Ironman Canada Training Week 10&11

20 Apr


The way I calculate the numbers are: Sunday through Saturday. Which is stupid because sometimes our Saturday/Sunday work outs are reversed. For instance my bike and swim work outs are a lot more in week 10 but in week 11 the run mileage is way up. Things are more EVEN then they look! :)

Ironman Canada Training Week 10
Swim: 12,200 yards
Bike: 136 miles
Run: 11.34 miles
Core: 1 coach work + 2 other core sessions
1 strength session

Swimming was good for the most part. Had a super hard swim on Tuesday: 3000 yard swim: Warm up and builds; 30 x 50 (on :55); this didn’t seem like it would be that hard; but I wanted to quit; I wanted to take a break; but I pushed through and was happy I did!! :) did some kicking; 10 x 50 (on :75) FAST with long rest!

Biking: 31 mile bike ride Had a great first ride outside despite the rain! :) Still riding the trainer on Wednesdays.

Running was good. Track work out: First off our track work outs are so far and few between which is fine but I have never gone so long without doing them! We did 4 miles of speed too! HELLO!! I held on pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised!

Ironman Canada Training Week 11
Swim: 6300 yards
Bike: 96 miles
Run: 36 miles
Core: 1 coach work out (no extra–no time)
1 strength session

Swimming was good. Pretty standard this week. Our Masters session was hard. We did 3 x 500(they were broken up differently: 250/125/100.) Hard intervals! It is funny how at the beginning of the year I didn’t want to do less than 2000 and then it was 2500 as the season started. Now I don’t want to get out of the pool unless I have swam 3000!! Funny how things change!

Biking: Good. I am liking my power meter more and more especially when I can see the data afterwards!!

OUR 1st BRICK: Now we have done bricks (1 hour trainer ride + long run). This was different. It was finally outdoors. We headed out to Sauvies Island. There is a 12 mile loop. We were to do the loop 4x. Boring!! But good to work on your mental toughness.

Here we are at the start! We were nice and dry.

The forecast was for rain starting at about 10. The weather guys are never right! We were hoping the rain would wait until noon when we would be done! OHHH NO the only day they are right is when we are out on our bikes! Luckily enough I was about 5 miles from the end when it started pouring. Plus the headwind got worse each lap we went around! I finished that lap a minute or 2 longer then I would have liked but it was what it was!! I had no idea how the run was going to go. My feet were numb. (I literally could not feel them until mile 3) My hands were cold. (Stupidly I took off my bike gloves when I should have just left them on) I took off my jacket and changed my shirt. I was off.

WOW! It was hard! We were going 90 minutes (out and back). I started out and it felt like forever before the mile 1 beeped. 10:17. Wow! Way faster then I thought. Miles 2/3 beeped. 10:13/10:10. I couldn’t believe how steady I was. I just needed to keep it together for 9 miles. Just keep it together for 9 miles. Sure enough I was steadily working my way through the 9 miles. My slowest mile was: 10:22(mile 6) and my fastest was 9:50(mile 9). There was a headwind on the way back. I really tried to work on my breathing throughout the entire bike and run! It worked!

Running: Last 20 miler. Lots more hills! I think that is why my flat run(brick) went so good because I have been working on the hills for so long!

There you have it. Another 2 weeks of training down! 7 days until Big Sur. This week will be full of relaxation and sleeping in. I have a couple of swims and easy runs. Not a lot of biking. Even though this is just apart of my Ironman training I still need to save my legs a little at least for the 26.2 miles I have to run next Sunday!

How was your weekend?!

The Last 20 MILER!

16 Apr

The countdown started at 10 on Sunday:

At o’dark early Sunday morning, Bird Legs and I set out for our last 20 miler before Big Sur! She just happened to be in town for the weekend but was leaving early afternoon on Sunday so we had to start EARLY! It worked out good because then we were done early!! :)


Here is the elevation chart for the race:

Looks easy enough huh?!!

This is what I figured out for our run!

Not exactly the same!

We started out flat on the waterfront. Then we started up the hills. Up and over Corbett(which has been my Tuesday morning run). Hit up Terwilliger. Kara was afraid I was going to take her up there!! :) Came back down. Up and over Corbett again. Back to the waterfront with little baby rollers.

We chatted the entire time. I had forgotten how nice it was to have a training partner.

I had originally thought I would try to make this a rehearsal for IMC but I think that it would be too hard. I do not need to take in as many calories at BS then I will need to at IMC. I will probably walk more at IMC then BS.

We came up with our goals for Big Sur:
1-To take in the scenery
2-To have fun and to have an enjoyable race

The sun was out and it was getting warm out. I was happy that we had started that early! We were right at mile 19 here. Can you see that we are super sweaty and tired? We were still smiling though!!

