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The Summer of not training for anything BIG!

18 Jul

Well I am not sure how July has come and almost gone. Where does the time go!!

I had almost nothing on the schedule after Victoria. I have Hood To Coast at the end of August and RNR Vancouver 1/2 marathon. I really wanted to do another 70.3 but I didn’t really know if I wanted to keep training. This was my “fun” year after all. I also liked the idea of doing a short race. Maybe doing some speed work?!

After some thought I picked an olympic race that also had a sprint race because Dan wanted to train for a short race. So I had 6 weeks to recover and get some speed training in to “race” an olympic.

Well it was good thinking. I haven’t really trained like I wanted to. Don’t get me wrong but I have been training but I pictured it going a little bit different!!

We have one more “big” training day tomorrow, we will taper this week and race next weekend! I am excited we are going to camp for the weekend. I have heard it is an awesome smallish race. Excited!

It has also been crazy wedding season. We went to 3 wedding 3 weekends in a row.
We found Young & Hungry to watch on Netflix. We watched the first 2 seasons. It was awesome. It was like an old school sit-com with a laugh-track. Kind of like Three’s Company. I probably liked it more than Dan but he tolerated it!! 🙂
Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.36.03 PM

What else do you when you don’t have to spend the entire weekend working out?!

Go to brunch!
Go to the farmers market!!
Go to the movies! Train wreck!! Funny!!
Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.49.52 PM
Cooking and Baking!
broccolini pasta
coconut chocolate chip cookies
peanut butter chocolate overnight oats

If anyone is in need of NUUN use: NuunSummer15 for 20% off most items at Nuun!

What have you been up to this summer? Has anyone seen Young & Hungry?

“Training” has begun!

26 Mar

I feel like I have waited all year to start “training!” Don’t get me wrong I have been training but I finally put together a 12 week build for Victoria 70.3. I incorporated my RNR Portland plan inside the Victoria plan.
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.30.05 PM

Since I am not using a coach this year, because this is my “fun” year, I developed a 12 week plan to Victoria.
I spent all Sunday afternoon working on this. I figured I would get a job as soon as I finished the plan. I know I know I should just input it into Training peaks so I can see the green boxes but I like to do things old school and cross them out as they are completed! 🙂

I have a few different plans from some Triathlete magazine articles that I went off of! I have done this long enough I how what I “should” be doing and what I “shouldn’t” be doing!! 🙂

I decided to stop running for about 3 weeks. Good timing with training starting right?! My foot has been good but I wanted to rest my IT Band and hope for the best!! I consulted with Taylor who had some problems with her ITB. I have been stretching and strengthening my glutes and hips! I got a massage today and she did a number on my ITB. Holy shit! I mean my massages regularly hurt but she really got in there!!

Other than that my biking has been good. Swimming has been great. I did another swimming TT test on Tuesday and nailed my 200s today!

I also got a job yesterday. (I jinxed myself) I don’t think that my plan will change much but I will be biking much further than I did to my last job. Not sure how that will affect my training! I will most likely be more hungry and tired!

The weather was awesome today! Tiffany and I went for a walk around the Laurelhurst neighborhood. Not in the training plan(wink-wink) but it was a fun to get outside other than to bike and run!!

Laurelhurst Park

Laurelhurst Park

Last but not least Nuun has finally got sweat bands. One of my favorite running accessories. You can get one too!! For a few more days you can go shop at Nuun and with every order until 3/30 you can get a wristband! Holla!! #nuunlove
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.43.55 PM

How is your training going?

If it’s NOT Raining it’s NOT Shamrock!!

15 Mar

Well I jinxed the entire city of Portland with my last post! It has been epic weather here the last few months! This weekend not so much. Today, the Portland Shamrock Run, NOT.SO.MUCH!

I worked the Nuun booth at the expo on Friday and Saturday which is always fun. Spreading the #nuunlove!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.31.49 PM

I bought a few goodies too!!
Oofos for 1/2 off! Boom!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.18 PM
Roo Sport! Awesome product! Our booth was behind their booth. I didn’t even realize that they were there until Tiffany told me she bought one!! (thanks a lot Tiff) 😉
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.38 PM

BTW —>
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.09.56 PM

Go to Nuun by the 17th and get a free pint glass!

