–Have Fun. Do not think too hard about it. Keep your hydration, fueling, and motivation up, and you will have no problem having an epic relay!!

After 30 hours of running, eating, driving, and no sleeping we were done & still smiling 2012:

Who wants to do an ultra relay now??

What is in Store 4 the The Next 5 Months!

12 Jul

The first 6 months of 2013 I was focused on triathlon training. The next 6 months will be focused on running.

I have finished my A triathlon race of the year. My 6th season of this madness is done. Well maybe! I told you I was going to do the Deschutes Dash Oly in a few weeks but I have decided against it. Honestly I did not really want to do it after PC. It is a fun race but I am over racing in the heat and elevation!!

I may do another one in September. I am still speculating that one. The triathlete in me says YES absolutely do it. The runner in me says NO just focus on your Chicago training. Oh decisions decisions! We will talk more about this later.

I cannot believe that it is July already. How is half the year done already? I have a lot in store for the next 5 months. I am running 4 relays: 2 regular (12 person teams) and 2 ultra (6 person teams) style and doing the Chicago marathon.

First up is Ragnar Northwest Passage.

I did this ultra-style last year. Definitely the way to run it! My β€œrelay” training has not been great. We keep getting together and it seems that none of us are ready. At least I am not the only one! :)I am runner 2(which is actually legs 3 and 4).
We are a very laid back team. We have been a solid 5: Ellen, Alana, Abbey, Amy, and I. We have had a couple of drop-outs. We finally landed Shawn. Who we met last night. All I can say is hallelujah! I was getting nervous because we were having no luck trying to find a replacement 3 weeks out for a relay. An ultra relay at that!!

Shortly after that I head back to Bend for the Cascade Lakes Relay with my old HTC team.

Another fun team! I am more excited about floating down the river when it is all said in done! It is going to be hot and hard!! I am running leg 6 here but I get an extra bonus leg. They split up leg 2 into a and b because it is so hard. Since my total mileage is lowest, Kara is making me letting me run 2a.

The relay I am MOST EXCITED about is: HTC with Nuun!! I still cannot believe I was picked. It is going to be a fun time. I am running leg 2 here.

Will either be a triathlon or a 10k.

Chicago marathon.

I am really excited to do this. This will be marathon #7. I really feel that I have been running better and faster since my last marathon (RNRAZ ’12). I have really worked on my mental toughness. I cannot wait to see what happens here. I can just hope it is not a thousand degrees. I am going with some girlfriends but my mom, bro, and sis-in-law are meeting me there as well!

Last and final relay will be Ragnar Las Vegas ultra style.

We just met and picked legs. I am running leg 4(which is 7 and 8). This is going to be an awesome team too: Erica, Laura, Stephanie, Kara, Anne and I.

As you can see there will be lots of running in my near future. I am excited and nervous at the same time! Here is to relay season!!

Are you doing any relays this summer?

San Antonio Bound

7 Jul

I started my day out at the gym. On the deathmill. I am positive I understand why people in Phoenix do not exercise in the summer. IT.IS.TOO.HOT!! Even in the gym.

2 things I did wrong:
First off: I put my Nuun in a regular plastic bottle of water instead of a sport top bottle. I only stopped once to take a drink. If I could have been sipping the entire time I would have been ok.
Secondly: I usually stray away from the fans because I like to sweat but in todays case I would have been better off under a fan.
Lesson learned if I decided to run while in San Antonio I will take those 2 wrongs and make a right!

Most of the rest of my morning and early afternoon were spent poolside. I love the sun. I love the water. I love getting tan. I did wear sunscreen. I was probably out there longer than I should have been! I was working on getting rid of my farmers triathlete tan.

Kamie and I soaking up some the rays:

Who knew Phoenix had clouds?!! Kru is quite the fish. He likes to spend more time with his head under the water than above. ON purpose. πŸ™‚

Kamie and Kru

Kamie and Kru

We met up with some more peeps at La Grande Orange for a late lunch/early dinner. Kamie, Jill, and I split a pizza and salad. Delicious!! Of course it was time to have dessert. A good-bye dessert because my next stop was the airport! 😦

Clockwise from the top left: Peanut butter pie (OMG amazing…I might try and replicate that), coconut cupcake, salted chocolate brownie, and a compost cookie.
DO.NOT.WORRY. I did not eat them all! Kamie, Jill, Art, and I split all but the cookie. Curtis had a couple of bites. Nothing too crazy. The girls sent me on my way with the cookie. It was stuffed in my bag and not sure if it is going to make it to San Antonio. It was hot and melty before I put it in my bag. I might try and sacrifice it when I arrive. πŸ™‚

Curtis, Marissa, Me, Kamie, Jill, and Art

Curtis, Marissa, Me, Kamie, Jill, and Art

I am looking more tan huh??

We had a fun time. This is one of my faves in Phoenix that I always make it to when I am in town.

It is always sad to leave but I had a great time. I am on my way to the second half of my vacation. San Antonio, Texas!! Do you think I could have picked a cooler place? July in the southwest. What was I thinking?

