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Sunriver Bound

28 Jun

My car is packed! Had an oil change and a fill up yesterday! I have made some new CDs. I have my bike, gear, and recovery pump. My food is in a cooler. Central Oregon here I come!

Snacks and Refueling for Saturday: 10 Gu’s is that disgusting or what?

Pre-race dinner: pasta, red sauce and cottage cheese, and kale salad

Breakfast: oatmeal/peanut butter/blueberries/coconut water At the lake: powerbar/Nuun/Gatorade

I AM READY…to make the trip to Sunriver. I AM READY..to finish my 10th half ironman. My race plan is set. My nutrition and hydration plan is set. After much consideration of using music, I have decided to do what I would do in a road race. I start the run with no music and a couple of miles in start it up. UNLESS I am feeling crappy I will start it sooner. 🙂 On that note: my play list has been made!

I have been carb loading, hydrating, and relaxing all week. I feel like it has been too much relaxing but it is better than doing too much race week! 🙂

I am pretty sure I have packed more this time around than I did for Wildflower. I do not even need a sleeping bag or pillow!!

I am meeting Kristen for lunch when I get to town. She is one of my Lemonade Nuun HTC teammates. She is in Sunriver for a conference! FUN!!

I will then head to the lake to drop off my bike, for a dip and a quick shake out run. I am going to try to make that as quick as possible so I can get to the house and RELAX!!

SATURDAY IS GO TIME!! I cannot believe it!!!

Happy Friday!! Anyone have big plans or a RACE?

2 pieces of EXCITING NEWS

17 Apr

I got an email from my coach with my updated threshold numbers based on my Race for the Roses 5K. I looked at the numbers:
400s: 2:04
800s: 4:13
1200s: 6:25
1600s: 8:41

Now that I know the numbers I feel like the pressure is really on!

1st bit of EXCITING news:
Track Work-out. Practice. Class. commenced at 9:30 yesterday morning. The sun was out but it was COLD! Amy told us we were going to do mile repeats! DANG!

I can not even remember when the last time I did mile repeats. Maybe in IMAZ training?! Of course I had to go through my log and find them! Now most type A people use Training Peaks or some sort of log. Sarah made up a spreadsheet training log that is pretty bad-ass. It probably works good too.

I on the other hand just write notes about my workouts in a notebook. It is hell trying to find something but I like writing it out old school. That being said. I found (what I think) is the last time I did mile repeats. May 29, 2012. 9:13. 9:08. 9.10. Almost a year ago. I can not believe it has been that long. –OR– I just missed one, which is quite possible!

Back to yesterdays workout. I was nervous to do miles. Obviously it has been a while. We were going to do 3. Hard as you can but keep up the pace for all 3. I knew if I needed to do a 8:41 mile I would need to average 2:10 per lap. I pretty much hit on the dot the first lap, a tense faster the second lap, wanted to try for a little more the third, and take it home for the fourth.

Remember when I did that 8:33 mile?

I totally crushed it!! 8:24. 8:25. 8.31. So Amazing! Not sure how I pulled it off but I did! I guess I am getting faster. Who knew that would be possible. 🙂 That was my BIG GOAL for the year.

I was chosen for the Nuun Hood To Coast Team!!! This is how I found out:

I promptly checked my email and the nuun blog. Sure enough I was chosen. They had almost 100 applications. I guess the 12 days of Running was a success. Do you think my teammates will want to sing that in the van?! Kara and I both got selected. So Exciting!!!

Thanks NUUN for this opportunity for such an epic adventure!!

Did anyone else have a good Wednesday?!?

Nuun Application is Revealed…

8 Apr

I have been stalking following Sarah and Emily’s blogs for a long time. They were picked to be on the Nuun Hood to Coast teams last year. I got to see what an EPIC WEEKEND they had. I decided that wouldn’t it be cool to become a blogger and get picked to be on the Nuun HTC team. HELLO!

Well here I am. I have only been blogging for a short while but I am having so much fun!! The time finally came when they announced the application process was open. I had been thinking about what I would do for this since I started the blog. We, my family, were singing 12 days of Christmas at Christmas…and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to sing The 12 days of Running, or The 12 days of August or The 12 days leading into HTC. The problem was what were the 12 “things” going to be?!?

After hours and hours of planning, executing, and editing my Nuun application…it was finished. I sent it in last week. The deadline was last night so I thought I would share it with you! ENJOY!!

If you are NUUN reading this…PICK ME!! 🙂

I will have my San Fran 1/2 marathon recap up TOMORROW!

What did you guys thing? Have you ever had to do a “creative video application” before?