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2013 Totals…PRs…Favorites!

1 Jan

I spent a lot of time on my feet this year.

I swam 199,300 meters.
I biked 2,837 miles. (this was all road miles + commuting miles from Jan-June)
I ran 1,052 miles. Including 1 marathon, 5 1/2 marathons, 2 15K, 1 10K, and 1 5K.
I did 4 running relays.
I did 4 triathlons. Including 2 1/2 Ironman, 1 Olympic, and 1 Sprint.
I did 35 pilates and core classes.
I made countless new and old treat recipes.

Last but not Least:
I made it through a 1-month NO TREATS challenge.

You wonder how I calculated all these numbers?
Really all of these numbers are just an approximation from my “hand-written” work out log. Maybe one day I will get with the times and have an electronic log that calculates the numbers for me! 🙂

I accomplished a lot!

I PR’d both Wildflower and Pac Crest by 17 minutes over the past years!
I PR’d the Olympic distance tri by 10 minutes!
I did my first sprint tri in 4 years and I had a 4 minute PR.

I PR’d the marathon, half marathon, and 5K by 2 minutes.
I PR’d the 15K distance by 6 minutes and declared that my favorite running distance.

My blog turned 1 on December 29th. I wanted to do a post but vacation got in the way. 🙂

More favorites:

My favorite triathlon: Blue Lake Olympic. I had such a great race from start to finish. It is so fun to do a local race with so many PDX tri club members competing.
My favorite bike ride: My last 54 mile ride before Pac Crest. I did it by myself and felt really solid. I had done some climbs I had not done in a while. Perfect weather and felt really good!
My favorite run: When Dan and I went to do the 10×800 track work-out to predict my marathon. Even though it did not really predict my marathon the work out was so awesome.
My favorite experience: Getting picked to be on the Nuun Hood To Coast team. It was such an awesome weekend. I loved every minute!
My favorite dessert: Rolo brownies–hands down! I made them 3x! I never do that!
My favorite day: (this is especially hard because I have so many!) Dan and I went tubing in Bend after Cascade Lakes Relay. Dan is a “planner” to say the least:
Me: (Before the relay) Lets go tubing after the relay.
Dan: oohhh I don’t know.
Me: (after the relay) Lets go tubing today.
Dan: How would that work exactly?
Me: We go, rent tubes, and we float down the river.
Dan: I am not exactly sure how that would work. We haven’t rented the tubes. Where are we going to park? How do we get back?
Me: We can totally wing it.
Dan: (very reluctant) I guess we could do that.

Dan finally relaxed about the situation and we had so much fun! We had pizza for lunch. I got him a cherry limeade for the first time ever. It was love at first sight. After that day I knew Dan was a keeper!

Do you use an electronic log? OR crunch numbers like me?
Any favorites stick out in your mind OR big/little PRs?