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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly–RNRAZ Race Report

21 Jan

I ran 26.2 miles at the Arizona Rock N Roll Marathon on Sunday. My only goals were to have fun. I had no time goal. I of course would have liked to PR but I did not. I am going to do this report a little differently then I usually do.

I am going to start with THE UGLY!
I have only briefly talked about this but I signed up for the half. Right around Chicago time, Dan decided he wanted to do a winter marathon. I told him that if he wanted to go to Arizona that I would do the full with him. After some wavering he finally caved in, bought his plane ticket, and race registration. I changed over to the marathon!

Fast forward to Black Friday. We did our first 20 miler together. It was awesome! Such a great day and run. I finally was running like I was pre-Chicago. Then it happened. Dan hurt his foot. I continued to run and he saw the doc. At this point I had to decide if I wanted to continue training for the marathon or drop down to the half. I kept training for the marathon like a stupid person!

I just was not in the mental mindset. I am not sure why. I did all my long runs. They were all 12-17 seconds/mile slower than any of my Chicago runs. NONE of them went as good as my Chicago runs. I never pulled the plug because I didn’t think I had enough time to train to PR the half.

Dan finally was healed up but not in shape to do the full so he was in for the half. Even though we were still doing runs together again “my mind” was not in good “mental” shape.

I really was trying to be positive the week leading up to the race. I can do this. I can run a marathon on Sunday. I had a great time in Phoenix leading up to the race. Now that it is all said and done I was absolutely not mentally prepared for this marathon!

It all started at about mile 14. I could feel some chafing going on underneath my left arm. I am usually really good about putting enough body glide on. Well I guess not on Sunday! I finally ran over to the med tent right around mile 19 to get some Vaseline. I caked it on pretty good! Enough was enough!

I have had a re-occurring blister on my big toe on my left foot. That decided to flare up even though I taped it up! My right big and second toe were hurting bad. Who knows why!

Between the blisters, the chafing, and loosing it mentally the last 7 miles weren’t exactly great.

Dan and I got dropped off at the half start line(which is where both races finish). I took the lightrail to downtown Phoenix where the full starts. Met up with Greg and Erica for good luck hugs. I was feeling good. It was nice and cool. I was positive. I was going to have a great day!!

I was ready to have a 4:45 kind of day. I found the 4:45 pace group. Mark was the pace leader. I recognized him from 2012!
Me: Did you pace the 4:45 group in 2012?
Mark: Yes!
Me: I joined you that race too!
Mark: Did you see me at the finish line?
Me: YES!!


We got started and I was feeling good. I met Jackie(from Colorado) and Jamie(from California). It was their first marathon! We chatted about goals and races! The miles were clicking by. I was positive. This was really going to be great.

This is where it started going a rye. The blisters and chafing had started. The pace was great but we were losing the pace group. Not sure why?! Jackie needed a walk break. Jamie had dropped back a bit before this. I was on my own for the time being. I put my music on and kept the pace group in view. There is an out and back from mile 13-20ish. Plus a little out and back in the middle of that. I saw the pace group, Jackie, and Jamie.

I just kept chugging along. I stopped at the portie pottie at 18.5ish. (I have NEVER EVER stopped in a road race before—>I needed to go. I thought if I stopped maybe I would feel better) Well I lost the pace group and did not feel that much better! I saw that Jackie was 100 yards (maybe?) in front of me. I just didn’t think I could put the effort in to try to catch her. 😦

It was a long 7.2 miles!!

It was a long 7.2 miles!!

The last 6 miles were pretty boring. Really the course is boring. I am not sure why I keep going back. This is my 5th RNRAZ(2 full and 2 half). I guess I like seeing my friends and going to Phoenix in the middle of winter!

It was getting warm. The wind had kicked up and at mile 23 we turned right into it until the end! I finally finished after walking and running those last miles. I was so happy it was over. I don’t think that I will do the marathon again. I need something to keep my attention better. Which makes me even more excited to do Big Sur and NYC this year.

I met up with Dan and Kamie!
We headed to Sonic for a cherry limeade!

BIG THANKS to Kamie who drove us around all weekend!! It was a great weekend in the sun!!

What do you do if a race is not going your way??

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