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RNR AZ 2015 ReCap

20 Jan

We arrived in Phoenix on Thursday. We spent many hours at the zoo on Friday walking around. We went to La Grande Orange for lunch. We headed to the expo for a quick bib pick up.
Image 1-20-15 at 11.25 AM
You may or may not have noticed but RNR is personalizing bibs this year. We had already signed up for the race when we got an email saying we could personalize them. Dan could have given a care less. I was trying to decide what I wanted on mine. BUT I decided for US!! I put LesLovesDan on mine and DanLovesLes on his. I didn’t tell him and it took him a few minutes to notice. He wasn’t exactly excited!! I said no one even notices anyway!!! (I thought it was clever) 🙂

We also signed up for next years race! Maybe we will be living there by then. (wink wink)

Saturday: Shake out run in shorts and t-shirts. Hello Phoenix in January!!!

Sunday: First race of the year. (spoiler: It was a goodie). Rock N Roll Arizona. This was my 3rd time doing the half. My course PR was a 2:12(2008). They did change the course in 2012 so I have not done the “new” one yet. They switched the half and full courses in the opposite direction. So I had seen some of it and it was also on the IMAZ bike course. Things looked familiar.

Goals: To have fun. I didn’t really want to worry about time. I just wanted to gauge what I could do at this distance with a little bit of a taper.
Image 1-20-15 at 7.34 PM
The Loose plan was to start with Dan and Abbey. We saw Kat (randomly) at the start. It was very loose cause Dan and Kat went off as soon as the gun went off. Abbey and I stayed together until about mile 1.25. I was on my own. I did not have headphones either. Well shit I was just going to have to do this on my own.

The miles clicked by. They had some good bands and DJs on course. I watched other people and listened to other conversations. I tried to notice brands of shirts people were wearing.

I would say the first 5(ish) miles were flat.

Miles 5-8.5 were a light incline not awful but a little bit noticeable. My breathing was comfortably hard. I could feel the burn but I still thought I was ok at the slightly faster pace.

There was an out and back from about 8.6 to 9.8. It was a hill for sure. I felt pretty good but was wishing I had spent a little bit of time doing some hill work. (I know for next year)

At the top of the hill there was a really awesome view of the city. I really wanted to take a picture but it was in a baggie in my shorts and I thought it would take too long so I for-went the photo!!

{just pretend there is a cool view of the valley HERE}

At the 15K mark I was at 1:32:xx(this was the last time I looked at my watch) and I thought I could probably do a 2:10-2:12.  Once we made that turn off in Papago Park it was mainly downhill with a few little ups.  I was still feeling good.  My breathing was still comfortably hard.  It was getting warm and I was happy I was not doing the marathon!

I was mentally in it.  I was happy to be running.  I was totally in it mile after mile.  All of a sudden I was going over the Mill Street bridge (which again I had been over multiple times in the past) and thought just keep pushing you are almost done. I had sped up and it was hard. I was pumped I was almost done. I just kept pushing through to the finish line. I was in shock when I looked at my watch and it read 2:07:34!!! What?! What?!  I was just over my PR. I could not believe it!!! Seconds after I went over the finish line the winner of the marathon was finishing!!  What a day!

Of course I always wonder what if?! What if I had music? Could I have possibly PR’d?!  I don’t think that I could have pushed it any harder than I did. I feel like I paced it just about perfectly.  The splits showed a progressive run in terms of pace and definitely a negative split. I was happy with my performance and super happy with my time!!  I definitely think that I am capable of a PR at RNR PDX which is where my PR is now.  I am excited to work hard for the next 4-5 months to see if I can PR my open 1/2 and my 1/2 marathon within my 70.3 tri!


I met up with Dan and Abbey.  Then met up with some other friends!! We hung out and watched the Wallflowers play for a while.  The sun was amazing. We soaked up as much as we could before going to brunch and watching football!!

Dan had me on a strict(I use the word very loosely) 🙂 no dessert regimen for the last couple of weeks so I was pumped for some ice cream.  I had a big big problem with picking which place.  Abbey gave me 2 options:  Sweet Republic and Churn. There was no way I could pick just one.
Image 1-20-15 at 8.44 PM
I got the toffee caramel sundae with almond butter crunch ice cream at Sweet Republic. I got a mint chocolate chip cookie sandwich with mint & cookies ice cream from Churn. Both were amazing and well worth every calorie!!!

We had an amazing time in Arizona. My 6th RNRAZ in the books. Can’t wait for next year!!!