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Baking Some New Treats!!

2 Feb

I have had some time on my hands lately. Not a ton because I like to sleep in. (wink wink) But I am looking for a new job. I have seen a few recipes that I wanted to try and thought now would be a good time!!!

I made some crispy bits chocolate chip cookies!! These were seriously epic. You make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Cook only half of them. Make sure they cool.
IMG_3486Break them into pieces.
IMG_3487Put them back in the dough.
IMG_3488Bake them.
IMG_3490They are almost like a twice baked potato but WAY better!!

We had a potluck to go to last weekend. I made some homemade Samoas. (like the Girl Scout cookies) I made these a long time ago but I thought I would make them again!!

Roasted coconut!
IMG_3495Shortbread base!
IMG_3496Coconut caramel topping!
IMG_3497The finally product. The bars were dipped in chocolate and drizzled with a little chocolate on top.

I made some mocha granola for breakfast.
IMG_3494Well January 24th was National Peanut Butter Day. I didn’t know until the 23rd and I was already planning on making the samoas!! Buzzfeed put out a list of 23 Mouth-Watering Peanut Butter recipes.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I actually made something from the list! No Bake Peanut Butter Bars.
IMG_3527 I thought they were ok. Dan thought they were great and would eat them again.

I had a friend send me this recipe for caramel brownies with a pretzel bottom. I really wanted to make these but this whole baking thing was getting out of control. I thought perfect…Super Bowl!!! I made these yesterday to take to the Super Bowl party we went to.
Pretzel crust.
IMG_3529Finished product.
IMG_3532These were a BIG hit!! Delicious!!!

What did you make for Super Bowl?

If I would have ONLY known…

25 Jan

The Portland Tri Club is doing a January motivation contest. You submit your weekly mileage and then the top 3 people in each category(swim, bike, run, and club workouts) win prizes. I never really thought about winning. We are 3 weeks into the month. I’m 6th in the biking category. I wish I would have known I was a contender.

My friend Sherrie is trying to win the running category. She has been on her “happymill” every morning. I should have taken her lead and biked EVERY where I went. That was about 50% of the motivation to bike Broadway the other day!! 🙂 I think it is too late now since it is the 25th but I have biked just about everywhere this week so time will tell!!

In other news: Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Day. WHAT!!??!! How did I not know that?! My friend Erica texted me in the afternoon to WISH ME a Happy National PB Day! Then I saw it over on Run, Eat, Repeat also.
I WISH I knew why I loved peanut butter so much. Maybe because it goes along with CHOCOLATE so well. I really wanted to make cookies then decided that I did not need them! I was planning on getting 12 1 cookie at the grocery store. By the end of the day all hell had broken loose.

Here is how my day went. It all started at the office this morning!

Jana shared her peanut butter Power Crunch Bar with me

Jana shared her peanut butter Power Crunch Bar with me

I decided to nix the cookie idea and hit Voodoo Donuts. They have a chocolate oreo peanut butter donut that is to die for!!
Then I came up with a way more LUDICRIOUS idea! I texted Jessica. I said I am coming over with a plan and not to be MAD at me when she hears it!! 🙂

We hit up New Season and got some supplies. We were going to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day with vengeance!

We quickly ate dinner and then got to the good stuff!!
Who can guess which bowl was mine and which bowl was Jessica’s?? To say the least we had an AWESOME dessert!!
Happy National Peanut Butter Day…A DAY LATE!! It was definitely WORTH celebrating! Thanks Jessica for helping me execute MY PLAN!!

Who else celebrated National PB day? How did you celebrate?