ALSO—> Because it is your lucky day here is a coupon code to use before 3/26: LuckyNuunFriends for 20% off!

My foot has been good but my right outer knee was bothering me while running downhill. I put some KT Tape on it. (I won a giveaway last year. I can finally use it!!) I am thinking it is IT Band issues. It is definitely feeling better! I am staying off the hills for a while!! If it is not one thing it is another!

One of my favorite races of the year was today! The Shamrock Run!! We woke at 6am to the sound of pouring rain.

Me: It is pouring!
Dan: Right!!
Me: Lets just skip Shamrock this year.
Dan: Really? (as he was getting back in bed)
Me: No! Lets just go!! 🙂

We rode our bikes to the gym to drop our bags. Walked down to the start. It was raining and it was dark!!

The 15K was the first race of 4 to start. I was happy we were the first! I heard later that the other starts times were delayed and there was lots of craziness! We started (I think) right on time.
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.41.22 PM

I decided right off the bat that I was not going to check my clock. I was going to run and hope for the best. I was not really going for a PR. I just didn’t think it would happen. My endurance is there but my speed was not. I had done some hill repeats for Ragnar training but I took a break after I got back. There just wasn’t time! I would run hard and see what happened! I didn’t want to push my knee either! The rain didn’t make it any better!!

There was a ton of puddles. Everyone dodging them and splashing. I avoided a few. After about a mile my feet were soaked and there was nothing I could do about it!

Just like last year: I had passed the first train crossing and I could hear the horns coming so I sprinted ran hard for at least a quarter of a mile but it was worth it because I didn’t get stopped! I was literally running over the tracks as the gates were coming down!

I settled back into my pace. It felt more comfortable at least!! 🙂 The flat section was over. Onto Broadway which was good. Hard. The first section of Terwilliger is the hardest but I got through it. I caught up to Dan at about mile 5.5 or so. That was fun!

We ended up running together the rest of the race. The downhill was good. My knee did pretty good. It was sore just a little as we were passing the 7 mile sign. But surpassed the soreness pretty quick. I had told Dan that I wasn’t looking at my clock and I didn’t want to know the time. As we got to the end he was pushing me. I knew he knew what my PR was so I figured it would be close!!

….and it was! Not close enough! I was :50 seconds over my PR! 1:31:16! Good for 9:48 average miles and not on a flat course! #soclosebutsofaraway

It was a fun race! I am glad that Dan and I could run a bunch of miles together!

Cute medals…as usual! Ugly shirts…as usual! Until next year!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.52 PM

I met some Oiselle ladies for brunch afterwards!! I was starving! It was delicious!!

Oiselle Birdies!

Oiselle Birdies!

Anyone else doing a Shamrock run?

4 FOR Thursday!

24 Apr

Do you know who I love? Kara Goucher! But really who doesn’t?! She is so inspiring! Such an amazing athlete! She lived in P-town for so long and there was always an occasionally sighting of her and Shalane running!

I got to meet her at RNR Vegas in 2011:

And again at RNR Portland in 2012:

She has joined forces with 2 of my favorite companies!! Which is perfect because I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while. Here is 4 of my favorite companies and they all happen to be in Seattle!

First up: Nuun!!

Everyone knows I love Nuun!! Kara Goucher has joined forces on the electrolyte movement!?!? It is very exciting NEWS!

Has everyone gotten to try the NEW Nuun Energy?! Nuun energy is all about the electrolytes(for optimal hydration), B-Vitamins (for energy), and Caffeine(for mental clarity and focus) It is awesome! I love it! All the ambassadors got samples and a trucker hat! I have been sporting it around town and the jury is still out on whether I actually look good in it or not!

I got a tube of each flavor before we got our samples and almost need to buy some more already!!

Do you think I have a problem?
If you think this is bad…you should see the rest of the shelf of bottles. Out.Of.Control!

