Ironman Canada Training: TAPER

23 Jul

Well I have made it to TAPER! It was like yesterday I was sitting at the computer in between patients at 11am sharp to sign up for my 4th Ironman. We all anxiously awaited the time because we thought it would sell out quick. Little did we know it was not going to sell out at all. This is my first Ironman that has not been sold out. Even CDA sold out eventually. I am not sure it is going to matter at 7am on Sunday in the mass start. It will still feel like a million people!

It has been so nice to (for the most part) only have 1 work out a day! It has been nice to rest more!! Just letting all of the hard work soak in so I will be all ready to go on Sunday! Here is what taper looked like:

Sunday: Last day of regular work outs: 16 mile run. He wanted us to be a little faster than we will be on race day. Just a little uncomfortable. I was a little nervous after the Mt. St. Helens ride but it went really well. Dan and I left together. It was supposed to be hot. It was humid and cloudy. It even rained pretty good during miles 9-11. I was happy though. I could see the light. This was the end of the work! We stopped at about 12.5 miles to refill our water bottles. I pulled a little ahead of Dan(Who is chasing who now???!!) :) I finished a few minutes ahead. I thought I was going much faster than I actually was but it felt good!!

OWS–cancelled because of thunder and lightning. BOO!!

We went and had sushi to celebrate the beginning of Taper!! No dessert. We actually thought about having it but we ended up being good and not even tempting ourselves!

Monday: REST

6 mile bike commute

Tuesday: 3700 yard swim: warm-up; drills; lots of pulling between sets of 100s.

8 mile bike commute

6 mile run: easy. I did a mix of rollers and flat. Felt good. A little different route than normal which is always fun!

Wednesday: 13 mile ride up to the zoo. The ride started good until I had a flat. No biggie. I got a little practice and we cut the ride short. We are in taper!!!

6 mile bike commute

Thursday: 3400 yard swim: warm up; pulling; 100s descending; 400 for our best time(TT if you will); 8x50s best time; another 400 for our best time but beat first one. 200s in between with drills/kicks. This was a great swim. I managed to beat my 1st 400 by 6 seconds! Holla!

15 mile bike commute

Friday: 6.17 mile run: 15 min warm up; 30 minute threshold test; 15 min cool down. I wish my first mile of the TT would have been a little faster. I did this on the road and I wished I would have gone to the track. But overall it was good! Hard but good!

Saturday: 24mile ride/3.1 mile run: Went out to Sauvie’s and did 2 loops. I had just had my pre-race meeting with Jeremy and I wanted to treat these 24 miles like I would the boring flat section of the race. I am going to watch my cadence and keep engaged that way! So that is what I did! Felt good. The run was awesome. Mixed in a few tempo sections.

Sunday: 2000 meter OWS. It felt good but my sighting was a little off. The cove where we swim is not great for sighting. There are 2 buoys that are very far from each other. The rest is trees that all look the same! Race day will be better with flailing arms and neon caps.

Monday: 4 mile run easy. I did it in the evening to try to run in the warmth. It wasn’t super hot and there was cloud cover.

6 mile bike commute

Tuesday: 1600 yard swim. Wow. So fast (as in I was only in the pool for 25 minutes). It has been a long time since I have done anything less than 2k in the water. My right shoulder was bothering a little bit so I cut it short. Just some fast/slow and build/hold stuff.

Wednesday: “Brick” 55 minute trainer ride/2 mile run: It was crazy weather. Poured all day. We decided just to be safe and ride the trainer. Definitely sluggish. But that is what taper will do. Looking forward to Sunday!

We have a shakeout work out on Friday and that is it!! Go time in:

What is happening with you?

10 Day YOU Challenges: 8 Fears

22 Jul

Here is another installment of the YOU challenge. 8 fears this week! I was not sure how to do this one but here goes nothing!!


I hate roller coasters! Is that a fear? Not sure?! I just don’t like them!! I can do Disneyland rides. Mild rides if you will but nothing crazy. No Magic Mountain. No New York, New York roller coaster.

Falling down the stairs and cracking all of my teeth.
I have the fear I will have to call my boss and tell her to meet me at the office for a full re-vamp!

Being pregnant. My mom says she loved being pregnant. It sounds like a nightmare to me. I don’t want to get gain a bunch of weight and then have to take it all off again. No thanks!

Not being able to exercise.
I would seriously be the most depressing person you have ever known! My friends thought I would be grumpy when I didn’t eat dessert. If I could not work out it would be serious trouble!

Getting a flat tire in a race. I have had plenty of flat tires and I can change a flat. I just do not want one on a race. Nobody does though!

Getting a flat tire while going really fast down a hill. It is scary enough going downhill at 40 mph but what happens if you get a blow out? I am just not into wanting to find out!

FOMO–fear of missing out. I think that is why I do so many races. My friends are like just sign up for this and then another group of friends are like sign up for this. It is a never ending cycle. I just don’t want to miss out on anything!!

Getting old. I have never been one to get sad at a birthday. I love my birthday and I always like going up a number. Those numbers are getting bigger and bigger. I know that I am getting older because I have to sleep a million hours a week. Another reason not to have a baby! :)

I think my fears are pretty minor. You would think I had a huge fear of getting on my bike every day but not really! I remember when I first starting riding bikes I couldn’t go downhill. It is so funny how things change!!

