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Giants + Goals

6 Apr

I was flying solo into the city today. I checked out the Ferry Building. They have cute shops and good food. I bought this super cute bag. I have to stimulate San Fran’s economy while I am here.

On Saturday they have a Farmers Market. I picked up an apple and a shortbread cookie for my morning snack.


I proceeded to walk down Embarcadero. It was sprinkling. Not awesome! Life will go on. I wanted to go to Boudin to get tomato soup in a sourdough bread bowl. I walked. I walked some more. I thought it was closer to the Ferry Building then it really was. I finally checked my phone(not sure why I did not do that before). I had set myself up to walk down to Pier 39. SHIT! I got my bread bowl and it was delicious.

I headed to AT&T Park via the Muni. I thought I better not walk anymore! 🙂 I met up with Scott and Ilana.

We walked in and to our surprise we got a Buster Posey bobble head. SCORE!!

We had a fun afternoon. The Giants could not pull out a win though! 😦

We had killer tickets. My patient hooked us up! Thanks Mike!

On to bigger things: GOALS!! Tomorrow: half marathon #24. I really wanted it to be #34 on my 34th birthday. But even with my 7 half ironman half marathons, it will only be 32. I am a little short.

1. Do not go out to fast. Start at a 10:00/mile.
2. Use good form on the hills even when I am tired.
3. Increase Pace to 9:40-9:45s Pace it out. Do not get too fast too early.
4. Have fun. Try and take a few pictures (unless I am killing it and will not have time to be doing such activities).

Happy Saturday Night!! I am off to bed early!