If you need any Nuun there is free shipping this weekend! Order some of the Nuun energy…you can thank me later!!

Secondly: Moving Comfort

I had no idea they were based in Seattle but they are. During NuunHTC weekend, Meghan has a friend, Daniel, that works there. He was gracious enough to come pick us up downtown and take us to the Brooks HQ. (You may remember me(us) going there during NuunHTC)

I have been wearing MC for a long time. I bought a Fiona bra and really liked it. I was afraid of changing it up so I just continued to buy Fiona’s!!

Daniel hooked us up with a new bra. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and get an endurance racer.

I.LOVED.IT. There was only one problem. I could not buckle it. For a long time I only wore it if I could have Dan buckle it for me. I had to wake my mom up before the Chicago Marathon to buckle it for me! Stupid!! Then I finally figured out how to do it myself! I knew there had to be a way. I just had to figure it out! 🙂

Third: Oiselle!
Another awesome company! They make running apparel and have been around since 2007! On a whim, I bought some Lesley Knickers last spring. I loved them! They make my ass look great. (and who doesn’t want their ass to look good while working out!!)

Then Oiselle was one of our sponsors for NuunHTC!!

Lux layer, scoop neck, and Flyer jacket

Lux layer, scoop neck, and Flyer jacket

Since then I have bought a bunch of lux layers(my fave) and Lesley knickers. I bought some race layers last weekend and got them last night. I am pretty excited to try some different shirts!

Here is a great article by Kara on Why she picked Oiselle!!

Lastly: Tiger Tail

This is just a quick shout-out! I like the tiger tail because it is portable! You can use it everywhere and anywhere! I like using it on my feet mostly. I use the foam roller regularly but this is my secondary. I have had a bit of a cranky hamstring and I can use it deeper than the foam roller!

Who knew they were out of Seattle either?!

Who are your running idols?

Do you use any of these products?

Disclaimer: All these opinions are my OWN!!

Shamrock PDX 2014

18 Mar

Sunday was my 6th running of the Portland Shamrock 15K. For the majority of the years it has been crappy weather. This year it was supposed to be nice. The temperature was not bad. It sprinkled a couple of times. No biggie!

Goals: No real goals. I did not think I could PR. I just have not done enough hills and hill repeats like I have in the past. I wanted to beat my time from Hot Chocolate 2 weeks ago. 2 reasons: 1- I was “sick” under the weather…whatever you want to call it. 2-I beat my time last year by 20 seconds. I really thought I had it in the bag. I felt really good overall.

I also worked with Zoe at the Nuun booth all day Friday and Saturday. Dan gave me a foot rub both nights so I think that compensated for any soreness that would have made or broke my race! 🙂

We were running a contest: asking people why they ran? Here was my response:

Day 2: Holly came by to say hi!

2nd piece of business: Big Sur is T minus 6 weeks away and if I want to do even relatively good I am going to have to start to up my long runs to more than 12 miles. The Shamrock start line is almost 2 miles from our apartment so we were going to run there and back to add in mileage. (Dan was not exactly excited for that–but he did it) 🙂

THE BEFORE: Miles 0-1.86: Average: 11:43 The pace was going to very slow. Dan said we should Jog or “Yog”? I thought he made it up. I should have know it was a movie quote!!

THE RACE: Shamrock 15K: Garmin clocked: (9.43 miles) Average: 9:52


It was actually nice having done the warm up. I got into a comfortable hard pace right away. The first 2 miles were probably too fast but we go over train tracks at around mile 2 and a train was blowing his horn so I picked up. I never saw the train. Not sure where it was or where it was going but I was happy that I did not get stuck behind it!!

It is flat until about mile 2.5 where there is an aid station. Just in time for the hurt to begin! UP Broadway. Steady incline with a few steep pitches. Mile 4 we hit another aid station and begin our 2 mile climb up Terwilliger. I still felt good. I think I was just a little slower then last year. My times (in training) up Terwilliger were not awesome. I think I only did one session of hill repeats. (which I usually do them once a week for the first 10 weeks of the year. Leading up to the race) I just kept moving along.

