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3 for Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

1!! I am not much of a Thanksgiving person. I am not super into cooking all day, eating, and cleaning up the rest of the night! I do like spending time with my family and thinking about all the things I am thankful for!

I made a couple of pies for the feast. Since I am not a big traditional Thanksgiving person. I am also not a pie person but if you remember I made my first pie crust last year. The coconut cream pie was delicious. We still talk about it at family dinners. They requested it again this year.

I just had a slight problem—> I burned the first batch of coconut I was toasting!
I was focused on rolling out the pie crust and forgot to set the timer!

2nd time was a charm and the cooked pie crust:

Finally product—> looks like last years. (Hopefully it will taste the same) 🙂

I also decided after “the win” at the pie-off I would make the crack pie again. Again I had a bit of trouble with the oven and timing on this one. I think that it all worked out and still looks good.

2!! I had averaged more than 10,000 yards of swimming every week leading up to Ironman Canada this year. I have literally averaged 4000 yards a MONTH since Whistler! But in light of Thanksgiving I thought I would bang out a 4K this morning. I got the idea from my old swim coach. He does a 10k swim every year before Thanksgiving. He added a 7k/4k this year and posted the work-outs.

That gave me a little inspiration to get in a LONNGGGG swim today. If you are interested here are all 3 work-outs.

This is what I did today:

We got in the pool at 10:25 and I told Dan that my goal was to be out of the pool by noon!! It actually wasn’t awful. It went by really fast but my arms felt like jello just before starting the threshold set! I finished at 11:55 and I was starving!

I think this is just what I needed to jump back into the pool regularly!

3!! GONE GIRL! Who has read it or watched the movie?! I finished the book in Costa Rica. I loved the book until literally the last page!! I couldn’t wait to see the movie! I saw the movie last night. What a crazy story! We left the theater and Dan was still saying oh my god…oh my god an hour later!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! What did you make for the feast? Who wants to go to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving next year? 😉