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Crater Lake: Ride Around The Rim!

30 Sep

Crater Lake could possibly be one of my favorite places in Oregon. I have been a few times. I haven’t been in about 7 years. It is sort of a trek to get there from Portland. I am astonished with how many people I talk to who have never been. It blows my mind!!

One of my 2013 Goals was to ride the rim. It never happened but when I heard they were doing 2 non-vehicle days in September. I quickly asked Erica if her and Nik would be interested in going down and riding. We planned for it. Here it is September!! (Dan was supposed to go but he hurt his back and decided against it) 😦

Last week the forecast was seriously crap-ola for Saturday’s big ride. We almost bagged it but decided to go even if the weather was indeed going to be bad! The weather gods were with us and it was going to be cold/sunny/cloudy! That certainly beats the rain!

We arrived last Friday night. We stayed in Mazama Village. (3 miles South of the rim) Stayed in the cabins. They were perfect! Definitely cheaper than the lodge. We got up Saturday morning to a “crisp” 37 degrees. Holy smokes it was cold. We decided to go have breakfast and let it “warm-up” a bit before we started our adventure!! We were in no real hurry so we took our time getting ready.

At noon we opted to just ride to the rim, instead of driving the 3 miles and parking, it worked out perfect.

We were off.

The climbing began immediately. It was gradual until we actually got to the rim. Once we hit the rim it was 4 miles of switchbacks to get us to our first look of the lake. Everything that I read about riding the rim was to start at the visitors center(right at the junction of the west/east rim) and ride clockwise.

We made it. Rim Village. It was Erica and Nik’s first time to the lake so it was that much more special!!


The entire East rim (24 miles) was closed down to ONLY CYCLISTS. What a treat. It was so great to just ride in the middle of the road and not have to watch for cars!

Discovery Point.

Grouse Hill/Steel Bay Overlook.



Grotto Cove.


Don't we look cute without our helmets and sunglasses?

Don’t we look cute without our helmets and sunglasses?

Phantom Ship Overlook


What.A.Ride!! Absolutely gorgeous. We had so much fun!! This ride really is no joke but it was definitely do-able. We saw lots of people on mountain bikes and hybrids. The lake is at 6000 ft elevation. That already makes it difficult. To make it even more difficult, we climbed 4300 feet in 40 miles. We knew it would be hard. We stopped a bunch of times(obviously) and had lots of snacks(which we didn’t really eat because we had such a big breakfast)!!



Would I do it again? Probably not. It is a long drive to get there and it was more of a bucket list item. Would I recommend it? Absolutely YES!

Have you been to Crater Lake? What is your favorite National Park?

Training as of Late!

18 Sep

I realized the other day that I have not really talked about my training for the New York City Marathon. About a month before Ironman I was thinking how I can not believe that I have to train for a marathon when I am done with the Ironman. After some recovering and easy runs I started “training” for the marathon. We decided that we would take the training conservative because I had beaten up my body enough with the Ironman. I had enough endurance for days. I would do 3 runs a week. Plus some biking and little swimming. I would work on tempo or hill repeats, longer “base” runs with speed built-in, and a long run.

Let me step away from the marathon and tell you about our bike ride around Crater Lake. A bunch of months ago we found out that Crater Lake would have 2 days of 24 miles of NO-CAR roads.
crater lake

AWESOME!! I have been wanting to ride the rim for a long time. The rim is 33 miles but it is not for the faint at heart. The elevation is about 6000ft and we climb 3000ft. Here is what the cycling brochure says:

We plan to take it super easy. Take lots of stops and enjoy the scenery. Take lots of snacks. Have fun. Take lots of pictures! Next weekend is the big adventure! I am a little nervous but we keep saying this is for fun and we are going to take it easy! 🙂

We have been on a couple of rides. I have been doing mostly inside stuff. Erica, Stephanie, and I took advantage of one of our last nice weekends of dry weather!

I swam a couple of times but nothing serious on that front. I usually like to take a long hiatus away from swimming after the big race. I guess to let my shoulders have a break for a while. Once I am done with the big ride I think I will go back to the pool more. When I went the other day I thought I might die so maybe it is time to go back at least once a week.

Back to the marathon. My running has been good. I am very excited. I am going into my last block of “big” training before I go into taper. I am trying to keep the momentum alive!! I am really enjoying my runs these days as well. It helps that I am not training hard for 3 sports. I am not tired all the time nor hungry. What a good feeling!

44 day countdown to having dessert again NYC Marathon.

How is your training?!