This was kind of a whirlwind of a training cycle. I was regularly doing a 10-12 miler for 2 months. I amped up for a 14 and 16 miler. Shortened week(10 miler). 18 and 20 milers the last 2 weeks. Taper is in full swing now. Well not really. I am still doing everything on my schedule. Next week will be much less!


It will be interesting to see how it goes. No time goal. Which is always better because I typically do better when there isn’t a huge goal looming over my head!!! I am very excited for this race. It is going to be gorgeous!! I am looking forward to the views!!

This was my poor attempt to make a panini after the run! I better let the panini master Dan make them from now on!
It ended up being delicious and I could have eaten like 3 more!! :)

Happy Wednesday!! Who saw the lunar eclipse?! I was exhausted and really wanted to stay up could there was no way! I heard you could not really see it until midnight!

On Your LEFT!

15 Apr

I had planned on writing about my 20 miler but that can wait until tomorrow! I have a gripe and a question!!

First quick update: I was running my usual Tuesday morning “hilly” route in my Brooks today. I wanted to try and keep the same exertion as I have the last 4 weeks. I didn’t want to dwell on the numbers. I felt a little slow at the beginning…which is normal. I ended up having a pretty good run. I averaged 10:14s so not much different than the last week of the experiment!! I was secretly hoping that it was going to be a huge difference. Now I need to go back to Terwilliger and see if my hill training on Corbett has helped my Terwilliger efforts! :)

Back to my gripe!
I was running along on the side walk and there is a lady (with headphones) walking along. I pass her and say nothing. No good morning. No on your left. No kiss my ass. Nothing. As I pass her (under her breath) she says: “say something.” I don’t know if she was saying it loud enough for me to hear or just saying it under her breath. I didn’t have headphones on. There were no cars passing. So I heard her.

I just kept running. I wanted to turn back around and say why? Did you want me to say on your left or good morning. What is the point? She was walking on the right side of the sidewalk. Its not like I needed to get around her.

I have said that to too many people (and on this route since the “experiement” started/every day life). They jump up and I scare them. Or they continue to walk in the middle of the sidewalk. I understand that it is a courtesy but do people actually care. People run pass me all the time and say nothing. Why should I say anything to anyone?!

The same thing goes with biking. I rarely see anyone on my bike commute to work (because I am travelling the opposite way of most commuters.) But when I do I always say on your left. If they seem nice or it is a nice day: I say: good morning or great morning or whatever. Now when I am on the waterfront it is a totally different story. (I try and stay away from the waterfront at peak times especially when it is nice out because everyone seems to think that the waterfront is the only green space in the city) There are too many people, strollers, kids, dogs…everywhere. I would be saying on your left constantly. Now if there are 4 people taking up the whole path I will say on your left(nicely). BUT 8 times of out 10. They DO NOTHING!! They do not move. They do not acknowledge me. Why am I saying anything. 1 time out of 10 the person will jump in front of me and cause me to break. The other 1 time out of 10 they will move out of the way. NOT.WORTH.IT!

I feel like saying nothing is better. Here is an interesting article. I don’t think about ringing my bell and I don’t have one on my “good” bike!!

I was reading this article about bike accidents. They mapped out all of the accidents in Portland. It was shared on Facebook so there were hundreds of comments(on the FB post). I wish I wouldn’t have even read 10 of the comments because I was so pissed after reading them (and right before bed). One of the comments was talking about how it is a law to say on your left when on a bike passing a ped! Whatever dude.

I also strongly feel that cyclists should obey the rules of the road. I know (and see) a lot that are not following the rules. Do not get me wrong. I have gone through a red light or a stop sign but at 5 in the morning when there is not a soul on the road! But in the middle of traffic or middle of the day. I watch it! Believe me I am not perfect but I try to be good. It is all those cyclists not obeying the rules that are giving the rest of us a bad name! :(

So the moral of this gripe: I don’t really know. say on your left to everyone one you pass!!! I probably still won’t unless I feel like it is necessary!! What are your thoughts or opinions?

Does anyone remember the movie Spanglish? Tea Leoni runs a lot. She runs up this hill everyday and passes everyone screaming “on your left.” I tried to find a clip on You Tube but I didn’t have any luck!!

Run Route Experiment

11 Apr

4 Tuesday’s ago I had a base run of rolling hills to do. 5(ish) miles. I went on a route that was a little different from what I would normally run. I was 6 weeks out from Big Sur so I needed to step up my “running hills.” I picked this route with 3 “climbs” and rollers in between.


