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5 Oct

I watched the sunrise yesterday morning. It all started at 5:55am and ended right around 9:30. Yes!! 3.5 hours of running. Mostly on my own with the help of some Oiselle Flock to help me out at the end. Let me explain.

The view from the Sellwood bridge to the P-town skyline.
You probably remember how excited I was to meet Chloe and Becky for a run last week. Even more excited to have someone to run with for my 20 miler!! Ha!

It happened. The text came Friday morning: Chloe was cancelling. I was on the verge of tears. I knew it was too good to be true. I could not decide if I was more pissed or sad. I had changed around my plans to make this run date happen. If she would have told me a day or 2 in advance I could have gone with my original plan of running on Thursday or Friday(like usual). But I had a great tempo run with Becky on Thursday and I could not discount that.

I decided I could probably use the mental confidence anyway. I was going to put my big girl panties on and run 17 miles alone (1/2 in the dark) and meet up with the Oiselle gals for the last 3. Yes that is why I was out and running at 5:55 in the morning.

I was positive and confident I could get this done. I had a big dinner. I had slept well this week. My schedule said I had to run well-under my race pace. I have a hard time with that because I already run really slow that I don’t want to run even slower but it worked! I am finding it more and more reasonable to be PATIENT when I am running a long run. I am trying to teach my body and mind to run slow at first so I can speed up later. IT IS WORKING!!! Who knew I could have even a little bit of patience! My first 3 miles were sllloooowwwww! I can do this. I can run even slower than slow! I actually loved being in the dark. The air was crisp and perfect temperature. I was “running” happy. I took in my Gu and Nuun. At all the right times.

I headed back home at 10.5 miles to drop all of my reflective gear and grab another water bottle. I did not think that I would be able to get to the flock meet up in time because I was running “slow” and I had started 10 minutes later than I wanted to.

I definitely sped up those 6.5 miles and actual made the meet-up only a couple of minutes late. 🙂

The meet up was for a “shake out” run for the gals that were running the marathon. These bitches “shake-out” pace is way faster than my tempo pace! HELLO!! I thought WTF I will try for a fast finish and see what happens!


My last 3 miles: 9:28, 9:51, 9:33 and the last .33 were at a 9:13 pace. I really did feel amazing at the end and could definitely have gone longer! I am definitely beginning to BELIEVE THAT PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!

I am trying to coax Bird Legs into running with me in New York. It is so much “funner” to have someone to run with. She likes to start out too fast and I am going to try and hold her back. 🙂

I am really going to try and focus on going really slow and having patience in New York. It is going to be very difficult because we are in a faster corral than we should be in and the spectators and cheering and everything else going on!! Patience will be the name of the game!


How do you survive a long run?!

Training This Week!

25 Sep

Well another long run in the books this morning. I wanted to tell you a few things before I get into the run. I typically take Thursday as my rest day and my long run on Friday. (Because of the sufferfest Crater Lake ride on Saturday I decided to run long today and take tomorrow as my rest day. I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not. I was very nervous for multiple reasons!

Obviously because I didn’t have a good long run last week!
I had a strength work out yesterday morning. I was happy that we only did a few low body exercises. It was mostly upper body.
I did a longer shake out run then I wanted to with Becky and Chloe yesterday! (more on that in a minute)

To try again
I had just gotten a new Oiselle tank that I wanted to wear.
I had just gotten a shipment from Gu with root beer and caramel macchiato. I wanted to try them out.

Here was my instructions:

I do not know what my corral is but I will likely be in the 2nd or 3rd corral(there is only 4). I was planning on leaving at about 10 but I was up early on a whim and did not want to sit around all morning. I opted at leaving right about 9. It was cloudy and cool. I was positive and confident.

I had decided on 2 x 9 mile loops. So I could stop at home to do a water bottle change and grab more Gu. I changed up the direction on the 2nd loop. I wanted to target 10:30-10:40 pace on the first loop. Target 10:20-10:30 pace on the 2nd loop. I also wanted to negative split. I have been working on negative splitting my long runs. I really want to make a solid effort at having a faster second half than the first half of the race! Hello…what a concept! Everyone keeps saying practice on the bridges. I am sure that the bridges here in P-Town are not like the bridges in NYC but I can still practice. I was going over 2 bridges with a good incline. (2x)

My first loop went really well. I really tried to hold the reins on my pace. Patience. Patience. Patience. I felt amazing at mile 7 and if you recall from last week I wanted to quit. BAD!! Miles 8 and 9 were a little faster than I wanted it to be but I thought what the hell! I did my water bottle change and thought here we go.

