Jingle Bell 5K + Surf City Discount Code

7 Dec

Sherrie emailed a bunch of us a couple of months ago, said Lets do the Jingle Bell 5K, and wear Santa costumes. I have a bunch so no need to get one! Most of us said yes. There was not much to plan. We met about an hour before the “race” and got “suited” up.


Long ago we decided that we would sign up for the untimed 5K. I am not sure why we didn’t just sign up for the walk because that is what we planned on doing. :)

We really should have either started at the back of the run (we didn’t realize there was 2 starts) or at the front of the walk.


The 7 of us weaved through the walkers like at any other race. We skipped and had fun.

We finally got to the first mile. It seemed to take forever. I joked about cutting the course. I think it was just the beginning when we were weaving and trying to find some space.

Hanging with the cop! #NBD #funrace

We quickly got to the 2nd mile!

Cindy and Chris were doing burpees with the guys training for some crazy event!

We ended somewhere between 50-55 minutes! But who really cares! :)

Alana, Cindy, Chris, Sherrie, Sheryl, MJ, and Me

Alana, Cindy, Chris, Sherrie, Sheryl, MJ, and Me

We headed to brunch afterwards! Fun Sunday morning! Now that is what you should do in the off-season!!

Just a quick coupon code for anyone that was on the fence about doing Surf City half/full marathon. Sherrie is an ambassador and got a coupon code to share! I did Surf City half in 2012. It was super fun and awesome weather! Use: SCAPAUSTIN for $10 off!

Happy Holiday Season!!

The Start of The On-Season!

6 Dec

Well after a 30 day hiatus from running, I started running again this week. It felt great to get back out there. I am really glad I had the willpower to not run for such a long period of time.(Not that 30 days is that long but that is long for me) I think that it was a nice reset/recharge/rest for my body. All seems to be well with my foot. (knock on wood and I am still super paranoid).

I am going to ease back into some running. I did some easy runs this week. I am happy to report the pace for such easy runs was way faster than I thought it would be. I may not have lost as much as I thought! :)

I am beginning to think about next season. What to do about coaching? A training plan? When will the actually “structure” start? I am approximately 30 weeks out from Victoria. But I still have some early runs that I need to prepare for. I read all about Kecia, Erin, and Kristin’s training and think I want to get back to it. I just have to keep telling myself I am not doing an Ironman next year. I have different goals.

I do want to get stronger on the bike because they say the stronger you are on the bike the better you will run. I saw this article from Carmichael today. It basically says do these 4 things in December: intervals, endurance ride, 5-7 day training block, and log your nutrition. I am doing most of that right now. I am intrigued to do the training block the last couple days of December and first couple days of January. I have never tried that before.

So then this happened: I got an email this week: Brick at 7am on Saturday. SHIT!! Does that mean the season has started?!

I also bought some new Betty Design kits and they came yesterday! That was another big motivator to go ride the trainer this morning. They are super cute!

I gave it some thought and ended up going!! Only 3 of the 6 of us showed. We did an hour trainer ride and a run afterwards. Luckily enough it had stopped raining by the time we had to run. We started running and it was into a headwind. Of course! I decided to use music(I am not ready to give it up just yet) :)

I had an awesome run. 6 miles easy and it ended up in a negative split. Thank you tailwind! I also got to break in my new Brooks!

Another thought while running this morning: I wonder what would happen if Mirinda or Chrissie did an open marathon? I typically feel really good running after I have been on the bike for an hour. Now maybe that was just today. (I have not done a brick since July 27th(Whistler)). I think it is because I feel more warmed up. Now it is a little different after swimming 2.4/biking 112 and then running a marathon but still! ;)

How do you decide when the “on-season” happens?
Do you think that the World Champs could run a faster open marathon?!

Cooking From Scratch!

5 Dec

I went through a phase in life where I made everything from scratch. I did it mostly because I wanted to. I guess it was the challenge! I mostly made sauces, dressings, etc. I think that I thought it was less expensive and I was just trying to save a buck.

I remember buying a few pumpkins. Cleaning, cutting, de-seeding, roasting, cutting off the skin. What a pain. It also took forever. I remember people telling me/reading that “fresh” pumpkin was so much better than canned pumpkin. Well I am here to tell you that is a crock of shit. I tried the process a couple of times. It never got easier. It never tasted any different from the canned pumpkin.

