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I heart San Francisco

22 Oct

I was away again last weekend. In San Francisco to be exact. Kara and I scored some slots to the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon from Nuun!

I did this race in 2009 with Mandi and Abbey. We had such a fun weekend and race. It was a gorgeous day and we took lots of pictures!!

I arrived Friday morning just in time for the BART strike. I ended up taking 2 bus’ into the city from Oakland. There was another lady doing the same thing as me. It worked out well. We chatted for the 1hour 45minute rides and made it go by way faster!

The bus dropped us off conveniently right down the street from Kara’s office. We met up, hit up a great lunch spot, and headed to the expo.

The expotique is different from other expos. Obviously Nike is the main sponsor so there was a booth talking about the new fuelbands(I kind of want one) and a fashion show type deal with a new line of clothes. The other sponsors had booths too: Nuun, Whole Foods, Paul Mitchell, Neutrogena, and Luna Bar. I wish they would put it in a bigger space. It is so crowded and there is lines for everything!

There was going to be a “special” gift because of the 10th anniversary! Exciting right?? Shoelaces!! Are you kidding me?? Stupid!!

We headed over to NikeTown to spend our paychecks.

Everyone's names are printed on the side of Niketown

Everyone’s names are printed on the side of Niketown

Saturday was spent: relaxing. We went to the Mission. We went to Bi-Rite because no trip to SF would be complete unless you went there. Kara and Todd had never been there and I am pretty sure I have changed their lives forever!!!

They were small scoops!!

They were small scoops!!

We hung out at Dolores Park for much of the afternoon. Lots going on there. People hula-hooping, skateboarding, drinking, eating, selling pot brownies…the list goes on and on. We also got to see the 2 Macaws racing around the air.

We went for an amazing dinner pizza dinner and went to bed early!

What is your favorite part of San Francisco?
Have you been to Dolores Park and seen the Macaws??