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Figuring It Out!

4 Apr

Well I survived my first 5 day work week! (Just a tid-bit: I have not worked a 5 day work week since 2002! Welcome to the life of a dental hygienist!) It was good and terrifying all at the same time!!

First off: I accepted a job as a dental customer service rep at Moda Health last week and started Monday. I am not sure this is the job of my dreams but I am excited for a new challenge and an awesome company to work for! We have 8 weeks of training. There are 3 of us in “our class” with 2 trainers. I think we have really good odds of having a lot of one-on-one time. I am the only one with dental experience. The other 2 (Leslie (yes there are 2 of us) & Krystal) have worked banking and retail!

Second off: The biggest problem I had going to work for a company is the dress attire. It is business casual. Now most of you who have read my blog for a while know that I pretty much wear scrubs and work out clothes. Not much more than that!! That being said my mom and I went shopping the last time she was here and I bought a bunch of dresses. (That is the only reason I had something to wear to the interview) 🙂

Third off: We had to go shopping. I hate shopping unless it is for work out clothes! Dan and I ventured down to the outlet mall. I was not excited. We spent 4 hours shopping. I got some clothes at Banana Republic. The majority of the stuff I got was from Columbia (which I felt was more sporty business casual than business casual but Dan said it was good) and Loft. I got a lot of stuff! I was pumped that I got as much as I got cause I didn’t think we would have a successful trip!

I was really pumped for Monday because we were going to get our badge. Hello I have never had a badge before!! #smallthingsinlife

The night before I would try on my outfit for the next day. I can tell you my figure looks so much better in business attire than scrubs!! I have that going for me!

Here is the next problem: It is a much further bike commute than my last job. I am talking 7.5 miles vs 3 miles EACH WAY! My plan was to drive to work on Monday and Friday. Bike on Tues-Thurs. I ended up riding Tues-Fri. It was good and bad but I have realized a few things.
—>It is a bitch to pack every.single.night. I literally need a check list so I don’t forget anything. I have to pack breakfast, snacks, and lunch. My work clothes. (within: top, bottom, undies, bra, shoes) My work-out stuff. (mainly swim stuff: cap, goggles, buoy/paddles/fins (depending on what my work out is), toiletries, towel, plastic bag to put wet stuff in). My badge, phone, gum, chapstick, toothbrush/toothpaste, water bottle. This got easier as the week went on. I can’t quickly do it or I will forget something!
—>The weather has been great but since I now to go to work the forecast was shit!
IMG_3897 I was lucky cause I just missed the downpour Tuesday morning. I got sprinkled on a bit but nothing crazy like I thought!
—>On Wednesday I came to the realization that I have zero desire to do anything after work. Which includes working out. The last thing I want to do is get back on my bike!
—>I had to give myself a reality check or maybe an attitude adjustment on Wednesday/Thursday. If I am going to train for Victoria, train hard, and have a good race…I am going to have to get up every.single.morning and work out! I will bike to work every.single.day and not complain about it!
—>I am going to re-vamp my schedule just a bit this weekend to reflect the 75 miles of commuting I will be doing and Saturday will become my NEW work-out day off.

Here was Tuesday mornings “things”

So much stuff!!

So much stuff!!

I was paranoid about getting to work on time every morning but since Tuesday was the first morning of a bike commute + swim beforehand I was on my way extra early. I took a snap shot of the early morning!

Thursdays outfit:
I also realized I am NEVER going to be able to wear a sleeveless/short sleeve because it is freezing! 😦

Another good thing/bad thing is I have never had 2 15 minute breaks EVER!! It is good because it is a break and a chance to have a snack but bad cause I would rather work through the 15 minutes and get done a half hour early. I also have an hour lunch. WTF am I going to do for an hour? The wi-fi sucks! They do have a computer in the lunch room so I used that twice to catch up on blogs! But for the most part I wish I could take a half-hour nap!! 😉

There you have it! My first week as a non-dental hygienist working for a company with an ID badge! Whoa!

Have you ever gone from one extreme to a new extreme working? Or changed careers?