First I have to say Tuesdays I don’t have to be to work until 11:30. Dan and I hit the pool right about 6am. I have a short or long break then go for my run. I always have a hard time deciding on what to eat before my swim, after my swim, before my run…etc. For the last 4 weeks I have done a variety of food/break options to see what I thought would work best!!

This was not a planned experiment. I thought I would do a post after the 2nd week then thought well I will just wait until next week. After the 3rd week I thought why not just one more week. Here is the “accidental” 4 week experiment.

Week 1:
Before swim: Gu; Nuun energy
Swim: 2900 yards
After swim: Picky Bar
Break time: about 90 minutes
run: Average 10:23min/mile Core first; NO music

Week 2:
Before swim: Picky Bar; Nuun energy
Swim: 3000 yards
After swim: Gu
Break time: about 30 minutes
run: Average 10:21min/mile no core; music

Week 3:
Before swim: Gu and glass of OJ; Nuun energy
Swim: 3300 yards–really hard
After swim: rice cake with almond butter
Break time: about 45 minutes
run: Average 10:26min/mile Core first; NO music; did not look at my watch once

Week 4:
Before swim: Picky Bar; Nuun energy
Swim: 3000 yards–pretty hard
After swim: Gu
Break time: about 45 minutes
run: Average 10:13min/mile Core first; NO music

I am torn on the break time because if I come home and have a quick snack then I can run and be done. After I can relax (or nap) and have breakfast before heading to work. I like doing them back to back just to get them done with. But I also feel like if I have a longer break (or nap) and then run that might help my run more.

I also can not really have breakfast after the swim even if I wait 90 minutes but I need to have something more than just a Gu. See my dilemma?!

Week 2 & 4: were the best and they had the same foods before and after. I think the Picky Bar and Gu will be my go to and just do the work outs back to back. I had planned on using my music in week 4 but I could not find my iPod!

This is what I think is interesting: The breakdown of miles:


Definitely not consistent. But I do think that the miles were beeping at different times through the course of the 4 weeks. I think they would be more similar if each mile beeped at exactly the same point. That is GPS for ya!!

I wore my Hokas all 4 weeks. I might (just for shits and giggles) do this run one more time on Tuesday (depending on what is on my schedule to do) in my Brooks and see how that compares!! :)

Do you do doubles back to back?
What is on tap for you this weekend?? The weather is looking good for our bike ride outside and my last 20-miler for Big Sur!!

Ironman Canada Training Week 10

8 Apr

Another great week. Just another re-cap post!!

Sunday: Bonus swim: 3600 yard. Long warm up with some drills. 4 x 500. 2 time trials and some buoy/paddle work. I was pleased with my TT times (and they were about the same)! 5×100 Fast on 2:00. Cool down.

Monday: 1 hour spin class + 10 minute of core

7 mile bike commute

Tuesday: 3300 yard swim. This was killer. Today was all about the 100s. 100s on 2:00; more 100s on 1:50; and to make it worse 100s on 1:45. With 10x 25s in between those sets; builds, hypoxic, and FAST ones!! Tough day to be in the pool!

Run: 5.22 mile: rolling hills + Dozen core routine. Felt decent! This run was part of an experiment I have been working on. I will disclose those results (probably) tomorrow.

7 mile bike commute

Wednesday: Strength; 2 sets with multiple rounds of walking lunges; squats or deadlifts; abs; push-ups!
40 minute trainer ride: warm up with some builds/climbs; 8 minute tempo; 8 minutes max (on and off); 8 minute threshold

2900 yard swim: We did our “sprint” last week of the month work out even though it was the first week of the month. warm up; lots of 50s building and descending; we did 3 sets of 100 easy with 4×25 (broken 100) with :10R. Interesting to compare those (1:22, 1:24, 1:21) to the 100 time trial (1:31). Some of us were faster in the broken 100s which I would expect. I feel like I was working much harder on those than I did on the time trial. But one girl was faster on the TT. (She is super fast too!!)

Thursday: 4 miler with Dan that was early enough that we had to wear our reflective stuff. I was not super excited to get up early but it was fun to run with him! + 30 minute core work out from coach. Lots of planks and hip movements!

10 mile bike commute

Friday: Rest day! BEST day!

5 mile bike commute

Saturday: 18.3 mile run flat with some big hills after mile 12. I started losing it mentally at 13-16ish. I was tired. It was raining. I was soaked. Did I not have enough breakfast? Did I need another GU? I was not sure! I did this without music. I really wanted it to go well and it was not great!! Bird Legs will be in town this weekend. Perfect timing because we can do our last 20 miler before Big Sur together!!

I will leave you with this!!