Where are you going for vacation this year?

Numbers…Oh I Mean Goals!

26 Jun

I can not tell you how excited I am for this weekend! I am nervous too. I love racing. It is always the best part of the training cycle. This is it. PAC CREST or BUST!! My “A” race of the year. This is where I let everything happen. I leave everything on the course and NO LOOKING BACK! I really just want to have a good race. If that is a sub 6 or a 6:30, if I raced hard and felt good, I will be happy with the outcome.

I feel like in the last 18 months I have gotten somewhat competitive. I do not know if I have finally learned to “race” -OR- from training harder and racing faster -OR- If it is from living with Greg (who is super competitive). Whatever it is I WILL take it. I just want to do the BEST that I can do on that day.

Given that…We are 3 days out…here is what the weather is going to look like:

So much for having a good race! The temperature is rising daily. It is going to be HOT!! It was HOT at WF and I kept it together pretty good. I just have to stay strong, mentally tough, and stay hydrated!! It is a good thing I recently got a huge order of Nuun in the mail! πŸ™‚

Lets totally over-analysis my stats and goals for Pac Crest! I have only done the long course at PC once. But the same year was my first year at WF.

2009 Wildflower:
2009 Pac Crest:
As you can see I had a 30 minute faster race at PC than WF. It was all pretty much the bike(26 minutes)!! Which is obviously my strength. Could I take 26 minutes off my bike again? That would put me at a 2:51? That seems highly unlikely! Steve (Moan) keeps telling me I will make up all the time on the 14 mile decent. Interesting.

I am definitely faster in the water and running than in 2009. Will the elevation hurt me? OR the heat?

Moving on:
Black Diamond 2012–my CURRENT PR:

This was an awesome race. I went into it with no goals. I only tapered somewhat. I had done a 80 mile ride with Moan the weekend before. (We were both training for IMAZ) I kept strong and mentally tough! I feel like I was swimming faster at that point than now though. The bike was rolling hills. The run was HOT! PC has the harder climb but it also has the 14 mile decent. Where you go SO FAST!!

2013 Wildflower:

If I compare this years WF time with PC ’09. Here is what I see. 36 minute swim, 2:30 T1, 3:09 bike, 2 minute T2, 2:27 run. Putting me at 6:16:30. I WOULD LOVE to go lower than that!

Here is what I know: I am a faster swimmer, biker, and runner than I was in 2009. I have learned to keep mentally strong and dig deep. I am about POSITIVE I can go sub 6:40 and POSSIBLY sub 6. I just have to race hard but be smart. I have my preliminary time goals written down in my race plan getting me in at 6:03. It is more on the lines of <36 minute swim; 2:30 T1; <3:05 bike; 2:00 T2; <2:18 run. I just have to take 4 minutes off of that for a PR! Can I do it?

Here are a couple of things I need to keep in mind on race day:




My secret goal is out: to beat Moan again! I beat him in AZ. I had a great race and unfortunately he did not. The plan is to beat him again. The problem is he is not planning on running so he can go hard on the bike! The real plan is for him to catch up to me on the bike. so I can draft off him. So we can ride together!!

Anyone else racing this weekend?

Racing AGAIN This Weekend!

18 May

Watch out Portland! Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon is here this weekend. Last year was the inaugural year for this race. I had some friends come from out of town to do a “reunion” race. We all got together but only a few of us did the race.

Here we are with Kara Goucher at last years expo:

Abbey, Ashley, Mandi, Kara, Me, & Kara

Abbey, Ashley, Mandi, Kara, Me, & Kara

Sherrie and I cruised around the expo pretty quick. Same ol same ol.

Corral 6! My projected time was: 2:00. I guess I was overly optimistic when I signed up! πŸ™‚

The good thing about Rock N Roll races are if you sign up at the expo they are WAY CHEAPER. You just have to know that you are going to do it the following year. I paid $60 for this years race at last years expo. Today the bibs are going for $150! INSANE! I ended up signing up for Portland 2014 for $65 today! I also do RNR AZ in January most years. I missed this year so I signed up for the 1/2 in 2014. I got this rad water bottle too!

This is definitely worth something. A 24-oz INSULATED water bottle. SCORE!

Hit up the Nuun booth. I wanted some cherry limeade but they are totally out and I am super sad. I got some lemonade and of course a new water bottle. They have changed the design of the water bottle again.

Here is a map of the course:

I like this course because it is different from all the other courses in the Rose City. It hits the eastside. The course was harder last year but they changed it because there were too many traffic problems.

Goals for this race:
1. Have FUN!
2. Going crazy isn’t really what I want to do tomorrow. I have had 2 hard weekends in a row. I have taken it easy this week. I have not done a whole lot of running since Wildflower so I think I will be able to put in a good effort but really just a good long run effort.
3. Enjoy the aid stations and not having to carry my own water for 13 miles. πŸ™‚
4. I do not even really have a time goal. Maybe sub 2:12 or so!

The weather is always the other factor. It was supposed to be dry than it changed to rain and now it is back to sun/clouds. 20% chance of rain. The temperature should be perfect!

