2012 Totals…PRs…Favorites

31 Dec

I did a lot this year.

I swam 270,600 meters this year.
I biked 2,006 miles on my road bike not to mention the countless miles on my commuter bike this year.
I did 62 spin classes this year.
I ran 861 miles this year. Including 1 marathon, 8 1/2 marathons, 1 15K, and 1 10k.
I became a Rock Legend and started the Beach Cities Series this year.
I did 46 pilates classes this year.
I did 4 triathlons. Including 1 olympic, 2 half-ironman, and 1 Ironman.
I went to 4 new cities(Dallas, Newport Beach, Boise, and Enumclaw) for races this year.
I went on an EPIC journey through New Zealand this year.
I baked countless new recipes this year.

I accomplished a lot this year.

I had a 2 minute PR @ RNR Arizona Marathon.
I had a 4 minute PR @ O.C. 1/2 Marathon.
I had a 2 minute PR @ Rev3 Olympic triathlon.
I had a 41 minute PR @ Black Diamond Long Course triathlon.
I had a 92 minute PR @ Ironman Arizona.

Favorites this year.

My favorite RNR race was LA. The weather was perfect. The course had enough ups and downs to make it interesting. I was able to stay steady and finish strong! Lots of bands and DJ’s.
My favorite triathlon was Black Diamond. I did not taper for this race because I did not want to compromise my IMAZ training. I went into it with a mind-set of practicing my nutrtion and pacing myself. It was a small race which is WAY better than big races! I never thought I could do a sub 6 half ironman. It was an awesome day!
My favorite bike ride was an 80 miler through North Plains, Helvetia and almost made it to Mcminnville and back with Steve.
My favorite run was my last 18.16 mile training run before IMAZ. I stayed mental tough and dug deep.
My favorite day in New Zealand was our Jucy bus ride and cruise to the Millford Sound! GORGEOUS!
My favorite cookie baked was a chocolate chip peanut butter cup sandwich. AMAZING!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Looking forward to 2013 and what it has in store for me!!

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