What fears do you have?

Ironman Canada Training Week #23

17 Jul

Our last hard week. The week of “lasts.” I am glad that week is behind me and I am getting more excited for the race!

Sunday: 6.3 mile run with 6 x 3:00 hill repeats. Legs were like lead from the triple brick but by the time I got to the hill they really felt good!

3800 meter open water swim: great swim. Sun was out. Great day to run and swim!!

Monday: 1 hour spin class + 10 mins of core work

13 mile bike commute

Tuesday: 3500 yard swim: warm up; drills; pull(every 4th 25 we did backstroke–has anyone tried to pull backstroke…much harder than I thought!); main set was 300s; fast/slow stuff to end

4 mile easy run

8 mile bike commute

Wednesday: LAST strength work out; squats; chest press; hamstring curls; lots of different ways

20 mile bike ride with Kat and Dan; We went in the evening and it was really hot but the loop that we did laps on was shady. It ended up being super nice!

13 mile bike commute

Thursday: 3400 yard swim; warm up; kick/drills; did some pulling with different amounts of breathing; Main set: 125s with fast/mod; cool down

8.3 mile run; 2 mile warm up; 4 miles at :90hard/:60easy I was really excited about how this went. It was hard but I felt strong! 2.3 mile cool down

Last core workout! Lots of planks; swiss ball/med ball action

Friday: REST day! Holla!!

Saturday: Last long ride! 83 mile Mt. St Helens ride + 1.25 transition run

Another successful week of NO dessert!

10 days until GO TIME!!

A “flat” lesson!

16 Jul

Kat, Anne, and I set out for our weekly Wednesday morning ride up to the zoo this week. We had a double loop planned. All was going well until…

POP(not a pop–blow out pop but a pop I better slow down pop)….hhhhisssss…hiissssss…F**k! That is me! My brand spankin’ new tire. FLAT! We pulled over and I was nervous for a few reasons. I practiced with my new CO2 cartridge but awhile back. Plus this was a new tire which meant it would probably be super tight. (I didn’t change it the other day, the bike shop did and charged me labor which really pisses me off because I could have changed it for free but that’s another story)

I get the tube out. Check!

Moral support!!

Moral support!!

I find the culprit, what is a huge gash! (another tire down the drain). Check!
Get the tube in. Check!

I try screwing the cartridge in. Couldn’t. Kat tried and said I was trying to screw it in the wrong way. (which I think I remember doing when I practiced) Check!
Put my Picky Bar Sweatband around the cartridge so I wouldn’t freeze off my hand that I needed for work later in the morning! Check!

Got the air in. Thought there was enough. Took valve off but too early! Check!

We were on our way! It was definitely not full enough but it got me back to our meeting spot!

I am just glad that I got it today and not on race day!! I am actually glad that I got to practice. I might practice one more time when I get a new tire!

Just another reminder to always know how to change a flat and how to use a CO2 cartridge!

Any good stories when getting a flat or while fixing a flat?!

10 Days YOU Challenge: 9 Loves

15 Jul


Here is another edition of my YOU challenge. Loves today. 9 of them! I love a lot of things but these are some of my top!!

1. My family. I have a small family. We are tight though. We went to Newport Beach for Christmas last year. I asked my mom how we were ever supposed to spend Christmas in Vegas again!!?!

2. Dan. I found my dream man. We have such a fun time together. I wondered if I would ever find the one. It took some time but here we are!! :)

3. My friends. It is so great to have friends like mine. So much support. Even for the crazy things in my life!

4. Triathlons. This is obvious. This is my 7th season as a triathlete. It took over my life in 2008 and I have never looked back. I have some races that I like to do every year but I also like to do different races as well.

I never have good race photos!!  I probably should have bought this one! :)

I never have good race photos!! I probably should have bought this one! :)

5. Desserts. I love desserts. It is funny how I go through phases. I was super into cupcakes like 4 years ago. I still love them but rarely have one. I am really into ice cream right now. (not right right now—I was 2 weeks ago) I am into cookies right now too. It has to be a good one though. I don’t want something from the grocery store. It has to be from a coffee shop or homemade!! I like a piece of cake once in a while too but it has to be a good piece!

I would die for one of these right now! :)

I would die for one of these right now! :)

6. Travelling. I love going to different places. I try to go to a different place every year. I have seen a lot of the big cities in the US. I have been to Europe and New Zealand. I went to Costa Rica a couple of years ago and am going again at the end of the year! Super excited for that trip! I like to plan a trip that includes a race. Or plan a trip around a race is more like it. I like to have a mix of adventure and beach time!

7. Portland Summers. Really the only reason to live in Portland. :) There is so much to do in the summer. All the restaurants have outdoor seating. There are festivals every weekend. The biking and running trails are the best! The weather is not too cold and not too hot.

8. Cooking. I love to make new and different meals. Lately it is the same stuff over and over because it is easy. I have needed easy the last 3 months. I am looking forward to experimenting with new ingredients from the farmers market in just a couple of weeks.