The sun showed its face just as I was starting. Miles 10 and 11 were a little slower than I would have liked. I am not sure why. I felt almost like I had low blood sugar. It was really weird I thought I would keep going for a bit and see what happens. I got back over to the eastside and really forgot about it. It was probably the headwind that I was now facing. Then promptly had a much faster split so maybe it was just my watch. (I did feel like it was faster and wanted to not speed up until I got back to the westside (a little over 15 miles).

I sped up a little more after crossing the 4th bridge. I can’t say that I was still feeling amazing but decent. It was warm with the sun out. I finished really strong and happy to report that I averaged 10:24s with a 75(ish) second negative split.

The rest of my training was good this week too. I think that last weeks 16 miler was just a fluke. I do think that my dinner was part of it. I always eat pizza(homemade) before a long run and last week I had pasta. #fail

I met up with Becky and Chloe from the Oiselle Flock on Wednesday night. We did a 6 mile easy run. Chloe is also doing NYC marathon and Becky did it last year. We got a bunch of tips and had a fun run. I do almost all of my running on my own with the exception of Dan joining me once in a while. It was nice to meet up with the girls. Plus Chloe and I are similar pace and are going to do our 20 mile run together next weekend! #holla

I also have to admit that I cheated. I got a well deserved Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwich. It was delicious and well worth the cheat!

Anyone else do their long run during the week?!

Survival Mode!

19 Sep

I had my last LONG LONG SUPER LONG run before I go into taper mode this morning. I was ready. I was extra excited. I think because I knew this was it. 23 miles. 4 hours or BUST! This run should really be setting me up for a good race…if I could survive.

I got a little extra fuel under my fire from my friend Eva (who I am going to visit as we speak!)

It was going to be an early morning. Dan was going to do the first 10 miles with me…early in the dark. I needed to start at 5:15ish to ensure I get done with the run with enough time to take an ice bath before my massage. Life is rough right. Run 23 miles. Get a massage.

At 9:45 last night I realized I did not have a sports bra with me. F***! Epic fail #1

Again I was going to eat a breakfast cookie in bed at 4am. I have brought Dan to the dark side and he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in bed.

I got up at the second alarm. I think I was more anxious than I was last week so I was happy to get up and get going.

We were off and running at 5:20. In the dark. NO headlamp. NO reflective vest. What is wrong with us?

Do you remember when I told you I should never run in the dark, when I am tired, in my Hokas?? Well it happened 1.8 miles I tripped and fell! If someone had been watching from the street it would have looked like I was sliding into first base. NO JOKE! Epic fail #2

Dan was like OMG! Lets just stop and walk for a minute. I collected myself and gave myself a pep talk. This run has to happen RIGHT NOW. There was no turning back. Dan asked if I was ok. I said don’t ask cause I will start crying. He said ok. I proceeded to start crying just for a minute! We started running and he told me some stories about him falling off his bike. I think they were suppose to cheer me up. THEY DID!

About mile 5 a cyclist goes by us and says: You should really get some lights on…its dark out here! I almost screamed NO SHIT! I was just glad I didn’t fall in front of her! 🙂

We saw Ilana at mile 8.6 and she asked if I fell. Oh please do not remind me! She texted me later in the day and said why were you running 23 miles on a Thursday morning? Ha!!

We got back to his place at mile 10. I cleaned off my elbows. Refilled my water and Nuun. Grabbed some more gu’s. I had planned on not taking my music but decided I would use it on this special occasion. I was off to run a half marathon. The sun was out. It was nice and crisp outside.

The miles clicked off. I remembered to look at my watch at 11.5. 2:01:xx. My 2 goals at this point were to negative split this run and still feel like running when I got to mile 23! When I hit the 13.1 mark I was at 2:18:xx <—Same as last week.

I was right on target with my gu and hydration. It always gets hard at 16. I just kept telling myself I could do this. Keep pushing through. I stopped and got water at mile 17. That was my last stop.