I love to cook and I don’t mind making things from scratch still. I do most of the time. But I have begun to buy canned pumpkin and enchilada sauce!

I promise this story has a point!!

I found this recipe for the Nordstrom Tomato Soup. I decided that since I had cream left from Thanksgiving that I would make the soup.

I bought all of the ingredients today. Not really thinking about the fact that I was buying 3 huge cans of tomatoes and a whole quart of veggie broth(which I usually make from scratch too but I didn’t have any leftover veggie scraps). I started cooking up the carrots and onions. (I added a bunch of garlic too)

I started looking at the comments. Which I always laugh about. If you read food blog comments you know they are funny. Everyone has an opinion on everything! One lady said she could buy some tomato soup that was cheaper than the $15 she would have to spend to buy the ingredients from this soup. Than more than one person chimed in about that. Anyways I started thinking about it. I totally spent $15 on the ingredients. BUT it was definitely making more than the “4 servings” it said it would make. I always like the left-overs factor.

I was afraid to put the hot soup in the Vitamix. The recipe says to wait to blend it until it is cool. I instead put my immersion blender to use which was fun and worked really well.

It “looked” delicious. It only really smelled like tomatoes though.

I made a quickie grilled cheese sandwich from some crusty bread that I got for free at Trifecta the other night.

Quickie side story: This is totally Portland. Some friends and I go to dinner (on a Wednesday night) almost close the place down. As we leave there is a basket of a ton of bread with some plastic bags in it. I said it must be free. We checked with the bartender and sure enough she said take as much as you want. There was a few different kinds and it was all delicious!!

I didn’t get a picture of the 2 giant loaves I took. But Tiffany is holding a couple of baguettes.

Back to the soup: I added some of these croutons. Amazing!

I have to say I was not impressed and pretty sad. It took at least $15. The whole process took about 2 hours. We have a TON left. Dan was at a meeting and did not try it. I am hoping he will like it more than me and we can finish it up pretty quick. (This just in: Dan likes it!)

LONG STORY LONG: Things do not always taste better home-made from scratch. I could have bought this tomato soup for much cheaper. Or even better I could have bought my favorite tomato soup from a local restaurant that is my option the BEST tomato soup I have ever tasted for cheaper!! You live and you learn!

WE put most of my free bread into the freezer but I think that I will try to make some homemade croutons with some of that bread! Now those would be good at least to spice up the soup!! :)

What do you like to make homemade?!

Plans for 2015!

29 Nov

I do lots of races! I like to race. It keeps me motivated. It is fun. As my years of “racing” have kept going up I have realized more and more that I should not race as much. Every year I say I am not going to race as much. Not do as many “fun” races or “training” races but every year my calendar gets crazy!

I am in my “off-season” now. Now that I am back from vacation I have been biking and swimming again. I have not run since NYC. I had some foot pain about 2 weeks before the race so I decided to let it heal and recover until December 2. I am hesitant to write this post but I am going to post it anyway.

I have been trying to decide what to do about races next year. I have only signed up for 3 running races so far. But I have my eye on a couple of others. I have eyes on a couple of triathlons. I don’t have much going on in the fall. What to do what to do?! If all is well with my foot then I will sign up for Shamrock/Victoria but I don’t want to do that until I am absolutely sure my foot is ok!

Here is what I have so far:
*RNR Arizona 1/2 marathon. I do this one every year. It is flat. It is good weather. It gets me out of P-town during rainy and dreary January! With this one I want to gauge what I can do with my half marathon distance. Give me a baseline for the rest of the year!
1st big goal of 2015: PR half-marathon.
*Ragnar Del Sol. Ultra relay. With the same girls I did Ragnar LV with! We are going a little more south in February!
*RNR Portland 1/2 marathon. Love this one. It is not as easy as AZ but this is where my PR is! We will see how my running has come along in May!
*Hood To Coast—August. I am a captain this year. I have never captained a 12-person team only 6-person teams! How hard could it be!?!? ;)

Others for the winter/spring:
Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K: Possible. I really want to do this one again. We will see.
Shamrock 15K: this is a staple in my year. I will do this one. I just need to sign up!!