35 For 35

7 Apr

Today is my 35th Birthday! How did that happen? It was like yesterday I was 33 and the day before that I was 30 and the day before that I was 25…you get the point! I have been trying to figure out something to do for my birthday and I came up with nothing! Jesica from rUNladylike’s 32nd birthday was on April Fool’s Day and she did a post on 32 things for a 32 year old.

I thought I would sit down and write a bucket list because I have never done that before. I wanted to do a list of all different sorts of things. Not anyone subject. I started writing items down and thought I would never get to 35 things but sure enough I did!!

For my 35th birthday, I give you 35 things I want to do, races I want to race, and places I want to travel! No specific order but some of these things will be done this year!!

1. Get a new career
2. Go to pastry school
3. Buy a tri bike
4. Come up with a great idea and pitch it in the Shark Tank
5. Lake Placid Ironman
6. Move to Europe
7. Be a wife
8. Write a book
9. New York Marathon
10. Be a contestant on Price Is Right
11. 6 month trip to South America
12. 4 hour marathon
13. Spectate World Championship Ironman (Kona)
14. See The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
15. Do a 6-leg ultra relay
16. 5 more stamps in my passport before it expires (June 2017)
17. Camping in Montana
18. Take a letterpress class
19. Get my sister-in-law to name their first born Cooper(her maiden name)
20. White water raft through the Grand Canyon
21. Space Coast Marathon
22. Learn to surf in Costa Rica
23. Master a Wicked Good Cupcake
24. Learn to “can”–for salsa and pasta sauce
25. Be in Sydney Australia for New Years Eve
26. Learn to stand up paddle board
27. Bike around New Zealand
28. Participate in Maupin bike fest
29. Sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon
30. Go to summer Olympics
31. Get Dan to wear a pink shirt
32. Kayak with orcas in the San Juan Islands
33. Build and maintain a garden
34. Go to Albuquerque Balloon Festival
35. Take a road trip and hit up Yellowstone, Zion, and Yosemite

There you have it. 35 fun things to do and see!!

I leave you with the picture of the cake Dan made me. World’s Best Cake.
It was delicious! Yellow cake, whipped cream, meringue, and almonds!!

What is on your bucket list??!!

Lemon-Chocolate-Ricotta-Pancakes + 1st Ride Outside

6 Apr

I made these a couple 10 weeks ago. They were amazing! I got the recipe from Jessica over at How Sweet It Is.

Chocolate + Lemon Glaze + Griddler = Deliciousness

I had planned on doing a whole post about them. Time got away from me and I planned to make them again. I finally made them today after our ride and swim! They don’t really need a whole post so I thought I could talk about my ride too!! :)

Todays: (They were a little fluffier today/browner because I used real ricotta. Last time I used vegan ricotta–so they were a little thinner and not as crisp.)

They are seriously amazing. Just FYI: If you do make them: You really don’t need all of the sugar in the glaze. You could probably get away with 1/2 c. I used 1c today and we still had left overs. The recipe calls for 1.5c.

Now for the ride!! 1st ride of the year in the books! I was NERVOUS! I didn’t know what to wear. I didn’t know what to eat for breakfast. I didn’t know what to take for nutrition. It was 30% chance of rain.

This was the elevation chart:

This ride really gives you the most bang for your buck. 2 climbs + rolling hills = perfect for a weekday ride or a 1st ride outside of the year! :)

After I figured out what I was going to eat for breakfast (oatmeal), what I was going to wear(what I wear to commute to work), and what I was taking for nutrition (coconut/blueberry rice cake + Gatorade), I was ready to go.

We rode 3.5 miles (flat) to meet the other peeps. We took off for 24 miles. We started out strong and finished strong. It was really fun. The 30% chance of rain turned into 100% chance. As it started to rain on our first big decent. It was off and on until we got back to town and then the sun came out just as we were getting back to the start!! At least it was sunny out for those last 3.5 back home!!


I was super proud of Dan because he had never climbed up to Skyline before, let alone twice in the same ride. He did awesome!! He wore this bright yellow vest that worked out good because I could see him for miles! :)

I also wanted to mention that we Dan made these great rice cakes from Feed Zone Portables Cookbook. Chris and Amy made them for us last year at our Bend Training Camp. I had told Dan about them a while back and ended up buying the book for him for Christmas! We He finally broke out the book and made the coconut blueberry rice cakes.

They were delicious and kept us energized! Next week we are going to try some savory ones!! Excited!!

Did anyone do anything exciting this weekend??

One last thing: The power meter!! It was crazy seeing the numbers. When we were climbing the numbers were 220+. Cadence was good and solid. My average watts was good. I need to do an outdoor test and get some solid data there!! Maybe it won’t be so bad using it after all!!


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