9. Reading. I love to read. Since starting my blog in 2013 I have not read as much as I have in the past but I am still reading. As you know I highly recommend On Top Of Your Game. I loved Iron War too. I just got Amanda Beard’s memoir at the library. I am looking forward to reading that one too.

What are some of your LOVES?

Mt St. Helens Ride

13 Jul

We had a 90 mile ride on the schedule today. BUT the Portland Tri Club was doing a supported 82 miler up to Mt St Helens visitor center yesterday. We opted to do that which was a great idea.

Mount St. Helens is most notorious for its catastrophic eruption on May 18, 1980, the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States. It is 50 miles northeast of Portland and 90 miles south of Seattle. You can totally see her on a clear day in Portland. You know how they say after a natural disaster there are a ton of babies born 9 months later?! Well Dan was born 9 months after Mt St Helens blew. Funny huh?!

Anyways back to the ride! We started in Toutle. 41 miles to the top.
The tri club had an aid station at mile 27/56. (same spot) Everyone was to bring a snack. I had roasted potatoes and made rice cakes for Dan and I. There was a huge spread of chips, watermelon, cookies, rice cakes. They had lots of water and Gatorade. It was so awesome to have them there.

Before the ride. When we were still happy.

There was a good 30 of us. Some going all the way to the top and some just going to the aid station. I wanted to start out a bit conservatively. It was already warm and getting warmer by the minute. I rode a little with Lon who is an older guy.

Lon: I have never been on a ride like this. Is it customary to ask if I should pull a little bit?
Me: I said no I can do the work.
Lon: I need all the suction I can get. :)

We didn’t ride too long together as I pulled ahead when we got further up to the steeper areas. We did meet up at the aid station and he said he got a couple of good pics of me.

We had lots of great views of Mt. St. Helens. Such a pretty area. We had lots of climbing. About 6400 ft. Which is great. It was a really hard ride. The 80-90 degree temps were brutal but good heat training if the race ends up being hot.

I kept up with my nutrition. I kept hydrated the best I could. I was glad I took my camelback because if I hadn’t I probably would have regretted it.

We got to the top and it was gorgeous. It was clear except for that one baby cloud that was in front of it. I felt really strong and was happy to be at the top. We had gotten through 2 of the 3 climbs so with just one more to go we hit the road!

I paced myself well and still had energy to climb that last climb. We got back to the aid station and it was hot. We fueled up and got water. The cold coke and watermelon were delightful. We put ice in our bottles and that lasted maybe 5 minutes.

I was happy to be done. All and all great ride. I didn’t want to do a transition run especially because nobody else was doing one but I did get out there for 1.25 miles. It was good. Hot and brutal but at least I did it!

Last ride before the BIG DAY!!!

T Minus 17 Days!

10 Jul

Ironman Canada is officially 17 days away!
Here are how things are looking:

1. The athlete guide came about a week ago. I pretty much read the 2013 guide cover to cover when we were driving back from Whistler the first go around. I have flipped through the 2014 edition and it looks about the same.

2. Bib numbers came out on Tuesday. I got the text that they were out while I was still at work. I knew that Laura was 633. She is in the age group above me so I knew I would be in the early 500s. I thought about what number I really wanted. (Who does that??!!) I wanted a 47 in it or a 74 would have worked too.
So close but so far away!

3. I have had a couple of readers ask WHY I am doing a 30 day off dessert. I did it last year before my A race. I made a huge deal of it. It was miserable but I survived and I still remember that chocolate chip cookie I got after the race!!

We had been eating a lot of ice cream lately. When Dan got home from Sunriver the conversation went like this:
Me: Are we having dessert tonight?
Dan: I think we should give up dessert and alcohol until the race.
Me: Sure! Lets do it! Why?
Dan: I can’t believe you aren’t questioning this!!
Me: I always feel better when I don’t eat dessert!

It has been easier this time around. The hardest part is when I am home alone because there is still about 6 bites of ice cream left + 1/2 a container of dark chocolate pb cups in the freezer! I feel better and I have been sleeping better. The best time to recover is when you are sleeping so I am taking full advantage of the “better” sleep I am getting!!

Our fake “dessert” is a rice cake with nut butter. We have only done this a couple of times but it is almost as good as ice cream. HA!!

peanut butter and Nutella

peanut butter and Nutella

4. It is no secret that I have struggled with the mental aspect of my training this year. I watched a webinar about mental skills the day before I left for Sunriver. The speaker is a big mental skills coach. Carrie Cheadle. Maybe you have heard of her. Anyways I bought her book and I already feel better about my training and race.
She makes you do all of these work-sheets.
It is totally helping. I have written out a goal plan. I’ve got inspirational quotes, books, movies to get motivation from. I still have some chapters to read and some worksheets to do but I still have 17 days! :)

Where was this book 3 months ago?

If you are struggling at all I totally recommend this book!! Buy it now….don’t wait!

5. We have a long bike on Saturday and long run & swim on Sunday. Do I dare say it? It will be taper time! I.Can.Not.Wait!

Do you have any weird quirks that get you ready for a race? OR Have you given anything up while training for a race?


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