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Fun Stuff during TAPER

4 Aug

I really wanted to get this posted before the race but obviously I didn’t! Better late than never!! This is all the fun stuff we did while in taper!!

WE took a Stand up paddleboard(SUP) lesson. We thought we were going to SUP while in the San Juan’s but never did. I brought my waterproof camera with us. I thought it would be so fun to take pictures while we were on the water. This was the only picture I got before the battery died! #epicfail

I was a little nervous. WE got a “land” lesson. We had to make our way across the river to a spot that was in a non-wind pocket. Let me tell you about crossing the river. It was 90 degrees on a Wednesday night and everyone who is anyone that has a boat was on the river! That was a little scary. They told us we could paddle across on our knees. Exactly what I did!! Our friend Mary took the lesson with us and we made our way across together. Plus it was super windy and choppy!

We got to some flat/smooth water and we could really navigate where we were going. It was super fun and I did way better than I thought! We even did a little race.

Well now that we were across the river, the lesson was over, we had to make our way back across the river! I felt pretty confident that I could get across on my feet. WE were cruising right along. I hit a couple choppy spots and I kept my balance! Then it happened! Another big chop and I was in the water. The water actually felt really good. It was so hot out and SUPing is hard work. My board had flipped and I couldn’t flip it back over with only one hand(my paddle was in my other hand). I screamed and yelled for Dan and Mary. The Portland Spirit(small cruise-tour boat) was coming right toward me. It was so funny but kind of scary all at once! Dan and Mary got back toward me and Mary held my paddle while I flipped my board and got right back on it. I stayed on my knees until we got back to shore! #keepingitreal

I am dying to go again and when I do I will have my camera all charged up!!

We had 3 date nights.

1st night:
It was nice and warm outside. We took the tram up to OHSU to see the view:
While on the tram:
When we got to the top (with the tram in the background):

Facing North: in Southwest/the river crosses over to the eastside.

We went to dinner. Played Pacman and other video games at Ground Control.

Date night #2:
We went and watched an outdoor movie real close to where we live.

The “screen” wasn’t tied down very well to begin with. It was really windy (it always is on the waterfront). But they put it back up and there was no other problems!!

They said there was no food or drink so we smuggled in popcorn and water. Little did we know people were having full on tailgates. Next time we won’t have to be so sneaky. 🙂


We went blueberry picking after what was probably a regular work out for most people—for us it was a taper brick!!

We picked 8 pounds of blueberries. If it had been up to Dan we would have picked like 2 pounds!! 🙂

Date night #3: Book Of Mormon!!

I saw it last year but Dan wanted to see it. We had a great time. If you haven’t seen it and think you want to. Pay the money and go. It is hysterical!
We casually rode our bikes the mile to the auditorium.

How do you keep your mind off of the race?!!