Track + Chicago Marathon

20 Feb

I survived! I survived! I went to track and survived!

Like I said yesterday I was nervous. I really wanted to go out, have a decent run, and run pain-free! SUCCESS! I get to the track and see Amy. She had to do a double take because she was not sure it was me setting foot on the track. She said the work out today was very approachable just starting back. I am pretty sure she always says that but cool! I am just happy to be here!

We do a mile warm-up. She only tells us what is happening next in the work-out. So we do not know what is coming. Probably a good thing!

First up: 1200(3 laps) Progressively faster each lap. After this is when I remembered how much I hated track work-outs. My lungs were on fire! Good time: 6:33. Seemed fast. I hoped that I did not go out too fast!

Secondly: 2×600 with 200 recovery. AGAIN. HARD. Still faster than I remember doing them pre-injury. 3:10; 3:10. We were suppose to do the 2nd one a little “swifter” then the first. But I will take the same time over a slower second one.

Third: 4×400 with 400 recovery. SO HARD! I just kept running as fast as I could. I think it was the 3rd one that I thought my legs were finished. Just kept pushing. 2:07, 2:07, 2:06, 2:04 WHAT? I am still wondering how I pulled those off. I thought about quitting after this set. Then I decided just to finish. I felt good. The sun was shinning. What more could I ask for!

Fourth: 4×200 with 200 recovery. SPRINT! LIKE REALLY A SPRINT! I am not fast but these hurt. The third and fourth one I could feel the bile rising in my throat. GO HARD OR GO HOME! :56, :56, :57, :54

I cannot believe how well I did. I am BACK!!! PAIN-FREE!! I guess all of the hip flexor stretching and glute strengthening has worked. SUPER EXCITED!!

I checked all of my times to a similar work-out in Novemeber. All of my times were faster yesterday! WTF? I am sure REST does a body good. Maybe my body was just telling me to slow it down a bit!! 🙂

While I was sweating it out at the track. Sherrie was signing us up for the Chicago Marathon.

It took a long time to get signed up because of the overwhelming amount of people trying to sign up! Literally hours. But we are all signed up now! My goal was originally sub 4:40 but I might take it down to a sub 4:30. It is going to depend on how my running is going but after today I feel like it is POSSIBLE! THANKS SHERRIE!

What was the last race you signed up for? What is your next race?

7 Responses to “Track + Chicago Marathon”

  1. Mrs. JLB February 20, 2013 at 1:15 PM #

    Yay for Chicago!!! Can’t wait to cheer you on 🙂

  2. kindlingwinter February 20, 2013 at 1:24 PM #

    Lesley, What a wonderful story! Chris and I have our first run, a 5k, mapped out for March!

  3. Sherrie February 20, 2013 at 1:49 PM #

    YAY!! We are going to rock it. Yeah, I thought you said 3:30 so I guess you’ll be right up front…LOL!

  4. discorunner February 21, 2013 at 6:43 AM #

    Nice work on the track workout! Chicago is on my running bucket list but was not in the cards for this year. Enjoy!!!

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