Holiday Half Re-Cap!

16 Dec


The Holiday Half was yesterday. When I signed up for the race many months ago I thought I would try for a PR. I soon realized after Chicago, NWM, and Ragnar LV there was no time to train for a PR in a half marathon. No big goals! I just wanted to have a good race and feel good.

This is how NOT ready I was yesterday morning:

At 6:40 I barely knew what I was going to wear. I didn’t know what shirt to wear. My bib was not even pinned onto my race belt. I slept great. No worries. This is the best way to go into a race!

Dan dropped me off and I found my friends. MJ made us these cute hats to wear.

Me, Sheryl, Sherrie, and Mary Jane

Me, Sheryl, Sherrie, and Mary Jane

The start was kind of a shitshow. There was lines for everything and nothing seemed organized. But all went fine.

The start was crowded. Lots of walkers right in the front. I just can’t figure out why they think they need to be in the front blocking the runners. Well that is for a different post. It thinned out about 1.5 miles into it. I saw lots of friends running and spectating.

I saw Dan at about mile 3. I was not paying any attention to my watch. I was running on feel. I was feeling good. I did catch a glimpse of my watch early on and it was sub 10 minute/mile. Probably too fast. Just cruising right along. I had my headphones in my hand and was not sure when I wanted to start the music!

Just running and having a good ol’ time. The aid stations were few and far between. The miles clicked by pretty fast. The weather was perfect!! I was getting close to the turn around point and I started to see friends already heading back. I started my music just after mile 7.

The turn around was about 7.5 miles into it. I felt relatively good through 10. Michele stopped by to chat for a few. It was a nice break from my thoughts. It was getting harder to keep the pace. Mile 11 came and I was digging deep. Could I hold this pace for 20 more minutes? A quick check to my watch and it was still sub 10 minute/miles. 20 minutes you can do this for 20 more minutes! I saw Dan again right before 12. That lifted my spirits!

I was breathing hard. Just keep running. Kat caught up to me about 12.75 and said she has been trying to catch me for miles. All of a sudden we were going downhill with the finish line in sight! I checked my watch when we rounded the corner right before 13, just for shits and giggles: 2:09:36. Wow! Pretty good.

I had a great finish and a great race. So.Much.Fun! 2:10:41 –> Not a PR but fun and way better than I thought I could do!

Kat, Michele, & I--right after we finished!

Kat, Michele, & I–right after we finished!

I found Dan and we did some cheering!

Fake snow!

Fake snow!

Super cute medal and long sleeve 3/4 zip:

7 Responses to “Holiday Half Re-Cap!”

  1. Kristen L December 16, 2013 at 2:56 PM #

    Congrats on a great race!! Sounds like you rocked it and had a ton of fun too! šŸ™‚ That’s the best when a race is like that. Cute medal and zip shirt. Congrats!

  2. Change of Pace December 16, 2013 at 7:18 PM #

    Before the congratulations, I must ask how you look so fabulous after a race?!
    Now, congratulations!! Sounds like you did awesome!! I hope you recap your year of racing; you’ve dominated it!
    I love that you got a half zip; that’s one of the best pieces of race swag I’ve seen!

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats December 16, 2013 at 8:53 PM #

      I am not sure how I looked that good. I thought that too because Kat and Michele’s faces were so red. I think 1–because you couldn’t see my hair and 2–it was perfect weather like 39 degrees!!
      That is a good idea. A re-cap post. I have had some epic races this year. I hope next year can be even better!! šŸ™‚

  3. Luv What You Do December 16, 2013 at 7:28 PM #

    What a cute medal and top!!! Congratulations on running a holiday race! That is a huge accomplishment in itself!

  4. Jesica @rUnladylike December 16, 2013 at 11:02 PM #

    Awesome job! I love the medal and shirt … and your IM santa hats are awesome! Congrats!

  5. erin December 22, 2013 at 6:25 AM #

    What a fun race and way to rock it and dig deep! Congrats, Leslie! Love the IM hats, too!

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