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If it’s NOT Raining it’s NOT Shamrock!!

15 Mar

Well I jinxed the entire city of Portland with my last post! It has been epic weather here the last few months! This weekend not so much. Today, the Portland Shamrock Run, NOT.SO.MUCH!

I worked the Nuun booth at the expo on Friday and Saturday which is always fun. Spreading the #nuunlove!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.31.49 PM

I bought a few goodies too!!
Oofos for 1/2 off! Boom!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.18 PM
Roo Sport! Awesome product! Our booth was behind their booth. I didn’t even realize that they were there until Tiffany told me she bought one!! (thanks a lot Tiff) 😉
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.38 PM

BTW —>
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.09.56 PM

Go to Nuun by the 17th and get a free pint glass!

ALSO—> Because it is your lucky day here is a coupon code to use before 3/26: LuckyNuunFriends for 20% off!

My foot has been good but my right outer knee was bothering me while running downhill. I put some KT Tape on it. (I won a giveaway last year. I can finally use it!!) I am thinking it is IT Band issues. It is definitely feeling better! I am staying off the hills for a while!! If it is not one thing it is another!

One of my favorite races of the year was today! The Shamrock Run!! We woke at 6am to the sound of pouring rain.

Me: It is pouring!
Dan: Right!!
Me: Lets just skip Shamrock this year.
Dan: Really? (as he was getting back in bed)
Me: No! Lets just go!! 🙂

We rode our bikes to the gym to drop our bags. Walked down to the start. It was raining and it was dark!!

The 15K was the first race of 4 to start. I was happy we were the first! I heard later that the other starts times were delayed and there was lots of craziness! We started (I think) right on time.
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.41.22 PM

I decided right off the bat that I was not going to check my clock. I was going to run and hope for the best. I was not really going for a PR. I just didn’t think it would happen. My endurance is there but my speed was not. I had done some hill repeats for Ragnar training but I took a break after I got back. There just wasn’t time! I would run hard and see what happened! I didn’t want to push my knee either! The rain didn’t make it any better!!

There was a ton of puddles. Everyone dodging them and splashing. I avoided a few. After about a mile my feet were soaked and there was nothing I could do about it!

Just like last year: I had passed the first train crossing and I could hear the horns coming so I sprinted ran hard for at least a quarter of a mile but it was worth it because I didn’t get stopped! I was literally running over the tracks as the gates were coming down!

I settled back into my pace. It felt more comfortable at least!! 🙂 The flat section was over. Onto Broadway which was good. Hard. The first section of Terwilliger is the hardest but I got through it. I caught up to Dan at about mile 5.5 or so. That was fun!

We ended up running together the rest of the race. The downhill was good. My knee did pretty good. It was sore just a little as we were passing the 7 mile sign. But surpassed the soreness pretty quick. I had told Dan that I wasn’t looking at my clock and I didn’t want to know the time. As we got to the end he was pushing me. I knew he knew what my PR was so I figured it would be close!!

….and it was! Not close enough! I was :50 seconds over my PR! 1:31:16! Good for 9:48 average miles and not on a flat course! #soclosebutsofaraway

It was a fun race! I am glad that Dan and I could run a bunch of miles together!

Cute medals…as usual! Ugly shirts…as usual! Until next year!!
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.40.52 PM

I met some Oiselle ladies for brunch afterwards!! I was starving! It was delicious!!

Oiselle Birdies!

Oiselle Birdies!

Anyone else doing a Shamrock run?

Shamrock PDX 2014

18 Mar

Sunday was my 6th running of the Portland Shamrock 15K. For the majority of the years it has been crappy weather. This year it was supposed to be nice. The temperature was not bad. It sprinkled a couple of times. No biggie!

Goals: No real goals. I did not think I could PR. I just have not done enough hills and hill repeats like I have in the past. I wanted to beat my time from Hot Chocolate 2 weeks ago. 2 reasons: 1- I was “sick” under the weather…whatever you want to call it. 2-I beat my time last year by 20 seconds. I really thought I had it in the bag. I felt really good overall.

I also worked with Zoe at the Nuun booth all day Friday and Saturday. Dan gave me a foot rub both nights so I think that compensated for any soreness that would have made or broke my race! 🙂

We were running a contest: asking people why they ran? Here was my response:

Day 2: Holly came by to say hi!

