Love San Francisco

5 Apr

I love San Francisco!!!

I decided for my 34th birthday that I would run the RNR Inaugural San Francisco 1/2 marathon. I caught my flight down south last night. Had a fun evening catching up with my friends, Don and Alana. Had a great night sleep!

Today we had a leisurely morning. Went for a 2 mile “easy” run with an average pace of 9:22s! Then headed into the city.

Our first stop: PANCHO VILLA. My favorite mexican joint in the bay area. You always know it is good “mexican” food when there is a ton of mexicans eating there! 🙂 I had the super vegetarian burrito.
I have to carb-load right?!? Delicious!!

After eating lunch, we hit up one of my favorite ice cream shops: Bi-Rite!!!
So many flavors…How am I suppose to pick?

If you noticed, I had 3 scoops. (Again I am carb-loading) 🙂 It was ONLY a double but you can get 2-3 flavors. I had salted caramel, malted vanilla, and coffee toffee. Amazing. Never disappoints!

We walked over to Delores Park. Good views of the city. It was a nice day. Cloudy with sun breaks. No jacket. Awesome!!

We headed to the expo.

We hit up the Nuun booth.

Then I bought a pair of Hokas. They were not giving a discount but they were giving out SF Running Company hats. What a deal! HA!

I am super excited to try these shoes out. They are supposed to be better for recovery. I bet you are thinking…they are ugly?! Well you are right! But very comfortable. It will be fun to try them out next week!

I also picked up one of these bad boys.

I have done the distance! It is about time I put this magnet on my car. 🙂

Awesome first day! Excited for the next 2!!

Have you heard of Hokas?

What is your favorite US city?

What is your flavor of ice cream?

6 Responses to “Love San Francisco”

  1. Mrs. JLB April 6, 2013 at 10:37 AM #

    Have to say that Chicago has recently become my favorite U.S. city with Vegas coming in a close second… home sweet home 🙂 But San Francisco is easily in my top 5. Hope you’re having a GREAT birthday weekend!!! xoxo.

  2. 13marian13 April 6, 2013 at 12:38 PM #

    i have tried hoka’s but after two sizing mishaps (web order), i gave up.

  3. birdlegs April 8, 2013 at 9:11 AM #

    When we first moved here in August, we lived half a block from Pancho Villa

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