I was happy to get to the top of Terwilliger (mile 6). I always am. Everyone always is!! 3rd aid station. The bag pipers piping. I was not sure how I had done compared to last year. I think I was still a minute behind.

Now the cruise down. I just let go BUT I did not want it as bad as I did last year. I was really gunning for the PR and this year I wanted to do well but maybe because I had not put the pressure on myself to PR…so I did not happen. I did not look at my watch the last couple of miles. I did not really want to know.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was only over my PR by about 2 minutes. It was also faster than Hot Chocolate and that is all that mattered! I had a great and fun race.

I love this race. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is local or because I have done it for so many years. It is certainly not for the weather or the shitshow of people that come out to run it. But better believe the 3rd Sunday of every March I will be running the 15K with all the other crazies in P-Town!

I FINALLY got of out of this mess of green:
and found Dan.

It had started to rain and of course we were running right into the wind. It was freezing.

THE AFTER-MATH: Miles: 11.29-14.54 Average: 10:42 We were a little faster than a “yog.” I dropped him at home and picked up the pace a bit. I felt really good especially when I turned around and the wind was on my back! Booyah!


I met up with some old friends: Holly and Lauren and a new friend: Adrienne for brunch.

I was starving. I bet you could not tell!!

Happy Day After St. Patrick’s Day Friends!! Did you do anything fun?

Viva Las Vegas!

7 Nov

Here I am in Las Vegas. Away from Portland for the 4th time in 5 weekends! I have been having a great time out of town. Of course every weekend has been desirable weather for the most part! This weekend I am actually glad that I am in the desert!

5 teammates and I are taking on Ragnar Relay Las Vegas as an ultra team. We are going to start at 8 tomorrow morning at Lee Canyon. Run all the way south and cut over to the east to finish in Lake Las Vegas.

I used the coupon code for Nuun and won the team relay supply.
Thanks Nuun!!!

I am packed! I am pretty sure I have everything!

Here are team supplies that I went to 3 stores to get:

We hit up the Zappos pre party tonight to decorate the van and win free shit!
Wish the Ultra Dragging Aces luck!! We are going to need it!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!
Special Good luck to Kristen running Outer Banks Marathon and Kimberly running the Vets Marathon this weekend!

I heart San Francisco

22 Oct

I was away again last weekend. In San Francisco to be exact. Kara and I scored some slots to the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon from Nuun!

I did this race in 2009 with Mandi and Abbey. We had such a fun weekend and race. It was a gorgeous day and we took lots of pictures!!

I arrived Friday morning just in time for the BART strike. I ended up taking 2 bus’ into the city from Oakland. There was another lady doing the same thing as me. It worked out well. We chatted for the 1hour 45minute rides and made it go by way faster!

The bus dropped us off conveniently right down the street from Kara’s office. We met up, hit up a great lunch spot, and headed to the expo.

The expotique is different from other expos. Obviously Nike is the main sponsor so there was a booth talking about the new fuelbands(I kind of want one) and a fashion show type deal with a new line of clothes. The other sponsors had booths too: Nuun, Whole Foods, Paul Mitchell, Neutrogena, and Luna Bar. I wish they would put it in a bigger space. It is so crowded and there is lines for everything!

There was going to be a “special” gift because of the 10th anniversary! Exciting right?? Shoelaces!! Are you kidding me?? Stupid!!

We headed over to NikeTown to spend our paychecks.

Everyone's names are printed on the side of Niketown

Everyone’s names are printed on the side of Niketown

Saturday was spent: relaxing. We went to the Mission. We went to Bi-Rite because no trip to SF would be complete unless you went there. Kara and Todd had never been there and I am pretty sure I have changed their lives forever!!!

They were small scoops!!

They were small scoops!!

We hung out at Dolores Park for much of the afternoon. Lots going on there. People hula-hooping, skateboarding, drinking, eating, selling pot brownies…the list goes on and on. We also got to see the 2 Macaws racing around the air.