6 miles I could do 6 more miles. I was running into a headwind. MISERABLE. I knew when I got to the turn around it would be better because 1) I would be headed back. 2) I would be out of the headwind. I got to 19 to turn around and remember that I felt a lot worse at this point last week. I got to 21. 3:40:xx. Same time as last week. I was right on track. Still feeling relatively good. I still had 2 miles. 20 minutes.


I was almost back. They were shooting an episode of Portlandia in the area. I wanted to go snoop but I was too tired and did not have enough time!! Sad day!

I was done! I ran 23 miles in 4:01:01. NEGATIVE SPLIT. I barely negative split it but none the less I did it. I think we started off a tad slower today than I did last week. It makes a huge difference! 🙂

I got a cute note on the bag of ice again. Took my ice bath and off to my massage I went!

I arrived in Reno and Eva had made Billionaire Bars! HELLO!! Thanks Eva!!! Delicious!!
If you are lucky enough to see me in Tahoe. You will probably definitely get one!!

Who is doing a long run this weekend?

Anyone baking anything good?

Thirsty Thursday!

12 Sep

I drank a lot of water and Nuun this morning. A LOT!! I had a big morning! I banked 21 miles of running in 3 hours and 40 minutes.

I got all of my water bottles full of Nuun, gus, and hydration belt all ready last night. I put out my clothes. I did not want to do anything that I did not have to do this morning! 🙂

It all started at 5am. I woke up to Hunger Strike by Pearl Jam. I ate an Erin Baker breakfast cookie and drank a glass of water in bed. I thought Dan was going to have a stroke last night when I told him my plan.

Me: Try not to be to type A about this but I am going to eat a breakfast cookie in bed at 5am
Dan: WHAT?
Me: You heard me!
Dan: NO!
Me: I will be very very careful!
Dan: There are a lot of crumbs in cookies.
Me: Ha!


I do this so I can go back to sleep for an hour. Also so it can digest before I hit the road.

At 6am Madness by Muse woke me up. 10 more minutes I just needed 10 more minutes!

At 6:10 Hemorrage by Fuel blasted and woke us both up! I was awake and ready to take on 21 miles. I drank a glass of coconut water and ate an orange. I lathered myself in body glide.

6:40 GO TIME! It was supposed to be hot today so I really wanted to get a move on before that happened. It was perfect weather! I could only hope that it would be this nice in Chicago!

I was positive! I was excited! I was nervous! I was going alone! I was going without music! 21 miles!

I had 4 sections planned out.
0-5.3 mile flat on the waterfront.
5.3-11.5 hilly
11.5-17 flat south waterfront loop
17-21 flat north waterfront loop(most of the first section)

I thought it would be easier to wrap my head around this if I broke it up into sections.

I just wanted to start at an easy pace. Ease myself into this madness! 10:30-10:40s?
Mile 3-the slowest “flat mile” 10:42
Mile 4–went over the Hawthorne bridge (where the bike counter is) at 7:20ish 710 bikes had already gone into downtown
Mile 5.3–start of hilly section
Mile 7–the slowest “hilly mile” 11:02 (obviously uphill)
Mile 8–started talking to a lady named Jo. We started talking about Hood To Coast and asked what team I was on. I said I was very fortunate to have been picked by the Nuun squad to represent. I gave her 2 sample packs that I had with me.
Mile 9.6–I could start to feel a start of a blister.
Mile 9.69–Jo peeled off right as I was approaching my office. I put band-aids on my new blister, changed my socks, filled up water bottles, and yaked with Judy and Jana for a few minutes.
Mile 10–the fastest “hilly mile” 10:06 (obviously downhill)
Mile 10.5–forgot to check the time to see if I ended up negative splitting.
Mile 11.5–YES!! Hilly section is over!
Mile 13.1–I was at mile 2:18. I was at 2:16 at mile 13 last 20 miler.
Mile 13-16.5–LONELY. On the Springwater Corridor. There was some cyclists but no runners.
Mile 15–it was starting to get tough. 6 miles! You can do this!
Mile 17–filled up water bottles again. Quick mental break. Start of section 4!
Mile 18.24–saw Gary from Athletes Lounge. He was on his bike and rode with me for a few minutes.
Mile 18.5–I was started to get hungry. I wished I would have asked Gary if he had a candy bar on him! 🙂
Mile 19–back to the Hawthorne Bridge and now 26xx bikes had gone across. Almost 2000 since I went over the bridge a couple of hours before!
Mile 19–the fastest “flat mile” 10:14
Mile 19-21–I really wanted to step it up a notch and I could feel it. 10:14, 10:17, 10:17
Mile 21–OMG! I was really done! I was so excited!! 3:40:30 (average 10:29s)
Mile 21.1–I walked into the coffee shop and ordered an iced coconut mocha and the girls said how far did you run? I said 21 miles and I have been dreaming of this drink for 3 and 1/2 hours! All 3 of their jaws dropped! So funny!
Mile 21.2–Ice bath and cute note from Dan on the bag of ice.

