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A Change of Scenery!

4 Nov

I headed down to the bay area again this weekend for a wedding. I am happy to report the BART was back up and running. We got into Berkeley Friday evening and got a great recommendation for a pizza place. We needed to carb-load for our big run tomorrow!

We walked down to BUILD. You build your own pizzas! It was so awesome! We weren’t quite sure what to do. After some looking around and having a fun chat with the owner we hit up the “building bar”.

It was delicious. We were hungry because it was nearly 10 o’clock!

After pizza we checked the walk time to Cream. It was walkable!! YeahYaa!! (The ice cream sandwich place that we went a couple of weeks ago.) There was a much longer line then there was last time but I prepared Dan for it. 🙂

We got up Saturday morning at a decent hour—had breakfast, got changed, and got on the Bart toward San Francisco.

We started at the Ferry Building and cruised down Embarcadero toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

The sun was shinning but still a little foggy when we went up and over Ft. Mason. We could see the bottom of the bridge. Lots of people out running and riding bikes. We had a pretty good headwind from the beginning.

We finally got to the bridge! So.MUCH.FUN! It was nice because only peds were on the eastbound side and the cycles were on the westbound side that made things easier!! The fog had lifted some. It seemed to be some fog in between the bridge and the city.


I needed some more water so we got to the view-point and there was finally a water fountain! We were half way! It was super windy on the bridge.

I was looking forward to not having anymore headwind!! It was also cooler on/near the bridge so I was looking forward to sweating it out a bit and warming up!

We took a couple of pictures and we were on our way back. I was feeling pretty good. Miles 11-13 were tough. I didn’t want to run anymore. Dan had run out of things to talk to me about. I was tired. Luckily he was there or I would have been walking. I was running out of water. I knew there was not another water fountain.

Just before 13 I told Dan I was losing steam fast. We still had 3 miles to go. F***!!!!! Somehow someway I felt a little better at 13.5. Shortly after that I got some cold water and felt better. I just wanted to be done.

15.3 miles done! It was a great run. It was a nice change of scenery! We had so much fun. We had lunch at the Ferry Building and caught the BART back to Berkeley to get cleaned up!
I was just closing my eyes for a minute but Dan insisted I fell asleep. When I told him I did not think so he said he had proof!! I guess I was wrong! 🙂

Any running adventures for you last weekend??

NW 1/2 M Race Re-cap

23 Oct

Nike Womens 1/2 Marathon 2013
GOALS: 1–To have fun
2–I did not know how my legs would feel. My right hamstring was a bit cranky. I barely did anything between Chicago and this. I know you guys are probably thinking … Oh yeah right. She probably swam, did spin class, biked to work, was running still… No none of that. I knew if I was going to survive this race I better rest up! I did a 4 mile shake out run on Thursday. THAT.IS.IT!! 🙂
3–When I did this race in 2009. We all ran together. Had gorgeous weather, stopped and took lots of pictures…ended with a 2:27:xx. I kind of wanted to beat that!
4–That is all!

4:35: Awake. It was so early! Had breakfast, got dressed, and we were out the door by 5:20.

5:45: Kara and I met up with Kristen in the 8-8:59 corral.

At HTC I joked with Kristen about how she should have a recovery run(she runs faster than me usually) and run with me at NWM! She said yes!! SCORE!

6:30: The three of us took off. Kara ran the first 2 miles with us but she was going for a sub 2 so she broke off. I was only there to survive! Kristen and I had a nice pace going.

credit: NWM FB page

credit: NWM FB page

We started in the dark at Union Square. Starts on a slight downhill through downtown to Embarcadero. Flattened out along that stretch. We just cruised right along. The miles flew by. (10:06, 10:10, 9:56)

We went by Pier 39 and Fishermans Wharf. The first hill comes at 4ish right at Ghirardelli Square and continues over Fort Mason. (10:05, 9:42) We cruised along the bay. Usually there are epic views of the Golden Gate Bridge but it was super foggy. 😦 (10:05)

We got into the real work at about this time. Up through the Presido. Straight uphill. I slowed but kept running. Kristen went a little ahead of me but I caught her at the aid station. (11:25, 9:29)
Me: You can leave me whenever you want!!
Kristen: We will see! If anything I will meet you at the finish!
Me: Perfect!

We just kept cruising right along. The miles were still going by fast. Running through the Richmond neighborhood. Up some more hard climbing Kristen and I got separated a little after the 8 mile maker. (11:02) I put my headphones on at 9 miles and it was still foggy!! (10:04)

We had some nice downhill running along the Sea Cliff and by the Cliff House. I had not been watching the watch at all. I had no idea how I was doing. At mile 10 I thought I would take a look. 1:42. Not bad at all! Quite exciting actually. I still felt relatively good. (9:55)

Big crowd going into Golden Gate Park because we were real close to the finish line. 2 more miles in the park and then back out to the highway for the finish!! The miles clicked by just as the entire race did. (10:18, 9:40)

DONE!! 2:14:50! SO.MUCH.FUN!!! I even beat my time from last time. Maybe it was a good thing it was foggy or I would have wanted to take more pictures! 🙂

I reunited with Kara and Kristen who both had great races!!


We had an epic brunch at Outerlands. It was a huge wait but well worth it. We were so hungry we could not even get any pictures!

Before I flew out Sunday night we met up with Alana and Don in Berkeley. We hit up Cream for dessert. IMG_3119[1]

I want to franchise one of these places in Portland. I think it would do good!!!

My life MOTTO!

My life MOTTO!

Thanks to Kara for an AWESOME weekend and Thanks to Kristen for an AWESOME run!!

Did anyone else race last weekend??