We went for an amazing dinner pizza dinner and went to bed early!

What is your favorite part of San Francisco?
Have you been to Dolores Park and seen the Macaws??

Nuun Promotion + Giveaway Winner

1 Oct

It is October 1st!!! What happened to September or the summer?!! I can’t believe it!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Good time to stock up on some Nuun. They are giving back 50 cents per tube sold from October 1st-10th. Plus you get a water bottle!! A pink one!! HELLO! Shop NOW —-> Nuun!

Congrats to Ellen W for winning my Swiftwick Sock giveaway. You will be receiving your socks soon!! Let me know how you like them!

Anyone doing a breast cancer walk/run this month?

Thirsty Thursday!

12 Sep

I drank a lot of water and Nuun this morning. A LOT!! I had a big morning! I banked 21 miles of running in 3 hours and 40 minutes.

I got all of my water bottles full of Nuun, gus, and hydration belt all ready last night. I put out my clothes. I did not want to do anything that I did not have to do this morning! 🙂

It all started at 5am. I woke up to Hunger Strike by Pearl Jam. I ate an Erin Baker breakfast cookie and drank a glass of water in bed. I thought Dan was going to have a stroke last night when I told him my plan.

Me: Try not to be to type A about this but I am going to eat a breakfast cookie in bed at 5am
Dan: WHAT?
Me: You heard me!
Dan: NO!
Me: I will be very very careful!
Dan: There are a lot of crumbs in cookies.
Me: Ha!


I do this so I can go back to sleep for an hour. Also so it can digest before I hit the road.

At 6am Madness by Muse woke me up. 10 more minutes I just needed 10 more minutes!

At 6:10 Hemorrage by Fuel blasted and woke us both up! I was awake and ready to take on 21 miles. I drank a glass of coconut water and ate an orange. I lathered myself in body glide.

6:40 GO TIME! It was supposed to be hot today so I really wanted to get a move on before that happened. It was perfect weather! I could only hope that it would be this nice in Chicago!

I was positive! I was excited! I was nervous! I was going alone! I was going without music! 21 miles!

I had 4 sections planned out.
0-5.3 mile flat on the waterfront.
5.3-11.5 hilly
11.5-17 flat south waterfront loop
17-21 flat north waterfront loop(most of the first section)

I thought it would be easier to wrap my head around this if I broke it up into sections.

I just wanted to start at an easy pace. Ease myself into this madness! 10:30-10:40s?
Mile 3-the slowest “flat mile” 10:42
Mile 4–went over the Hawthorne bridge (where the bike counter is) at 7:20ish 710 bikes had already gone into downtown
Mile 5.3–start of hilly section
Mile 7–the slowest “hilly mile” 11:02 (obviously uphill)
Mile 8–started talking to a lady named Jo. We started talking about Hood To Coast and asked what team I was on. I said I was very fortunate to have been picked by the Nuun squad to represent. I gave her 2 sample packs that I had with me.
Mile 9.6–I could start to feel a start of a blister.
Mile 9.69–Jo peeled off right as I was approaching my office. I put band-aids on my new blister, changed my socks, filled up water bottles, and yaked with Judy and Jana for a few minutes.
Mile 10–the fastest “hilly mile” 10:06 (obviously downhill)
Mile 10.5–forgot to check the time to see if I ended up negative splitting.
Mile 11.5–YES!! Hilly section is over!
Mile 13.1–I was at mile 2:18. I was at 2:16 at mile 13 last 20 miler.
Mile 13-16.5–LONELY. On the Springwater Corridor. There was some cyclists but no runners.
Mile 15–it was starting to get tough. 6 miles! You can do this!
Mile 17–filled up water bottles again. Quick mental break. Start of section 4!
Mile 18.24–saw Gary from Athletes Lounge. He was on his bike and rode with me for a few minutes.
Mile 18.5–I was started to get hungry. I wished I would have asked Gary if he had a candy bar on him! 🙂
Mile 19–back to the Hawthorne Bridge and now 26xx bikes had gone across. Almost 2000 since I went over the bridge a couple of hours before!
Mile 19–the fastest “flat mile” 10:14
Mile 19-21–I really wanted to step it up a notch and I could feel it. 10:14, 10:17, 10:17
Mile 21–OMG! I was really done! I was so excited!! 3:40:30 (average 10:29s)
Mile 21.1–I walked into the coffee shop and ordered an iced coconut mocha and the girls said how far did you run? I said 21 miles and I have been dreaming of this drink for 3 and 1/2 hours! All 3 of their jaws dropped! So funny!
Mile 21.2–Ice bath and cute note from Dan on the bag of ice.