Victoria 70.3: My first and only problem with this one is that WTC has taken it over. I have heard it is a good race. I think it is similar to my PR race. If all goes well the weather will be nice and I will pull out a big PR.
2nd goal of 2015: PR 70.3(long course)

Possibles are:
*Duck Bill Thrill Oly—This is an early one in May. Maybe a tune up for Victoria?
*Rolf Prima Oly —July. I have heard this is a fun race. Down in the Eugene area. I would like to do an oly and Blue Lake is probably out because of timing.
*Black Diamond long course —in September—Where my PR. I would love to go back and do this one. It is a small race which I liked. I think depending on how training goes and what happens with Victoria I will probably do this one.

Depending on what I have decided on for the fall running wise and depending on where we are at in decided if we want to leave Portland or not. Also depending on how burnt out I am with tri training! I would love to do Austin 70.3. We also might go to Austin earlier in the year so this is totally up in the air!

Fall plans:
I was set on NOT doing a marathon in 2015 BUT I am going to apply for the NYC marathon lottery. That will probably be the deciding factor in the fall. If I don’t get in I will most likely not do a marathon. I would kind of like to do Chicago again too. (wink-wink)

If I really decided TOTALLY against a marathon then I will probably just work on another half-marathon PR. Especially if I have not PR’d and if I have then maybe a sub 2 goal will be in the cards?!

There you have it. My 2015 plans. Not really plans but dreams that could easily turn into reality if I want to work really hard!! :)

What are you plans for next year? What is your BIG race?

3 for Thanksgiving!

27 Nov

1!! I am not much of a Thanksgiving person. I am not super into cooking all day, eating, and cleaning up the rest of the night! I do like spending time with my family and thinking about all the things I am thankful for!

I made a couple of pies for the feast. Since I am not a big traditional Thanksgiving person. I am also not a pie person but if you remember I made my first pie crust last year. The coconut cream pie was delicious. We still talk about it at family dinners. They requested it again this year.

I just had a slight problem—> I burned the first batch of coconut I was toasting!
I was focused on rolling out the pie crust and forgot to set the timer!

2nd time was a charm and the cooked pie crust:

Finally product—> looks like last years. (Hopefully it will taste the same) :)

I also decided after “the win” at the pie-off I would make the crack pie again. Again I had a bit of trouble with the oven and timing on this one. I think that it all worked out and still looks good.

2!! I had averaged more than 10,000 yards of swimming every week leading up to Ironman Canada this year. I have literally averaged 4000 yards a MONTH since Whistler! But in light of Thanksgiving I thought I would bang out a 4K this morning. I got the idea from my old swim coach. He does a 10k swim every year before Thanksgiving. He added a 7k/4k this year and posted the work-outs.

That gave me a little inspiration to get in a LONNGGGG swim today. If you are interested here are all 3 work-outs.

This is what I did today:

We got in the pool at 10:25 and I told Dan that my goal was to be out of the pool by noon!! It actually wasn’t awful. It went by really fast but my arms felt like jello just before starting the threshold set! I finished at 11:55 and I was starving!

I think this is just what I needed to jump back into the pool regularly!

3!! GONE GIRL! Who has read it or watched the movie?! I finished the book in Costa Rica. I loved the book until literally the last page!! I couldn’t wait to see the movie! I saw the movie last night. What a crazy story! We left the theater and Dan was still saying oh my god…oh my god an hour later!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! What did you make for the feast? Who wants to go to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving next year? ;)

A Pie-Off-Contest!

23 Nov

I don’t remember if you guys remember last year when I made my first coconut cream pie? It was supposed to be for Dan’s work pie contest?! Well I did not have time to make anything to enter last year but I was on it this year. The pie contest was actually set for the day I left for Costa Rica.

I really wanted to make the coconut cream pie again but one of Dan’s co-workers was making one. Dang it! I thought what other pie could I make?! Crack pie came to mind. If anyone has heard of Momofuku or the Milk Bar in NYC than you have probably heard of crack pie. I don’t even know how to describe it. It is more like a giant, thick cookie. I made it for Thanksgiving a bunch of years ago and remembered it was a hit so I thought what the heck!