Really the only thing that I would have done differently is have another gu with me. I really could have used one more(or at least a 1/2). Lesson learned!!

30 days!!!! Another 22-23 miler next Thursday and then it is taper time!!

What kind of long run are you doing this weekend?

Who is doing a fall marathon? Which one?

Long Run Sunday!

4 Sep

I am not sure how it is already hump day. I still wanted to tell you about my run on Sunday. It was my first 20 miler I have done since…well December 2011. I was training for RNR Arizona. That is where my PR stands and I am hoping to break it in Chicago in less than 6 weeks.

Kara was going to be in town and she is training for a marathon a couple weeks before Chicago. She wanted to do a long run and I said 20 was on the docket. She said PERFECT. She may not have said perfect but something like that. 🙂 We were meeting at 6:30am. She got to my house and was not feeling great. I had a stomach ache too. Great! We were going to start off good.

We all got a Amphipod hydration kit last weekend for being on the Nuun HTC teams. I wore my new hydration belt. I put it on and it was a little big. When you order them you have to measure around your waist. I didn’t have a sewing tape measure but only a stiff one. It was going to have to do and I was nervous it would be too small or too big. Long story long it was too big but I still wore it. The bottles click into the holders. I had a difficult time when I was just taking the bottles out and filling them with Nuun. I was kind of dreading using it on such a long run but I thought I have to use it sometime!

We set off for a flat 20! We wanted to keep it at 10:30s(ish) minute/miles. We started off a tad too fast but mile 3 we settled into a good pace. We ran and talked and ran and talked. It was so great. Kara and I were training partners through an Ironman, a marathon, and multiple half-marathons. She moved to San Francisco and now we can only virtually run together.

The miles clicked by. At about 9 she was having a bit of a hard time. We saw a friend running at just over 10 so we stopped and chatted with her for a few. We were still good on pace but it was the turn off to go back to my house or to run another 8 out and back. Kara chose to go back. 😦

I was on my own for another 8. It actually was good for me to practice my mental toughness. It was just me and my thoughts. I did some calculating and thought I could run out for 3 more miles and then head home. My quads were starting to feel some fatigue but my mind was actually clear and feeling good.

I got to mile 15 and made the turn around. I kept on my nutrition and hydration. I kept positive. Miles 16, 17, 18, 19 flying by and then mile 20. I was almost home and still feeling relatively good! WTF? My 20 was a 10:02 the fastest mile all day! I really wanted to keep going but I called it quits at 20.2.



I really feel like I have been able to pace myself well and negative split my long runs. I think that is the key to marathon training. I have finally figured it out! 🙂

More on the Amphipod. I did not like it when we started. I felt like it was taking forever to get the bottles out and then back in. A long run was definitely not the run to try it out on. After dropping 3 or 4 bottles after about 9 miles I finally got the hang of it. I actually liked it a lot more. You just have to squeeze it and pop it off. Somehow I figured out a good way to pop them back into place.

RunLite 4

RunLite 4

Overall I was glad I tried it on the long run cause if I had not I probably would have given up and hated it. This way I had time to get used to it and FINALLY figure it out!

Great run!! Thanks Bird Legs for sticking it out 12 miles!

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Update On Challenge + Long Run Sunday

20 Aug

20 days into the NEW CHALLENGE. I am not going to lie. It is miserable! I have had my 3 main “Sunday” treats. But I have strayed just a bit.