Really the only thing that I would have done differently is have another gu with me. I really could have used one more(or at least a 1/2). Lesson learned!!

30 days!!!! Another 22-23 miler next Thursday and then it is taper time!!

What kind of long run are you doing this weekend?

Who is doing a fall marathon? Which one?

#NuunHTC Part 3: Finish/Thank yous

30 Aug

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2

We arrived in Seaside sometime Saturday afternoon. We showered, put our legs up(literally) and had lunch while we waited for Van #2.

WE had big dreams of taking an ice bath in the ocean but it never happened. WE did go and put our toes in it. Jolene had never been to the Pacific ocean before!! What?! The best coast!! It was freezing. I am not sure how I did an ice bath last year!

We met up with some of the CL gals down at the water!

Nuun Lemonade Team crossed the line right at 6pm in a respectable 28hours and 45 minutes!

We met up with the Watermelon and Cherry Limeade teams for dinner. We shared war stories and did a lot of laughing!!

After we did some socializing we headed down to the beach! Hit Machine was playing. A great cover band that I think is PNW local. I have seen them a few times!
A: Our medal. They are totally weak but let’s be honest you don’t do HTC for the medal!
B: Hit Machine
C: L1 getting some much deserved ice cream(cheat #2)!

#htchangover: The morning after!!

We were getting ready to say good-bye! But not forever!! If I have to be the ring leader on a Race-cation then I will!!

I want to take the time to give a big THANKS AND SHOUT OUT to Nuun! I have always loved the product! I love them even more now!!! I love the company and what it stands for! Special thanks to Megan for organizing this entire event from start to finish. YOU.ARE.AMAZING! Also to Mason. It was so awesome to finally meet you!!!

Team Lemonade: Van 1: THANK YOU Lauren, Kristen, Dre, Lisa, and Jolene for being the BEST vanmates ever. Who knew you could put 6 women that barely KNEW each other in a van for 28 hours and have an epic adventure! You guys were the BEST! I am so glad I could share this experience with you!! All my favorite memories were when we were laughing!! Is it possible that we were laughing the entire time? Amazing women that I am happy to call friends!!

Another BIG THANKS to Jay! He drove us from Seattle to Mt. Hood and 200 miles to Seaside. He did everything in his power to make sure we had everything we needed at all times!! We could not have asked for a better driver!

He was planning on doing push-ups at every exchange.  I think it only lasted 3 exchanges! :)

He was planning on doing push-ups at every exchange. I think it only lasted 3 exchanges! 🙂

I also wanted to take the time to say THANKS TO OUR OTHER SPONSORS:
Oiselle! Love the shirts!! The women behind this brand are amazing!
Sparkle Skirt! Super cute! It was perfect for seeing our runners!
Amphipod! I am going to try my hydration system this weekend. I will let you know what I think! They also provided us with reflective vests and reflectors.
Naawk! The best smelling sunscreen I have ever smelled!
Endorphin Warrior! Love them! I am doing a giveaway tomorrow! Stay tuned!
Tiger Tail! I am not sure how I have lived this long with out one!
Swiftwick Socks! Amazing.

#NuunHTC will go down in my books as one of the BEST relays/races/experiences of a LIFETIME! Thanks NUUN!

REMINDER: You can still use the coupon code: hydrateHTC for 15% at Nuun until the end of September! You can also pick up a 4-pack for $20(This offer is just good for 1 week!!) Do not delay!