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36 is the NEW 26?

11 Apr

Well I am another year older as of the 7th! I am just not sure when I got old. I know 36 is not old but with age there is more need to sleep. More need to recover. More need to watch what you eat! I am going to embrace my 36th year of living and not think about the number!!

For my birthday Dan bought me some Wicked Good Cupcakes. Straight from Boston!!
They were awesome!!! Don’t worry it took us a few days to get through them!

I had a great day at work. Dan and I met some friends out for dinner that night!

My cupcake headband I wear every year!!

My cupcake headband I wear every year!!

Dinner at Montage! They make your leftovers into different shapes and animals in foil. Mike got a sword! The rest of us ate our whole meal! 😉

I wrote a 35 for 35 bucket list last year for my birthday! Today I want to go through the items I have checked off so far!! Woot Woot!!

#1: Wow as of 2 Mondays ago. I started a new career. Bam checked that off. That was easy!
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 10.37.35 AM

#3: More recently than the career change is I bought a new tri bike. I am planning on a post but here is a sneak peak at the beauty!

#9: New York Marathon! ICYMI: The recap What an amazing day! Now if I can get in again some day!

What a race!!

What a race!!

#16: Now this one is not totally complete but I have a one mark on it. 5 more passport stamps before my passport expires in 2017! I went to Costa Rica!!
4 more stamps to go!

#24: I learned to “can” and can’t wait until this summer to make more salsa!!
I was super sad when we ate our last jar of salsa. We do still have a jar of pickles left! 🙂

#26: Learn to stand up paddle board. Dan and I took a lesson. I went a few other times but really want to get into it this summer!

#32: Kayak with orcas in the San Juan Islands. We unknowingly did!! It was amazing! We had already seen the orcas the day before on a whale watching trip. So when we started our kayaking adventure we had no expectations that we would see them again!!


The new plan is to finish this bucket list before my 40th birthday so I can do a new bucket list April 2019!!

Have you marked anything off your bucket list lately? Or in the last year??

35 For 35

7 Apr

Today is my 35th Birthday! How did that happen? It was like yesterday I was 33 and the day before that I was 30 and the day before that I was 25…you get the point! I have been trying to figure out something to do for my birthday and I came up with nothing! Jesica from rUNladylike’s 32nd birthday was on April Fool’s Day and she did a post on 32 things for a 32 year old.

I thought I would sit down and write a bucket list because I have never done that before. I wanted to do a list of all different sorts of things. Not anyone subject. I started writing items down and thought I would never get to 35 things but sure enough I did!!

For my 35th birthday, I give you 35 things I want to do, races I want to race, and places I want to travel! No specific order but some of these things will be done this year!!

1. Get a new career
2. Go to pastry school
3. Buy a tri bike
4. Come up with a great idea and pitch it in the Shark Tank
5. Lake Placid Ironman
6. Move to Europe
7. Be a wife
8. Write a book
9. New York Marathon
10. Be a contestant on Price Is Right
11. 6 month trip to South America
12. 4 hour marathon
13. Spectate World Championship Ironman (Kona)
14. See The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
15. Do a 6-leg ultra relay
16. 5 more stamps in my passport before it expires (June 2017)
17. Camping in Montana
18. Take a letterpress class
19. Get my sister-in-law to name their first born Cooper(her maiden name)
20. White water raft through the Grand Canyon
21. Space Coast Marathon
22. Learn to surf in Costa Rica
23. Master a Wicked Good Cupcake
24. Learn to “can”–for salsa and pasta sauce
25. Be in Sydney Australia for New Years Eve
26. Learn to stand up paddle board
27. Bike around New Zealand
28. Participate in Maupin bike fest
29. Sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon
30. Go to summer Olympics
31. Get Dan to wear a pink shirt
32. Kayak with orcas in the San Juan Islands
33. Build and maintain a garden
34. Go to Albuquerque Balloon Festival
35. Take a road trip and hit up Yellowstone, Zion, and Yosemite

There you have it. 35 fun things to do and see!!

I leave you with the picture of the cake Dan made me. World’s Best Cake.
It was delicious! Yellow cake, whipped cream, meringue, and almonds!!

What is on your bucket list??!!