Ragnar NWP Part 2

24 Jul

If you missed Part 1 go see it here!!

I was Runner 2 and I was tackling legs 3 and 4. A good mix of flat and hills. Well maybe more hills than flats!! I will let you be the judge of that!

I was projected to run at about 10am. The sun was out! It was already getting warm out. This was much different from last year. I was runner 1 and it was pouring rain on my first leg.
It was GO TIME!!!

I just wanted to start off slow and steady! I knew this was going to be a hard start to my weekend. It was warm and getting warmer. I had decided to wear music. I had a hand held water bottle with Nuun in it and 2 gus to get me through the next 12.1 miles. I quickly found out there was a headwind. We were running on a “kind of” highway for the first 4 miles or so. With lots of big trucks. So with the headwind, there was always the “back” wind (I am sure you cyclists know what I am talking about) when the trucks passed. I did not lose my visor ONCE BUT TWICE. After the first time, I was trying to hold onto it when the trucks passed. I was just steadily run up the hills and down the hills.

We finally got to make that right turn off the highway. Less traffic which was nice but more hills. Dang it. I made 2 kills at this point. WHAT? If you are not familiar with “a kill” it is when you pass someone. I have passed 2 people. WHAT??!! Cruising right along! There was almost NO shade! I made another kill right before the exchange. I knew once I got to exchange #3 there would be way more downhills than uphills.

Here I am coming into exchange 3 with a smile on my face but screaming that was F***ing brutal!

LEG 4: 3.9 MILES; EASYleg4

I knew I just had to get through leg 3 and leg 4 would be “easier”! I was still feeling really good. I felt like I was “on”. Maybe the recovery time and the time off between Pac Crest, really worked some wonders! I was just steadily hitting every mile. It was much more shady. I really wanted to take this whole leg(3 and 4) conservatively because if I did not it was going to be a long 30 hours! I felt like my pace was good considering the hills. I finished and was happy to be done with leg 1!!

12.1 miles; 2:03; Pace average: 10:08 min/miles

I drank a chocolate milk and took a “wet wipe shower”. I was feeling pretty good. I used the “stick” multiple times in the next 8 hours. I wanted some real food but we never really had a chance to get any. I snacked on peanut butter pretzels and Gatorade. At about 4 I was beginning to think I was not going to get any real food so I had a half a bag of salt & vinegar chips and an uncrustable. I drank coconut water and Nuun to stay hydrated.

I was projected to go again at about 8. I had a gu at about 7:30ish. I had my handheld water bottle with Gatorade and Nuun. With one more gu to take.
LEG 15: 6.7 MILES; HARDleg15

Getting ready to hit the road AGAIN. I had a tank top on but decided to change it last minute. It was cooling down. I was happy about that!!

I started off at what I thought was a conservative pace. I started off running into the sunset which sucked a little because I opted not to run with my sunglasses. My first mile was 10:03. I never saw a 10 again. Whoa. WAY.TOO.FAST. I still had another 10+ miler in 8 hours! I was hitting miles between 9:52-9:58. What?! I was feeling good. I killed 2 people on this leg. My “night” leg is always the best (in my relay experience). It was the perfect running temperature! I thought I should probably slow down but I never really did. My pace was very steady. My breath was steady. I cruised into exchange 15 with a smile on my face. I saw Abbey and Alana! I screamed I was going to fast. They screamed…SLOW DOWN!!


I kept up the pace for the entire leg. I felt really strong and happy. I had just read Kristen’s post on positive thinking. I thought about that and how I have become mentally stronger in the last 18 months. Being positive has a huge impact on my mental strength!! I was so happy that I had read that before I went out. I had been positive all day but it just gave me just a little bit more for the road!!

I had another kill. Here was the dialog:
Me: Looking good, keep it up!
The guy: (looks miserable) thanks, I wish this was over
Me: We are almost done!
The guy: (looks happier) REALLY??
Me: Well about 1/2 way done. (I really wanted to say I was on mile 8.5 with 2 to go, you are on 2 with 2 to go, suck.it.up) πŸ™‚

It had gotten dark right before I exchanged with Abbey for the 2nd time!

Leg 2 DONE! 10.7 miles; 1:46; Average pace: 9:56 min/miles

Again. Chocolate milk and “wet wipe” shower. I could not wait to get to exchange 18 because there was a pasta feed. Real food finally!!!! We barely made it. They were getting ready to close down shop at midnight. Just spaghetti and red sauce and brownies. HELLO! PERFECT!

I was resting my eyes a little in between stops. I totally missed Deception Pass. (Which is gorgeous–but I saw it last year.) Sleep was way more important! πŸ™‚ At about 3 I was hungry again. We stopped to get gas. Alana wanted a soda so I thought that would be a good idea. Give me a little bit of caffeine. I got a root beer and another bag of chips. I NEVER EVER drink soda and rarely eat chips but they were delicious. It was probably more the lack of sleep and hunger that did it! I had another cat nap after that snack. Woke again hungry and now it was time to start thinking about a “pre-race” meal. Another uncrustable and the other 1/2 of the first bag of chips.

I was projected to go right before 8. Somehow we lost Ellen or Ellen just got lost.