2nd piece of business: Big Sur is T minus 6 weeks away and if I want to do even relatively good I am going to have to start to up my long runs to more than 12 miles. The Shamrock start line is almost 2 miles from our apartment so we were going to run there and back to add in mileage. (Dan was not exactly excited for that–but he did it) 🙂

THE BEFORE: Miles 0-1.86: Average: 11:43 The pace was going to very slow. Dan said we should Jog or “Yog”? I thought he made it up. I should have know it was a movie quote!!

THE RACE: Shamrock 15K: Garmin clocked: (9.43 miles) Average: 9:52


It was actually nice having done the warm up. I got into a comfortable hard pace right away. The first 2 miles were probably too fast but we go over train tracks at around mile 2 and a train was blowing his horn so I picked up. I never saw the train. Not sure where it was or where it was going but I was happy that I did not get stuck behind it!!

It is flat until about mile 2.5 where there is an aid station. Just in time for the hurt to begin! UP Broadway. Steady incline with a few steep pitches. Mile 4 we hit another aid station and begin our 2 mile climb up Terwilliger. I still felt good. I think I was just a little slower then last year. My times (in training) up Terwilliger were not awesome. I think I only did one session of hill repeats. (which I usually do them once a week for the first 10 weeks of the year. Leading up to the race) I just kept moving along.

I was happy to get to the top of Terwilliger (mile 6). I always am. Everyone always is!! 3rd aid station. The bag pipers piping. I was not sure how I had done compared to last year. I think I was still a minute behind.

Now the cruise down. I just let go BUT I did not want it as bad as I did last year. I was really gunning for the PR and this year I wanted to do well but maybe because I had not put the pressure on myself to PR…so I did not happen. I did not look at my watch the last couple of miles. I did not really want to know.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was only over my PR by about 2 minutes. It was also faster than Hot Chocolate and that is all that mattered! I had a great and fun race.

I love this race. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is local or because I have done it for so many years. It is certainly not for the weather or the shitshow of people that come out to run it. But better believe the 3rd Sunday of every March I will be running the 15K with all the other crazies in P-Town!

I FINALLY got of out of this mess of green:
and found Dan.

It had started to rain and of course we were running right into the wind. It was freezing.

THE AFTER-MATH: Miles: 11.29-14.54 Average: 10:42 We were a little faster than a “yog.” I dropped him at home and picked up the pace a bit. I felt really good especially when I turned around and the wind was on my back! Booyah!


I met up with some old friends: Holly and Lauren and a new friend: Adrienne for brunch.

I was starving. I bet you could not tell!!

Happy Day After St. Patrick’s Day Friends!! Did you do anything fun?

Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K 2014

6 Mar

Saturday, Dan and I headed to Seattle for the Hot Chocolate 15K. You might remember I headed up there with Erica and Laura last year. Here is last years recap. We had such a great time last year I talked Dan into doing it this year.

We hit up the expo first thing.

Hot Chocolate samples and chocolate dipped marshmallows:



Here is the goodie bag:
Cute hoodie and a travel mug (that came in super handy for a pre-race-being-under-the-weather-but-feeling-pretty-good cup of tea)

Pre-race: It was freezing!!  I had no goals.  I knew the course.  I just wanted to have a strong run.  See what I could do on the mountains hills of Seattle!!



We started in the second corral: O! Dan left pretty quick after we started. I put on some tunes.

Really not too eventful of a race. I felt like I ran strong. I felt good. I saw Dan a couple of times on the out and backs. I never really thought: I should not be doing this or I really want it to be over or I wish it was over. Like I said last year: I love the 15K. It is the perfect distance!

The last 1/2 mile(ish) was a little different this year. I think because of the construction! We rounded the opposite corner of last year and had to run a down and up + the uphill finish from last year. That was no fun but my averages were pretty consistent!!

It will be interesting to see what happens at Shamrock this year!! 🙂

Dan saw me finish and then we headed over to get our finishers mugs. It was cold and getting colder as I “cooled” down. We drank our hot chocolate and took our goodies back to the car. It started to rain and I was happy it was over.

I am hoping that Portland will get a Hot Chocolate race next year but if not I will be back in Seattle the first week of March for my favorite distance race!!!

Have you ever done a Hot Chocolate race?