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Thoughts IN Arizona!

17 Jan

I made it to sunny Phoenix. The temperature hit 77 today. The high for Sunday is supposed to be 79. WHAT?!! It barely gets to be over 79 in the summer in Portland! It was cool this morning but it was definitely warm by noon!

We hit up the expo. I got some compressions socks on sale from CEP! That was the big score of the day. The shirts are super cute. I got some Nuun and another Nuun bottle (because I need another bottle like I need a hole in the head!) I also got a couple of the regular suspects: Larabars, Cascadian Farms granola, and Rice!! Good staples for a runner!! 🙂


We walked around downtown Phoenix for a bit and soaked up some vitamin D. Of course did lots of HYDRATING!!!

When I come to Phoenix I have specific restaurants I like to go to. It is so funny cause this is the only city that I like to go to the same places. Most places I visit I like trying different and new places. Today I stepped out of my box and went to a new breakfast place: Crackers and Joyride Tacos for dinner. Delicious!!!!!! Amazing!!! There is still plenty of time for my regular places! 🙂

NOW for the GOALS of this race:
1-To have fun!
2-To be positive!

I was originally signed up for the half. Dan decided that he wanted to do a full and I changed over to the full. Dan hurt his foot for about a month and wasn’t able to run. At that point I had to decide if I still wanted to the full or change back to the half. I didn’t think I could PR the half so I stuck with the full. I got all of my runs in. This cycle just hasn’t been as good as I would have liked it to go.

So here we are. I am running the full. Dan is running the half. The problem with Arizona is the start is a split start. No running any miles together. WTF?!! 😦

I am going to start with the 4:45 pace group. Going out REALLY SLOW!! At the half mark If I am feeling good I am going to start my music and try to pick up my pace by about 10 seconds/mile. If I am able to do that I will be able to PR. Again I am not looking to do anything crazy just survive and finish this race. 🙂

Here is my fortune from a PF Chang’s fortune cookie: SOAK IT UP! LIVE IT UP!! RUN IT DOWN!!! Marathon #8 here I come!!