The Calm B4 The Storm: WF Part 1

6 May

WEDNESDAY 2:10PM: Parker, Matt, I headed out of P-town. We were heading down to Lake San Antonio, NOWHERE California, with a 12 hour drive ahead of us. Wildflower Long Course Triathlon #4 here I come!!


We told stories. Talked triathlons. Talked Wildflower. Talked Ironman Couer d’Alene. We were just trying to pass the time. I did a pretty decent job of scaring them at 10 mins past the hour saying 1,2…10 hours down! I made some mix CD’s. Thank goodness I did that or it would have been a lot more quiet drive!

We stopped for gas twice and Round Table Pizza for dinner.

We ate it in the car. I was very impressed with Parker’s ability to drive and eat pizza at the same time!

A couple different iphone.driving.sunset pics of Mt. Shasta.

THURSDAY 2:03AM: Arrive in King City (Last stop for gas and groceries 40 miles to the lake. We parked in the KFC parking lot. Matt and Parker slept in the grass: Hood To Coast style. I slept in the truck.

6:00AM: Starbucks, Safeway, more talk of the course as we drove the course on our way to the lake and no looking back!

Sometime in the early morning. We set up camp. A lot of our crew was already there. Had a great place picked out. It just happened to be where Kara, Christine, and I camped in 2011. Funny!

We went for a nice leisurely bike ride. Us Vets took the Rookies down into “the pit” and showed them some of the run course. We did a short transition run. It was HOT!! So HOT!! We.Were.In.Trouble. If there was any indication that we were in trouble…It was the fact that we were already starting to get some color.

That afternoon we went down to the lake to swim. The water was gorgeous. We were so sweaty from the walk from the campground to the lake…most of us had a hard time getting into our wetsuits. I have never gotten my wetsuit on that fast before. I do not know if it was the combination of body glide and sweat but it went on fast and it was hot. Into the water I went. I am always the last to have mine on. GO FIGURE!

Packet pick-up went relatively smooth and back to the campground we went. More food, hydration, and sleep was had.

FRIDAY: Up and at ’em. We sat around until noon waiting for the expo to open. People rode bikes, people cleaned bikes, talked about races, carb loaded, and hydrated. It was HOT just sitting around. TROUBLE!

Our View from the “walking trail”:

We made our way down to the expo. Checked out transition.

Empty Transition

Empty Transition

Here is transition: the calm before the storm!

Shopped. Hung out and listened to a couple of different speakers.

Got Colossal Gelato!!

At 3:30 defending 2x champion, Jesse Thomas, was signing autographs and taking pics. No one wanted to hang around another half hour so I went, stalked the Triathlete Magazine booth, and tweeted Bird Legs “wishing she was there” while waiting for Jesse to show up. This was probably the 2nd highlight of my entire weekend!

A lot of Thursday and Friday were just “waiting around”. We could not be in the sun. We hydrated with Nuun & G2. We carb loaded with pasta, sandwiches, and tacos. We wore Pro Compression socks.


2 Responses to “The Calm B4 The Storm: WF Part 1”

  1. Kristen L May 7, 2013 at 10:09 AM #

    So awesome that you got to meet Jesse Thomas! And gelato sounds great. Too bad it was so hot out. Looks like you were able to find a little shade?

  2. Change of Pace May 7, 2013 at 7:28 PM #

    This is great!
    The walking trail view is stunning. And so cool you met Jesse!
    Sounds like you hydrated and ate well to PR in that heat! Can’t wait to read the dirty details!

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