I made the cookie crust on Tuesday night.

Cooked the pie on Wednesday night to let it sit in the fridge overnight.

pressed crust

pressed crust

uncooked pie fill

uncooked pie fill

Finished pie!

Finished pie!

Pie-off Thursday night!!
We had a massive pretend “snow-storm” late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning so there was some ice on the road. When anything like this happens Portland and the people of Portland do not know what to do so one of the pies did not make it to the contest. Also the guy who was making the coconut cream ended up making a chocolate cream pie instead.

the menu and voting form

the menu and voting form

Fruit: Sore cherry and Twapple pie(Twix and apple)
Cream: Chocolate Cream, Pumpkin espresso, Crack(it wasn’t really a cream pie but it definitely wasn’t a fruit pie and it did not have any nuts in it—>so Dan just entered it into the cream category)

The aftermath:

After my duties of cutting very tiny slices of crack pie I got to try them all:

I liked them all. I even tried a bite of the 2 fruit pies. They were good just not my thing!

The votes were not tallied until their staff meeting last Tuesday so I was already in Costa Rica but I got word I won the cream category! I was so excited! Here is my prize:

It was so much fun! I am looking forward to making another pie and defending my title next year!

If you are interested in the Crack Pie recipe you can find it here.

I read a lot of the comments and my tips are:
*Put a little more salt in the crust.
*Instead of crumbling the cookie crust put it in the food processor. You can get more of a finer crumble. I thought I would have to really push it into the pan but you don’t really need to! I will also put a little bit of cooking spray on the pan.
*Cover the crust with a bit of foil (not the entire pie but just the crust) for the first 15 minutes of baking so it does not burn. (I did not do this but I thought about it afterwards when I thought the crust was burning a bit—that was the biggest comment that the crust burns)
*After you turn the oven down to 325 only bake about 15-18 minutes. Right when it starts to bubble. I started watching it at about 15 minutes I think that it was done but was afraid it wasn’t so I let it cook a little longer.
*Put a half cup of mini chocolate chips in the filling. Just for fun!

Have you heard of Crack Pie or been to the Milk Bar??

I Mustache YOU some questions….

16 Nov


I have a couple of ideas on posts but I got tagged in Kecia’s post to participate in a little activity. I thought this would be fun so here goes…

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:
Sister–my mom (Dan gets confused and doesn’t understand) :)
Lester cream pie–my dad (really has nothing to do with my sugar addiction)
Babe–Dan (I won’t let him call me anything else)

Four jobs I have had:
Game store employee–When Pokemon first came out. It was insane!
Assistant a dental assistant–boring!
NAU Downtown office assistant–work for extra money in college
Dental Hygienist–awful but pays the bills!

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
Keeping The Faith
Italian Job
My Cousin Vinny
The Holiday

Four books I’d recommend:
Year of No Sugar
The Horizontal Life
The Blue Bistro
The Midwife’s Confession

Four places I have lived:
Las Vegas, NV
Flagstaff, AZ
Eugene, OR
Portland, OR

Four places I have been:
New Zealand–epic! I would go back in a second!
Costa Rica–Great beaches, zip-lining, white water rafting, surfing
Boston–big city with lots of history
New York–big city with a ton to see!

Four things I don’t eat:
Meat–I am a vegetarian.
Jello–gelatin has animal bi-products
Fruit pie–I love fruit and I love dessert but I don’t like them together!
Gummi bears–gelatin

Four of my favorite foods:
Ice cream–I am really into B&Js core collection.
Homemade pizza–mushroom, bell pepper, olives
Kale salad–kale, beets, homemade dressing, almonds, feta
Miso-curry delicata squash/tofu/kale dish

Four TV shows that I watch:
Grey’s Anatomy
Ink Master
Shark Tank

Four things I am looking forward to this year:
New adventures
Working on speed for the half marathon and half iron distances
Going on vacation with Dan
Potentially moving away from P-Town and exploring new city options

Four things I’m always saying:
I am just saying’
Livin the dream
Dang it
What do you think?

Four People I Tag:

Tell me 1 or 2 things you would like to share!


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