Long story long….we did not see her in route to exchange 25…she never showed to exchange 25 so we thought she was just faster than projected so we headed to exchange 26…we got a random call from a guy that said she was lost and about 1.5 miles from exchange 26…perfect…we get there I quickly use the restroom, apply body glide, take a gu, and I was ready.

No Ellen, No Ellen. Bob got another call from her and she was back at exchange 24….needless to say I didn’t start until after 9. She felt super bad!! What can you do…shit happens! We weren’t trying to set any records! πŸ™‚

In the meantime Alana and I hung at exchange 26.

I met Lauren who was also doing an ultra with Six Pack with Racks. We had been tweeting. They were behind us but caught up. :). She is also doing Hood To Coast with Nuun! We later figured out she is in my van! Go Team Lemonade!

Back to exchange 26. Bob and the girls were back and Ellen was minutes away from coming in. I was all of a sudden starving. Well that’s great! There was nothing to do but run. I had another bottle of Gatorade/Nuun and a gu to go.

I told them I would exchange a bottle of Nuun and a handful of twizzlers at about mile 4ish. I front loaded with the Gatorade. My stomach sloshed a bit but quickly got over.


I had no idea what my legs had in store for me. They felt good. Up and down some hills. Cruising right along. Exchange 27 came and went fast. I killed one. I was eyeing a couple gals but the leg was too short!!


Now the real work started! I started with a very hard leg and I was ending with a very hard leg. Second kill. Talked to her for a minute. I wished I would have talked a little longer. I got to Alana and Abbey. They had a bottle and twizzlers for me. I asked if the girl in white was right behind me. They said yes and there was no time to chat. I was off again!

I had a flat section. We were right on the water. It was cool. Again perfect temperature! Saw the van again right before the first “mountain”! I got another handful of twizzlers and eyed the 3 people walking up the mountain. I was doing a walk/run. Killed the first girl. And the second girl. It took me a while to get to the third girl. She was run/walking too. This was my slowest mile of the relay: 11:43. I think it was mile 6. Finally caught Jennifer and we had a good stretch of running and talking.

I finally killed her! Onto the second “mountain.” I was walking but could feel someone right behind me. I naturally started to run and he says are we running this. I said I guess. Michael and I ran a good mile together.

I was still feeling relatively good. I was at mile 8ish and thought I could probably go without the gu but decided the sugar and caffeine would probably be good. Took a half there and the other half at 9ish. I felt strong. Abbey was barely ready for me to come in cause I am SO FAST. Ha!

LEG 3 Done-zo! 10.5 miles; 1:47; Average pace: 10:16 minute/miles

I was so happy to be done!! Had another chocolate milk and changed my shirt. I was dreaming of a shower and real food! I had to wait until exchange 30. Not too far away!!

We had a rolling party while cheering Alana on. We did not have one stick last year and everyone but me had one this year. (Key: to have for a relay) Everyone had a different sort of one which was fun!

The sun finally made an appearance and it was all of a sudden hot. Our first POWER ARCH was not until exchange 33. What were we waiting for!

Our last POWER ARCH for Amy at exchange 35 (and another friend from the ultra stupid team)

We were DONE! FINISHED!! 33:xx hours! So much fun!

As a team, we racked up 121 kills. I was obviously not the leader in that category with only 11 but I felt good about my 11. πŸ™‚

Another Ragnar in the books! What an adventure!!

14 Responses to “Ragnar NWP Part 2”

  1. rebeccaontherun July 24, 2013 at 5:23 PM #

    Love your recap. I think I saw your team out there at some point. Or I could have been imagining in my Ragnar-induced haze.

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats July 26, 2013 at 1:25 PM #

      Thanks!! You guys caught up to us at exchange 26 because I met Lauren there! Congrats on a kick ass race!!

  2. Change of Pace July 24, 2013 at 8:58 PM #

    Your recap made the entire event sound like such a blast! And you were totally miss speedy! Sometimes time off does do a body good:)
    Congratulations n a successful relay to kick off the season for you. Can’t wait to read about the next one!

  3. David July 25, 2013 at 8:00 AM #

    Excellent recap, outstanding ultra! Wow, you really went after it with a solid race plan! YEEHAW!

  4. Kara July 25, 2013 at 8:20 AM #

    Ragnar Relays are so amazing. Sounds like you had a phenomenal time!! I swear, you always run a little faster at Ragnar even when your body should be tired and dragging. It’s magic! πŸ™‚ My RR gave me so much confidence in myself. Congrats! (PS that first 8 miler looks TOUGH!!)

  5. Lauren July 25, 2013 at 8:36 AM #

    WOW, we ran our first two legs at pretty much the exact same pace…too bad we didn’t start at the same time so we could have run together :). It was great to meet you after all that tweeting!! Looking forward to some relay bonding at HTC :).

  6. Kristen L July 26, 2013 at 11:49 AM #

    You are amazing! Way to get through all those miles.You really crushed it on those two mountains at the end too. Your recap really got me excited about HTC!
    Glad you enjoyed reading my post. πŸ™‚

    • Leslie @ TriathleteTreats July 26, 2013 at 1:20 PM #

      Thanks!! I am not sure what got into me but it was awesome!! Hopefully I can keep the momentum going!!! πŸ™‚


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