End of the Pre-Season #s + Swim Work-Out

31 Jan

This is long overdue.

Pre-season week 3:taper/race week:
Swim: 4100 yards
Bike: 27 miles (mostly commuting miles–also a flat tire–or there would have been more miles too)
Run: 33.1 miles (including RNRAZ)
1 core session
0 strength session

Felt good going into the race. I had 2 runs pre-race. I did a short track work-out to start firing the fast twitch muscles. 1 shake out run in AZ. Swimming was good–still working on getting faster. Biking was mainly commuting because that is my form of transportation these days. Plus since I was not doing my regular biking/running that at least kept my legs moving! Unfortunately it was my brain and not my legs on Sunday that gave up!

Pre-season week 4:recovery week:
Swim: 4500 yards
Bike: 41 miles (again mostly commuting)
Run: 0
0 core
0 strength

The plan was to relax!! That I did! Those yards/miles were 2 days Thursday/Friday only. I did not even bike to work Monday through Wednesday. I went to Eugene for the weekend, relaxed, saw friends, ate good food, and too many treats!

That is it for the pre-season. It is time to get down to business and really focus my efforts on IMC.

I will leave you with this crazy swim I did the other night. I am not a sprinter but we do a sprint work-out the last Wednesday of the month. It was fun in its own way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sprint Swim: 2650 yards! Try it!!

Warm-up: 600 Swim (with every 3rd 50 doing a different stroke or drill)
Set 1:
6×75 Kick/Drill/Swim 25 kick(any)/25drill(any)/swim(any stroke) on 1:40 (the interval and rest)
6×50 1-3; 4-6 descending on 1:00

Main set 2:
25 easy
50 fast
75 fast
All on the same interval!! On the 25 you will have a ton of rest; on the 50 you will have some rest; on the 75 you should only have a few seconds rest. The majority of us did 1:15; the guys did 1:00 You pick what will work for you!!

Set 3: 300 easy
100 Time Trial!!! Get your time so you can compare next month! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cool-down: 300 easy swim

Like I said before I am not much of a sprinter but I held up pretty good with the “swimmers” in the group. I was also pleased with my 100 TT. If you have a questions on this work-out let me know and I can describe it a little bit better!!

Happy Friday!!

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