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Birthday Treats

11 Apr

I know you wanted to hear all about my work outs this week but I thought I would talk about all the shit treats I have been eating all week!

In light of my birthday week…I have had my share of sweets to say the least. It has pretty much spiraled out of control. Read at your discretion!!

Here is the cake that PS made me: “The Everything that Leslie Likes Cake”
The progression of the cake. Believe it or not I have not eaten all of this. My plan is to put the rest of it in the freezer!! I have other treats in the fridge I need to get too.

It is basically a brownie with a shit-ton of dark/white/milk peanut butter cups with a chocolate and cupcake frosting drizzle with a “dusting” of Mr. Goodbar. CAN.YOU.SAY.SUGAR.COMA???

Here are all the treats I have had or will have by the end of the week:

I am pretty much convinced that everyone wants to fatten me up!

Clockwise(from the top left): Caramel Pretzels Blondies (I made for a going away/birthday dinner); Coconut Vanilla Cupcake; Red Velvet Cupcake; Samoa Cupcake; Brownies(from my boss-She wanted to write my name in mint chocolate chips…it did not really work out so it ended up being LES but looked like LE6…we also like the outside edges if you did not know!)

My non-cake treat was from Salt & Straw! Hello Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache:

This was my actual birthday night. We had just gotten home from San Francisco. We went directly to Salt & Straw for one last Hurrah! If you noticed…I am pointing to the “wings” the flight attendant gave me for my birthday. She also had the ENTIRE plane sing me Happy Birthday. Holy embarrassing. I guess that is what I get for wearing my cupcake headband!!

Here is my favorite gift of all:

It is a magnet. I am so pumped to put it on the fridge. Greg will like it too because he rides to work as well!

What TREAT do you like to have on your birthday?

Outside Ride + Birthday Cake

9 Mar

Today was the BIG DAY! I was going to ride outside and Jenny was joining me. We set off for a 3 hour ride!

10:00 My bike came off the trainer!
10:05 We were on the road
11:04 We were climbing up Logie Trail
11:29 Jenny and Leslie 1 Logie Trail 0
5 minute break to catch our breath
12:10 We were filling up water bottles at Skyline Tavern
1:30 We were home and off to do a quick tranisition run
We had an amazing ride. The weather was cool to start but got better. Sunny the entire way! We started with some flats. Had a hard nice climb up Logie. Did some rolling hills. Ended on some flats! Could not have had a better first ride outside! THANKS Jenny!!

My BFF, Tracy, had her 34th Birthday on Tuesday.

We celebrated last night at Old Town Pizza and Curious Comedy. I have made her a birthday cake every year since I can remember. The problem with Tracy is, she likes white on white cake. White Cake, White Frosting! BORING!!

For her 30th Birthday I stepped out of the box and made her this super awesome tyed dyed cake.


It was white on white, just a little creativity put forth!

For her 31st birthday, my grandma had just passed away, and I was going to California to be with my family but I managed to make her a cake right before I left. It was not as creative as the year before but it was still better looking than white on white!

It was white on white again, I just added her favorite color and put some sprinkles on it!

The saddest year was last year. I was in the middle of my trip in New Zealand. I sent her a virtual cake but EJ saved the day and made her some white on white cupcakes. She put some strawberry filling in some of them for the normal people at the party!

This year I found this killer Rainbow Ganache Cake over at Cookies and Cups. As soon as I saw it I thought Tracy’s bday cake! PERFECT! It ended up being a little different. I am going to call this my inspiration:

pic credit: Cookies and Cups Blog

pic credit: Cookies and Cups Blog

I go to the store to get supplies for the cake. I forget to check my food coloring status so I think I will just get some at the store. I forget! I get home and all I have is green and yellow. I think I can make some colors out of that! No problem! Then I think WTF…I am just going to use the green and yellow. Tracy is the biggest duck fan that I know that did NOT ACTUALLY go to the University of Oregon!

The other problem was I did not have a sifter!! Or Greg does not have a sifter!! I made do with this strainer!
It worked out and took forever. I gave up half way so the frosting was a tad lumpy but with the decoration it was not going to matter!

She loved it…to say the least!!
I knew that would be her expression so I made sure the camera was on! 🙂

Happy Birthday T!!

Happy Sunny Saturday!!!