Who else is racing this weekend?

Have you done a RNR race? Where?

FOUR thing Friday!

10 May

I have had a nice relaxing recovering week from Wildflower. It has been super nice here in the Pacific NW unlike the rest of the United States! I am leaving again this weekend but staying in Oregon. Which brings me to my first “thing:

1. My coach is having a training camp in Bend this weekend. You ask what a training camp entails? Lots and lots of biking and running!! We are leaving at noon today. We run tonight. We go for either an 80 or 100 miler tomorrow. We run again. Sunday we do another LONG ride with a transition run. What you really need to know is: I will be drinking lots of chocolate milk and wearing lots of compression. Wish me luck!

2. I was one of 10 to receive a free entry to the Deschutes Dash Olympic race. I am not one to turn down “free”. I signed up promptly! It is in July 2 weeks after Pac Crest long course and a week before my first Relay of the season. I was supposed to go on vacay that week but I do not think we are going now. I am excited because I did it a long time ago and want to do it again. They have changed the run course which I am not particularly excited about because it is harder. BOO!!

3. When I set my goals for IMAZ, my BIGGEST goal, I wanted to do a sub 13 hour. I told myself If I did the race in less than 12:59 I would buy myself a new IPod. I also told my mom that if I did a sub 13 hour I wanted to her to buy me the new Garmin 910x. Well I exceeded my goal by a lot but I never did buy the IPod or get the Garmin. When I set my goals for Wildflower I thought if I made my sub 7 happen then I would buy this necklace that I have been eyeing for a while. I finally rewarded myself and bought it yesterday! So excited!!

We also got a DQ blizzard on our drive back from WF:

Peanut Butter Chocolate chunk with brownie pieces! Good Stuff!!

Peanut Butter Chocolate chunk with brownie pieces! Good Stuff!!

This is usually my reward after races!

4. We got our leg assignments for Hood To Coast this week. I am on Team Lemonade as runner #2.

What are you doing this weekend?
Have you ever rewarded yourself after a good race?

The Calm B4 The Storm: WF Part 1

6 May

WEDNESDAY 2:10PM: Parker, Matt, I headed out of P-town. We were heading down to Lake San Antonio, NOWHERE California, with a 12 hour drive ahead of us. Wildflower Long Course Triathlon #4 here I come!!


We told stories. Talked triathlons. Talked Wildflower. Talked Ironman Couer d’Alene. We were just trying to pass the time. I did a pretty decent job of scaring them at 10 mins past the hour saying 1,2…10 hours down! I made some mix CD’s. Thank goodness I did that or it would have been a lot more quiet drive!

We stopped for gas twice and Round Table Pizza for dinner.

We ate it in the car. I was very impressed with Parker’s ability to drive and eat pizza at the same time!

A couple different iphone.driving.sunset pics of Mt. Shasta.

THURSDAY 2:03AM: Arrive in King City (Last stop for gas and groceries 40 miles to the lake. We parked in the KFC parking lot. Matt and Parker slept in the grass: Hood To Coast style. I slept in the truck.

6:00AM: Starbucks, Safeway, more talk of the course as we drove the course on our way to the lake and no looking back!

Sometime in the early morning. We set up camp. A lot of our crew was already there. Had a great place picked out. It just happened to be where Kara, Christine, and I camped in 2011. Funny!

We went for a nice leisurely bike ride. Us Vets took the Rookies down into “the pit” and showed them some of the run course. We did a short transition run. It was HOT!! So HOT!! We.Were.In.Trouble. If there was any indication that we were in trouble…It was the fact that we were already starting to get some color.

That afternoon we went down to the lake to swim. The water was gorgeous. We were so sweaty from the walk from the campground to the lake…most of us had a hard time getting into our wetsuits. I have never gotten my wetsuit on that fast before. I do not know if it was the combination of body glide and sweat but it went on fast and it was hot. Into the water I went. I am always the last to have mine on. GO FIGURE!

Packet pick-up went relatively smooth and back to the campground we went. More food, hydration, and sleep was had.

FRIDAY: Up and at ’em. We sat around until noon waiting for the expo to open. People rode bikes, people cleaned bikes, talked about races, carb loaded, and hydrated. It was HOT just sitting around. TROUBLE!

Our View from the “walking trail”:

We made our way down to the expo. Checked out transition.

Empty Transition

Empty Transition

Here is transition: the calm before the storm!

Shopped. Hung out and listened to a couple of different speakers.

Got Colossal Gelato!!

At 3:30 defending 2x champion, Jesse Thomas, was signing autographs and taking pics. No one wanted to hang around another half hour so I went, stalked the Triathlete Magazine booth, and tweeted Bird Legs “wishing she was there” while waiting for Jesse to show up. This was probably the 2nd highlight of my entire weekend!

A lot of Thursday and Friday were just “waiting around”. We could not be in the sun. We hydrated with Nuun & G2. We carb loaded with pasta, sandwiches, and tacos. We wore Pro Compression socks.