I first want to say: I NEVER ONCE cheated on the last challenge. Was that because it was only 30 days? Was it because I was eating absolutely NO treats? They were just off limits! OR Was it because it was my first challenge?!

That being said: I cheated technically once but if you ask Dan twice! Let me go through the desserts that I have eaten.

The peanut butter cup blizzard after Cascade Lakes!

A peanut butter oreo shake from Skyline Burgers. (This was the cheat. I will explain in a minute)

Chocolate cake/Puff pastry in Olympia (The reason I was not doing a NO-treats challenge up to HTC)

I feel like they were all great. Totally worth the wait!! I am already dreaming of what I will have after HTC.

Here is the big reason for the 1st cheat. I was “hired” to make some rolo brownies for Stephanie’s birthday. I had planned to make them on Tuesday night and have a small brownie as my treat for the week. Well I had the shake already(totally worth it) but I still wanted a brownie. I ate one and it was delicious!!

Stephanie called me evil but still said thanks! She also said they were sooooooo good! I love making my friends treats. They usually do not disappoint even though I had to take a cheat treat!! 🙂

Lesson learned: If I am going to make a treat for someone else it has to be on Sunday when the scheduled treat is already going to happen!!!

The 2nd-NON cheat was zucchini bread. Dan and I went to a party and we received a zucchini as a “parting gift.”

As you can see it was giant. The only thing you can do with a GIANT zucchini is make bread. I found this recipe: The best zucchini bread ever! I had a BBQ to go to Thursday night so we took a kale salad and the bread. It pretty much was the best zucchini bread ever! Everyone at the BBQ loved it.

It just so happened that it had dark chocolate chunks in it. I did not believe the bread was a cheat but Dan kept insisting it was. 😦 I had a piece or 3 and it was delicious but I would not call it dessert. Just saying…..

The other bad news is my boss brought in brownies. Shit!!! I love brownies!!! Luckily I was only in the office for 2 days this week. I was trying to avoid looking at them!! 🙂

Judy said they were dry so that made me feel a little bit better!

We will see what happens in Seattle, HTC, and Seaside this weekend. I am going to try to be good. It is probably good that I will be with all runners. You know runners—they eat nothing good especially the fast ones!!! I may be good after all!


I wanted to tell you very quickly about my long run on Sunday. 18.5 miles. I ran 4.2 miles by myself to Dan’s house. Picked him up and ran 14.3 with him. I really wanted to try to keep a 10:45 minute/mile average. I had planned on doing a flat 18 but we did hilly miles from 4.2-12. Finished the last 6.5 on the waterfront.

I had a positive attitude from the beginning. I just wanted to get out there and see what I could do! It was a success after 4 gu’s, 3 bottles of Nuun, and 3 hours and 15 minutes I was done. I was still feeling good at mile 13 but 5 was still a long ways a way! We sped up and were averaging 10:30s and sometimes a little faster. Mile 18 was our fastest mile: 9:41 and our last half mile was 9:44 pace.

It felt really good to speed up and still have juice left at the end of a long run. I am going to try to keep the averages at 10:30-10:45s for the remainder of my long runs.

55 days until Chicago!!

Any good stories about long runs or runs in general?

I’ve Got My Running MoJo BACK!

31 Jul

If you remember my after vacation posts, I was not running very well or very happy. It may have been a combination of recovery from Pac Crest or getting back from vacation or adapting to the warmness of the summer weather. Whatever it was, it finally subsided just as I was starting my first leg of Ragnar 2 weekends ago. I ran strong, positive, and happy. We had a great team and a great time!!

About 48 hours after my last leg, I has some sort of soreness in my left foot. I thought…OHHH NO…PLEASE NO!!!!! I did not know what it was but I thought I would give it a few days. I did lots of spinning and swimming in the meantime. I skipped track practice. I skipped my tempo run. By Friday it was better but I thought I better see if I can run on it so if need be Bird Legs could get a replacement for me for Cascade Lakes Relay(CLR) this coming weekend.

I want to talk about CLR real quick. We run from Diamond Lake to Bend. 216 miles in the heat and elevation. Everyone says it is such a great relay BUT it is hot and hard!! That being said here is the forecast:

On Friday: Dan and I set out for a 6 mile “easy” run, flat, and hot. I am starting to feel better about running in the heat. My foot did not bother at all and it actually felt better when we were done! Well in that case it was probably just something funky not sure what but there was no time to worry about it!!!

Run #2: I needed to do a long run. 13 miles was on my Chicago training schedule. I decided to wait until the afternoon (not really on purpose but that’s what happened)! The clouds burned off and it was warm and getting warmer! I was surprisingly very positive about doing a half-marathon in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday. (What is wrong with me?) I set off to do a shamrock training run because I loosely knew what the mileage was. It was hilly. Some shade but definitely some direct sun hits!

I went off with my Nuun, gus, and music. I was mentally prepared for 13 miles. It went very well. Everything felt good. I was just cruising through the miles. I got to my office, 7 miles, from home but did not have my key to get cold water. The water from the drinking fountain was cold enough! 🙂


I knew I was going to hit the Steel Bridge instead of the Broadway Bridge on the way home. I thought that was going to cut that mile off. At mile 11, I knew there was no way I was only 2 miles away from home. I was getting tired but still feeling good and positive! Mile 12 hit and I was still cruising along. I knew I still had the ramp and hill up and around the Rose Garden to finish up the hills. I would then be at about 13 and home free. Flat to the end!!

I hit 14 miles just as I got home. I felt great! I had a great pace and average! I am actually happy that I had the bonus mile because my next long run is 16 miles. I feel like it will be easier to digest with only an increase of 2 miles instead of 3! LONG RUN DONE!

My last run before CLR was track practice yesterday. Track practice was cancelled but I was going anyway. I had planned to do 6×800. I was kind of excited. I use the word “excited” loosely because track practice is my least favorite workout of the week!

I got there and decided that I better just do 4×800. I am running another 18 miles this weekend. I better save a little bit of juice! I do the first 3 at 4:18, 4:16, 4:15. If I have learned anything from Amy it is to do one last hard one and follow it up by another one 10-15 seconds slower so you can use the adrenaline from your fast one.

I did a 4:08 and 4:14. Not bad. I really wanted to do a 6th one but was kind of glad I didn’t have to. Psych!!

All in all a few good runs to keep my mojo alive. I am excited for this weekend. Watch out Central Oregon Team “Put a Bird on it” is coming to town!

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How do you get your running mojo back??

Brunch + Late Long Run

24 Mar

I had some friends in town this weekend.

Erica’s 36th birthday was yesterday. She had a 40’s themed party.
You cannot see Tracy’s hair. But it was very 40s like. If there had been a costume/hair contest. She definitely would have won! Erica had these crazy 40s like shoes and would have won the shoe category! Mostly everyone got into the spirit of the party and dressed up! Very fun night…but very late night.

I had planned to get up and do my long run before brunch but I wanted to sleep in. 😦 Had I known we were going to wait 2 hours for a table I would have re-thought that decision but I did not know!

I sent Tracy and Mike early to get a table at Tin Shed. We were meeting Alison and Ryan at 11. Which is murder suicide when you are talking brunch on a Sunday morning in Portland. If you do not get to your brunch spot or a GOOD brunch spot before 8:30…you are guaranteed to WAIT! The total time for 6 of us (Tracy and Mike waited the longest) was 1:45. Crazy Talk!! We ended up having an awesome breakfast…and everyone forgot that we waited a very long time to eat!! Tin Shed is definitely top 3 breakfasts in Portland!! Love it!!



After sleeping in, going to brunch, running errands and doing a few things around the house it was 5pm and I HAD to do my long run! I had big plans to go to the oh-so-coveted Forest Park but the time got away from me. It was supposed to be warmish today. Sunny. It ended up being cloudy mostly and I am sure it did not get over 55! I was hoping to wear a short sleeve short but I did not.
I had another great change of scenery in the new ‘hood run. Not really any kind of plan just headed out east…tried to find some hills. I found a few. Looked for a good one for repeats next week! The sun came out for a few minutes. I tried the lemonade Nuun. Loved it!! Thought long and hard about what I am going to do about my Nuun Hood To Coast application. I have an idea but it has to be REALLY good! Other than that it was better than I thought it was going to be especially for such a late run.

Another weekend bites the dust! What was the highlight of your weekend?